The siblings have an unexpected guest
William and Ann
Chapter 5

Larry just stood there in shock with his eyes honed on his daughter’s tight teen body bent over and still impaled on his son’s cock. He had left the sports bar right after the game and unwisely drove home with a buzz. He was slightly tipsy, but not trashed. When he arrived home, he went to drain his bladder when he noticed the bathroom light on. Upon entering the room to turn off the light, he noticed two figures behind the fogged-up clear shower curtain. At first, Larry was unsure if he should say something or do anything, but decided to give these two lovers a surprise.

Looking in at the two stunned teens literally “caught in the act”, his gaze locked onto the firm tits hanging below Ann. William, not sure what to do, but knowing he needed to do something, reluctantly pulled himself from the safe home of his sister’s womb and turned off the water. Ann immediately crouched down to hide herself from her dad.

”Relax, you two,” said Larry.

“Dad! We’re sorry. We didn’t mean to …” exclaimed William.

“Relax, Will. I understand. You two look good together. I just wish I could have seen more.”

”Daddy!” cried Ann.

“Annie, you are drop-dead gorgeous. I guess I hadn’t ever noticed until just now, but you apparently are becoming a woman in more ways than one.” His eyes ran the length of her body as she stood up and reached out for a towel to cover her. William stepped toward his dad to grab a towel, but Larry stopped them from the towels with a held up hand.

”Before you get a towel, I want to know something. It’s been hard for me to find a date because no one wants to go out with some guy with teenagers. I’ve not had any good sex since your mom was sick and I am tired of Rosie.”

”Eww! That’s sick, Dad. We didn’t need to know that,” said Ann with a bit of anger.

“Well, Ann, sorry to tell you the truth. I’d like to know when you all decided to start this, though? Don’t dare tell me it’s your first time, either, because you seemed way too experienced from what I saw.”

”It isn’t our first time, but it IS our second,” Will said.


”No, daddy. It really is only our second time. Will and I realize we love each other and want to make each other feel good. We just started tonight and want to keep going. I love him like a boyfriend. Now, can I have a towel? It’s getting cold in here.”

”I see,” replied Larry with a grin as he saw her nipples protruding from her chest, not from lust, but from the dropping room temperature.

He handed them both a towel and walked over to the commode to pee. His dick was having a problem, though. Having his naked children drying themselves just feet from him, having seen them mating just minutes before, and knowing they were loving each other gave him a rise which made peeing downward difficult. Larry looked over at his daughter still in the tub trying to conceal her body behind the towel. Unconsciously, he began stroking his cock. Being a bit drunk, he was losing his erection and his control of his bladder and started pissing while he was stroking. Urine was hitting the back of the toilet seat, into the bowl, on the carpet, back on the seat, and even flush handle.

William and Ann retreated quickly to their rooms, got dressed, and went to sleep, but Larry wasn’t in the mood to sleep now. After he had finished urinating, he walked into the living room, turned on the television, and flopped on the couch. He was still thinking about that erotic view he witnessed just a few minutes ago. Such a thing of pure beauty - watching his son pumping his dick into that lovely body of Ann’s, her perky breasts swaying beneath her as she was rocking back to meet her brother half way, her ass cheeks slapping against William’s wet thighs. As the thoughts flooded his mind, he removed his cock from his pants and began stroking it again. This time, it stayed erect as he contemplated what it must have felt like for William. Larry wondered if his “Little Annie” realized what she had gotten herself into now. Did these two understand that sex without protection could lead to babies? Thinking about her walking around with a belly full of baby caused Larry to jack himself faster. He was always fascinated with pregnant women, and seeing pregnant teens were even more of a turn on for him. He decided to talk to William, but not until he blew his wad. Larry closed his eyes and imagined himself inserted in the tight pussy of his daughter, grasping her small tits in his hands, feeling her nipples harden in his palms, and seeing her silky auburn hair swaying over her shoulders. His primal desire to mate and the taboo thought of incest with his daughter caused him to erupt. Larry’s initial cum shot flew out and landed on his forearm. The next few spurts jumped out and ran down onto his stroking hand.

“How wonderful”, he thought as he opened his eyes, “it would be to have this cream shoved into Ann.” He missed his wife, but their daughter was quickly turning into a replica of his late wife. She looked very similar to the attractive young teen he remembered seeing in the photo album at his in-law’s house, especially her cute slightly upturned nose, cheekbones, and curvaceous body.

He wiped his hand and arm on his pant legs, turned off the TV, and walked over to William’s bedroom door. He knocked and entered without waiting for a response.

”Son, we need to talk.”

”Dad. Damn. What the fuck do you want?”

“I know what you two were doing was probably really feeling good and I know I’d be an idiot to think it won’t ever happen again, no matter what you say. So, I need to remind you that you two are old enough to be parents. I know she’s not on any birth control pills and I’m guessing you don’t have rubbers. Are you pulling out when you shoot your wad?”

“No, Dad. I only did it in her once and I didn’t cum the second time thanks to your interruption.”

“Will, it only takes ‘once’ to get a girl pregnant, and you know that. What the fuck are you going to do if she gets knocked up? Thought that through?”

“No, but we can talk about that.”

“Well, don’t fuck her again until you get it wrapped. I’m not going to put her on the pill because she’s too young for that shit. Her body doesn’t need all those chemicals in it screwing up her hormone balance, so I’m putting the responsibility on you. You’re older and supposed to be wiser. If you don’t want to piss me off, I suggest you go buy condoms tomorrow and use them every time you two want to fuck or don’t touch her.”

“Okay. Fine. Whatever.”

“Not ‘whatever’. A simple ‘yes’ will suffice.”

“Then, yes!”

“Don’t you dare knock up Ann.” Larry turned and left Will’s room, shutting the door behind him with authority, but not slamming it. Secretly, Larry was hoping he would be one to do it. Unconsciously, he was playing the dominant male protecting his female and not wanting to compete with surrounding males for the successful impregnation of his offspring. Like the lions and primates, Larry was not wanting to share the female in his home and threatened the rival with a warning. Apparently, Larry didn’t think it was necessary to consult with Ann about this subject. He still considered her too young to understand the implications of her actions.

However, Ann was fully aware of what the implications were. She was embarrassed at getting caught by her dad while getting her brother’s cock rammed inside her vagina. She wasn’t thinking of pregnancy. It was just fun to have sex, orgasm, and be introduced to the notion of love. Her periods hadn’t started regularly yet. They were sporadic since she had her menarche four months earlier. Ann was lucky in that her friends had always been helping her by giving her pads since she didn’t want to talk about her periods with her dad. Her friends had really cool moms and sisters who gave her all the information she wanted to know. Whenever her menstrual blood got on her panties, she threw them away at school rather than have her dad discover them in the laundry. Ann wasn’t too keen on trying tampons yet because she thought it would hurt, but now that William had penetrated her and taken care of her hymen, she thought she could try it now. She was afraid she would take her own virginity accidentally if she didn’t put the tampon in right, but that wasn’t an issue now. In fact, she was so relaxed about her body around William now, she thought of asking him to go with her next time to buy pads and tampons.

The next morning, Larry got up and went to the kitchen for some breakfast. As he entered, the cold shoulders and tension he got from Ann and William were overwhelming. He decided to take a different approach, now that his head was clear and he wasn’t in the state of horniness he had been in seven hours earlier. He sat at the table and invited them over to sit with him.

Reluctantly, the two teens cautiously approached with a look of scorn. Larry waited until they were seated, then spoke softly and apologetically.

“Will and Ann, I’m sorry for what I did. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did, and I realize you two are learning about love from one another. I shouldn’t be mad because at least you aren’t getting hurt and it is consensual. I think if you want to continue, though, you need to take precautions to keep from getting pregnant. I can’t afford another baby in this house, and you’re both too young to be parents. Ann, I have to say you are looking lovely, though, and I wouldn’t mind seeing you wear clothes that show off your beautiful body a little more.”

“Thanks, Dad, but I don’t have clothes like that.”

“Maybe it’s time for a visit to the mall,” he replied. “William, would you take her if I give you guys some money?”

That brought a smile to her face. William nodded. He thought it would be awesome to go walking with his sister like a girlfriend, holding hands, rubbing her ass, kissing her as they went to the different stores, and watching her try on sexy outfits. They could act like it’s a date and catch a movie and eat at the food court.

“Okay. This weekend you can go shop since I get paid Friday,” Larry said satisfied that he was making peace. It would nice to see some skin revealed on his sexy daughter. She’d want to show him the outfits he spent money on. Larry’s mind was going into overdrive as she imagined what she’d be getting, especially since summer was quickly approaching.

The mood in the room lightened rapidly after that. Ann got up and hugged Larry. Her breasts mashed against his shoulder as he hugged her back and noticed she hadn’t yet put her bra on under her T-shirt. She didn’t seem to worry about it since she was going on a shopping spree. He wanted so badly to feel those perky little mounds to be bare against him, but figured he would wait knowing it will happen in due time.

Larry got up and whispered in Will’s ear, “I’ll even toss in a little extra for you to get a box of condoms, but you need to use them.”

“Sure, Dad. I will. Thanks.”


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how is he an asshole? my daughter got pregnant at 13 by her brother and thats the truth. he just doesnt want her to get pregnant

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I agree, quite a chill-down. 6/10 But it's a SERIES, and that mean it can get LOTS BETTER.

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