Step Mother and Step Son Have More Erotic Fun
It had been a couple of weeks since Jeff had his passionate session with his Step Mother Maggie. His Step Sister Viki and he had been together briefly, but it seemed that something was always getting in the way, usually his Father being around. Viki had also made friends with one of the girls she worked with, a cute multiracial girl named Erin. Jeff had met her briefly when Viki introduced them, but when they were together, Viki and Erin would spend most of the time in Viki's room, talking and laughing and having a good time.

Now that his Father had gone away on business again, Jeff hoped his luck would change. Returning home from work one evening, Jeff found Maggie in the kitchen making dinner. He looked around, making sure no one was about, then he walked up behind Maggie, giving her ass a squeeze, and kissing her on the neck. Maggie playfully scolded him,

" careful...Viki and Erin are here."

"I know, but they're up in Viki's room, laughing and having a good usual?"

"I'm beginning to wonder if those two are doing more than just talking."

In an effort to change the subject, Jeff ran his hand over Maggie's ass sliding his hand under her skirt, past her panties where he started caressing her smooth cheeks. After a couple of minutes, Jeff moved his hand around front, sliding his hand between Maggie's legs.

"Jeff, you're incorrigible."

"Yes I know."

Jeff then slid his middle finger into Maggie's pussy, as she tried to keep peeling potatoes. Maggie tried to maintain some sort of composure, but Jeff had eased his thumb between her cheeks and was teasing her ass as well. Maggie was becoming more and more aroused as she reached down and squeezed Jeff's hard cock. Maggie's body started to shudder as a small, but very satisfying orgasm moved over her. Maggie looked toward the doorway, then led Jeff to an area off the kitchen that afforded them a little more privacy, but not much.

Maggie placed her hands on the wall, spreading her legs as Jeff unzipped and pulled his jeans down. Lifting Maggie's skirt, and pulling her panties down, Jeff slid his hard cock into Maggie's wet pussy. He began fucking her, thrusting his hips forward, his balls slapping against her ass, as Maggie tried not to moan. Maggie raised up slightly allowing Jeff to slip his hand down the front of her blouse, caressing her breast and teasing her nipples. Viki and her friend Erin could have walked in and probably caught Jeff and Maggie at any moment...but that only made it that much more erotic.

Maggie slipped her hand down and started rubbing her clit, as she neared a powerful orgasm, as Jeff felt his balls starting to tighten. Suddenly they were both caught up in their orgasms....Jeff's cock throbbing, and filling Maggie's pussy with his load. Maggie was cumming as well, placing her mouth on her arm in a effort to stifle her moans of passion. After they were finished Maggie kissed Jeff, asking him to find out what Viki and Erin were really up to in her room....if anything. Jeff looked at Maggie,

"I think you should leave it alone."

Maggie smiled knowing Jeff was probably right. Over the next few days, Viki and Erin spent time together, but Viki didn't come forth with any information about Erin. Maggie did however manage to talk to Erin, and the two seemed to get along very well. Maggie even sensed what she thought was a little sexual tension between her and Erin, but she passed it off, thinking she was imagining things. Saturday rolled around and Viki was busy with a project at work, while Jeff was helping a friend work on his car. That left Maggie alone with nothing much to do.

Maggie decided to go out by the pool and relax, and work on her tan, and maybe even get in a little skinny dipping. There was a six foot cinder block wall, and cedar trees lining the wall providing plenty of privacy. Maggie was about to walk out onto the patio when she heard a knock at the door. Maggie answered the door, finding Erin standing there.

"Well hello in."

Hi Maggie....I came over for a swim with Viki."

"Viki's at work, she won't be home till late, didn't she tell you?"

"No, she must have forgot...oh well....I'll see you later then."

Maggie thought for a moment, then asked Erin if she wanted to join her out by the pool. Erin agreed, and the two women walked out to the patio. Maggie and Erin shared a glass of wine, talking and getting to know one another better. Then Maggie asked Erin,

"Erin, do you mind if I asked you a personal don't have to answer if you don't want to."

"Sure, what is it?"

"Well, I've noticed you and Viki spending a lot of time in her room, and the door is always closed."

"I respect Viki's and your privacy, but at the same time I'm curious as to what you two are doing in there."

Erin blushed a little, but didn't answer.

"Are you two....experimenting shall I say?"

Again Erin seemed at a loss for words.

"It's not a problem Erin; as a matter of fact I experimented with my college roommate, and I found it very pleasurable.....a nice change of pace from men now and then."

Erin let out a sigh of relief,

"Yes....we have been, and like you's a nice change of pace."

"That's fine I said, I have no problem with it."

Maggie looked at Erin then said,

"You know...I was thinking of skinny dipping, would you like to join me?"

"Erin looked down, her cheeks a little red saying, "Yes....yes I would."

Maggie was the first to get up and take off her bikini, as Erin watched.

"You're body is just so beautiful Maggie."

"Why thank you it's your turn."

Erin took off her clothes revealing a very sexy string bikini. Maggie watched as Erin slowly removed her top revealing her beautiful breasts, with very sexy brown nipples, followed by her thong.

"Mmmm very nice, Maggie said....I can see why Viki finds you so attractive."

Not waiting for Erin to reply, Maggie dove into the pool, followed by Erin. When they came to the surface they were facing one another, their breasts almost touching. Maggie moved forward allowing her nipples to brush against Erin's. Both women's nipples were hard, as they lightly touched. Erin looked into Maggie's eyes, then down at Maggie's breasts, as she moved in a little closer. There was a strong sexual tension between the two as Erin ran her hands up Maggie's arms. Maggie placed her hands on Erin's ass, pulling her closer then kissing her, their tongues thrashing as they caressed one another breasts.

Erin kissed her way down Maggie's neck, taking her nipples into her mouth, sucking them one at a time as Maggie closed her eyes cooing softly. Erin moved her hands between Maggie's legs, exploring Maggie's pussy as Maggie started to cum from Erin's sucking her breasts and sensual touches. They moved over to the side of the pool with Erin hoping up onto the edge. Maggie moved between Erin's legs, and began kissing Erin inner thighs, then running her tongue over Erin's pussy. Erin gasped, running her fingers through Maggie's hair as she gyrated her pussy against Maggie's tongue.

Erin leaned back, squeezing her breasts and tugging at her nipples as Maggie took Erin's clit into her mouth, sucking it and flicking it with her tongue. Maggie eased a finger into Erin's ass making her squeal, as the orgasms washed over her young supple body. Next, Maggie joined Erin on the edge of the pool, laying back as Erin moved between her legs.

"Maggie, you have such a beautiful pussy."

"I love how thick your lips are, and your clit....your clit is so big."

"Thank you stop talking and suck my pussy."

Erin lowered her head, running her tongue over Maggie's puffy labia like Maggie had done to her. Maggie praised Erin as she teased her pussy, finally parting her folds and sticking her tongue into Maggie's pussy.

"Mmmmm, no wonder Viki spends so much time with you, you certainly know how to make a girl feel good."

Erin had her tongue in Maggie's pussy, working her clit with her fingers as Maggie thurst her hips upward, grinding her pussy against Erin's face. Erin replaced her tongue with as many fingers as she could get into Maggie's pussy, while sucking her clit. Erin was soon bringing Maggie to on hell of an orgasm. After her orgasms subsided, Maggie maneuvered herself around and was just about to lower her pussy onto Erin's face when they heard Jeff ask,

"Is this a pussy only party, or would either of you like a hard cock?"

Maggie and Erin looked up to see Jeff in the doorway, his hard cock in his hand.

"Of about you Erin?"

"Absolutely...bring it on Jeff."

Jeff walked out onto the patio as Maggie lowered her pussy down onto Erin's face. Jeff in the meantime moved between Erin's legs, and started licking her pussy. After several minutes, Maggie laid down on her back, with Erin moving between her spread legs.

"Take her from behind Jeff....give her that cock in her pussy."

Jeff moved behind Erin and slid his cock into her pussy. Erin had a nice tight fit, as Jeff started fucking Erin as she continued licking Maggie's pussy. Jeff pummeled Erin's pussy bringing her off while Erin brought Maggie to another orgasm. Jeff moved around, sticking his cock in Erin's face as Erin took Jeff's cock into her mouth, while Maggie licked and sucked Jeff's balls. Erin was an outstanding cock sucker, and she brought Jeff to the edge. She pulled Jeff's cock from her mouth, and stroked him a couple times before he shot his load into Erin's face.

Erin massaged Jeff's cum into her face, and then licked up the drops of cum that had fallen onto Maggie's tits. The three of them went back inside the house, where they planned to shower. The phone was Viki saying she'd be off work in a half hour, and she was going to go by Erin's house and surprise her, and hopefully spend the night. Maggie told Erin of Viki's plans, so Erin kissed Jeff and Maggie goodbye, thanking them for a great time as she dressed and walked out the door.

Jeff and Maggie headed for the shower, where the two of them started lathering one another up. Maggie stood behind Jeff, lathering his ass, working her hands between his legs. Maggie took his soapy cock in her hand, working his half erect cock, and balls while Jeff spread his legs as she held onto the shower head. Maggie knelt down, running her tongue up and down his ass, teasing him as she slipped her tongue between his cheeks. All Jeff could do was moan as Maggie teased his ass. Jeff reached down, spreading his cheeks wide, while Maggie penetrated his ass with her tongue, his newly aroused cock bumping against the shower wall.

Maggie replaced her tongue with her finger while Jeff started jacking off as Maggie finger fucked his ass. Jeff moaned and grunted as Maggie drove him crazy with lust. Jeff turned and faced Maggie, still stroking his cock as the water washed away the suds. Maggie moved his hand from his cock, pinning hi cock against his stomach as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft, and back down to his balls where she took each one into her mouth. Then Maggie stood up telling Jeff,

"My turn now."

Jeff turned Maggie around and started soaping up her breasts, rolling her nipples between his soapy fingers, while he wedged his cock between her cheeks. Maggie reached down and started fingering her pussy and Jeff kissed her shoulders and neck. Jeff reached around pulling Maggie's hand from her pussy, sucking her juices from her fingers while he slid his cock between her legs. Maggie leaned forward, as she reached down and slid Jeff's cock into her pussy. Jeff started fucking Maggie as she leaned against the shower wall.

Jeff slapped Maggie's ass as he pummeled her, wondering if he had enough stamina left to cum a again. Maggie was cumming, over and over as Jeff continued fucking her. Maggie worked her magic though, squeezing her vaginal muscles making Jeff feel like his cock was in a vice. Just as he was about to give up, he felt that familiar burning sensation in his balls, and then his knees started to shake as he spewed his load into Maggie's pussy. After they finished their shower they went to bed, exhausted but happy.

The next morning Maggie found Viki sleeping in her room. She wondered what happened that she came home, remembering she'd had plans to spend the night with Erin. Then the phone was Erin's Mother Tammy, upset about something. Tammy didn't want to talk about it over the phone, rather she wanted to speak to Maggie in person. Maggie told her that was fine, and to come over around ten when Viki and Jeff would both be at work.

When Viki awoke Maggie asked her what the problem was. Viki was obviously upset, saying that Erin's Mother had caught them in bed together, making out. Viki was surpised and happy to see that Maggie had no problem with it.
After Viki and Jeff had gone, Maggie waited for Tammy to come over. This was going to be interesting she thought as she brewed some coffee.

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