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Someone new. Thirty but he looked to be the same age as me and had something shy and schoolboy-esque that attracted me to this sexy stranger with expensive taste. He had plenty of disposable income and seemed happy to spend it on me through flowers, dinner, drinks and the taxi to his home.

I felt like he had a world of experience under his belt... and under his boxers for that matter and yet, he seemed reserved as he held the door open to his home. I walked ahead to the open plan kitchen and he offered me a drink, and I gladly accepted water and ice, feeling aware that he still had not kissed me yet.

He went to take off his jacket in his bedroom and I followed, interested in how this man lived and was amazed to see such a simple room, plain colours, nothing extraordinary. I put my arms around his waist, feeling myself be drawn closer to him and looked up through big blue eyes until his head moved towards me and his lips brushed mine. I responded in earnest, sucking on his lips and teasing his tongue with my own.

I sat down on the edge of his bed, and eased myself back until my head was leaning against the wall above his headboard. He followed my slow movements with my eyes and then crawled to me, exceedingly slowly, teasing me with every movement. When he reached my feet, he removed both pink high heeled shoes, placing them on the floor next to his bed. He remained on his knees, keeping eye contact at all times and touched my now shoeless feet, running his hands over my stockings and caressing up my foot, my ankle, my calf, my knee and my thigh before reaching my stocking top.

I gasped as he reached bare skin, mere inches from my little black panties. He carried on up to the elastic in my panties and pulled them down, disguarding them to his bedroom floor. He was now kneeling between my open legs, running his hands up my hips and under my top, pulling it up as he went until I sat up and let him lift it over my head. He kissed my stomach and unbuttoned my skirt, pulling it over my hips. His gaze was intoxicating, making me succumb to his advances, leaving me lying in only my bra.

He lay beside me, kissing me, kisses lingering and heated. I took great delight in undoing one button at a time, kissing my way down his chest to his stomach and the waistband of his trousers. I sat up and reached behind me to unhook my bra, letting it linger for a moment, tormenting him. I waited for his next move and yet it never came. He simply lay wide eyed, gaze fixed on me.

I tried to look as sexy as possible, removing his trousers and kissing over his boxers. He removed them quickly, anticipating my next move. I kissed his cock, semi erect and pressed against his stomach, feeling it twitch under my touch. I licked up and down the shaft, trying to show the best of my talents before sucking on his heavy balls. I held the head of his cock in my mouth, circling the head with my tongue. He lay silent and I wanted to do whatever I could to make him moan my name. I let his cock slide into my mouth, letting my lips cause some friction and a wet sound as I sucked.

He reached over to the bedside table and started to open a condom packet above my head. I looked up, taking it from him and put it into my mouth and then worked it over his hard cock. I climbed on top of his slim body, grabbed his cock, desperate to feel it fuck my pussy. I began to guide his cock to my wet hole and squeeze it with my pussy walls. It took me a few moments to get used to it, used to feeling so full of cock.

I slid my pussy up off his cock before taking it all in one stroke, gazing longingly at my lover. He groaned and started to meet my hips, thrusting skywards, desperate to be inside me. He took my nipples into his mouth, sucking gently. He started to swell and twitch inside me, so I lifted myself off his cock and gave him a moment to cool off before bending over and grabbing the headboard for support, whilst he slammed himself into me. I took his cock deep inside my waiting pussy and he kissed my neck, groaning into my ear. He pushed me down onto the bed, pushing my legs together and riding my ass. His cock pushed in and out, fucking me hard, building up friction deep within my cunt.

My legs were shaking beneath him, his breath on my neck as he fucked me sent a shiver through my body, all leaving me moaning and writhing underneath him. My pussy clamped on his cock as my orgasm hit, squeezing him furiously. My orgasm was running through my body, spurring him on, making me moan and tell him to ‘Fuck my cunt... Fuck Fuck Fuck’. He started to shake and repeat my expletive, groaning ‘Fuck’ in my ear. My cunt was holding onto him tight so he ripped his cock out of me and took off the condom. I responded by flipping over, desperate not to waste such a good cock. I flipped over and pushed my lips over him as wave after wave of salty cum filled my mouth. I swallowed hard, taking him into me. I moved my mouth up and down his shaft, letting my mouth wash his cock clean of any cum I may have missed.

I collapsed breathless, feeling the slowdown of my orgasm, still twitching in my pussy. He got up, but I was unable to move, suspecting my legs would not hold me up and I would be treading on bambi legs if I tried to follow. I relaxed, stretching in his bed, pulling his duvet over my naked body. I heard him come back up the stairs and he stood in the doorway with a tray of mini chilled desserts and more iced water. We lay chatting, munching, kissing and drinking.

Re-energised, he kissed me and moved himself over me, kissing me intently, opening my lips with his own and my thighs with his own. He teased my clit with the head of his cock, feeling the wetness from my pussy. I could feel him growing harder against me as we kissed, taking shallow breaths as we seemed addicted to each other’s lips, craving kiss after kiss. He reached for a condom, slipping it over his cock and pushing inside me. I groaned, circling my hips up to meet his, letting him fuck me slowly. He held my hands above my head, extending my body, squeezing himself into my tight wet hole. “God you look sexy like that, wide open just for me”.

He released my arms, lifting my legs onto his shoulders, and taking me harder than before, losing control and all I could feel was the constant pounding into me as my pussy took a pummelling. I grabbed my breasts and let him use me for whatever he wanted, and told him so – “Treat me like the dirty fuck I am”. My body met his every thrust until he started to swell inside me. His orgasm was coming hard and fast and I loved that I was the one to cause such a reaction in him.

I was still grabbing my tits, squeezing them, enjoying the sensations of his cock filling my pussy and the weight of his body on top of mine. He must have been enticed by the view because as his orgasm built, he pulled out and removed the condom before spurting hot cum over my nipples and stomach, crying out. He collapsed on top of my naked, used body, covered in his cum and let his breathing return to normal before suggesting a soak in his spa bath...

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Proper dialogue would be nice. All narrative is like talking in the bathroom.

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G7A9Cr However, the author created a cool thing..!

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thank you

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