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I may have a betrothed, but that does not stop me from wanting freedom . . .
I apologize for the lapse in stories, readers. I have a few in the works now, and I promise to post them as soon as possible. Please enjoy!

I may have a betrothed, but that does not stop me from wanting freedom . . .

There is very little that can compare to the crowds during Carnivale season on Sin Street. Shrouded in a bedazzled mask of scarlet and black, I delicately thread my way through the drunken revelers. My two bodyguards brace the path in front of me, insurances from my betrothed that my virtue remain reputably intact.

In other words, no one is allowed to touch me - except him of course.

As if my demeanor and companions do not clarify my submission, I wear a collar of equal vibrance to my mask; I am marked as taken.

The trip is merely a play of showmanship by my would-be master - a show of good favor and trust perhaps. He is aware of my skills and how valuable I would be in another man's hands, but he trusts he is the only man aware of such skills.

He is wrong.

A strong hand grabs my upper left arm; pulling with authority, the mysterious hand detaches me from the crowd. My bodyguards are none the wiser that I have been taken, too caught up in the lewd display of female wares. The alley seems to last forever, yet it is only a short time before my captor and I pause, panting in anticipation of being followed.

He wears a black and white mask, demonstrative of lower status. I am in shock until our eyes meet, then familiarity eases my fear. He senses this and gives a small smile before taking my hand and rushing behind a red stone building. My back arches against the brick as his hands cup my face.

"I couldn't wait any longer - " a brief attempt that hardly explains to those unawares of the reason behind our passion. A kiss so hard that lips bruise under its force only serves to stoke a fire that has been smoldering all too long. We have little time, but we shall make the most of it.

My neck is the victim of his next attack, his lips pulling hushed whimpers from my throat. It is hardly fair, to have such a stifled desire. I can only cling to consciousness as I feel Lust overtake me. My fingers curl into his hair as I wrap my legs around his waist. His lips continue their assault on my throat, hands vying to pull down my bodice. I grab his face, tasting the pleasure of his desire. Distracted, he allows me to take control to pull apart his tunic to reveal a pale sculpture beneath.

I nip at his skin, drawing blood and marking him as mine. He knows better than to return the favor - if we are discovered, he will be killed. My nails leave tracks down his carved muscles that writhe under my touch. He buries his face against my neck and groans as my hands trace further, grasping his hardening dick. Finally, he succeeds in pulling my bodice down, revealing my pale breasts to his lecherous eyes. The pink of my aroused nipples disappears between his lips, and I try hard not to reveal my pleasure and consequently, our location. One of his hands makes it beneath my skirts, gently caressing my pussy. I draw blood from my lips as I bite myself to contain my moans of pleasure. One of his fingers finds the source of my wetness and sinks wholly in. I let out a shriek of desire, hushed quickly by his kiss. His thumb caresses my clit as he begins to kneel. I open my mouth to protest, but he silences me, begging, "I need to taste you."

His tongue caresses my moistened slit, effectively rolling my eyes back into my skull. My breath is ragged and harsh as he licks first my outer lips - slowly, teasingly - then slides the tip of his tongue against my clit. I gasp, clenching my fists in his hair and pulling him closer to me. The tip of his tongue continues to tease my slit, sliding up and down, tasting every drop of juice I can produce. Knowing I am close, he places his tongue entirely in my pussy, and I scream as his motions make me orgasm hard, my pussy contracting around his tongue. I barely have time to come back to consciousness; he lifts me up effortlessly and slides his massive cock into me.

My nails dig into his back as we fuck, now all too aware of the whittling time. He kisses my lips and winds his hands in my hair. We lock eyes as he picks up speed. Though we cannot announce our pleasure, our low moans and hisses of breath are all we need to know we are completely caught up in one another. His dick slides in the friction of my tight pussy, juices running down and staining his pants. His orgasm fast approaches, and I wiggle to break free. He lets me go, out of confusion, and I kneel to take his cock with my lips. His eyes go wide as I suck the head into my warm, wet mouth, tongue lapping and tasting out juices. He groans and half-heartedly attempts to pull me up from my knees.

"A prin- a- a princess. . . shouldn't - " he gasps as I lick both of his balls.

"It would not help if they caught me with your seed. This way they shall not."

He easily gives in as I suck the entire shaft into my mouth, the muscles of my throat massaging the tip. I pick up speed as I feel his nails dig into my scalp. The cries of the revelers have turned to angry jeers as the soldiers search for me. I go even faster, fueled by the fear of being discovered. He moans my name as he finally cums, giving me every last drop. I swallow every bit as he drags me to my feet. It is not a second too soon. We hear the stomp of boots and hooves, and I push him away. I can see in his eyes he does not want to leave, but it will destroy us both if he is found with me. He grabs my face and kisses me hard before darting off to the main street to blend with the crowd.

I quickly fix my clothing as my betrothed rounds the corner with my two bodyguards. His eyes flash in anger as he grabs my wrist. Pulling up my skirts, he slides his cold hands between my legs. I whimper and fall against him; he only finds my arousal and assumes it is due to my nature. Pacified, he kisses my lips, remarking how lovely and red they are.

If he only knew . . .

I tell him I had gotten lost in the crowd and decided to stay in one place until someone came for me. My story is believe, jokes about my female intelligence are passed around, and I am taken back to my imprisonment with nothing but a memory and a desire to keep me intact.

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