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Chapter 4

Jensen slowly awoke to the sweet smell of Ellie beside him. His eyes fluttered a few times, but he focused and watched the movements of her perfect body. He slowly moved his arm from around her, and slipped out of the bed. Walking over to the window, he saw the skies had opened, and rain was pouring down. From the size of the puddles he could see that it had been raining for a while. Staring out the window, he remembered the amazing night he had. He was startled by the voice from behind him.
“I do believe you and me have some unfinished business.”
Jensen turned, and saw the blue eyes meet with his. He smiled quickly and climbed back into bed, wrapped himself around Ellie, and started kissing her again. There tongues explored each others mouth’s, furthering there connection of love between them. He rolled over, and she laid behind him, both looking out the window.
“How long has it been raining?”
“Since last night at least.”
“It’s making me cold.”
Jensen could already tell by her hard nipples pushing into his back. He turned quickly and began to hold Ellie again.
“I think I can think of a few things that could warm you up.”
Ellie giggled, and started rubbing Jensen’s body all over, Jensen doing the same to her, but focusing mainly on her breasts. She rubbed lower until she reached his stiff member, and began to rub back and forth. Jensen began sucking on her nipples, arousing both of them further. She pulled herself closer to him, pulling his penis closer to her wet pussy. She started rubbing it along the lips, making herself moan. This almost pushed Jensen over the edge, but he resisted, wanting more pleasure. They embraced in another passionate kiss, but quickly separated, as Ellie started to speak.
“Are you sure you’re ready for this?”
“Yes.” Was the only word that escaped his lips.

She pushed herself forward, impaling herself on his penis. They both shuddered with pleasure, and he started rocking back and forth slowly. Jensen sat up, putting his legs over the edge of the bed, with Ellie’s behind him. With her nails in his back, he started thrusting harder, pushing further into her. The ecstasy running through them was amazing, and both were moaning loudly. Ellie got to her orgasm first, moaning louder and louder until she was almost screaming. She was shaking constantly, and Jensen held her close as the pleasure ran through her. He began to feel himself getting closer to his long awaited orgasm. He kept thrusting as her body started to calm, and his started shaking as his body began to erupt with pleasure. His sperm kept on streaming from his head, it felt as if it wasn’t going to stop. Eventually he came down from the best orgasm he had ever had. He lay down on his back, with Ellie on top of him, both sweating and breathing hard.

She rolled off of him, but still holding him in her arms.
“I love you” Ellie said looking Jensen straight in the eyes.
He took a moment to respond, he knew he actually loved her, but had never said it before.
“I…I,” He stammered, “I love you too.”
They got back under the covers, not sleeping, just staring lovingly into each others eyes. They had no need to say they loved each other any more, there eyes said it all. They eventually fell back asleep, never leaving each others grasp.

Ellie awoke first, still holding Jensen tightly. She released him, and slowly walked to the bathroom to get cleaned up. She owed him the favour of a few breakfast’s, but knew they were out of supplies, so she would wait for him to wakeup, and then they would go out. She put on a really tight shirt with panties, nothing else, it made her feel sexy. She was in the living room watching T.V. when she heard Jensen moving upstairs.

Jensen didn’t want to put any clothes on, but he decided his boxers would be a good idea. He made his way downstairs, looking in the kitchen. No Ellie, so he continued onto the living room, seeing the beauty sitting on the couch. She saw him and smiled, he smiled to and he went to sit beside her. She quickly grabbed a hold of him, and he fell back, holding her tightly as well. They stayed like that for a minute, swapping kisses during there embrace. She pushed herself off of him.
“Wanna go into town and get some breakfast, then we’ll go shopping.”
“Ya sure, I wanna shower first.”
“Definitely, I think I’ll join you.”
Ellie took his hand and led him back upstairs to the bathroom. She started the shower, and started to strip, slowly for Jensen, she made it very sexy. Jensen was quickly turned on; the erection was not hidden by his boxers by the slightest.

Ellie slowly took a hold of her shirt, slowly sliding it up, revealing her stomach. Swaying her hips, she span around, putting her back to him, and slid her shirt all the way off. She cupped her breasts in her hand, and span back around, not showing herself fully yet. She massaged herself, slowly moving her hands away from her breasts. Her hands moved down her stomach, down to her hips. Jensen was in a trance, following her every movement. He thought he was going to start drooling if she continued.

Ellie took a hold of her panties, bent over with her lush ass facing Jensen. He felt like reaching out and squeezing her ass, but he let her continue. She kept swaying her hips, moving her ass in Jensen’s face, spreading her legs so he could see her mound between her legs. She turned back around, kneeled in front of Jensen, and started to pull his boxers down. The front of them were already covered with precum, his head glistened with it when she removed the boxers.

His erection was standing straight up, and Jensen could see the eagerness in Ellies eyes. She grabbed his member, and started stoking it again. She started licking the head, taking any precum that came up. She took more of penis into her mouth, licking and sucking like there was no tomorrow. Jensen started moaning, and his hips started to buck, Ellie knew he was cumming.

He shot his load into her mouth in yet another powerful orgasm. He relaxed, leaned forward, and put his lips to hers. He could taste the saltiness he tasted the day before. They stepped into the shower, and Jensen quickly got to his knees in front of Ellie. He started licking, and kissing at her wet pussy. His tongue spread her lips, he put his finger into her wet hole, and continued to like up and won her pussy. He came to the clit, and very gently tugged on it. Ellie almost fell over from the pleasure; she had to lean against the cold wall of the shower.

After a minute or so, Jensen’s tongue became tired, but he continued, he could fell Ellie was close to her orgasm. She was close, he licked a few more times, and she moaned, and continued for a good two minutes. Jensen never stopped with his finger or tongue, and she had to tell him to stop. He stood up, and could feel the warm water running over him, and saw it running over Ellies smooth body. They both held for a while, they separated to start cleaning one another. She rubbed him everywhere, while he focused upon cleaning her breasts. She cleaned his chest, and moved to his penis, which was hard again. She started rubbing it again, as he moved his hands down, and started rubbing her ass, grabbing it more than cleaning.

They finished up, Jensen still hard, and wanting. They dried each other slowly, Ellie still rubbing Jensen, until he started to cum, when Ellie took his head into her mouth once again. When his orgasm subsided, they finished drying each other, and went to room to get dressed. Up in the room, Jensen quickly found some jeans and a t-shirt to change into so he could watch Ellie dress.
“You like the view?”
Ellie wiggled her ass in front of Jensen’s face; he reached out and gave it a light slap. Ellie shot up and giggled. She turned and kissed him hard, pushed him over, and continued to get dressed. Jensen saw her putting on a blue thong, with a tight pair of pants. She didn’t bother with a bra, instead just a very tight t-shirt which showed her curves greatly. They headed back down stairs, and saw it stopped raining. She grabbed her purse and they made there way out.

Just outside the door, there was a huge puddle.
“Let’s go out the back, I don’t want to get my shoes wet.”
“No, don’t worry about it.”
Jensen moved quickly, he picked up Ellie, and walked through the puddle. He made it across, but his shoes were soaked.
“You’re my white knight.”
“And you’re my beautiful damsel in distress.”
They both knew it was really cheesy, but they didn’t care. They kissed, and made there way to the car. Went he sat down, he took his shoes of quickly, along with his socks. His shoes were completely ruined; they were once white, now they were brown.
“Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry,” Ellie was really worried, “I completely ruined your shoes.”
“Don’t worry, it was love.”
That was the only thing he could think of to make her stop feeling bad.
“We’ll get you another pair when were at the shops.”
The “shops” were what everyone called town square. It was filled with locally owned stores, from the general store, to the shoe store. The drive wasn’t long, about Thirty minutes, Jensen and Ellie talked mostly about the house, what they wanted to do with it. They wanted to change their room, it was made for one, and neither was planning on having Jensen leave.

They pulled up to the first place they saw, had a quick kiss, which turned to a long passionate kiss, which turned to a total make-out session. They finally made it out of the car, and went to the diner for some breakfast, even though it was lunch time. They took there seats, and continues to talk about there plans for the house. They both wanted to change it, it was bland, and needed a change. There food was brought; they ate quickly, since they had a lot to do that day. They paid there bill and left.

There fist stop was the shoe store, they found a nice pair right away, so they once again started kissing. They finished, and left, next stop was the general store. The biggest store out of all the stores, but usually the least busy, especially on a Monday. They were glad it rained, during the summer it was almost unbearable, but it cooled down nicely. Inside the store, they made it quick, picking up what they needed, and left quickly. Back in the car, there lips met yet again, this time not separating for a few minutes.

Jensen drove on the way back, and Jensen quickly knew why. Ellie started rubbing his leg, turning Jensen on quickly. He almost drove off the road when she started rubbing his penis. She undid his pants, and pulled out his member. She took the head in her mouth, making Jensen almost crash again. She took more in, stopped, and started sucking on his balls. One at a time, but then both, sending pleasure through Jensen’s body, it made him happy when they made it to the house. He was glad they were home, but could not wait to get it. He pulled Ellie over on top of him, pushed the seat back so they were lying down, and pushed Ellies panties down in some very quick motions. He pulled her up so her pussy was at the head of his penis, and he thrusted up. They both moaning, and both started rocking up and down. He massaged her breasts, while she rubbed his entire body. They were both quickly climaxing, but Jensen came first this time. His orgasm wasn’t as powerful as the others, but great nonetheless. Ellie came quickly after, shuddering with pleasure and Jensen kept on thrusting.

She lay on top of him for a minute, and then turned to kiss him. They stayed in the car for another twenty minutes, locked at the lips, embracing each other, showing there love. No one would see them, so Ellie left the car with her shirt off, and pants undone, Jensen the same. Inside they put the groceries away, constantly smiling at each other. When they were done, they made pop corn, and lay on the couch, completely naked watching a movie. They both fell asleep holding each other, both with a small smile on there faces.

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