Stefan slouched in the back seat of the car, his arms crossed tightly over his chest. It wasn’t fair, his parents sending him off to boarding school when he hadn’t been the one doing anything wrong. It was his sister, Emilie, who’d been running wild getting in trouble at school, wearing inappropriate clothing, staying out until all hours of the night. So their parents had looked around, and finally decided that Payne Academy would be the perfect place to send Emilie so she could learn a little discipline.

The only trouble was they’d decided to send Stefan along, too. At 15, Stefan Lavigne was an average kid average grades, average looks, everything. It was Emilie who’d always been the standout. A year younger, she had always been the one to catch attention with her fiery red hair and a personality to match. She’d been in some kind of trouble for as long as Stefan could remember. He’d always been content to blend into the background, let other people make the decisions for him. Their father said Payne Academy would be the perfect place for both of them.

"I don’t care what anybody says," Emilie was saying petulantly, "I’m not following any stupid curfew. And if they say I have to wear some ugly uniform I’ll run away."

Their father smiled at Emilie in the rearview mirror. "I think you’ll find that Payne Academy has a lot to offer both of you," he said calmly. He and his wife had both been to the weekend-long Parent Orientation Session offered by the Academy, and knew that Emilie would soon wish curfews and ugly uniforms were her worst problems. Sondra Lavigne wasn’t along for the ride this time, but had been saying ever since she got home from the orientation session that she wished she could have gone to Payne Academy when she was Emilie’s age.

"It would have done me a world of good," she’d been saying ever since.

The grounds of the school looked more like a prison than any of the stately, beautifully-landscaped boarding schools the Lavigne children had seen in movies or on TV, with a high stone wall all the way around and a security gate with a guard in a little booth. Henri Lavigne pulled up to the gate and waved at the guard. "Good afternoon, Carl," he said happily. "I’m here to drop off Stefan and Emilie."

"Ah, Mr. Lavigne. So good to see you again. Go on inside the Dean will be pleased to see you.

And he gave Emilie a lecherous grin that made a shudder run down her spine.

As her father pulled away from the gate she began to rave again. "Did you see the look he gave me? How rude!" she exclaimed. "I think you should tell the Dean about that. That man shouldn’t be working at a school. You can’t tell me you didn’t notice the way he was staring at my chest."

"You’ll find all kinds of people here at Payne Academy, dear," her father said with a patient smile. "And you’re a very pretty girl. I’m sure he was just showing his appreciation." Emilie looked crossly at her brother. Usually she didn’t have the time of day for Stefan he was so boring, such a pathetic wimp but she would have thought he’d at least support her on this one. That security guard had so clearly been out of line!

The Dean met them at the front door of the school’s main building. Beyond the large, square stone building the Lavignes could see a few other buildings dorms, probably, or a gymnasium. Stefan figured they’d soon be shown around the rest of the school grounds, probably by some brown-nosing senior student who was responsible for giving orientation tours to new kids.

Mr. Lavigne shook the Dean’s hand, greeted him like an old friend. "And you must be Stefan," he said warmly. "It’s good to meet you. I’m sure you’ll be an enthusiastic part of our school community before too long."

Stefan shrugged.

"I guess," he said politely.

The Dean didn’t look much like the academic type, a big man who looked like he might be more comfortable working on a dock someplace than in a fancy prep school. Then again, this place really didn’t look all that fancy.

"Your father will bring your bags to your rooms while I get the two of you acquainted with the programs here at Payne Academy. We’ll get both of you started right away, so you should say your goodbyes now," he said.

Emilie got out of the car, hands on her hips. "This place is such a dump!" she proclaimed. "I am so not staying here. I don’t care what you say, I’m going home." Her father scowled.

"And how exactly are you going to get there?" he asked. "You’re not coming back with me."

Emilie sulked but said nothing else. They were a long way from home and if her father refused to drive her, there wasn’t much she could do about it. Hitchhike, maybe.

The Dean ushered them into the enormous grey building, where his office was on the first floor. The place looked industrial, more like a prison than anything else.

"This is where we have most of our classrooms," he said casually. "The girls’ dorms are also in this building. The boys’ dorms are in the newer building. We call it the Annex. Boys are required to look after their rooms, to keep them clean, and to take pride in their appearance at all times."

"What about girls?" Emilie demanded, not because she was interested in the rules but because she was upset at being left out of the conversation.

"Oh, we’ll get to the rules for the girls’ dorm in a minute," he said with a smile. "They’re a little different." "That’s stupid," Emilie said haughtily. "You can’t have different rules for boys and girls. It’s not fair." "You’ll find a lot of things at Payne Academy that you won’t think are fair to begin with. Come in here," he said. He ushered them into his office, a plushly furnished space with what appeared to be a very complicated weight bench in the corner. Stefan, who liked to spend time in the gym, looked it over carefully, puzzled. "I’ll show you how it works sometime," the Dean said with a wink, clapping Stefan on the shoulder like they were old buddies. There were three young men sitting on the couch in the Dean’s office, students who, as Stefan had assumed, were there to get them oriented. "I’m Paul," one of them said, standing and offering Stefan his hand.

"I’ll be your roommate. Come on, I’ll show you around."

Stefan followed Paul out into the hall. Paul paused along the way to take a good look at Emilie, who stood with her hands on her hips, thrusting out her impressive chest, her pretty face pinched into an expression of defiance. A funny smile came over Paul’s lips as he held the door open for Stefan, and then followed him out. "Your sister’s hot," Paul said with a lecherous grin. "Yeah, she knows," Stefan said, rolling his eyes. His entire life Emilie had been told how beautiful she was, how charming. It was the reason; Stefan thought bitterly, she’d turned out to be such a heinous bitch.

Paul laughed.

"Don’t worry," he said with a smirk. "She’ll come around soon enough."

Emilie stood sulking in the Dean’s office for a minute, until he smiled and sat in the huge leather chair behind his desk. "Sit down, Emilie," he told her, gesturing to the couch. There was no place for her to sit but between the two boys, so with a little ‘sniff’ she stood her ground.

"I’d rather not, thank you," she said disdainfully.

"Very well, Emilie," the Dean said. "We’ll chat from here, for now. Now, I suppose you know why your father is sending you to Payne Academy."

Emilie shrugged.

"Because I don’t like his stupid rules," she said impatiently. "I think the problem goes deeper than that, Emilie," the Dean said with a slight smile. "The problem is you don’t understand where you fit into society. Your father feels that Payne Academy will help you to . . . learn your place. The instruction you will receive at this institution will last you for the rest of your life, Emilie. And there’s no better time to begin than the present. So, why don’t we just get you to take off your clothes?"

Emilie blinked with surprise.

"What did you say to me?" she said, for a moment losing her cool, haughty facade.

"Your clothes, Emilie. Take them off, now. That will be the last time I ever repeat myself to you, young lady. All of them, bra and panties included."

Emilie frowned.

"I can’t believe you just said that to me," she snapped. "When I tell my father what you said, he’ll sue your ass off. He’s a lawyer, you know, and that’s sexual harassment."

The Dean’s smile disappeared, and the two boys on his couch exchanged a knowing grin. They were kind of cute; Emilie had to admit probably seniors, the kinds of guys she wouldn’t mind flirting with at a party. It was just a shame they had to see her lose her temper like this, she thought.

"Emilie." The Dean’s voice was soft, insistent. "Your father signed the consent form. He knows very well what’s going on here. I told you we have different rules here for boys than we do for girls. Girls are not permitted street clothing while they are on school property. Now, are you going to remove your clothing, or shall I allow these gentlemen here to . . . assist you?"

Emilie flared her thin nostrils and turned on her heel to leave. "I’m not going to stand here and listen to this shit," she announced, and laid her hand on the door handle.

She had no sooner made contact with the cold metal knob than suddenly both of the boys had sprung off the couch and seized her. She kicked and struggled for a minute, but the boys obviously knew what they were doing, and before she knew it she was pinned face-down on the floor with both of them sitting on her.

She heard the Dean standing, the hard soles of his shoes going clip-clip on the hard tile floor as he approached her. "Now, Emilie. We’re going to have to spoil your lovely wardrobe. Tommy Hilfiger, was it? It would have been so much easier if you’d just cooperated. Now not only are we going to have to cut your clothes off you, but we’re going to have to give you a spanking as well." Despite the weight of the two large, athletic boys sitting on her back and legs, Emilie was still struggling furiously. "You don’t know how much trouble you’re in, you asshole!" she was shrieking. "I’m going to sue you for everything you’re worth, you son of a bitch!"

The Dean produced a pair of shears from his pocket and made short work of Emilie’s clothing, snipping through the thin fabric of her baby-T-shirt and sports bra, then her tight-fitting jeans and thong panties. The boys moved slightly to allow the Dean to clear away the shreds of her clothes, being careful not to let Emilie kick them. "She’s a feisty one, isn’t she?" one of the boys said with a grin.

"Nice ass. I bet it looks real good with belt marks all over it." "Are you going to use the belt on her, or the cane?" the other boy asked. He was big and blond and looked like a football player. The Dean circled her a couple times, thinking that over. "I think I’ll use my hand," he said thoughtfully. "A nice, hard, over-the-knee spanking." And he knelt down to stroke Emilie’s soft red hair. "It’s so much more intimate."

"Don’t you touch me, you fucking jerk!" Emilie screamed, thrashing about as much as she could. The Dean smiled, patronizing. "I’m going to enjoy hearing you scream, Emilie," he said gently. "But for the moment, I’d prefer it if you were quiet." Emilie seethed. She was more angry than frightened, and she was far too mad to really process what was happening to her. "I’m not going to be quiet, you fuckwad," she spat. "I’m going to yell and scream until somebody calls the police. You’re going to jail, asshole! You can’t do this to MMMFFFF!"

In her rage, Emilie hadn’t noticed the Dean approaching her with something in his hand. Before she knew it, he had seized her jaw in his hands and pried it open, inserting an enormous red rubber ball gag that pressed against her tongue and left her unable to make any more than angry grunting noises. He fastened the leather straps of the gag tightly around the back of her head.

Suddenly Emilie realized she was in a situation she couldn’t control, and she calmed down slightly, breathing heavily through her nose. "Now that I have your attention, Emilie, I am going to allow you to stand up. If I tell these young men to get off you, are you going to do as I tell you?"

Emilie nodded. What else could she do?

"Very good. All right, boys, up you get." Emilie felt the wind rush back into her lungs as the two boys got off her and pulled her roughly to her feet. One of them grabbed her hair, the other yanked her arm, and together they shoved her toward the Dean, who caught her in his huge, well-muscled arms and pulled her toward his chair.

"Now, Emilie, you’re going to receive fifty slaps." Emilie was trembling now, more from rage than from fear, but for the first time there was a little of that, too. She was no match for these three men who seemed determined to hurt and humiliate her. But she was still angry enough that she resisted as the Dean bent her roughly over his lap.

There was no hope, of course. The Dean was an enormous man, and in no time he had her pinned across his lap, one arm twisted neatly behind her back, both her legs pinned under one of his. "Are you ready, Emilie? Because we can begin whenever you’re ready." "Mmmph!" Emilie exclaimed angrily. The Dean’s hand came down hard across her firm ass cheeks, and Emilie let out a muffled yelp of pain and surprise. Her ass felt like it had been stung by a million bees, and she renewed her struggles.

It was no use. Emilie twisted her head around to see the two boys standing over her, grinning madly as the Dean’s hand came down again and again. He took care to maintain a steady rhythm, alternating back and forth between her right and left ass cheek, occasionally moving down across her upper thighs until the entire area was a uniform bright red color.

Emily snorted and struggled with rage, streams of drool working their way past the gag and coursing down her chin as the Dean never missed a beat.

By the time he had finished with her, Emilie’s ass and upper thighs were glowing purple, her nose was running with exertion and her entire body was coated in a sheen of sweat. Still, when the Dean released her, she immediately took off running for the door. The dark-haired boy, the one who had grabbed her by the hair, reached out to catch her arms. He kicked both her legs out from under her once again. This time, though, instead of sitting on her, he grabbed her arms and pulled them straight out behind her. Emilie shrieked through the gag as she felt her arms being pulled together behind her, straining her shoulders horribly. She struggled to turn around, twisting to get a look at what he was doing to her. He was tying her up! She grunted and gasped in protest as he securely fastened a length of coarse, thick rope around her wrists, then another around her elbows. "Very good, Andrew," the Dean said. "Stand her up and let’s see how that looks."

Andrew the dark-haired boy pulled her to her feet using her tightly bound arms as a handle.

"I like that," said the blond boy. "It really makes her tits stick out."

"Breasts, David," the Dean corrected him with a smile. "We wouldn’t want to be vulgar in front of our new student, would we?" "No, of course not, Sir," David said, grinning back. "Andrew and David will be your sponsors for your first week," the Dean told Emilie. "If you have any questions about the way things work at Payne Academy, you’re welcome to ask them." He winked and smiled. "That is, if you behave yourself. Otherwise we’ll have to leave the gag in, and you won’t be able to ask anything at all." Emilie cringed with disgust as the Dean looked her over carefully. "You’re right, though, David. Her breasts do look lovely jutting out like that. What are those, 34C, Emilie?"

Emilie, of course, just grunted angrily, and all three of the men laughed.

"David and Andrew will show you to your room," the Dean said. He gave the two boys a meaningful look. "And remember, gentlemen, no monkey business until after second period tomorrow morning."


Chapter 2

Emilie woke with a start. After the two boys had thrown her roughly into the tiny concrete space that passed for her dorm room, things had gotten even more outrageous. She remembered the nurse had come in and taken out the gag, then given her some kind of shot ‘to calm her down,’ she’d said. There were no windows in this room, so she had no way of telling what time it was. It was pitch-black, and she was tightly bound to some kind of bed. It wasn’t very comfortable, to say the least she was tied spread-eagled, and the huge rubber gag was still in her mouth.

She lay in the dark for how long? It seemed like hours. She’d slept a little, restless and uncomfortable, but mostly she’d lain in the dark seething, thinking how sweet it would be when she exposed the Dean for the pervert he was.

Finally a blinding white light went on overhead and the huge steel door swung open. There were David and Andrew, the two boys the Dean had called her ‘sponsors,’ standing over her, leering obscenely at her naked, wide-spread form.

"It’s not fair, is it? The Dean getting first crack at all the new sluts, I mean," Andrew said, the bulge in his pants obvious. "Those are the rules," his friend told him. "The Dean goes first, then the rest of us. It’s fine by me. I’d rather have the leftovers at Payne Academy than the stuck-up bitches we had to suck up to back at my old high school in the city."

"True enough. I’d love to have the head cheerleader all spread out like this. Hear her scream while we pull out her pubes." The two of them laughed, and Emilie felt a chill run through her body. Was that what they were here to do? If so, there wasn’t a lot she could do about it, tied down the way she was. She couldn’t even order them to stop, not with the gag in her mouth. David had a nasty gleam in his eye as he produced a pair of needle-nosed pliers from his pocket, squeezing them in front of Emilie’s face.

"That’s right," he said cruelly. "Girls at Payne Academy are not permitted any hair below the neck. And since you didn’t have the foresight to shave it off before you arrived, we’ll have to do it for you."

Emilie shrieked through the gag as David knelt between her legs, running his hand over her pubic mound, gripping a handful of her soft reddish-blond pubes with his fingers before he began to yank them out roughly with the pliers. She thrashed on the hard bed as he defoliated her viciously. Andrew stood near her head, grinning at her, stroking her face with one hand as he stroked his cock through his pants. "I love the sound of a cunt in pain," he told Emilie. She made an indignant noise and he laughed. "I bet you hate that word, don’t you?" he said. "Cunts like you always do. But that’s what you are now. You’re a cunt. A cum receptacle. And the Dean’s got something special in mind for you. I can tell. I’ve never heard of him giving a new cunt a bare-handed spanking. He must really like you." Somehow Emilie didn’t feel particularly lucky at this news. When her pubic mound was free of hair, David pulled her roughly to her feet. "Time to get you dressed," he said with a wicked grin. Emilie guessed he didn’t mean jeans and a T-shirt.

Andrew opened a cupboard on the wall and took out several items that caused Emilie’s blood to run cold. She couldn’t guess the use of half of them, but they all looked ominous. She moaned and struggled as the boys began to attach the various items to her body: first David began to stroke her nipples until, despite her revulsion, they began to stiffen. Then, without warning, he clamped them tightly with a set of sharp-toothed alligator clips which were tied together with a long silver chain. They fastened a much thicker chain tightly around her waist, cinching it in painfully, and ran another length of chain between her legs. It caught and pinched at her newly-denuded labia, making her whimper every time she moved. Next they took a heavy leather strap and fastened it tightly just above her knees, binding her legs together, effectively hobbling her. "That’s sweet," David said. He checked his watch. "Hey, it’s almost eight-fifteen. We’re gonna be late for class if we don’t motor." "Man, I can’t wait for second period," said his friend. The two of them laughed excitedly as they left the room.

Stefan awoke with a pleasant tingling in his loins, wondering if the previous day had all been a dream. His new roommate, Paul, had brought him straight from the Dean’s office to a room he called the Dungeon. At first Stefan thought he’d misheard, then wondered if ‘dungeon’ was some kind of slang term for the school library or something. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he’d seen the room - a medieval torture chamber filled with screaming young girls in various stages of agony and degradation.

One girl’s already-large breasts were encased in glass jars attached to a vacuum pump, and as the pump sucked the air out of the jars her tits expanded mightily until they looked like they were ready to burst.

Another girl was chained straddling what looked to be a long, triangular piece of wood. She was chained by her neck to the ceiling in such a manner that she was forced to stand on her tiptoes or the chain would tighten around her neck. But she had obviously been standing that way for quite some time, and her legs were so exhausted they were ready to give out. So every time she tried to rest, she would inflict upon herself the double torture of having the chain tighten around her neck and letting the entire weight of her body press her swollen, sensitive sex against the sharp wooden beam. A third girl was inching her way along the floor toward a bowl of water on the floor - crawling was the wrong word, as she was bound in the most remarkably elaborate fashion Stefan could have ever imagined. Her legs were bent double, calves bound to thighs with thick coarse rope wound around and around each limb. Her arms were bent behind her back and tied together at the elbows and wrists. The rope snaked around her front to her breasts, large and heavy and bound so tightly they were hard and purple, engorged with blood and nipples bulging. Stefan turned in amazement to his new friend.

"What the hell kind of place is this?" he demanded.

Paul smiled.

"Welcome to Payne Academy," he said. "Where boys are sent to become fully capable sadists and girls are sent to learn their rightful place in society. This is our medieval torture techniques classroom. That’s the rack over there, and that cupboard is full of whips and restraints."

Stefan’s eyes bulged out of his head. They weren’t the only thing bulging, as his tour guide noted with a grin. "Looks like you’re just about ready to get started," Paul said. "Come on, I’ll show you the rec room."

Stefan lay in bed the next morning, stroking his cock as he thought fondly of his time in the rec room. There’d been half a dozen girls in there, who, Paul said, were being graded on their ability to please the male students. One girl had brought him a cold drink; another had offered him snacks from a tray. A third had dropped to her knees and asked permission to suck his cock. By the time he’d left the room two hours later, he and Paul had had their dicks in every one of the girls, and had cum several times apiece.

Across the room, Paul rolled out of bed with a yawn only to catch his new roommate in the act.

"Hey, man. Don’t be doing that," he said with a smile. "You’ll have plenty of places to stick that later in the morning - don’t be wasting it on your hand."

Stefan sat up with an embarrassed smile. Stefan had only had one sexual experience before this, when Katie Wilson had given him a blowjob at a party the previous winter. Now, after one day at Payne Academy, he was going to be able to fulfill every depraved fantasy he’d ever had and then some. Yes, he thought, he was going to like boarding school a whole lot.

Emilie, on the other hand, was not having such a fantastic experience. The Dean had come to fetch her shortly after her ‘sponsors’ had left, a cold, cruel smile on his ugly face.

"So, Emilie, are you ready for your first day of classes?" Emilie wasn’t able to speak around the huge ball gag in her mouth, but grunted angrily at the Dean.

"Ah, I see," he said, looking her up and down carefully. "Well, let’s get going." He grabbed the chain connecting her nipple clamps and gave it a sharp tug. Emilie shrieked with pain as the clips cut into her already-sore nipples and stumbled forward, only able to move her feet an inch or two at a time.

"It won’t hurt if you keep up to me," the Dean said, and gave another tug. Emilie began to cry at this, and shuffled her feet enough to move forward slightly. The Dean smiled. "That’s the idea," he said. "We’ll be down in the classroom in plenty of time for second period." Emilie’s trip through the corridors was excruciating, as they seemed to pass hundreds of boys eagerly leering at her as she shuffled her way toward what she knew was going to be a horrible, humiliating experience.

Stefan filed into the auditorium with the rest of the male students and took a seat near the back, beside Paul. On the way in, a girl at the door - wearing five inch heels and nipple clamps and nothing else - handed him an envelope.

"Don’t open it yet," Paul said. "The Dean will tell you when." As the rest of the boys took their seats the Dean suddenly appeared tugging a red-haired girl by a chain attached to two alligator clamps that bit painfully into her nipples. Stefan’s jaw dropped when he realized it was his sister.

"That’s -" he managed to sputter.

"Yeah." Paul grinned. "It’s her initiation. First the Dean’s gonna use her, and then she’s gonna take every cock in this room. Stefan coughed so hard several boys in front turned to look at him. "But I can’t - " he whispered hoarsely. "My dad would -" "Come on," Paul said. "He wouldn’t have signed the permission form if he didn’t know. Didn’t he and your mom come up for an orientation weekend?"

Stefan’s eyes widened. He’d watched Emilie parading around the house in her skimpy little outfits for years, listened to the way she teased the boys she brought home. How many times he’d wanted to see her punished for that, see her learn she couldn’t treat men like that. But he’d been weak, quiet, sat by and watched her get away with it. Now, realizing that she was about to get what was coming to her, Stefan’s heart raced.

"So what’s in the envelope?" he said.

"It’s a number and a hole. Obviously we have to take turns fucking her, so to keep things moving everyone is assigned an order and a hole. We’ll go three at a time until everyone in the boys’ school has had their turn. If you get a low number, you’ll wait here until it’s your turn. If you get a higher number, you can go into the rec room or the Medieval Torture room or the gym until it’s closer to your turn. Or you can stay here and watch."

Stefan grinned. There was no way he was going to another room for any part of this. He’d waited years to see Emilie reduced to a wailing, quivering collection of fuckholes, and he wanted to witness every second.

"This is Emilie," the Dean was saying. "But from today onward her name will be ‘cunt.’ Emilie has been teasing cocks for years. She is a willful, disobedient slut, and today we’re going to begin the process of turning her into a cockslave. By the time she has graduated, Emilie will know her place in society, and she will be very gifted at giving pleasure to her Masters."

"Boring," said Paul, leaning over to whisper to Stefan. "He gives this same speech every time. It’s ninety per cent to scare the slut, not for our benefit."

On stage, the Dean had begun to remove Emilie’s bonds. He undid the chain around her waist, the strap around her knees, and finally the ball gag in her mouth. She began to howl as soon as he did this, screams of "Let me go! Somebody help me!" The Dean was more than a match for her, though, and held her tightly with her arms pinned against her sides.

"See, Emilie, this entire room is full of boys who are going to fuck you," he said. "The only way out of the room is to get past them. Do you think they’re going to help you? They’re just waiting to use your body. And if you try to resist, they’re going to hurt you. So you see how silly it is for you to struggle or try to get away, don’t you?" "Fuck you!" she wailed at the Dean. "I’m going to kill you!" "I don’t think so, Emilie. If you tried to hurt me, there’d be a room full of men who would be more than willing to hurt you right back, and a whole lot worse. So your best bet is just to lay back and try to enjoy yourself. You’re going to be here for a long, long time. It’ll take hours for you to get through all these cocks. Maybe all day. Sometimes it even takes all night, the first time." Emilie began to cry now, loudly, as she realized her predicament. The Dean used the chain on her nipple clamps to lead her to a long, low table and lay her on it. She didn’t struggle, didn’t try to run, just lay back, her chest heaving with sobs as the Dean spread her legs wide. Her hips hung off the edge of the table, presumably so someone could stand between her legs for easy access. The Dean stood there now, unzipped his pants.

"I had the school nurse examine Emilie last night," he told the school, "and as it turns out, for all her cock-teasing, young Emilie has never let a boy get into her panties. So we will be taking this little slut’s virginity today, as well as initiating her into her new life."

A smattering of applause went through the room at this, and a few catcalls and wolf whistles could be heard around the room.

Emilie lay on the table, her sobs subsiding, watching as the huge man standing over her unleashed his cock from his trousers. It was huge, bigger than she’d imagined one could be, uncircumcised and throbbing. The Dean grinned down at her as he rubbed it between her legs, finding her cuntlips - which were sore and swollen already from being caught in the chain - and plunging his cock deep into her with a single thrust.

"Ohh, oww, it HURRRTS! Take it OUT! Take it OUUUUUTTTT!" Emilie wailed, thrashing about on the table. The Dean began to fuck her mercilessly, pumping in and out of her so hard she wasn’t able to articulate words after just a few thrusts. He kept going for a long time, pumping away at her tight virgin pussy until finally he thrust deep inside her and moaned heavily.

Once he had pulled out, it took the Dean a second to regain his composure.

"That was lovely. Nice and tight," he said with a grin. "Now, for the rest of you. Everyone will open his envelope, please." Stefan tore open his envelope with vigor. It said M-02. "That means you’re going to be the second one to fuck her mouth," Pete said, looking over his shoulder. "Lucky bastard. I’ve got C-52. Her cunt’s gonna be a nice mess by the time I get to it. Oh, well, I still can’t wait. She’s fucking hot."

Stefan felt his cock twitching with excitement as he moved to stand in line behind the two boys who would be the first to use his sister’s mouth. The first boy stood over her and pulled her head back unceremoniously, shoving his cock so far into her throat that she gagged.

"Try to relax your throat, Emilie," the Dean said, standing over her. "It’ll help you learn to control that gag reflex. Which will be completely gone by the end of today, by the way." The boy began to thrust into her mouth as another boy took his place between her legs and lined his cock up with her tight, unlubricated asshole. His cock wasn’t particularly big, especially after the Dean’s, but as he shoved it into her virgin asshole Emilie thought he must have a cock the size of a donkey’s. He had cum inside her in no time, and after a minute or two the boy fucking her throat came as well.

"Swallow it all, Emilie," the Dean said almost gently, stroking her throat as the boy pulled out. "Just relax and learn to enjoy the taste. It’s all you’re going to have to eat for a few days, so you don’t want to waste any."

The next boy between her legs was fucking her cunt, and Emilie barely took any notice of him as he slipped into her already-greased hole. What she did notice was that the next boy stepping up to her top half was her brother. Suddenly she seemed to find her bitchy personality again, and hissed up at him, "What the fuck do you think you’re doing?"

"My homework," Stefan said with a smile. "And making sure you study hard in the meantime."

And without another word he slipped his cock between his sister’s full pink lips.

Emilie began to cry harder, although the friction of her sobs only served to give Stefan greater pleasure. He began to thrust hard into her stretched throat as another boy mounted her cunt. Yes indeed, he thought with a satisfied grunt, finally unloading his balls into Emilie’s throat. Boarding school was going to be VERY good to him.

Payne Academy

By e. wolf

Chapter Three

*in which we rejoin Stefan and his sister Emilie during their first

Week Two at Payne Academy, the premiere school for young sadists and


Emily awoke with the salty taste of cum in her mouth, her legs caked with dried sperm that had leaked from her cunt and asshole. It took her a moment to realize why she felt uncomfortable, her shoulders aching, and her nether regions so sore she couldn’t even bring her legs together. Except that that wasn’t the only reason she couldn’t close her legs. She glanced down and realized her ankles were cuffed into the ends of a metal bar that kept her ankles spread painfully apart. Her shoulders ached because her arms were stretched over her head from a chain in the ceiling.

"Okay, cunt," a voice was saying. "It’s shower time." Emilie whimpered as she realized her ‘sponsors,’ David and Andrew, were both in the room with her. Andrew was holding a nasty-looking wire brush, and David had a black rubber hose with a high-pressure nozzle on the end. She shrieked as he let loose a stream of ice-cold water against her sore, naked skin, then howled as his friend began to scrape the dried cum from her legs and face with the wire brush. When they were finished washing her, Emilie hung limply from the chains in the ceiling, shivering with the cold. She sobbed helplessly. How could this have happened to her? Just two days ago she’d been a normal girl, one of the most popular kids at her school. She could have had any boy she wanted wrapped around her finger - and now here she was, at the mercy of a school full of budding sadists. Andrew had done a very thorough job with the brush, shoving it deep inside first her cunt, then her asshole, leaving both passages raw and burning. He shoved two fingers up her cunt, smiling when he pulled them out with blood on them.

"Nice," he said with a grin. "We’ll have to disinfect that cunt of yours before anyone else uses it.

But we’ll take you to the Medieval Torture classroom to do that. That’s our next class anyway. Besides, I think somebody else wants to use this room to shower their slut."

"Hang on," David said, pulling his half-hard cock out of his black pants. "First things first. I only got to fuck her cunt yesterday, and it was a real sloppy mess by the time I got to it. Now I want a blowjob. She should be a real expert after yesterday." Andrew unhooked Emilie’s wrists from the overhead hook and shoved her roughly to her knees.

She knew what to do - only the day before she’d had every single cock in the school in one of her holes. She figured a blowjob was the best possible option at the moment, given that her other two holes had just been scraped raw with a wire brush, and it was with something like gratitude that she began to slurp eagerly at her sponsor’s stiffening member.

"Man, I take that back," Andrew said with disgust. "She’s fucking pathetic at this." He slapped her hard across the face. "That’s enough of that, slut. Let’s take her to the Medieval Torture room and get some disinfectant in that asshole of hers. Then we can start training her to suck cock properly."

And with that he gripped her by the collar, pulling it tightly around her neck, and dragged her out of the room.

Emilie’s brother Stefan, meanwhile, was enjoying himself in the school’s rec room. His previous day had been tiring: first he’d fucked his bitchy older sister’s throat, then spent the afternoon in a seminar called Introduction to Restraints. The teacher, a tall, dark-haired man called Mr. Scabian, had brought out a selection of girls of a variety of ages and body types. "Now, these girls are all Payne Academy students, so of course they’re learning to be pliant and submissive," he’d told the class. "But once you leave our hallowed halls, not every cunt you’ll meet will be as . . . willing . . . as our lovely young ladies here. So it’s very important that you know how to immobilize a bitch in a variety of ways."

They’d spent the rest of the afternoon practicing: hogties, breast binding, suspension, and some very intricate knots Mr. Scabian had said were Japanese styles.

"You’ll learn more about that in another seminar next semester," he’d said.

Stefan’s ‘partner’ for the seminar was a slightly plump senior girl with curly brown hair. She had lovely round tits, 40D, and Stefan had a wonderful time tying them so tightly they swelled round and purple. He couldn’t resist slapping them a few times, making the girl whimper with pain.

"Now, now, Stefan," Mr. Scabian had said, turning around with a smile. "Tit torture is another lesson for another day." He’d pinched the girl’s wide pink nipples, though, winking at Stefan. "Although I can see where it would be tempting to jump ahead in our studies in this case."

By the end of the lesson Stefan’s cock was practically jumping out of his pants, and during the last few exercises he’d pulled the ropes so tight around his partner that he’d rubbed her skin raw in several places. It was a grand relief to him - and to his classmates - when Mr. Scabian said he was wrapping up the lesson twenty minutes early so the boys could play with their partners a while. Stefan had bent the girl double, tied her wrists tightly to her ankles so she could barely keep her balance as he thrust his cock deep into her tight, unlubricated asshole and fucked her mercilessly. On his way out of the classroom Mr. Scabian caught up to him, threw an arm around his shoulders.

"I’m very impressed, my boy," he told Stefan. "I know this is only your second day, but I’ve got to say you’re a natural. You’ll be a full-fledged sadist in no time."

For the moment, though, Stefan was content to sit back in a chair in the rec room, slouching down with his legs wide, watching TV while a naked female student knelt between his thighs, lovingly licking his scrotum and asshole. Stefan’s roommate Paul was fucking the girl from behind.

He was getting close to cumming when a third boy burst into the room. "Hey, Lavigne! Is that your sister, the redheaded cunt who got initiated yesterday?"

Stefan looked up.

"Yeah. What about her?"

"She’s in the Medieval Torture room. Thought you might want to go have a look."

"Cool. What are they doing to her?"

"Just disinfecting her right now. But it looks like it could get interesting from there. One of her sponsors said she did a lousy job sucking his cock, so now they’re gonna punish her." Stefan felt his cock twitch at the idea of watching his sister tortured. He pushed the girl in front of him out of the way and stood up.

"All right. Lead the way," he said.

Emilie’s throat was raw from screaming - she’d had her cunt and asshole rinsed out with rubbing alcohol, and now she was stretched wide on an X-frame, her wrists and ankles strapped to the rough wood as she lay helpless. The frame was set at an angle, with Emilie’s head about a foot and a half higher than her feet, which meant she had to support her head at an awkward angle.

Her neck was already quite stiff, and she longed to just lay back on a pillow and rest.

"Wow, Emilie," a familiar voice said from behind her. "Too bad all the kids at our old school can’t see you now, eh?" Emilie glanced up to see her brother standing over her, a wicked grin on his face. Somehow seeing him there, remembering how enthusiastically he’d participated in her humiliation the day before, Emilie managed to forget that she was at the mercy of these sadistic boys.

"You little bastard," she managed to hiss at him. "You’ll be sorry for this. I’ll pay you back for this if it’s the last thing I do." "Wow," said Andrew, who was just tightening a strap around Emilie’s waist, cinching it tight against the wooden frame. "Your sister’s got some mouth on her."

"Yeah." Stefan scowled. "Wish we could do something about that." "Well," Andrew said, "as a matter of fact, I was just thinking that myself." He went to a cupboard and produced a vicious-looking set of forceps and a small black box. Then he crossed back to where Emilie was and grabbed her jaw in his free hand. She let out a moan of protest, but with the pressure of his fingers against her jawbone she had no choice but to open her mouth. In a flash Andrew had thrust the forceps into Emilie’s mouth and seized her tongue, stretching it as far out of her mouth as it would go. She made a noise like ‘Eeeuhh, euhh,’ which made the cocks of all the boys in the room - seven or eight of them altogether - throb with excitement. Andrew reached into the little black box he’d grabbed and produced a huge metal spike, about six inches long with a sharp point at the end. With his left hand Andrew held Emilie’s tongue taut, while with the other he jabbed the spike into her tongue. Emilie screamed, began to thrash wildly as the spike went through her tongue.

"There you go, cunt," he said with a grin. Emilie wailed incoherently, tried to pull her tongue back into her mouth. Of course the huge spike through it prevented her from doing so, and she lay helplessly bawling, her bloodied tongue sticking as far out of her mouth as it would go.

"That’s sweet," Stefan said, his cock twitching. "I didn’t realize we were allowed to, um, pierce the sluts."

"We’re allowed to do anything except snuff them, for the most part." David said. "We can pierce them, brand them, tattoo them, whatever we want. Now, some of the girls are here on special programs so there are certain things we’re not allowed to do to them, but pretty much anything goes."

"Special programs?"

"Yeah. They were sent here for specific reasons. You’ll figure it out as we go along." He glanced over at Emilie. "You know, we really should disinfect that tongue."

With that, he pulled his cock out of his pants and let loose a stream of piss into Emilie’s wide-open mouth. She choked as it ran down her throat, trying to spit it out without the use of her tongue. The other boys followed suit, laughing as she struggled. "Hey, Andrew, we should show Stefan the Body Mod room."

David grinned.

"That’s a good idea. I’ve got a special project underway in there. My term paper, if you will."

"David’s got a special interest in body modification," Andrew told Stefan. "He’s really very good at it."

The Body Modification room was a long, narrow chamber off the Medieval Torture classroom.

Stefan’s eyes bugged out of his head as he stepped inside. There were three girls inside, and they looked like no girls Stefan had ever seen.

The first girl was a heavy-set girl with dark tan skin and huge dark eyes. She began to tremble at the sight of the boys, and Stefan could understand why. She was chained spread-eagle to the wall, and it was obvious someone had been working on her for some time. Her large, honey-colored breasts had been pierced, but these were no ordinary piercings. The rings were incredibly thick - nearly an inch in diameter, Stefan thought - and they ran through the meat of her tit, just behind the base of the areola. "Go ahead, give them a tug," David told him. "They’re like door knockers, they won’t come out."

Stefan grinned and seized both rings in his fists, giving them a good hard yank. The chained girl shrieked and moaned. "I hear they’re doing her cunt next week," Andrew said. "They’re just giving the tit rings time to heal first." The girl whimpered.

"Please, no," she said. "Please, I’m already a freak. Don’t let them do anything else to me."

"Shut up," said Andrew, and picked up an inflatable rubber gag from the table beside the girl. He shoved it in her mouth and seized the bulb on the end, pumping it furiously in his hand. After a few seconds the girl could do no more than moan, and after a few seconds more her mouth was too full to do even that.

Stefan, for his part had already moved on to examining the next girl. She was a plain-looking thing, mousy brown hair and a bit of an overbite, but her face wasn’t what caught Stefan’s eye. The girl hung face-down from the ceiling, a series of straps supporting her forehead, shoulders, belly and legs. Attached to her tits were pair of huge glass domes hooked into a suction pump. She had evidently been hooked up to this device for quite some time, as her tits were by far the largest Stefan had ever seen. "Susan’s a custom job," David said. "One of those special programs I told you about. Her stepdaddy wants her back in . . . shall we say, a specific shape. Big tits, tight cunt. Check it out." Stefan glanced between the girl’s splayed legs. Her naked cunt had been sewn shut except for a tiny opening. He ran his hand across it, poked at the small hole.

"Man, I can barely get my finger inside," he said. "Yeah. We’re not allowed to fuck her, but I’d love to try it. I’m thinking maybe someday I’ll do another cunt up like that for a biology project, see how it feels."

Andrew laughed, then turned toward the third girl.

"And this is David’s special project," he said.

The third girl’s face wasn’t visible since her head was completely encased in a black leather hood.

A ring inset in the top of the hood attached the girl to a chain dangling from the ceiling. If not for the hood she would have fallen over, for her feet were tightly wrapped in leather straps that kept them pointed like a ballet dancer’s. She tottered uncertainly, only the very tips of her toes touching the floor. "Stefan, meet Kathy," David said.

Stefan grinned. David had obviously done some work on Kathy’s feet, for they were so tightly bound it looked like she might never straighten them again.

"I wanted to make sure this slut crawls everywhere she goes," he said. There was a gleam in David’s eye as he gave her nipples a tweak. They were longer than any nipples Stefan had ever seen, protruding more than an inch and a half from her full, white breasts. "How did you do that?" Stefan said, fascinated. "Easy, really. I just used a length of rubber tubing that I put over her nipples. Then I put my mouth over the end and sucked her nipple up into the tube as far as it would go. So when her nipple was nice and stretched I stuck pins through the tubing and her nipple to hold it in place."

"And it just . . . grew that long?"

"Yeah, eventually. Later I used a suction pump like the ones on Susan’s tits, only smaller. I’ve been working on Kathy for about eight months now."


"Yeah, when I graduate I’m taking her with me. The Dean’s giving her to me."

"He’s . . . giving her to you?"

"Yeah. A lot of time the graduating girls are sold to former students or overseas. You know, diplomats, heads of state, even royalty. But I was able to help the Dean with something over the summer break last year, and he was so grateful he gave me Kathy." "Wow. That’s pretty grateful."

"Yeah. See, I helped him with some . . . um, recruiting. That was my summer job, I guess you’d say. Finding girls to bring to the school." "Where?"

"Downtown. You know, bus stations, wherever. Runaways, mostly. A lot of the girls here are sent by their parents, but not all of them." "I wondered about that," Stefan said. "I mean, I wondered how there were so many girls here. There seem to be as many girls as boys, and I didn’t think there were so many parents who would - " "Who would what? Willingly subject their little darlings to this kind of treatment?" David laughed. "You’d be surprised. This school’s been around for a long time. A lot of the kids here are second-and-third generation Payne Academy students.


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