I just finished the new chapter after fighting a sinus infection for the last three weeks. I think I've finally cleared the crud out of my body so the next chapter should be done faster than this one. Enjoy.
Chapter 21

“He’s so cute,” Nancy said as she watched Karen change her son’s diaper. “I can’t get over how much his cock looks like daddy’s, even if it is a lot smaller.”

“Well he is my son,” Jason pointed out as he entered the room and looked down fondly at the baby as Karen picked him up and held him to her breast to feed him. “It may take a few years but I’m sure his cock will look even more like mine as he gets older. And when he’s old enough you’ll have two of us to fuck.”

“Even more than that when the rest of our sons are born and start growing up,” Nancy said as she patted her pregnant belly. “After all, you don’t expect us to stop at just one baby apiece do you daddy?”

“I hoped not,” Jason said as he reached out to stroke his youngest daughter’s milk filled tits, “but I wasn’t really sure if you’d be willing to keep going.”

“More than willing daddy,” Karen said as she switched Jason to her other breast. “As soon as my cunt stops aching from your son’s birth I plan to get started on our next baby.”
“And don’t think you can hold me back,” Nancy said, “if I can I want to get started on my next baby as soon as this one is born.”

“Even though you’re two weeks past your due date and bigger than I was before Jason was born?” Karen asked.

“I actually like having a swollen belly and milk filled tits,” Nancy said, jiggling her breasts invitingly to her father. With a grateful smile Jason reached out to grasp Nancy’s closest breast and brought it up to his lips to suck the milk fresh from her nipple.

“That feels good daddy,” Nancy sighed, “but something feels strange. I feel some kind of pressure on my stomach.”

“Get to the bathroom, quick,” Karen said as she held her son to her breast with one hand while guiding her sister with the other one. “That’s what it was like for me when my water broke.”

“Oh,” Nancy said with a gasp, “too late I think.”

“Daddy, you better get her to the hospital,” Karen said.

“Right, right,” Jason said distractedly as he looked back and forth, trying to figure out what do first.

“Go call doctor Cole and Mr. Hensine,” Karen told her father as she pushed him toward the kitchen and the nearest phone. “I’ll help Nancy get dressed and get her bag packed. I should be fine with Jason until Ted gets here, and you’re already dressed since you were going in to the office.”

“Right,” Jason said again as he followed Karen’s urging. “I guess the office will have to take care of itself for a day.”

While her father called his office manager Karen guided her pregnant sister to the bedroom to help her dress in her plainest clothes, starting with a white bra and panties before she added a bulky maternity dress. By the time their father entered the room to grab Nancy’s bags Karen had managed to squeeze her preteen sister’s feet into socks and shoes for the trip to the hospital.

“We’re doing things a little differently this time,” Jason said as he hunted through his pockets for his car keys. “Ted pointed out that one of us really needs to be at the office today so he’s volunteered so I can be with Nancy. But he also agreed that you’re too young to be left here on your own while we’re at the hospital so he’s going to stay home with the kids while Janice picks up you and Jason and takes you back to their house for the day. It should be a real house full since all the kids are home for spring break.”

“I guess I better get dressed too then,” Karen said with a sigh.

“It won’t be for too long,” Jason said, giving his older daughter a quick smile as she selected her underwear from the dresser. “From the way Ted describes things all the older kids are sexually active so the whole family tends to walk around nude so their ready to fuck whenever they want.”

“Sounds a lot like our family,” Nancy said with a chuckle that turned into a groan as a contraction hit her.

Jason waited held Nancy’s hand encouragingly until the contraction passed and then helped her to her feet so he could lead her to the car. “Janice should be here in just a few minutes,” he told Karen as he hesitated at the door, “enjoy yourself and I’ll give you a call as soon as I have any news.”

“Good luck Nancy,” Karen said, rushing to give her sister and father a quick hug and kiss before the left the house. “I see you and your baby soon, and I’ll see you tonight daddy.”

“I hope so,” Jason said, giving his older daughter a quick hug before the two of them turned to leave.

By the time the knock came at the door Karen had herself and Jason dressed and ready to go. As her son gurgled happily in her arms Karen opened the door and grinned up at Janice Hensine. “I see you’re ready to go,” Janice said, giving the brunette a quick smile for both her and her young son. “Since it’s just us I used Ted’s car and put the car seat in the back, we really should hurry so he can get into the office as soon as possible.”

“Ok we’re all set,” Karen said as she grabbed Jason’s diaper bag followed Janice out of the, locking the front door before they went to the car.

“I see you’ve done this before,” Janice said as she watched Karen strap Jason into the baby seat in the back seat.

“I have,” Karen said as she tightened the last strap around her son. “Dad’s been driving us to school since Jason was born and he has the same baby seat.”

“He should,” Janice said with a chuckle as she strapped herself in and started the car, “it was a gift from Ted and I when Jason was born. In fact we have another one at the house for Nancy’s baby. I guess with two babies and two teenagers your father will have to consider buying a larger car now.”

“That’s what he said the other day when he brought home some brochures from the car dealership,” Karen said as she finished strapping herself in and turned to give Jason one more fond look. “I’m not sure what he has in mind yet but I think he’s planning for a car that we can use for a few more years as Nancy and I keep having babies.”

“I hope so,” Janice said as she gave the young mother a fond smile. “I know he and your mother wanted a lot of children, I’m glad you and Nancy are willing to give your father the children he always wanted.”

“Willing?” Karen said with a chuckle, “do you have any idea what Nancy and I had to do to seduce daddy? And then it was a real struggle to get him to fuck us without protection so we could have the babies we wanted.”

“Jason always was a shy one,” Janice said without taking her eyes off the road. “Your mother was always worried about revealing too much about her own sexual experiences, and she knew she’d have to be careful when it came to getting him involved with you and Nancy. But she was determined to get the two you involved when she found out she couldn’t have any more children.”

“She did do a good job of training us so we were ready to seduce daddy after she died so suddenly,” Karen said with a soft sigh. “And it did take us a while to actually seduce him, but now that we got him started I don’t think he’s going to stop until we stop, and Nancy and I have no intention of stopping.”

“I hope the two of you don’t wear him out before Jason’s old enough to help him,” Janice said with a chuckle.

“Oh, I think daddy has enough stamina to keep up with us,” Karen said with a snort. “I don’t think he’s going to have any real problems until our daughters get old enough to want his babies. Of course by then Jason will be old enough to help out.”

“Sounds like you have things planed out,” Janice said as she pulled into her driveway and stopped the car. “We better hurry up and get inside so Ted can leave for the office.”

“Right,” Karen said, reaching to unstrap Jason from the car seat as Janice grabbed the diaper bag.

“Oh good, you’re back,” Ted said as he rushed out the front door with a steaming travel mug in his hand. “Kevin and Sharon are in the playpen in the livingroom and the other kids are fucking themselves silly in Henry’s room. I was getting so horny listening to them that I was thinking about joining them, so you got back just in time.”

“Have a good day, Honey,” Janice told her husband as she gave him a quick kiss and passed him the car keys.

“Have fun Karen,” Ted called as he gave the two of them a quick wave before he slipped into his car and drove off.

“Make yourself at home,” Janice said, stripping out of her cloths as soon as the door closed behind them. “I need to clean up from breakfast but if you want you can join the other kids once you put Jason in the playpen.”

“Kind of a playdate,” Karen said and then giggled before she added, “for both of us.”

“I guess it is,” Janice said, “lets hope you both enjoy your dates.”

Karen walked past Janice and into the livingroom where she found Kevin and Sharon - Janice’s youngest children in the playpen that occupied the center of the large room. Jason let out a soft mumble as she placed him on the floor of the pen and she grinned lovingly at her son as he curled up in a ball and fell asleep. “Riding in a car always does put you out like a light,” Karen chuckled as she brushed a hand across Jason’s soft cheek and took a step back from the playpen.

As she watched her son’s soft easy breaths she saw Sharon - just a few months older than her son - crawl across the pen and snuggle up against Jason before she fell asleep with a soft yawn. “Isn’t that adorable?” Janice asked, wiping her hands dry on a dishcloth as she came up next to Karen.

“Yeah it is,” Karen said as she gave Sharon a small frown as the infant snuggled up against Jason in her sleep. “But if your daughter thinks she can seduce my son before I do she’s in big trouble.”
“I don’t think you have to worry too much about Sharon,” Janice said with a chuckle, “I’m sure Kevin will get her cherry before Jason’s old enough to be tempted.”

“I hope you’re right,” Karen chuckled, “because I’m not going to give up Jaon’s virginity to anyone else.”

“No one?” Janice said with a wink.

“Well,” Karen said hesitantly, “I guess I wouldn’t mind of one of his sisters beat me to it,” she admitted. “But I do expect him to knock me up as soon as he’s old enough.”

“That’s still a few years away,” Janice pointed out, “but in the meantime I hope you, Nancy, and your father manage to have all the babies you want.”

“Thanks,” Karen said with a broad smile, “I’ll be sure to tell Nancy and dad that.”

“Mommy,” a tiny voice called as Janice’s naked son John ran into the livingroom and threw his arms around her waist as he ground his small hard penis against his mother’s crotch.

“What’s wrong honey?” Janice said, patting her seven year old son’s head.

“Henry’s fucking Gayle and eating Cheryl and he won’t let me join in,” John snuffled as he put his hand over his mother’s pussy and ran his fingers along her wet slit. “Can I fuck you? Please?”

“Not right now John,” Janice said with a sad sigh, “I need to clean the kitchen, and if I start fucking you now I’ll never get the cleaning done before your father gets home from work.”

“But mom, I’m horny,” John whined as he shoved two finger’s into her wet cunt and started stroking them in and out of her hole.

“So am I John,” Janice said, stepping away from her son with a groan as she turned to look at Karen. “Could you help me out here?”

“I’ll do what I can,” Karen said with a grin, “but I have to agree with Nancy when it comes to fucking anyone but my dad. My pussy belongs to daddy, and so do the babies I plan to have with him. But, I can still give John here a blowjob, and if you like you can suck on my tits and drink my milk. My dad likes to do that.”

“That does sound like fun,” John said with a grin as he reached up to tweak Karen’s nipples so they popped erect. “Can I really drink your milk?”

“Sure, my sister and father do it all the time,” Karen said, reaching up to squeeze her tit so a bead of milk appeared at the tip of her nipple. “Most of my milk goes to Jason now, but I usually have enough left over for the rest of us to have a taste, but with everything that happened this morning I never had a chance to do anything with my leftovers. So if you want a drink you’ll actually be helping me.”

“Ok,” John said, licking his lips in anticipation. “Can we go in Henry’s bedroom? I want to show him that he’s not the only one who can get a girl.”

“Sure,” Karen said as she let John take her by the hand and lead her into his older brother’s bed room. On the bed she recognized Cheryl by her pregnant belly as it bounced up and down above Henry’s face as her older brother ate her hairless pussy. She figured the younger girl riding up and down on Henry’s cock must be the younger sister Gayle.

“Don’t mind us,” Karen said as she let John drag her across the room to an empty chair and she turned to sit down on it, “I’m sure we can have our own fun.”

As John leaned forward to suck one of Karen’s nipples into his mouth to fill it with her milk. “Do you like that?” Karen asked as she reached down to stroke John’s hard cock in her warm hand.
“I don’t know what’s better,” John said as he smacked his lips, “your milk or your hand.”

“That looks like fun,” Cheryl said as she shoved her cunt into her brother’s face, “my milk hasn’t come in yet, but now that I see John sucking on your tits I can’t wait for it to come in. Does it really feel that good to have the milk sucked out of you tits?”

“Better than you can imagine,” Karen said with a groan of pleasure as John attacked her other nipple. “You know how good it feels to have your tits sucked on? While it feels even better when someone’s sucking the milk right out of your breasts. I swear, I cum every time I breast feed Jason.”

“Now I’m really looking forward to getting my milk in,” Cheryl said.

“Nothing like having the milk sucked out of your nipples,” Karen sighed with pleasure as John sucked her tits.

“That does look good,” Henry said, pushing Cheryl’s limp satisfied body off his face and licking her pussy juice off his lips.

“Two tits no waiting,” Karen pointed out with a chuckle, “finish off your little sister there and you can help yourself to a fair share of milk.”

“Ride my cock sis,” Henry said, lifting his ass off the mattress to slam his cock into Gayle’s cunt.

“Fuck me Henry, fuck me,” Gayle screamed as her brother slammed his cock into her belly with enough force to bounce her off his hips until just the head was still in her pussy before she let her body drop down hard enough to make his balls bounce off her ass. She could feel her cunt starting to quiver with her approaching orgasm and she hoped her brother would cum at the same time she did.

Henry felt his balls clench against the base of his cock at the same time Gayle’s cunt squeezed the full length of his prick and held it deep inside her belly as he shot a full load of baby juice in her fertile womb. “I’m cumming,” Henry screamed.

“So am I Henry,” Gayle screamed as she clamped her thighs around her brother’s hips to hold him steady as he shot his baby juice into her body. “Maybe this will be the time you finally give me a baby.”

“I hope so,” Henry said as his sister rolled off his cock to lay next to her pregnant sister on the bed. “Dad already has a baby on the way, I want one too.”

“I don’t care which one of you gives me a baby,” Gayle said with a satisfied smile as she patted her flat belly, “I just want one. Now you go and get some of that milk Karen offered you.”

“I will,” Henry said with a groan as he sat up on the edge of the bed and gave Karen a quick smile before he made his way to the chair Karen was sitting in. “Make room, John,” Henry said as he pushed his younger brother over so he could reach Karen’s free nipple.”

“Ah, two at once,” Karen said with a soft moan of pleasure as the two boys sucked the milk from her tits.

“That looks like fun,” Cheryl said, watching as her brother’s sucked on Karen’s nipples. “I’ll have to try it when my milk starts coming in.”

“It is good,” Karen groaned, “but you and Gayle can do something that I can’t, at least not until Jason is old enough to start fucking.”

“What’s that?” Cheryl asked curiously as she watched.

“What else?” Karen asked with a toothy grin, “you get to fuck two cocks at once. Since you have two brothers and a father you can fuck two or more guys at the same time. I only have my father so I’m limited to one cock at a time until Jason’s old enough to fuck.”

“If you want two cocks at once,” Henry said, taking his lips away from Karen’s nipple long enough to speak, “John and I will be happy to fuck you.”

“I appreciate the offer,” Karen said with a grin, “but there’s two reasons why I won’t fuck you. First because I really am dedicated to my daddy and I don’t want to take any chances of someone else giving me a baby - at least not until my son is old enough to give me one. The second reason is because I’m still to sore to fuck since I gave birth a month ago.”

“Do you really get too sore to fuck after you give birth?” Cheryl asked as she rubbed her round belly.

“You sure do,” Karen said, her voice catching as a spasm passed through her belly and up to her tits. “Think of it this way, you know how much your pussy stretches why you fuck your daddy? Well a baby is a lot bigger than a cock, and when your cunt is done pushing your baby out of your belly your pussy is so sore you won’t be able to fuck for weeks. Of course that means
Gayle will get all the cock you’ll be too sore for.”

“Oh good,” Gayle said with a giggle. “Maybe that means I’ll finally get knocked up with all that cum.”

“Then maybe you’ll stop whining about not being pregnant,” Cheryl giggled.

Before Gayle could respond there was a knock at the door and Janice stuck her head in, “Karen, your father just called.”

“Can I talk to him?” Karen asked, reluctantly chasing Henry and John away from her tits before she had a chance to cum. She walked to the bedroom door and took the cordless phone Janice offered her as the two boys joined their sisters on the large bed. “Hi dad, how are things at the hospital? Nancy gave birth already? That was fast, I was in labor for hours before Jason was born, how did she give birth so quickly? Yeah yeah, I know every birth is different dad but it still doesn’t seem fair. Ok, I guess the fact that my pain wasn’t as bad because it was spread out over several hours would make things fairer. So, what did she have and what did she name the baby?”
Karen listened for almost a full minute before she exploded, “That’s not fair dad, I wanted to name my first daughter after mom. How could you let Nancy get away with that? You’re right, I guess I did steal Jason’s name because I knew Nancy wanted to use it for her son, so I guess it’s only fair that she stole mom’s name. Ok, dad, I’ll see you in a couple hours, tell Nancy I said congratulations. Bye.”

“So Nancy had a girl,” Janice said as she took the phone from Karen.

“And she named her Elizabeth after mom,” Karen sighed, “I wanted to name my first girl Elizabeth.”

“You still can,” Janice pointed out.

“But that would get confusing with two girls named after mom,” Karen said with a thoughtful frown.

“Not if you used the nicknames for Elizabeth,” Janice said. “Nancy calls her daughter Liz and you call your daughter Beth.”

“That would work,” Karen said with a grin. “Thanks Janice, that’s a great idea, I’ll even let Nancy decide which nickname she wants to use and I’ll take the one that’s left.”

“Sounds like a good say to keep the peace,” Janice said with a nod. “Kids, I’m almost done in the kitchen so I should be joining you in about fifteen minutes.”

“Take your time mom,” John said as he pulled his head out from between Cheryl’s spread thighs.

“Yeah mom, we’re good,” Henry said as he adjusted the aim of his cock before he buried it deep in Gayle’s wet cunt.

“If you say so,” Janice said with a wistful sigh as she watched her son fucking his own sister.
“Do you want that blowjob I offered you earlier John,” Karen asked as Janice closed the bedroom door behind her.

“No, I’m just fine,” John said as he spread Cheryl’s thighs with his knees before he buried his erect cock into his sister’s pregnant belly.

From the moans of pleasure coming from the bed Karen figured that Cheryl and the other’s were just fine, besides, it was time she checked on her son. Maybe someone would be free to eat her pussy in a few minutes.

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"Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Chapter 21" - Jason I, Karen and New Son Jason II, and Nancy and New Daughter Elizabeth - (Father, Eldest Daughter and First Son/First Grandson, Youngest Daughter and Third Daughter/First Granddaughter)

Well, the Carter dughter's, thirteen year old Karen and eleven year old Nancy, have new babies, a son and daughter respectively and all is well. Both Karen and Nancy are hoping to be pregnant by the father within several weeks.

The family trees of both the Carter family and the Hensine family are on the verge of some explosive expansion in new babies within the next couple years; each family will need a Chinese abacus just to keep the numbers and head-counts current!! Let's hope the writer/author has a spreadsheet to keep track of names and ages!!

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