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A power couple and their steamy relationship...
Kendra Worthington flipped her long blonde hair behind her back and gave her signature “I’m sorry but your fired” smile to the young man sitting in front of her. He was cowering in front of her gaze and she spoke in hushed tones frightening him even more.

“You know your work has been less than satisfactory. My husband and I agree we should let you go. But first your parting gift,” Kendra smiled slowly her red lips parting as she pointed down to her goodies.

The young man stood up visibly shaken and approached Kendra. He slowly lifted her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties. He started to suck on her juicy clit. Firing workers and seeing how she intimidated them always got Kendra’s cunt soaking wet. She slapped him hard on the cheek.

“Harder you maggot,” She shouted at him.

The young man whimpered and his tongue delved deeper into her hot gash. He started to finger her and Kendra moaned. At least he worked well with his hands she thought smiling wickedly. She slumped down in her chair and trapped his head with her thighs so he would be forced to suck her clit. He started munching at her clit nibbling and biting it. Kendra loved it rough and hard. She started moaning louder and the young man shoved another finger deep into her hot pussy. Kendra yelped slamming her thighs tight on his head as she came.

She slowly undid her legs and lowered her skirt. The young man stood up and before he could walk away she grabbed his face and kissed him hard and passionately on the lips. She slipped a compensation check into his hands and he walked away smiling with a huge hard on. Kendra laughed to herself and turned back to her computer. She had a lot to get done. Her husband would be by shortly to reprimand her for playing with the workers that they agreed to let go. But she didn’t care; it was always so nice and pleasurable for her.

John saw the young man leave his delicious wife’s office. His face covered in her juices and his cock making a tent in his pants. He shook his head and frowned. Ever since she had found out about his one time fuck with his secretary she had been getting back at him by letting all their employees they let go give her a parting gift. Even though the fuck had been some time ago.

They had considered divorce but their company was like their baby and would be way to hard to cut down the middle. Kendra fought dirty and he knew she would take everything if they got divorced and plus he still loved her he was just tired of her dominating ways. She was bossy, easily pissed off, and she constantly had him turned on. When he had strayed it had been a moment of weakness. They had lost a huge account and his secretary had seduced him while he was in a drunken stupor. Kendra didn’t believe it though and when she fired the girl she beat the shit out of her before letting her go. John had received his punishment later that night and he had slightly enjoyed it, which pissed his fiery Kendra off even more.

Hence why she continued to “play” with the employees they let go, always male. Female workers were no longer allowed to work for them unless Kendra approved first.

John glanced at his male secretary Adam. He rolled his eyes. He would never do him. The young man who had just eaten Kendra out grabbed his box of things from his desk and walked out of the building, a huge smile still lingering on his face.

Most of the employees were extremely scared of Kendra. She blew up easily and was constantly yelling at someone. Most of the staff cowered in her presence. Everyone except for John who knew which buttons when pressed could turn Kendra into a groveling puppy. He smiled to himself thinking of their hot and heavy sex session the night before. She had been begging him to give her release and then he had begged her for the same. He stood up looking at his watch. It was lunchtime. He needed a quickie with Kendra first though.

But before he could approach her office his fiery Kendra stormed out of her office. She had venom in her beautiful olive green eyes and he could tell she was about to explode. Her long blonde hair had been pulled into a sexy messy bun. She was about 5’7” wearing a pair of 6” stilettos. She had on a tight chest hugging Oxford shirt, the buttons down low showing her well-endowed chest. Her skirt clung to her shapely ass and thighs causing his groin to stir to life. She had on stockings and he could barely contain his cock as her ass jiggled while she stomped towards one of the workers. Her juicy ruby red lips were parted and her white teeth were crushed together She pulled her glasses from her nose up to her head and she barked out, “Stevens. Where is the report for CC Pool Company?!”

Stevens immediately cowered as Kendra stormed over to him. It was funny to see a man who was 6’5” cower to a woman in heels. His eyes dropped to her sexy cleavage and Kendra noticed. Kendra exploded into obscenities, “You worthless maggot! You work for me! If you want to stare at someone’s boobs go to a fucking titty bar! You are FIRED!” Kendra said storming back into her office.

Stevens shot up and tried to follow Kendra to explain to her why the file was not finished but she slammed the door in his face locking it. John’s dick was now fully hard. His wife looked so good it hurt. Stevens ran over to him. They all looked to John for safety knowing he was the only one who would stand up to her. John stood up and put a hand on Stevens’ shoulder.

“Don’t worry. You’re not fired. You know she fires you about ten times a day and you are still here. Just get the report done. I already told you that you could have the extension. I guess I forgot to tell Kendra. It’s my fault,” John said apologizing. Stevens thanked him and returned to his desk and John walked to Kendra’s office. He had a key so he unlocked it and went inside.

Kendra was typing furiously on her computer. Her short fire red nails were jabbing at the keys. John walked over to her and sat next to her on the windowsill. She ignored him. He touched her shoulder and she tensed. He started rubbing her shoulders. Massaging them gently then harder. She only liked it rough. His hands worked there way to her neck and Kendra visibly relaxed. She dropped her hands from the keyboard and leaned back into her seat. She was breathing deeply. John’s hands moved from her neck down to her perfect breasts, she was a delicious 36D. He slipped his fingers into her bra and started rubbing her nipples pinching and pulling them. Kendra’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled wickedly at her husband.

“I love you so much John,” she said swiveling her chair around to face him. His hard cock was at her face level. She undid his pants and he patted her cheek, “I love you too Kendra,” he said passion and love in his eyes. Kendra ignored the intensity of his words and pulled his hard cock out of his pants. She pressed the tip of his head to her lips and licked it gently. John caught his breath. Her beautiful eyes were staring into his as she pulled his entire length into her mouth. He rested his hands on her shoulders fighting the urge to slam into her mouth. Kendra hated that. She started deep throating him pulling his thick 8 inches into her mouth. She grabbed his balls and squeezed them hard causing him to jump. He could see the wicked smile in her eyes. She started fucking him hard with her mouth sucking his length roughly. He wasn’t going to last much longer.

Kendra squeezed his balls even harder and sucked him one last time before he came all in her mouth. “Fuck… damn Kendra,” he said stammering at the pleasure she had just given him. No woman had ever sucked his cock so good. Kendra sucked all of his cum up and the stood up kissing him hard on the mouth. She had some cum still in her mouth and she swapped it to John who was forced to swallow his cum. He didn’t love the flavor, he preferred pussy, especially Kendra’s. But she loved to play with him like that. She pulled away and he pulled her back to him kissing her harder with more passion and intensity. His hands were on her ass massaging it. Kendra moaned softly but pulled away before things went further.

“Let’s go get something to eat,” she said wiping her mouth and reapplying her favorite Chanel red lipstick. She pulled her hair out of the bun and fixed it with her fingers. John grabbed her coat and helped her put it on. They walked out of her office hand in hand to the parking garage. “Let’s take my car,” she said with a wicked grin.

“Fine.” John said sullenly. He had just bought her a brand new Lamborghini and she was forever making him ride with her, it had been an “I’m sorry for cheating gift.” He wanted to drive his Porsche. But if Kendra wanted something she usually got it. She had been the one to propose to him and he had said yes, not knowing what he was in store for. Kendra giggled as she climbed into her sexy cherry red Lamborghini. She admired her husband. He was a chick magnet yet he never really knew how good-looking he was. He was the type of man who just thought he was lucky because he got girls, he didn’t realize it was because he was a total catch.

He was about 6’3” tall, light brown hair, big light green eyes framed with long dark lashes, a strong face with good bone structure, and an incredibly lean, sexy, and muscular body. Kendra felt her pussy moisten as she admired him. He looked over at her and did a goofy face, she laughed. Sometimes he could be so random and that’s what she loved about him. He was everything she wasn’t. He was funny, nice, romantic, gracious, humble, and even emotional at times. His only fault was the one time fuck with the secretary Kendra had almost killed. It had crushed Kendra to the core. She never thought John would be the type to cheat.

John reached over and squeezed Kendra’s hand as she tore out of the parking garage heading for Sushi One. She smiled slightly and he knew she was thinking about the secretary. She would never admit it to him but it had killed her. He had never seen her cry till that moment and it had shaken him to his core. She hid her feelings from him most of the time but when he got a glimpse of them he loved her even more.

They arrived to the restaurant and they walked inside the hostess seated them immediately. Kendra pulled off her coat her boobs bubbling out of her shirt. John admired them sucking in his breath as she moved. Kendra caught him staring and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Naughty Johnny,” she said in a breathy voice. John blushed. His wife knew how to press his buttons maybe better than he thought.

A waitress came over and they ordered warm Sake, California rolls, and edamame. The Sake came first and they both did a quick shot admiring the flavor. John leaned back in his chair and Kendra did another shot while he watched. He would probably have to drive back to work. Kendra liked to drink too.

“So I’m sorry for not telling you about the extension that I gave to Stevens. It’s my fault babe,” John said apologizing.

Kendra waved a hand of dismissal. “It’s okay. I know I’m overly emotional when it comes to work. I just really want to close that account today. I’m tired of the deadlines you are giving out. It’s making employees lazy,” Kendra said seriously.

John smiled. He had to hand it to her. Kendra was extremely passionate about their company and she knew how to handle the business well. That’s why she was the CEO and he was just the VP. A lot of employees didn’t understand why until they saw how well Kendra worked. She was just a bitch about it.

The food came and they both ate. Kendra’s phone rang and she picked it up. John could hear her secretary on the phone. The only woman Kendra allowed on because she was almost as big of a bitch as she was. Not to mention she preferred the ladies. One of the accounts had pulled out. John could see Kendra’s fist balling up. She looked explosive. But she spoke in hushed tones to Mia, her secretary. Once the conversation was over Kendra hung up and ordered another bottle of Sake.

She rubbed her temples. John knew she was upset yet she wouldn’t talk to him about how badly it bothered her. She would just take it out later on one of the workers who had cost them the account that they desperately needed. The Sake came and Kendra finished it off. She was slurring her words as they left, “Baby, we got to fire Malcolm. He lost this account and it’s just not fair,” she started to hit John and he pulled her fists away from him crushing her in a bear hug.

“Kendra I’m sorry. Let me take you home. Take the rest of the day off. I will handle this. I promise baby,” he said staring into her eyes.

Kendra fought the urge to scream and nodded. John drove her to their lavish upper East Manhattan penthouse and she went up while he drove back to the office. Once inside the house Kendra knew she had to calm down. The Sake had worn off and she was starting to feel panicked about losing yet another account. That would be 2 this month now.

She walked into her large bathroom and started running a hot Jacuzzi bath. She poured some Vanilla bath wash into the rub and watched as the bubbles formed. She kicked off her Christian Louboutin Heels and stripped down naked. She padded into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of Chardonnay and popped the cork taking a huge swig. She walked back into the bathroom and slid into the Jacuzzi letting the jets hit her body. She moved and positioned herself so that one of the jets was directly on her clitoris. She moaned softly at the pleasure. There really was nothing better than a nice hot bath to calm her down.

She continued to swill the Chardonnay. After what seemed like minutes Kendra heard the door open and her husband call out. “In the bathroom,” she yelled back.

He came to the door smiling and Kendra smiled back motioning for him to join her. He didn’t waste any time stripping down and then sliding into the tub next to her. He positioned himself so that she was leaning against his chest. He took the bottle of Chardonnay from her and took a swig of it himself.

“I let Malcolm go,” he said in a defeated voice. Kendra sighed relieved. John had never been the bully in their business partnership and he hated firing people. Kendra loved it. Kendra turned around so that her breasts were smashing against John’s chest. She took the bottle from him and placed it on the floor. She pressed her lips to his and he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her into him as they kissed passionately. Her tongue fought to get inside of his mouth and he let her steamy tongue fight with his. She loved the be the dominant one in the bedroom, so he let her a lot, but every now and then he needed his fill, like now.

His hard cock was pressed against her abdomen poking her. Kendra grasped his length with her hand and started rubbing up and down it gently. John moaned and slid his hand under the water and started fingering her pussy. Kendra moaned into John’s mouth as they kissed rubbing each other. He pulled her away and pushed her onto his hard cock. Kendra screamed as his thick 8 inches filled her. His hands were on her lush hips as he slammed her up and down. Water was sloshing all over. Her breasts were hanging in front of his face and he couldn’t resist leaning up and sucking on one of her hard nipples. Kendra gasped in pleasure wrapping her arms around John’s head and forcing his head into her breasts. He buried his face in them sucking each nipple as hard as he could. They fucked like that for almost twenty minutes. John was starting to get tired and he wanted to cum but he wasn’t allowed to cum before Kendra. He knew Kendra wouldn’t be able to get off in the water, not without her clit being rubbed. He pulled her off of his hard cock and they both got out of the Jacuzzi.

He took a towel and lovingly dried her off paying attention to her puffy pussy lips. He spread her thighs and his tongue probed deep into her lips. Kendra moaned softly. He slid a finger into her hot gash, then another, and another while he lapped at her clit.

“Harder Johnny,” Kendra said holding onto his muscular shoulders.

John slid another finger into her dripping pussy and he started nibbling and munching her clit. Her legs tightened and she moaned as her fingered her harder.

“Come on fist me Johnny,” she said in a breathy voice.

John slid another finger in and he slowly pushed passed her contracting walls and his fist popped in. Kendra screamed in pleasure. He slowly pumped his fist in and out as he nibbled on her clit. Kendra climaxed almost instantly. Her legs shook and she stammered, “Oh Johnny, fuuuckkkk, I’m cumming!” Her hands clawed at his shoulder as she came. Juice ran down his arm from her soaked cunt. Once she finished climaxing he slowly pulled his hand out and a flood of Kendra juices followed. He lapped them up kissing her pussy.

Kendra smiled and patted his head. “Mmm, thank you baby.” John laughed at her and stood up planting a huge kiss on her juicy lips.

She pulled him into the bedroom and pushed him on the bed. “You have been a naughty boy haven’t you Johnny?” Kendra said seductively. John licked his lips anticipating what would be coming.

“Yes Mistress Kendra. I’ve been very naughty.”

Kendra laughed wickedly, “Oh good, that pleases me Johnny. Do you think I should punish you for being naughty?” She said her eyes wide.

John licked his lips again and nodded. Kendra smiled and walked over to him her hips swaying seductively. She opened the nightstand drawer next to their huge canopy bed and pulled out hand and leg cuffs. She cuffed him to the bed while he was lying on his back. She placed a mask over his eyes and whispered seductively in his ear, “I will be right back.” She breathed her hot breath on his ear and licked it sending chills down his spine. He shuddered enjoying the sensation.

After about five minutes Kendra returned. She approached John and he felt a light whip on his thigh. Oh no he thought, she got the whip out. She started lightly slapping all over John’s body. Her hits would get harder the closer she got to his hot spots. She murmured to him in a seductive voice, “Do you like this Johnny?”

“Yes Mistress,” he said as she whipped him hard on his left nipple. He cursed.

“Oh, did that one hurt?” As he nodded she slapped him hard on the cheek.

“You address me as Mistress!”

John stuttered, “Yes Mistress. It hurt.”

Kendra grinned licking her lips. “Good.”

After whipping him for about 5 more minutes his body was full of red lines and very sensitive to touch from the blood rushing to his skin. She pulled his mask off and John gasped at her outfit. She was wearing a hot pink Lycra bodysuit that had cutouts where her breasts, pussy, and ass were. She had on a pair of sky-high black stilettos and she was wearing a mask that covered her eyes, hiding her identity. She looked delicious. John’s dick, limp from the whips, sprang to life. She whipped his hard cock.

“Do you like my outfit Johnny?” She asked him as she crawled onto the bed. He nodded then caught himself, “Yes Mistress.” Then he noticed the huge rubber dildo in her hands. Attached to it was a belt. He gave her a pleading look, “Please Mistress. Don’t fuck my ass. Let me fuck your ass,” he gave her his best puppy eyes.

Kendra just whipped him harder. “Do not tell me what I can and cannot do to you slave.”

Kendra got off the bed and put the mask back onto John’s face then she pulled the strap on onto her body. There was a little vibrator that would hit her clit while she fucked John. She was getting excited just thinking about it. John started to whimper as Kendra lubed his anal whole.

“Please Mistress. I’ve never done anal before,” he said getting even more into character.

Kendra laughed wickedly, “Well this might hurt, a lot then!”

Kendra placed a pillow under John’s ass so that he was lifted up and his hole was visible. She started fingering his anal hole spreading it getting him warmed up. John immediately tensed but started to relax as she fingered him. He had to admit it felt great. After his hole was relaxed and getting larger Kendra turned the mini vibrator on and slid the strap on slowly into his gaping hole. John started moaning like a bitch while Kendra fucked him.

“You like that don’t you slave?”

“Oh God Mistress. I love it. Harder Mistress,” John said groaning.

Kendra whipped his chest. “I will go at my pace slave.” Kendra started fucking him harder while John pulled against his restraints wanting to pull on his cock.

“What is it Johnny? Do you want me to suck your cock while I fuck you?” Kendra asked innocently.

“Oh please Mistress. I would greatly appreciate that.”

Kendra leaned over and pulled John’s semi hard dick into her mouth. She continued to fuck him at a normal pace. He was grunting and groaning like a bitch. She licked and sucked on his head while she used her free hand to jack off the end of his length. She started to pick up the pace fucking him even harder. She could feel his hole tightening as she picked up the speed.

“Oh Mistress it feels so good. I think I’m going to cum,” John said panting.

“Do NOT cum. I will beat you if you cum,” Kendra said violently.

“How long till I can cum Mistress? I don’t think I can hold it much longer,” John said in a pleading tone.

Kendra slammed into his ass as she had an orgasm from the vibrator massaging her clit. She slowed her pace as she came down from her climax.

“Did you cum Mistress?” John asked.

“Yes slave.”

“Can I cum now?”

“Okay. But you have to drink your cum after,” Kendra said smiling even though he couldn’t see her.

“Ugh, Mistress. I don’t think I will like that,” he said.

“I don’t care. You do what I say,” Kendra said whipping him again.

She started fucking him harder in his ass while she sucked on his cock. He was huge in her hands and mouth. She knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. She felt his dick swell and he shot load after load of hot cum into her mouth.

“Oh God Mistress that felt incredible.”

Kendra swallowed a little of his sperm and leaned up kissing him and spitting all of his semen into his mouth. John gagged swallowing.

“Good little slave,” Kendra said patting his cheek and removing the mask once more.

John looked at Kendra and smiled, “You going to be my slave now?” He asked her winking.

Kendra laughed and undid the restraints. She stripped down nude once more and crawled into bed with her husband. They both passed out dreaming of the next time they would play.


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thank you for the nice comments :D I was trying something different with this story and I realize not everyone will enjoy it, but if you do it's nice to know, thank you!


2009-02-28 09:28:22
It would of been better if, he had showen up with Malcolm and they both had their way or her secretary was there when he got there and all had each other .

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2009-02-27 20:17:35
Too long -- it drags. Stupid -- not believable, even for a fantasy. And the sex scenes are dull and unerotic.


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awesome story please continue!

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