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While visiting his Family a 21 Year old Male Receives an unexpected "Present" from a 12 Year old girl
An Unexpected Present from a 12 Year Old
By Straight Man

A 21 year old College Student (on Vacation) visiting his older sister and her family gets unexpected “Present” from the 12 year old niece of his Brother-law.

My name is Shane. This is a True Story that occurred when I was 21 years old. I am now 32. Looking back I am still amazed at the ‘”Present” I received while visiting my sister and her family. The reason is a 12-year-old girl was the giver and I was the lucky recipient.

I visited my sister and her family every year at their home in Upstate, NY. I lived in Philadelphia, PA. I visited my sister every summer my entire life. I spent the entire Summer there every year from the age of 4 to 15. At 16 – I began working Summer Jobs in Philadelphia. At that point, I still would visit my sister and her family for a week at the end of August. I was very close to her and her four children (Jake (21), Jen (20), Josie (18) and Jockey (17). My sister was much older than I was. In fact, she was old enough to be my mother.

My sister and her husband owned a large home where they had lived there for 20 years. They had a 10-foot (deep) in-ground pool in the backyard. When I was 21, I visited her and was given the bedroom in the attic. My brother-in-law’s niece and her 12-year-old daughter were also visiting. My brother-in-law was born in the Bermuda. That was where his niece and her daughter lived. I knew is niece, but had never met her daughter before. Here daughter was named Shaila. Shaila appeared to be a quiet and shy kid. She was very attractive. She was about 5’3 and weighed about 110 pounds. I was 6’1 and weighed 180 pounds with an athletic build. I was a respectable and honorable young man who would never violate a minor. I looked at Shaila as a family member during my visit. I had been there a few days when something incredible occurred.

I was up in my bedroom in the attic looking at a Baseball game that was on TV. It was a hot Summer’s afternoon and there was no air-conditioning in my bedroom. I was dressed only in a NY Mets Tee Shirt and swimming trunks. I was planning to take a swim later, after the game ended.

I was lying on the bed on my back with a large pillow resting behind my head. Suddenly, I heard someone walking up the stairs toward my room. It took two flights of stairs to reach the attic. As the person got to the top, the door opened slowly. A head peeked through the door. It was Shaila. I was surprised to see her there. She said nothing and just stared at me for several minutes. Finally, Shaila came over to the bed. I just looked at her and wondered what she had on her mind.

Shaila laid down on the bed beside me. What she did next made me understand what she wanted from me. Shaila proceeded to move over and rested her head on my stomach acting like she was trying to sleep. I found this to be extremely sensual and I was completely aroused. I knew this was wrong but it was too late. My 8 ½ cock started rising in my trunks. A 12-year-old girl was seducing me and I was now under her spell. I hate to admit this, but what occurred next was amazing and truly gratifying to me.

Shaila started rubbing my dick through my trunks. This lasted for a few moments. Neither one of us spoke a word. Shaila then slowly slid my trunks down my legs and began giving me the best blowjob I had ever experienced in my life. I could not believe the oral skills of this 12-year-old girl.

I surmised that she had started at an early age in the islands and she was a seasoned pro in the art of sucking dick. She not only was good at it, I had never experienced someone who seemed to enjoy sucking a dick so much. I looked down between my legs at this innocent looking kid giving me the best blowjob of my life. She sucked gently and slowly and I was completely overwhelmed in the oral pleasures Shaila was giving me. Guilt was starting to sink in (allowing a 12 year old to suck my dick).

I then began rationalizing that I did not ask or coerce Shaila in any way. In fact, she initiated and did everything without any assistance from me. I just laid back and accepted the “Present” that was given to me. This went on for about 10 minutes. Suddenly, I heard my nephew Jockey call me from downstairs saying, “Shane are you up there”?

I scrambled to pull my trunks up and Shaila quickly moved away from me and sat on the chair beside the bed. Jockey opened the door only seeing us watching TV. My nephew was completely unaware of what his 12-year-old cousin had just been doing to me. He just wanted to know if I was ready to take a swim. I said, “Sure, why not”. We all left the room.

Shaila did not get the opportunity to complete the blowjob she gave me that afternoon. The rest of the time I was there, Shaila and I never even spoke a word to each other – except to say “Goodbye” when I left.

Years later, I saw Shaila at a Family Wedding. She was 23 years old, married with two kids. She was a beautiful and sexy young woman now. I wanted to say hello to her and wondered if she even remembered me. I decided to leave well enough alone. I fantasized about taking her somewhere in the Banquet Hall and having her finish the job that was interrupted 11 years earlier. I regret not trying. She is legal now. I can’t wait for the next Family Wedding to see if fantasies can indeed come true...

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2013-05-18 14:15:41
I quit reading cause the whole family shit confused me too much

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2013-02-28 04:08:24
my sister died whn i was in vietnam ,we have a30 year old girl

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2013-01-21 14:41:26
When I was twelve my friend came over for a sleepover we planned to do make up,facials,hair the usual. That all changed she told me a secret that she had she had never told anyone...she liked girls. This was a surprise to me she asked me did I like girls I had to admit yes because I secretly did. She turned on my computer and started watching some lesbian porn. I sat down beside her. I heard her moan her hands were in her panties. This turned me on. I turned off the computer and faced her. We passionately kissed. Let's have sex she said. It was like all my dreams had come true we quickly tore off our clothes and locked the door. She went to my drawer and took out four belts. You have been very naughty she said and told me to get on the bed. I did so. She tied me up with the belts and climbed onto the bed. She started licking and sucking on my tiny breasts it felt amazing. She moved her tongue down to my pussy and licked my clit I quickly orgasmed and squirted she licked up every drop

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2013-01-07 13:04:38
When I was 15 I spent 2weeks with my cousin. We were in his room when he called his sister in, she was12 at the time, bobby said to me watch this, he pulled his cock out and said you know what to do...sharron went to her knees and started sucking Bobby's huge cock, we both had 8 inch cocks at young ages, she sucked him and took his complete load without pulling her mouth off, He smiled and asked if I had ever had anything like that, I said no, so she went down on me as till I exploded. That was the most fun2weeks we must have did this twice a day for the entire 2weeks. Wonder if they still play together?

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2012-12-22 00:29:57
I once had a 14 yr old girl try to seduce me when I was 38 at the time I knew it was wrong and didn't let it happen but there have been many times I wondered just how good it could have been.

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