A Dull Drive Home Turns Into A Night Of Lust, Passion and Discovery
Alan looked at the sign on the freeway overpass. He was a little more than an hour away from home. He was looking forward to getting home to his hot sexy wife, Connie after a week away on business. Just thinking of her started a warm feeling in Alan's crotch. As he continued his trek home, his cell phone rang. He was anxious to try his new "hands free" device so he could keep both hands on the wheel and drive while talking.


"Hey's me."

"Hey sexy....I was just thinking about you."

"Mmmmm, I like that."

Connie's voice was low and sexy, something that happened every time she was horny. Connie had soft brown hair, and hazel eyes, that were so damn sultry.

"So where are you now?"

"I'm in bed wearing your favorite little nightie."

"Ohhhh ya, the one that's so sheer you can see through it, with the matching thong?"

"That's the one."

"Oops, I forgot to put on the thong my pussy is all exposed."

"And I just waxed it today too, so it's all nice and silky smooth....just for you."

Alan was really getting horny hearing his wife talk sexy. His cock was getting stiffer by the minute as it started to inch down the inside of his leg.

"Ohhh Connie, you're making me as hard as a rock talking like that."

"Mmmmm good...I like your big, thick cock when it's all nice and hard."

"Ohh're cruel sometimes."

Connie laughed at Alan's obvious arousal. She loved to tease him and get him hard, so hard that he couldn't stand it. She'd tease him till he practically raped her, he'd get so horny.

"So, what did you do while I was gone?"

"Well, nothing really."

"Oh wait....I did go to that adult toy party at Linda's house."

"Ya AND?"

"Well, the girl that brought the adult toys, and novelties was really sweet, and very pretty."

"She had some great sex toys."

"She even volunteered to demonstrate how they worked, or she said she'd show us how to use them on ourselves."

"WOW!" "What happened?"

"Those stuffy, uptight women got all embarrassed, and the show came to a halt."

"But, I told Brandy, that's the girl that had the goodies to let me see her catalog."

"Then I found this dildo that was as big and thick as your cock....almost, so I told her I wanted it."

"She had to order it for me and, arrived in today."

"I see....So you have it now?"

" fact Brandy got here a little late, so she hasn't demonstrated it for me yet."

"Then I got this idea, and well that's why I called."

"She's there now...right now?"

"Yes....sitting here next to me on the bed.....I thought you might like to be here in a manner of speaking when she shows me how to use it."

"Ohhh know me all to well."

"I'll put the phone on speaker so you can hear....I don't think I'll be able to hold phone once she starts."

"There, it's on speaker.....can you hear me now?"

"Ha ha....very funny...yes, loud and clear."

"Oooohhhh, baby.....Brandy is getting me all nice and wet."

"She is?"

"Mmmm yes, she's running her fingers over my pussy, and kissing my breasts with her soft lips."

"Oooohhhh Alan I wish you were here....watching."

"Oh geezzz, now she's sucking my nipples, running her tongue over them, and..oohhh she's chewing on them while she's running her fingers lightly over my pussy....ohh gawd I'm getting so wet baby...I can't fucking stand it."

"Oh my...ohhh.....she's....she's slipped a finger up my pussy...ooohhh yes, and now another.....Ohhh geeeezzuss, I'm gonna cum."

"Mmmmmm...oooohhhh ya."

Alan couldn't believe what was happening as he listened to his wife and Brandy over the phone.

Holy about your phone sex, he thought as he listened to another woman fingering his wife's pussy while sucking her tits. Talk about reaching out and touching someone.

"Mmmmm, now Brandy's got the dildo, and Alan it's so life reminds me of your cock."

"I said that...what's she doing now Hon?"

"Mmmm, she running it over my pussy...ohhh you should see it."

"Oh that feels so good."

"Ohhh it....stick it in my....ohhh shit, your mouth feels so good on my tits."

"She's sucking my tits some more."

"Ohhh her skin is so smooth and soft."

"I running my hands up and down her back, while she's...........

"Connie?" "You me to baby....Hello?"

"Oooohhhh Alan...I'm sorry....Brandy's eased the dildo into my pussy...Ohhh it feels the real thing."

"Ohh ya...that's it....fuck my pussy Brandy....ooohhh shit yes."

"Ohhh, gawd it feels so good."

"Mmmmm, Alan....I think I'm gonna cum again."

"Oohhh now Brandy's sucking my clit...Ohhh shit Alan!"

Alan's cock was throbbing in his trousers as he listened to the sex fest happening at home. This Brandy must be something to have his wife cumming so hard. He felt like he was going to shoot his load in his pants pretty soon.

"Mmmmmm, Alan....I can't hold it.....I'm gonna cummmmmm."

"That's it Connie.....cum for me baby....I can hear you.....cum for me."

"Oh Alan......I'm cumm'n baby....Ooohhhh shiiiittttt!"

Alan blew his load in his trousers, filling his shorts up with cum as his cock throbbed and pulsed as he listened to Connie and Brandy moaning. Alan looked at the speedometer and saw he was going nearly 110 miles per hour. He eased off the gas and let the car slow back down to 70. He looked at the on coming sign on the shoulder of the freeway and realized that he was only fifteen minutes from home now.

"Connie....are you there....Connie?"

"Ya baby...I'm here....Brandy and I are relaxing."

"Hey....I'm only fifteen minutes away."

"Good....we'll wait for you."

"Are you still nice and hard?"

"Well no, you see listening to you cumming I blew my load in my pants."

"Oh baby....that's hot."

"That's OK, by the time you get here Brandy and I will see to it you're hard as a rock in no time."

"Okay....I'm off the freeway and headed home, see you in a few."

Alan pulled into the driveway and into the garage closing the automatic garage door behind him. He rushed into the house tossing his shirt, then his trousers onto the floor, stopping long enough to slip his soiled underwear into the hamper. He wanted to rush in and join them, but first a quick shower. Alan showered in record time and entered the bedroom. Connie and Brandy were sitting up against the headboard, kissing and cuddling as they waited for him. Alan's cock started to come alive just looking at the sexy sight before him. Brandy was even hotter than Connie had described her. Brandy had short blond hair, blue eyes and great tits. She was really hot.

"Hey baby....welcome home...this is Brandy."

"Hey Brandy."

"So...did you have a nice drive home?"

"You know I did."

"Now that you're here, and all nice and fresh from your shower why not let Brandy and I entertain you."

"That sounds awesome baby."

Connie and Brandy started caressing and kissing one another as Alan watched. It was even better seeing the action in person rather than listening to the action being described over the phone. Brandy had a great body...he loved watching Connie sucking Brandy's nipples, working her fingers into Brandy's wet pussy. Before long the two women were in a steamy 69 as Alan watched and stroked his cock.

After several minutes the two women started cumming, moaning and caressing one another as their bodies shook as the orgasmic tremors rocked their bodies. Alan wasted no time getting between the two and entering his wife's pussy and began to fuck her. Brandy took one of her dildo's and started working her pussy with it as she watched Alan and Connie fuck. Connie was starting to cum, and cum often as Alan pummeled his wife's tight pussy. Brandy got one of her vibrating dildos, and started running it over Alan's ass.

"Whaaa...what's that?"

"A vibrator silly....doesn't it feel good?"

"Ahhh ya....I guess so."

"Well, if you like that you'll love this."

Before Alan had a chance to ask Brandy what she was talking about, Brandy lubed the vibrator with KY and eased it between Alan's cheeks.

"Hey what the....."

"'ll love it."

Brandy reassured Alan, telling him to just relax and enjoy the sensation.

"Come on Alan...keep fucking me with that big on give it to me."

Alan tried concentrating on slamming his cock into Connie's pussy, but he couldn't help feeling strange with the vibrator between his ass cheeks...although it was feeling pretty good...he had to admit. Then Brandy penetrated Alan's ass with the vibrator flipping it on high. Alan let out a loud felt amazingly good.

Alan really began slamming Connie's pussy as Brandy worked his ass with the vibrator. Brandy reached down and started tugging at his balls, still working the vibrator into his ass. Alan's cock was slamming against Connie's clit making her start to have multiple orgasms. She was writhing on the bed, almost screaming as the orgasms came one right after another as she grabbed and handful of bed sheet. Alan felt as if his balls were going to explode when he came with one of the hardest orgasms he'd ever felt.

Afterward Connie and Alan were spent. That night they bought everything that Brandy had to offer, and Brandy has a standing appointment to come back for another special showing of new merchandise whenever it comes in. In the meantime Alan and Connie will have a lot of fun playing their new toys.

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Wow! Great thniknig! JK


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