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A slave and her master at the mall
Some of this story is true, although most of it is just fantasy.

Master was driving me to the mall, it was rare he ever let me know where we were going, and even rarer for him to take me to the mall. I knew today would be something special. When we arrived he when to the trunk and removed a rather large black bag.
"Shall I carry it for you, Sir?" I politely asked.
He slapped me across the face and barked, "You will not speak unless spoken too." My face stung bright red, and people in the parking lot look on at us akwardly. I lowered my head and nodded, not wanting to upset my master. He led me throughout the store, and eventually to the bathrooms. He shoved me into the Men's room, and luckily it was empty. He pulled me gently by my hair and into the handicap stall, he left the door halfway open.
Still by pulling on my hair he brought me down to my knees. "You know what to do" He said. And I knew exactly what he wanted. Using my teeth I slowly pulled down his zipper. "Good girl." Then with my hands, I slowly unbuttoned his pants, and let them fall down around his ankles. I bit onto his underwear, and pulled them down around his growing member. Very softly I began working my tongue around his head. Slowly his cock grew to its full length. I licked up and down the length of the shaft, getting him fully wet.
"Open you mouth, now." I obyed, and instantly he rammed his fully erect penis into the back of my throat. He began pumping in and out, fucking my face with full force. After several thrusts, he pulled out and blew his load on my face. The first squirt of cum landed right below my left eye, the second in my hair, and a third right down the center of my face.
"Now, let's go show the people how good you look."
"I'm sorry Sir, I don't---", He slapped me across the face.
"Silence you cunt. We're going out there so everyone can see my work. Do you understand that you worthless slut?"
I nodded.
He pulled up his pants and I followed him from the bathroom. He paraded me all around the mall, with cum on my face and dripping out of my hair. Finally we ended at the food court. He commanded me to wait at a table, and soon returned with a burger. Taking one of the buns he leaned in close to me, and wiped most of the cum off of my face. The other shoppers were staring at us by this point, and I could feel my pussy getting wet. He put the bun back and said, "Eat." I devoued the entire sandwich along with his cum. My humiliation grew every moment we sat there.
Thankfully, when I finished eating he stood up, and we began to head for the door. While walking out he collected the cum from my hair, and what was left on my face, on his fingers. One by one he rammed his fingers into my mouth until we reached the car.
"Sir, may I speak?"
"Yes. You have pleased me."
"What was in the bag, Sir?"
He frowned. "I was going to wait, but since you are so anxious we will handle this now. Get out of the car."
Nervously, I opened my door, and stood. He came to me, and sat the bag on the hood. He reached into the bag and removed a gag made of a dark red ball.
"I want to watch you put it on." I did as instructed. The gag was enourmous, and casued spit to run down my chin. Behind the ball I had a difficult time breathing. He laughed.
"Take off your bra, and lift your shirt." Again, I did as I was told. While I was busy, he had removed nipple clamps from the bag, and instantly placed them on my bare nipples, which had been suddenly turned hard by the cold wind.
Next he removed a collar and a leash from the bag, and attached both around my neck. He used the leash to bind my hands, and he pushed me back into the car, and sat the black bag on my lap. I could feel that it was still heavy, and knew he had many more surpises inside of it. He got back into the car and began to drive. We drove for about an hour, and I was completely lost. We finally stopped along the side of the road near a small group of trees.
"Take off your pants." I struggled to follow his order, with my hands tied it took all the effort I could give to get my pants off.
He got out of the car and opened my door. "Get out." I could hear the buzz of passing cars, but listened anyway.
I instinctivly began to follow him to the trees. He turned to me, and grabbed my panties, pulling them down around my knees.
"Continue to the trees."
The forest was only a few hundred feet away at most, but it felt like miles. I could still hear cars driving past on the nearby roads. When I finally made it to the trees my pussy was burning for attention. I could hear my master behind my rustling with something heavy. I turned and he held several yards of rope.
"Come out to this first tree. I want everyone that drives past to be able to see your beautiful body."
I began to panic, and shook my head. He grabbed my arm and threw my against one of the trees.
"Do not fight me, slace. Know your place."
I began to calm down and lowered my head. He untied my hands, only to begin tying my wrists together. After they were secure he throw the rope over a high hanging branch. He pulled the rope, lifting me to my feet, and then secured me in place by tying the end to another tree. He picked up the bag and said,
"We're going to have plenty more fun."

end of part 1


2009-03-05 19:32:29
Nice start..gets one interested in reading more...

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