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Meeting expectations?
This Friday, I met a very lovely man from an adult chat site. I drove to the address given, not knowing what to expect from many of our chats. We seemed to be on the same wavelength so I was hoping for some fun.

He greeted me at the door and offered me a drink. I showed him a selection of outfits I had brought with me, letting him choose which he liked. He chose a new purple silk chemise. I decided to remove my bra, letting the material strain a little across my nipples and wear my heels, with bare legs. He saw me as soon as I walked out of the bathroom, looking me up and down. He indicated we should head upstairs, and I tried to torment him, walking in front of him lingering on each step. The torment worked because at the top of the stairs as I turned to him for directions, he just kissed me roughly and deeply, intense after our emails, took me right off my feet and carried me through to the bedroom and, almost literally, threw me on to his bed. The next thing I was aware of was my chemise up around my hips whilst my knickers were pushed to the side and his tongue spreading my pussy whilst his fingers were strumming on my clit.

His tongue was fantastic. As it worked its magic on me, I massaged my breasts. Powerful contractions gripped my pussy and my body shook uncontrollably. As I writhed over the bed, he carried on licking, fingering my pussy as his tongue beat against my clit, leaving me moaning in pleasure...

We had previously discussed how much he craved fast paced intense fucking, showing lots of passion and want. Well that was exactly what he gave me. I was coming down from my orgasm and he went to the bedside table, slid on a condom and was quickly leaning over my body kissing me deeply. He pushed my underwear to the side and slid himself inside me in one thrust. It hurt a little, feeling him break me in to his stride and pound into me. But I didn't care - it just felt so good to have him on me and in me, his thick cock stretching and filling my pussy.

He pulled out and turned me around to fuck me from behind. My breasts were hanging out of the chemise by now and he reached forward to grab them roughly as he fucked me with ever increasing force. As he tugged and squeezed on my nipples, I could feel myself getting closer again. The room was filled with the sounds of our moans and noise of our bodies slamming together, his balls slapping against my ass as he thrust deeper into me. With every stroke, I pushed back to meet him, hearing his satisfied grunts. I gripped the walls of my pussy around his shaft, whilst rubbing circles over my clit feeling all the juice running from my soaking wet cunt.

I was ready to come again but wanted him to feel the power of my orgasm to help him on his way. The sensations were so intense, I buried my head in the pillow with my ass in the air whilst he continued his hard assault on my pussy. Moaning, my pussy tightened around his cock, intensifying the sensations even more. Sure enough, as I gripped onto his cock, my sexy bed partner was getting ready to empty his load. I willed him on, telling him to fuck me harder, to split me in two, to let me come over his hard cock. I moaned and made sure he knew how much I wanted his come.

We had spoken about him coming over my ass or breasts but the choice didn't come into play as my orgasm shook through us and he gripped my hips and slammed himself against my ass, feeling everything blur as his cock erupted deep inside me. He cried out and thrust deeply whilst collapsing on top of me, pinning me to the bed as our orgasms tingled through our bodies for a time unknown.

I slowly began to feel him soften inside me and slide out, whilst our breathing was still heavy and our bodies sweaty against one another. He rolled over, removing the condom and started to recover on the bed next to me. I lay motionless for a time, breathing heavily, feeling my body stop spasming and begin to relax.

I leaned over and kissed him, telling him how amazing I felt. I worked my way down his neck and chest, kissing gently. By the time I reached his cock, I could tell he might be persuaded to look to round two. I took him in my mouth to see if I could work another load out of him. I wasn't in any hurry and kissed gently over the head, shaft and his balls, trailing my fingers where my lips had just been. I used my tongue over his balls before holding each in my mouth. I began to work my lips up and down his shaft at a slow pace, occasionally stopping with just the tip in my mouth to give it an extra suck before drawing him deep into my mouth again.

I wasn't really ready to be fucked again - I was still feeling tender from the previous orgasms but he couldn't seem to get enough and I liked that intensity in him. He removed my panties finally and I removed the chemise over my head leaving them to decorate his bedroom floor. I slipped a condom over my lips, sucking a little into my mouth, I bent down and worked it slowly over his cock. He reached down, checking reassuringly.

He asked me to sit on top of a chest of drawers that was at a good height for him and I spread my legs to accommodate his dick. He was inside me in a flash again; filling me, feeling me still wet from my orgasms. As he fucked me, I reached back to grab his ass and bring him deeper into me. He would back away and run his fingers over my clit whilst taking shallow strokes, driving me crazy. It wouldn't take long before he needed to be deeper but I admired his self control whilst he teased my pussy with short strokes. His balls slapped against me every time he plunged his cock into me. My pussy ached from the pounding it was taking, so quickly after the first time, but it still felt so good, too good. Sometimes you just want to fuck with reckless abandon and we did exactly that.

With a bit of moving, I was able to lean against the wall whilst he raised my legs and fucked me deeply, sliding easily between my wet lips. I held onto it, teasing it with my pussy walls until he was getting breathless and exasperated. I relaxed my legs to wrap around him and he leaned into me. He moaned my name in my ear, grabbing my breast whilst slamming into me, with his other arm locked around my back, not letting go of me. He was getting close, I could feel it and I didn't want to waste this load in a condom so I had to be forceful to push him away and get him to lean against the chest of drawers whilst I removed the condom and let his cock plunge between my lips, no teasing necessary as his cock seemed desperate to explode. I teased his balls, squeezing gently as I sucked his cock, occasionally finding time to flick my tongue over the head, until he couldn't take anymore and he was moaning and filling my mouth with cum with his fingers wrapped round my hair holding me close to his cock. I swallowed several times, feeling a little dribble onto my chin. I held on gently, letting his orgasm subside, then looked up at him cheekily and began to lick him clean...

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2009-04-03 05:48:52
You've got a lot of bad press for this but I really liked it. Wish I had the balls to meet someone like that

Anonymous readerReport

2009-03-05 20:07:24
Fifth paragraph says "his balls slapping against my ass", If he is fucking from behind, how can that happen????

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2009-03-04 21:05:35
Some intellectual girl you must be...NOT


2009-03-04 20:31:24
Very Boring

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2009-03-04 19:58:23

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