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I get quite a few suprises when I get home.
It was late in the afternoon and the middle of Spring break when I got off the flight from North Carolina, I had spent several months on the east coast helping my grandmother take care of things around the house, because she was getting to that stage where she couldn't move as much as she used to. So, I volunteered my time to help out where I could (with a little encouragement from the parents). Being 19 years old, at 6'2, 175 pounds, brown skin, dark brown hair, I was a tall and lean fighting machine, thanks to the years of taekwondo that my mom had encouraged me to do. I admit, I am a pretty good looking guy, and I have the experience to prove it.
With an early flight directly to LAX from Charlotte, I managed to get home at 12:50, and finally got off at 1:05 thanks to me being at the rear of the plane (flights are so damn expensive these days). I walked into the bright sun shining through the giant glass of the main terminal buildings and looked out towards the runway and then went THUD into someone walking in the opposite direction as me. I quickly apologized after we butted heads and after I saw stars I opened my eyes to see someone I had not seen or heard from in a very long time.

"Rachel?" I said slowly as I recovered from the shock.

"OMG, Andrew?!?! It is so good to see you! Where have you been for the past couple months?!"
Rachel dropped her bag and tried to squeeze the life outta me with a (I miss you soooo much hug that would have choked out a bear), wrapped her legs around me and then jumped back down, making everyone believe that she was my girlfriend. Which, I had no complaints considering we had a very brief relationship in high school.

"Around, I just got back from the east coast, and I uhhhh..."
I just happened to look down at what she had grown up to be, and I was amazed. She was still a dark haired brunette with a curl down past her shoulders, standing at now 5'8 or so. She had grown about an inch taller, grown at least a full cup size to a very luscious C-cup, which she broadcasted to the world in a bright pink tank top. She was also showing off her greatly toned legs with a borderline miny-skirt. She had really changed.

"Like what you see? Let me wipe the drool off your mouth", as she giggled and snapped me out of my trance as I tried to keep all of the naughty things I could do to her out of my head.

"Well yeah, I do. Lemme guess, you are teasing every guy you see and turn all of them down, right? Typical." I said this with a smug look.

"No, not really. Just the ones I don't know very well, like you for example."
With a smile on her face and a hand on her hip, she sauntered over to me closing the already small gap between us and with an outstretched tongue, slowly licked my lips, and with both of her arms hers, she wrapped them around the back of my neck and pulled me closer for one of the longest French kisses I have ever had.

"Mmmmmm, I wanted to do that for so long." Scooting closer she gives me another brief kiss and lets my hands travel up and down her waist. Once again I found myself speechless, but as I opened my mouth to say wow, I was cut off.

"Well, I see you two have gotten reacquainted.” I turned, surprised to see Madison with folded arms, staring knives at the two of us, but a second later she smiles and opens her arms. Then Rachel releasing me from her embrace, runs to Madison to give her leaping hug, almost knocking them both to the floor. I laugh and move to catch them mid-fall, I awkwardly catch Rachel from behind while she is still holding Madison, but I place my crotch right on top of her crack and immediately realize I have a throbbing hard-on poking her in the back.

Rachel gasps and quickly whispers to Madison but I miss what she says before I change my position and stand up.

I help them both to their feet and asked how Madison was doing with another hug and they offered to drive me home since my appartment was only a few minutes away from both of them. I agreed and while we were walking, Madison had explained that she was on the same flight that I was on and even tried to get my attention, but because I was knocked for most of the flight she didn't want to disturb me. I remembered that she had family on the east coast as well but wanted to spend time with Rachel in Cali during spring break. As we walked, talked and caught up during our way to the parking garage, I tried to keep my gazes to a minimum because now at 18, both of the girls were very grown up. If I hadn't known them for as long I as I had, I would have mistaken them for sisters. In addition to the fact that they were inseparable, they were the same height, wore the same clothes, same up top and down below, except Rachel had a bigger butt.

Once again I was snapped from my roaming mind when Rachel slapped my ass and jumped on my back, nibbling on my ear after she positioned herself comfortably. Still the very playful girl I remember from back in the day, she even started referring to me as her black stallion.
Now you could only imagine how many things were going through my head at the moment.
I felt the heat of her mound on my lower back and even felt what seemed to be moistness through my t-shirt. If it weren’t for the fact that we were in a very crowded airport, man the fantasies I was having made me wanna cry.

Then, Madison stops next to a bathroom and says she needs to go to the restroom before the drive, and drags Rachel along with her, who is reluctant to jump down off my back. She even blows me a kiss, right before Madison yanks her in through the arch to the restroom. I take my carry on and sit at a seat placed next to another terminal gate near the exit leading outside and run through some scenarios of what they could be talking about, and a few minutes later they were both ready to go.

Surprisingly, whatever was said, kept Rachel at a distance and the ride home was quiet. So, to kill off the awkwardness I then hooked up my mp3 player to Rachel’s stereo setup and blasted some rave music and we bobbed our heads and shook the car the rest of the way home.

As we rounded the corner to my house, Rachel pulls up to the curb and we all get out to say goodbye. I was sure to be in town for a few weeks and promised them both that we could hang whenever they were free. Madison came close and with a rocking hug said it was really good to see me again, then took a step back to let Rachel get close, but as she came forward she whispered in my ear.
“I will call you later tonite, Madi is a lil jealous.”

I didn’t want to blow her little secret so I just smiled and said it was good to see her too, pinching her ass as she turned back to the car. She didn’t acknowledge that I did it but shot me a very sultry look.
I waved bye as they sped away and had plenty on my mind to process before I saw either of them again.

I woke up the next day wondering why Madi was getting on my case because I made my move on Andrew before she could. Just because she had broken up with Sean a few months back doesn’t mean she gets to rain on my parade. If I had gotten my way, that hot bod would be sleeping next to me right NOW.
I honestly couldn’t believe the luck I had when Madison sent a last minute text to me saying he was on her flight, then to bump into him and feel the same way towards each other before he left for school on the east coast a previous year. I was so happy to feel his hug again.

“Fuck it. I’m gonna call him now.”

Slipping out of the room she didn’t want to wake Madison, who was very close by.

I just finished doing Rachel doggystyle and flipped her over to shoot my load on her face when I felt my phone vibrate under my head, since I feel asleep with it under my head waiting for the call that I was sort of expecting last night.

“Awww man, that was a great dream.” I groaned as I felt the dream linger and fade away as my phone continued to ring and shake under my head. I pulled it out from under my pillow and without looking at the caller id, slid the cover off and bid a groggy hello to whoever woke me up from the perfect dream. But to my astonishment, it was (as clich?s it sounds) the girl of my dreams and her voice asking me to come over later that day for a pool party at Madi’s was even better.

Fastfowarding to Madison’s house I had arrived early and walked in through the front door, greeted her family, and offered to help set up. People started arriving very slowly and most of them were older adults and who had brought their children, who ranged from diapers to middle schoolers.

While meeting most of the party, I had even passed glances at Madison’s older sister Brianna who I had gone out with junior year. She was a blonde, but everything she had almost mirrored her sister, especially with a bikini top on, I noticed she had grown slightly taller than Madison did and her boobs were bigger, which I tried not to stare at. The memories I had with those funbags. We didn’t say more than a casual hello and smiled to each other and we continued on our way for the next hour or so. Our relationship ended over the phone mid-senior year and I found out later that she wanted to be alone, and any run in with her was plenty awkward after that. Shortly after high school she attended community college to take a well-paying job at a local night club, I almost never saw her again after that because she shared an apartment with her friends closer to her job.

Choosing not to dwell on the past, I made my way through their house to the pool in her backyard and wanted to rip off my shirt since I was almost drenched in sweat, not because of the sweltering heat, but from the sheer excitement and anxiousness that something big was about to go down.
I walked down her hallway from the main foyer, and found the closet that I always used to use when I would come over for a swim, then froze when a hand groped my bottom instantly getting my attention, I turned slowly expecting to see Rachel but saw Brie instead.

“What tis up, comrade?” I said with the fakest Russian accent I could muster.

“Hahahaha, nothing much, I always loved that Russian voice you did.” I could tell some big subject was on her mind but I didn’t hint at it, even though I had a pretty good idea. I took a deep breath and steadied myself for what could happen.

(sigh) “I don’t want it to be awkward between us anymore, and Im sooooo sorry I left you when I did. I never got the chance to explain how I felt and when you didn’t return my calls I felt miserable.”

She was direct as ever, and I couldn’t tear my gaze from her now watering eyes.

“You must have understood how I felt about when you up and left me, especially over the phone, for whatever reason you had at the time,” I didn’t hold back on what I felt, since she was the one who brought it up, she needed to hear this.

“I was falling hard for you and I thought it would be the same on your end,” keeping my voice down I continued to unload a mind now swarming with memories. “Do you know hard it was trying to figure out why I was just, all of a sudden, let go!”

“I just wasn’t ready to go any further with you even though we liked each other a lot, and I….(sniff).”She then broke down into tears and knew finally what had been going on in her mind, I apologized and after a second or two, gave her a long hug as she sobbed quietly into my shirt. She gripped me tighter and for the first time in a long time at that, I forgave Brianna for everything. She nudged me closer to the wall opposing the hall closet door and slowly at first gave me a kiss then moving her skillful tongue into my mouth as she let me massage her lower back and firm asscheeks, and after a minute or so she fondled with my trunks and had her hand inside my pants and caressing my cock. I then broke the kiss wondering what to should say.

“Do you want to do this here? Your parents are in ear shot, not to mention anyone walking down the hall,” as I tried to move her hand off my now raging hard on.

“I just want to makeup, it’s the least I could do and I remember the last time I had sex was with a vibrator after I broke up with you.”

I was surprised that she hadn’t been with anyone else in so long, considering how much of a hottie she was, she could have any guy, or girl for that matter, with a small amount of effort. Smiling mischievously, she resumed her assault on my crotch and nodded to the upstairs.

“Looks like a good plan, meet you there in 10 min or so? I don’t want to point out what we have in mind to your parents.” Her parents were another set of grandparents to me and spoiled me plenty when we were younger, but there would definitely be trouble if they caught me screwing their eldest daughter.

“Sure, thing.” She went up first and I followed suit after mingling at the party. I understood that the parents of the party were actually on their way out to see a movie and do some spring time shopping, and that Rachel and Madison were still at a movie which didn’t end for a couple hours or so. Leaving me and a very horny ex upstairs, for a much needed fuck session.

As I waved by to the parents, and shut the garage door, I bolted for the upstairs, practically sprinting towards Brie’s door, and as I walked in to her room, she sprang off of her bed and feverishly tongue fucked me into next week. I came back from the attack and grabbed her by her ass to lift her off the ground and back down onto the bed. I kicked the door shut and pulled my shirt over my head starting to undo my trunks, realizing I shouldn’t have tied them so damn tight, then with a quick look up, Brie is already topless and kicking off her short-shorts that she had on top of her bikini bottoms. I nearly froze at the sight and tried to just slide out of my trunks and we met halfway to help untie the knot I had made.

After a second of skillful handiwork my cock sprouted forward and eager for attention. Brie led me to sit on the bed while she was on her knees in front of me. She used one hand to rub her breasts and used the other to stroke me while she licked the tip and shaft of my cock. I have never been with anyone who could deepthroat me besides Brianna, and she is the only one to this day who can do all eight inches no prob, with a smile on her face. She teased the head, and then finally shoved half of my stick in her warm, humming mouth.

“Mhmmmhmhmhmmhmm, soooo big,” it was almost as If she was laughing on my dick. She smiled again and started to go further with each bob of her head on my shaft. I couldn’t believe we broke up when we did, because this was one thing that I couldn’t forget about her. I kept her straightened blonde hair out of the way as she continued moving up and down on my throbbing shaft for the next couple of minutes. She was now throating me like no other and I moved my hips slightly back and forth when she came down on my cock. I felt myself nearing the edge and my balls were tingling.

“Brie, Im gonna cum!” She then sped up her sucking and within seconds I exploded a weeks’ worth cum in her mouth. She shook at the first rope of cum hitting her throat and then deepthroated me as I released the remainder of my load in her hot opening. I caught my breath, looking up to the ceiling thanking god for putting Brie in my life, then as I looked down she swallowed my goo in one mouthful. Then she stood up and took of her bikini bottom off, motioning to switch places with her. I moved to the side and she joined me on the bed, I was about to return the favor and a few minutes later…

“AAAAAHAHAAAAAA FUCCCK, yeeeeaaaaah. AAAAAAAAAAHHHH oh god, jeezus you are so fucking good at this. Uuuugh, wait wait wait, I want it before I cum.” She said between labored breaths.
I moved closer to her while she was still on her back, stuck three of my fingers in her tight hole and sucked on her left breast. She bucked her hips and grabbed the back of my head, mashing my nose into her soft jug.

I got over her ready to penetrate and I kissed her, asking again if she was sure she was ready.
She replied with a giddy, “Yes, I want you so badly right now,” and that was all the incentive I needed to spread her legs and slowly slide myself into her tight pussy. I felt the small barrier between me and her womb and slid even closer, feeling a small pop and Brie lets out a small yelp.

I pulled out a bit and let her get used to me moving slowly but steadily, in and out of her once virgin slit.
“Are you alright?” I could only guess that she was in a state of euphoria, with a mix of pain and pleasure by the face she was making at me.

“Don’t stop,” she said, “Go all the way, it still feels really good.”
After a few moments I started pushing more and more of my length into her, making her breasts bounce under me. I continued my push until I was buried to the hilt, then I proceeded to jackhammer her pussy. She then wrapped her legs around my waist, clung tighter to me and bit my shoulder. I winced at the bite but it only made me want to move at a quicker pace.

“Yeah, oh god, fuckmeee, FUUUUUUCCCKKKKKMEEEEEEEEE,” was the response I got as I rammed my eight inches repeatedly into her devirginized snatch. After a few more strokes she whisperedduring shortened breaths, “I’m cum-, I’m cumming, IM CUMMMMMMMMINNNG!!” I felt her squeeze the life out of my cock, but I myself was still a ways away. Hearing the wet noises that her soaking pussy was making with my constant pounding, I sped up my pace to match her ecstasy, feeling the all too familiar tightening of my crotch. Being so close to the party downstairs the excitement was insane and with my balls slapping her ass, Brie almost screamed through another orgasm. That was all I needed to pull out and start beating my meat inches from her face.

“Here, I CUUUUMMM,” Brie sat up on her arms and stuck out her tongue, and that, in addition to the slutty face she made upwards to me was enough to push me over the edge. My first shot landed on her cheek, then she closed the gap between us and I put my cock on her tongue. The rest of my load landed directly in her wanting mouth.

I nearly stumbled back and she took her fingers and recovered the amount that had missed her mouth, licking her fingers and swallowing every drop. She then fondled my cock, stroking the last little bit out of the head, encircling her tongue around her mouth and finally sucking the rest out of me. I lay down on the bed and Brie cuddled up next to me, crossing her legs with mine. I kissed her on last time, mixing her juices with my cum in each other’s mouth, it was hot, and we both enjoyed a few minute nap before moving again.

I woke up and my hard on had subsided, but seeing Brianna naked next to me, got my loins moving once more. She noticed me stirring and asked if I wanted to take a quick shower with her to get rid of the smell of sex.

“I would love to, even though I have a better idea of what we can do in there,” she immediately read my mind but turned me down.
“My legs hurt, if anything I need a massage, and we can save that for another day.” She said with a devious look on her face. I agreed and she led me to her bathroom, I followed her closely, watching her tight round butt jiggle with each step. I gave it a good slap, leaving my huge red handprint on her ass, she squeaked but continued walking and bent over once she got to the shower door to show me a pink pussy and an invitation to slap her again.

I resisted and went to grab a couple of washcloths, she started up the shower water and flicked water on my back, I turned and she was rubbing her boobs with the water in her hands, making them shinny and slippery to the touch. She stepped in to the warm water, with me following seconds later.

“I’m so glad my first time was with you, I missed you so much.” I was massaging her shoulders and I stopped when she turned around to give me a big, wet hug.

“I missed you too, and I’m glad we are on speaking terms again.”

She faced the wall again and pushed her rear against my semi hard dick, attempting to slide it between her buttcheeks. I pushed back and leaned over her to finger her wet mound and pinch one of her nipples. She leaned her head back over my shoulder, moaning for me to keep going.

The party had just begun.

Part II soon


2009-03-29 23:27:36
i think it was good though i wasnt suspecting the sister

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very very good story can't wait for part two

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pure gold

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would have been better if you stayed with rachel


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Im doin more detail on the next one, this was a prequel/flashback/setting the stage story

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