A work of fiction, enjoy.
Abuse of Angelica:

It was a typical Seattle morning, wet and cold; I was on my way to a buddy’s house when I got a call on my cell phone, “yea?” I answered. “Hello” answered the gruff voice of an aged smoker, “My names, Craig, I’m a friend of Tom’s, he told me you might be able to help me out with my car problems.” “Oh, sure” I replied, “what kind of problems are ya havin’?” The man went on to tell me his unnecessarily long explanation of how his car just up and died on him and won’t start. “Well, I’m actually pretty close to your location now; I’ll swing by and take a look.” “Great!” the man replied as I hung up the phone.

When I arrived at his house it was apparent that this wasn’t a man with much money, the blue 2 bedroom house looked more like a shack than a home, and the front yard resembled a small junk yard. I knocked on the door and a tall, thick Mexican looking man greeted me, “You must be Craig” I said extending my hand, “that’s what they tell me” he replied, gripping my hand in a firm handshake. He offered me to come inside for a cup of coffee before I got started, I agreed appreciatively, as I had just recently woken up and was running on no caffeine. The inside of his house was not much cleaner than the outside; I sat down on a stool in the kitchen and sipped on the coffee he had handed me. Just then I glimpsed a figure in my peripheral vision, I looked to my right and in walked a stunning young Pilipino girl who looked no more than 14 years of age. She wore her long straight black hair in two braids that ran down almost to her ass, and despite the cold whether was wearing a tank top and a blue mini skirt. My eyes darted immediately to her beautiful legs, up to her 34 B tits and then to her adorable, innocent looking face. “This is my daughter, Angelica” the man stated. “Good to meet you little lady, I said shaking her hand lightly, how old are you sweetheart?” “I’m 45 and you?” She snapped back sarcastically. “45 huh? I asked her smiling, well you’ve got me beat by 10 whole years.” “Stop being such a little fucking brat! Her father snapped at her, “I swear if you keep treating guests like this you’re going to military school!” The girl wrinkled her brow, turned around and walked out of the kitchen; my eyes couldn’t help but wander to her perfectly sculpted, tight little ass. “Sorry about that,” The man said, “only 12 years old and she thinks she owns the place.” I smiled, “I know how teens are mate, no worries.” I replied.

“Well, I’d better get looking at that car for you,” I said walking towards the front door. It took me only a few minutes to determine that the man had a dead alternator and most likely had shot the battery by driving the car until it died. I told Craig the news and he asked me what the damage was going to be. I estimated around $400.00 with parts and labor. “God Damn it!” The man exclaimed, “I don’t have that kind of money and I need this car to get to work, what am I going to do.” The man looked genuinely worried and frustrated, suddenly a thought popped into my mind that I couldn’t ignore. Without even thinking I blurted out “well, perhaps we can work out a deal.” The man looked interested, “what did you have in mind?” My blood pressure rose and adrenaline shot through my veins as I uttered the next sentence, “well, you have a very beautiful daughter.” Bracing myself for the man’s fists to slam into my face, I was completely shocked by his reply. Grinning the man said “well, I have been looking for someone to teach that little girl some manners, maybe you could let her know her place for me, just promise me you won’t be too gentle” I grinned “Oh that shouldn’t be a problem.”

The man led me inside and immediately into Angelica’s room; the girl’s expression looked annoyed at the fact that her dad was coming to bug her. “yes?” she said in a bratty tone, “Oh, my buddy here and I were just discussing your manners” her father replied “and I told him I thought it might be a good idea for him to come treat you the way you deserve to be treated, like a bratty, worthless, little 12 year old slut.” The girl’s expression immediately changed to a look of shock as I walked over and slapped her hard in the face. She fell to the floor and I pulled her to her knees by her hair while in the same motion unzipping my pants and letting out my 7 and a half inches of hard, white cock. The girl moved her head away and began to stammer “you can’t…” her father interrupted “if you don’t do everything this man tells you to I promise you’ll regret the day you were born.”

My heart was racing as I watched this gorgeous 12 year old little girl taking my dick into her throat, gagging with each thrust of my hips. Her eyes were so beautiful, so full of youth and innocence, still gagging her with my dick, I reached down and touched her cheek “Angelica, what a beautiful name for a whore” I told her. Tears began streaming down her face, I pulled my dick out of her mouth “Oh what’s wrong, bitch, being treated the way you treat others too much for you?” I asked, she didn’t reply, she only began crying more heavily. Her father laughed “don’t act like you’re not enjoying this you little slut.” Her father’s words only made more tears flow down her gorgeous face. I grabbed her by her throat and pulled her up onto her bed, I sat down next to her and ran my hand up her thigh and under her skirt, I couldn’t believe how smooth and sensual her young skin was. Pulling up her skirt I could see a very small amount of fuzz over her pussy, outlined by see-through white panties. Greedily, I tore her panties off and put my face to her young cunt, inhaling the aroma, it smelled like heaven. I took her tank top off revealing her round, perky, beautiful tits, I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth while I pinched the other one hard causing her to squeal in pain.

I took my pants off and moved my face back to her cunt, I plunged my tongue into her soft folds until I found her small clit, licking it rhythmically as I inserted one finger into her pussy. She began to moan and I moved myself up, spreading her legs and aligning my hard cock with her wet hole. Rather than going slow, I intentionally rammed all 7 and a half inches of my dick with one thrust, deep into her 12 year old cunt causing her face to twist in pain as she screamed. The pain in her eyes only made my dick harder as I relished the thought that this little girl had no control over how I treated her. Her pussy was so tight and wet I began pumping in and out as I leaned over on top of her and kissed her passionately, probing her mouth with my tongue. It felt like what I imagine kissing an angel would feel like. I looked over and to my surprise realized her father had dropped his pants and was now jacking off his 6 inch dick as he watched me fuck the brains out of his 12 year old daughter. She was crying from the pain my thick dick caused her, stretching out her tight fuck hole in a way she had never experienced. I slapped her with all of my force leaving a huge red mark on her face, causing her to yell out and more tears came streaming down her cheeks. Causing her pain was turning me on like I couldn’t imagine and watching her suffer and cry was the most beautiful thing I’d ever experienced. As I pumped faster and harder, I could feel my climax building as thoughts ran threw my head ‘god I’ve never seen a girl that looked this sexy in my entire life, everything about her was perfect, she was like a goddess, smooth skin, an excellent body, the most arousing face I’d ever seen and of course, the tightest little pussy I’d ever felt.’ I looked into her eyes as I grabbed her throat and choked her as hard as I could, I could see the fear and pain in her eyes and it was too much for me to handle, I exploded load after load of hot cum into her preteen pussy until I fell down on top of her panting. I released her throat and she gasped loudly for air, just as she was beginning to catch her breath, her father walked over, stuck his dick into her mouth and thrust only 4 or 5 times before pulling out and shooting cum all over her face and chest.

Wiping his dick off on her cheek, her father told her “go get your little ass in the shower and clean up.” She pulled herself to her feet and stumbled to the bathroom, her legs trembling to the point she was having trouble walking. As we both zipped up our pants, Craig looked at me and said “Going to be ready for round 2?” I smiled, “you know, I think this is the beginning of a great friendship.”

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It was alright could use more details

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It was alright could use more details

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My daughter is seventeen, I have been throwing every possible hint on how badly I want to fuck her. If I do get the opportunity, I will fuck her daily until she gets pregnant.

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This is kinda how my uncle took my virginity and kept fucking me for years. I was 11 when one day after I was rude to him he stripped me naked, spat on my bald pussy and rammed his big hard 9 inches into my pussy in one thrust. I never had been in more pain, I bled so much. Because I was so little he held me up as he kept telling me I was a rude slut as he fucked me harder and harder and slapping me as I cried. After he came in me I had to suck his dick and "clean" it. He handed me $200 and told me to never speak about it to anyone. He raped me till I was 17 and paid me everytime to keep quiet. His friends all raped me too.

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They say you're sick you're twisted those that say that sure as hell don't have any problem reading the story they mad at you for writing it or they mad at themselfs for secretly liking it?

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