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Slut behaves as Sir desires her to
“I have a surprise for you today, Pet. You have been exceptionally obedient, and as a result, you are being rewarded.”
“Meaning what, Sir? What kind of reward are you talking about, Sir? I have simply been myself. Nothing fancy. I know your rules, and have tried to make sure I followed them to the letter, as you requested.”
“Put on my favorite outfit and you will find out shortly, my love.” She scrambled out of bed and put on the outfit that she knew he really liked. Dressing in a short black dress that barely covered her ass and bare pussy, with the chest so low it barely covered her nipples, and zipped up in front. She zipped it up and tucked her massive 54GGG chest into the dress and followed His instructions to not try and tug the hem down any, knowing it would only cause her nipples to be exposed. She completed the look with 6” black heels and a choker around her neck with a simple charm in black onyx that matched the dress.
“Good girl. You look like the cum-hungry slut you are. Now, off to your reward. Only a few minor modifications need to be made to your outfit, then we can leave.” He reached up and unzipped the front just a touch, so that every time she moved, she had to grab it to keep it from sliding off her chest and showing off those massive globes. He led her to the car and told her to assume the position. She grabbed the frame of the car door and spread her legs open wide, giving Him full access to her body. He took out 2 monster dildos and a small tube of lubrication. He lubed up both dildos and, without warning, shoved them fully into her tight holes. Then he took duct tape and taped them into place. She could barely move with 2 twelve inch dildos in each hole. When she was seated in the car, he pulled her zipper down further, exposing her chest to his gaze. He took out some clamps with weights and attached them to her sensitive nipples, letting the weights hang from them freely. Then He zipped up her dress again, making the clamps and weights very visible through the front of her dress. He got into the driver’s seat and started the car. They drove for about 45 minutes, with Him constantly zipping and unzipping her dress, giving other cars an unrestricted view of her massive chest. Finally they arrived.
“Out of the car, my love. Keep your eyes closed though. No opening them until we get inside. And if you lose either of those dildos, there will be hell to pay, as you know.” He opened the door for her, and she stepped out, knowing that by doing so, anyone in a car next to them or walking by could see her bald pussy and her tight ass with the duct tape holding the dildos in place. She kept her eyes closed and He led her into a shop.
“How can we help you?” He spoke. “We have the 10:30 appointment. Here she is. I’ve already explained what I want…and how I want it done. One other thing. You may use her in any fashion you like before, during, and after. She is a cock-hungry slave who will do anything, and I do mean anything, for her holes to be filled with cum.”
“Well, let’s see what we have here. After all, we need to inspect what it is we are going to be piercing.” She opened her eyes at that and saw 5 absolutely huge men standing in what appeared to be a tattoo parlor. “Spread, slut.” She instantly obeyed and spread her legs as wide as they would go, which caused her dress to hike up several inches, exposing her pussy and ass to the men in the shop. One of them walked over to the door and put up the closed sign, but He stopped him. “Leave it. She will take on any man who walks in. She’s a cock-hungry slut who will fuck anything and anyone. She loves cum and will do anything for it as I said before. Try her and find out. Slave, drop the dress and give these men a real show.” She started swaying in time to music only she could hear. She slowly unzipped the dress, exposing her massive chest to them. When the dress was on the floor, one of them walked over to her and grabbed one of the weights attached to her nipple and yanked hard, bringing tears to her eyes.
“Well well, I think the little bitch enjoys that. She’s so wet that the duct tape is falling off that nice little pussy. Maybe I should help it along.” With that, the biggest of the men got down on his knees and spread her legs even wider with his hands. Using his teeth, he grabbed the edge of the duct tape and yanked it from her bare skin. She had tears running down her face, but knew better than to cry out. Suddenly his tongue was there, massaging the red spots that the duct tape had left. His tongue slid into her slit and started caressing her. She struggled to remain standing. Suddenly He produced a remote control, and turned it on full speed. Both vibrators came to life inside her, causing her to almost pass out. The man sucking on her pussy pulled the vibrator from her pussy and slid his huge black fingers inside in its place. He was fucking her furiously with his fingers. She was dripping wet. Suddenly she had 2 cocks on either side of her head. He nodded, so she opened her mouth, giving them access.
“Holy hell is her pussy tight. Dayum. I can’t even get more than 3 fingers in her. How is she ever gonna fit my monster cock?” “Slave stretches nicely, as you saw from the vibrator. By the way, you will be punished later for that vibe coming out, Pet. I warned you not to allow it to come out.”
“Master, I had nothing to do with it. He pulled it from me.” “Doesn’t matter, Pet. You disobeyed me. You will be punished for that later.” By this time, the 4th man had walked over and was undoing the duct tape to her ass so he could remove that vibrator and insert fingers to get her ready for his big cock.
The 5th and final man was unzipping his jeans at her head, and grabbed her hair and forced her mouth onto his big cock. She was in heaven. She was surrounded by black men and Hispanic men and the smallest cock in the bunch was 11”. By this time, she was dripping with perspiration, but fighting desperately not to cum, even though she had a cock in her mouth, one in each hand, fingers up her pussy and ass, and a tongue on her clit, and could feel her nipples being yanked extremely hard by forceful fingers.
“Pet, no matter what they do to you, you may NOT cum. Is that understood? If you do, I will whip you and make you sleep outside in the yard for a week. You do NOT CUM until I tell you it’s ok. Believe me, the wait will be worth it.” She was suddenly turned so she was on all fours with her pussy and ass exposed to the door. They continued to play with her for several minutes, and then one of the big black men laid on a low table, and another lifted her on top of him, aligning her ass perfectly with his cock, so that her back was against his chest. As he impaled her with his huge cock, another walked over with an extremely sharp instrument that she knew was used for piercing. He played with her clit for several minutes, making sure it extended well past the hood. Then he clamped it with a clamp and took the needle and pierced her clit. She lost control of her bladder and urinated all over the table and the man underneath her. She wanted to cum so badly, but followed His instructions and forced herself to hold back. Then he also took the needle and pierced the hood. Another man came and shoved his huge dick inside her tight pussy immediately afterwards. She was impaled yet again by another huge cock. A 3rd man came up and grabbed her throat. She immediately opened her mouth, giving him access to her warm, wet orifice. The man who had pierced her clit and hood released the clamps from her nipples, only to put 2 piercings in each nipple.
“Only 4 more to go, then you are done, Pet. These will not hurt at all though.” The men that had her impaled reluctantly stopped fucking her, and she was positioned back on the table with her legs spread open wide and hooked into devices that looked like arms that sprang up from the table. Her legs were spread open wide almost near her head. The man took the needles and repeated the piercing process, giving her 2 rings on each labia completing the process.
“Now to disinfect them, and then you can fuck her all you’d like. Normally they say no fucking after piercing, but I get these specially made, and as long as they are disinfected before and immediately after, there is no reason you cannot use her like the sex slave she is. In fact, I fully intend to get some of that sweet pussy and ass before she leaves. Come here, slut.” They unhooked her legs, and helped her stand up. She walked over on wobbly legs and he pushed a small stool in front of him for her to sit on.
“I want to fuck that ass. Turn and lean over the stool, but spread those legs completely, or I will get a spreader to make sure they are open wide.” She did as requested, and the 2 men that were fucking her earlier stood in front of her to get their dicks cleaned off. Expertly, she cleaned them and drained every drop of cum they had inside their balls. When they were completely empty, they grinned and walked over to Him.
“She is magnificent. Have you ever thought about renting her out for social gatherings? We would pay a fortune for a night with her.”
“I rent her out often. Usually to frat parties. Did she drain you completely?”
“I am so spent I don’t think I could fuck again for a week. How does she stay so tight?” He smiled. “That’s our secret. I am glad you enjoyed her. Here is my card if you ever wish to rent her for a night or a weekend.” He handed them his business card. The biggest tucked it into his jeans pocket and left the shop. She was left with 3 big men who had extremely large hard-ons, not including Him.
“Better brace yourself, Pet. Gangbang time. Men, help yourselves to that sweet, young, tight pussy, ass and mouth.” Before she could do more than smile, she had a huge cock in each hole, drilling her. She knew what to do, and subtly timed her responses so that within a few minutes, she had all 3 men thrusting at the same time, and was bringing them all to orgasm at the same time. All 3 men filled her holes with hot jets of cum at the same time. When all 3 pulled out, she had cum dripping from each hole.
“Good Pet. Now, come over here and get the dildos so we can plug 2 of those holes. We do not want perfectly good cum going to waste, now, do we?”
“No, Sir.” She crawled over and handed him the 2 monster dildos. He plugged her tight pussy with one, and stuck the other down her throat. Tears formed and rolled down her face, but she did not try to remove the dildo from her mouth. He turned her so she was facing the door and he thrust his own 13” cock into her ass with a single rough thrust. He reached around and hooked a finger on the ring that was hanging from her clit. With each thrust, he pulled hard on that ring, causing waves of ecstasy to crash over her.
“Now you may cum, my love. Cum with me. Mix our fluids as we spiral into heaven.” Knowing she had his full permission, she allowed herself to climax fully. She screamed around the dildo in her throat, and thrust her ass back against him as hard as she could, cumming so hard that she soaked his groin and left a telltale puddle on the floor underneath her pussy and ass. He thrust several more times hard and fast. She felt the hot jets of sperm paint the inside of her ass. He pulled out and walked around to her mouth. He pulled the dildo from her mouth and shoved it unceremoniously up her tight asshole.
She needed no urging. She knew what He wanted. She took His cock and cleaned it until there was nothing left on it but her saliva. He helped her stand up, retrieved her dress, and ushered her out the door totally nude. He put her in the car that way, and told her she was not to cover up at all, no matter what.
He took the long way home, making sure they went past various other cars, truck drivers, etc. At one point, they passed a state patrol car. The officer pulled Him over.
“I am going to have to arrest you for indecency, Sir. You should know better than to have a fully unclothed woman in your vehicle.”
“Officer, she is unclothed because she just got pierced, and I did not want the clothing to cause her to get infected. She is my Slave/Slut, so she does what she is told without question. She should not be arrested. I should. But then if I am arrested, she will need someone to get her to our home, and then she will be alone while I get ahold of my attorney and have them bail me out. Do you really want to go through the headache of a lot of red tape and paperwork over something that is this minor of a transgression? Perhaps we can work something out. She is certainly eyeing your nice sized rod. Care to try her out? She’s a very very cock-hungry slut who will do anything to have cum shot inside her.”
“Well, I shouldn’t, but…she is a very very attractive lady. I can honestly say I’ve never seen tits that big. Are they real?”
“Go over to her and find out for yourself. Just be gentle because of the piercings. Fuck her mouth, her ass, her pussy, play with her tits…whatever turns you on, Officer. She will not resist in any way, shape, or form.” The officer walked over to her side of the car and leaned in. She looked at Him and He gave her an unspoken signal. She spread her legs fully and locked her hands behind her head on the headrest, causing her chest to lift up and out slightly. The officer ran hands lightly over her massive chest, causing the already tight nipples to harden even more. “Mmmm. I do love a massive chest…especially one that is pierced. Tell me…does she like pain?”
“She will do as she is told…without question. What she likes or doesn’t like matters not. She is here for your pleasure. You are free to fuck her, torture her breasts, or pussy or ass.” The hands resumed their exploration of her immense chest. Suddenly she felt a mouth and tongue tugging on the piercings on her nipples, and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. She felt fingers shove into her pussy and ass in addition to the vibrators. She could not help herself. She flooded the seat with cum, so much so that both vibrators slid out and hit the floor of the car. She hung her head in shame.
“I am so sorry, Sir. I tried to hold them in. I just could not help it.”
“You will be punished for that later. Right now you are to relieve the Officer’s obvious distress. Assume the position.” Nodding, she laid back on the seat, and used her hands to spread her pussy lips open wide for the Officer’s inspection.
“Very, very nice. I definitely like what I see. How long ago was she pierced?” He looked at the clock. “Less than an hour ago. Feel free to play with the piercings, but please be gentle. I do not want them pulled out.” The officer nodded, and suddenly she felt something very long and rough inserted into her tight pussy. He was fucking her with his nightstick, and she was enjoying every minute of it. She came again on the car seat, flooding the seat so much that it dripped onto the floor. He shoved the nightstick up her ass, ramming it into her until he felt the barrier preventing him from going any further. Then he climbed over her and inserted his own massive cock into her tight pussy. He thrust his cock into her, building to a nice climax, and fucking her ass with the nightstick. Suddenly Sir took over with the nightstick, and, feeling the barrier, he withdrew the nightstick slightly, and then rammed it into her with such force that he felt the barrier break, and she passed out.
When she came to, she was at home, lying on the bed, spread-eagled with her arms and legs tied to the bedposts. Ice was on her piercings and she was blindfolded with a gag in her mouth that prevented her from crying out, but left her mouth wide open for him to fuck her mouth, fill her mouth with cum or whatever else he chose to.
“You did very well today, my love. We will give your piercings a chance to heal, and then we will let you really be the cock-hungry slut you are.”

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