The Neighborhood Chronicles - Part 1
Life in a suburban neighborhood.

Living in a typical suburban neighborhood can be boring, if nothing else. I live on a nice cul-de-sac with good neighbors. Most of the families on the street were like me, mid to upper thirties, one or two children. My next door neighbor Liz had lived next door for several years. Liz exuded sex. At 5’-5” she was curvy in the right places. Some mornings I would see her get into her car to go to work. Typically she would have on a tight skirt and high heels to show off her legs. She would also normally wear a silk blouse just tight enough to make you think a button would pop at any time. Watching her would instantly get me hard. Liz didn’t so much have a “come hither” look than a “I want you to throw me down and fuck me” look.

Tom, her husband, had died suddenly three years ago. After his death, Liz threw herself into her already prosperous business enterprises.

In early August, my wife, Rachel, and my daughter, Erica went to their annual “girls week get-a-way” with her sister and niece. It was sort of their excuse to have a mother-daughter week away from Dad. I decided on the second night of my “bachelor” week to cut the grass even though it was almost 100 degrees. About time I started cutting, so did Liz. At times we were cutting along the same path so Liz was in front of me. I couldn’t help but notice how her ass was framed by her tight shorts. No panty lines were in sight. After an hour of cutting, I was drenched, ready for a shower and some food. Liz finished about the same time and walked over to chat.

“So how’s the bachelor’s life?” Liz asked.

“I haven’t starved yet and I still have clean clothes, so I guess it’s OK. How’s the bachelorette’s life?”

“I haven’t starved either, but I have to wash clothes” she joked. “I put some dinner in the over before I came outside. How about coming over for dinner?”

Always willing to let someone else cook, I said “Let me get a shower and I’ll be over in 30.”

Liz’s cooking skills were much like her, saucy and well presented. By the time we had polished off a couple of bottles of wine, the conversation became drastically less inhibited.

I asked, “Don’t you ever worry about being here alone by yourself?”

“Not really. This is a pretty safe neighborhood and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to come in here.”

“Well, a good looking thing like you could have some secret admirers who could just be waiting for the right opportunity”

“Ooh, that could be exciting” Liz said. “That would be one fantasy fulfilled that I could check off my list.”

Taken somewhat by surprise, I didn’t immediately respond, but finally said “You never know what could happen if your backdoor was accidentally left unlocked tonight. A maniacal sex fiend could come in undetected and take advantage of you.”

With a gleam in her eyes, Liz said “I hope that I don’t forget to lock the door then. Being drunk like I am though, you never know. I just hope that if I forget to lock it that some horrible fiend doesn’t sneak in, tie me up and take advantage of little innocent me. I would think a sex fiend could be rough and do things to a woman that they would never do with their husbands. I will make sure I carefully check it before I turn in tonight.””

It was about 8:30 when I finally left Liz’s house. She gave me a long hug and a kiss on the cheek and whispered “I really must be careful and not forget to lock my backdoor before I go upstairs for bed.”

I could hardly hide my growing hard-on by this point. As I walked back to my house, I knew just what I had to do.

Just before 10 o’clock, I changed into a pair of dark sweats and a dark shirt. I turned off all of the lights in my house and waited for fifteen minutes for my night vision to become sharp. Slipping out of the backdoor, I say that Liz’s downstairs lights were on. I made my way across the yard and crouched next to the deck. Within minutes, I saw Liz, dressed in a short robe, get up. She walked to the backdoor and I could see her turn the deadbolt counterclockwise. She then opened the door slightly, closed it back and walked away. She turned the downstairs lights off and in a few seconds I saw the Master Bedroom lights above me come on. When I saw the bathroom light come on I quietly opened the backdoor, slipped in and locked it. Above me I could hear running water masking any noise.

I stealthily went to the laundry room and found three pairs of pantyhose and a belt from a robe in the laundry basket. Holding the crotch of one pair of hose up to my nose I could smell the mustiness of Liz’s cunt. My cock jumped to attention. Upstairs, I could hear the shower and the television on which gave me cover. I slowly moved up the stairs and moved to the shadows of the room across from Liz’s bedroom. Minutes later the shower went off and Liz walked to her bed. With her robe was barely closed I could make out a smoothly shaved cunt. She turned off the television and again went into the bathroom. That gave me a chance to move to get a better look at her bed. Light from the full moon streamed through her windows and highlighted the bed. Within a few minutes, Liz emerged from the bathroom and stopped at her nightstand. I watched her reach in and remove a vibrator. There in the light of the moon, I watched her remove her robe and lay back in bed. She slowly ran the vibrator down across her breasts, across her tight stomach and to her bald pussy. As she raised her knees and spread her legs, I had a great view. I could hear her increase the speed of the vibrator and she fucked herself with more and more until what appeared to be 8 inches were deep inside. Liz arched her back and cried out as a massive orgasm wracked her body, She slowed the pace of her jilling, finally removing the dildo, setting on the nightstand and closing her eyes. I quietly removed my shirt and sweats. My hard-on was throbbing. Within minutes I could see her breathing slow. She was asleep.

I knew it was time to move. I crept into the room and saw Liz laying with her back to me. I moved to the edge of the bed and could hear her steady breathing. I don’t think she knew I was in the house. I set the pantyhose on the side of the bed and took the robe belt in one hand and made my move. I quickly slid into bed, straddled Liz, put one hand over her eyes and the other over her mouth. She jerked and tried to scream but only a small sound made it out.

“Shut up or you’ll get hurt.”

I removed my hand from her mouth. My weight kept her arms pinned to her side. I took the belt and quickly placed it over her eyes and tied it tight. Next I picked up one pair of pantyhose, release one of her arms, tied it and repeated the procedure with the other arm. Luckily, Liz had a brass bed which gave me somewhere to tie her hand off. With her eyes covered and her hands secured, I reached over and turned on the lamp on the nightstand. Moonlight was not enough, I wanted a full view. I was not disappointed.

“I see you’ve been up here fucking yourself with a vibrator. You must be a hot little fucker. Your cunt is soaked and I bet you need more. Your toy didn’t do what my cock will do to you.”

I opened the nightstand drawer and found two dildos, lube and a pack of condoms. I grabbed a condom and slipped it on.

Liz softly answered “No, please don’t hurt me. I was just having a little fun. I’m here all alone…please don’t hurt me.”

“I won’t hurt you or your pretty little cunt. Believe me, this will be a pleasure for you, it won’t hurt.”

I reached behind me and started finger Liz’s pussy. I don’t think my wife’s pussy had ever been that wet.

“Feels like you’re already hot you little bitch. Your pussy is already hot and dripping.”

I slid down and forced her legs open. I eased my cock into the heat of her pussy and inserted the head. The heat coming off of her slit was incredible. I slowly inserted my entire length and started humping with an ever increasing pace. Unlike Rachel, Liz had an incredibly tight pus that gripped my cock with every stroke. While fucking her, I roughly pinched her nipples The harder I pinched, the more Liz moaned and the harder she bucked her hips to meet mine. After several minutes, Liz’s cunt starting to spasm around my cock and I let go an enormous load in the condom. I slid off but still held her legs down.

“So did you like that bitch? I bet you want some more.”

As I was talking, I slipped off the condom, tight the top in a knot and set it on the nightstand.

Liz, in an animal voice said “God yes. Please, please give me some more. I’ll do anything to get some more of your cock.”

“The problem I have is that I need to get hard again. I think you need to suck my cock to get me hard. If you bite, you’re history. Understand?”

Liz nodded her head. I slid up her chest, sat on her tits then tilted my hips forward until my flaccid cock rested on her lips. She opened those beautiful lips and started slowly sucking. I made her take the entire cock in her mouth. She started running her tongue on the bottom and I could feel my cock start to stir. I kept my hips pressed to her face causing her to deep throat me By the time I was hard, Liz could barely breath.

I slid back down, put on another condom and told her “Roll over, I think I want a little doggy style this time.”

Liz rolled over and I took the other two pairs of pantyhose, tied them near her knees and secured them to the ends of the headboard which forced to into a perfect doggy style position. I started to fuck her doggy style and then had an idea. I reached over and grabbed a dildo out of the nightstand and loaded it with some lube. As I started fucking her again I placed the head of the dildo against her tight rosebud. I applied more and more pressure to the dildo and her asshole slowly opened to accept it. Liz was moaning hard by now.

I said, “I bet you’ve never had a cock up your ass, have you?”

“No, please don’t do that.”

“It’s too late, I think you really want my cock in your ass.”

I slipped out of her cunt, pulled out the dildo and started to insert my rod into her second hole. The harder I fucked her, the more she bucked and moaned. We both came simultaneously and collapsed on the bed.

I untied Liz’s legs and flipped her over on her back and said “I have one more present for you before I leave.” I reached over and grabbed my first condom. “Open you mouth bitch. I don’t want to leave any evidence.”

Liz followed directions and I drained the condom’s contents onto her tongue. She ravenously slurped it up.

“Swallow it all” I said.

She obeyed.

I untied her hands and said “I don’t want you to move or remove your blindfold for at least five minutes. Otherwise, I’ll hurt you. Do you understand?”

Liz sighed “Yes.”

I slowly and quietly left the bedroom, got dressed and headed back to my house.

As I walked out to go to work the next morning, Liz walked out to get her paper.

“How did you sleep last night?”

“Fine” Liz responded.

“You did remember to lock you door didn’t you? I don’t want anybody to take advantage of you.”

“Oh yes, I made sure it was locked. You should do the same. You never know, there could be some crazy women roaming the neighbor hood at night.”

With a smile, I turned and headed for the car. As I drove away, I watched Liz’s ass walk up her steps. Tonight was going to be great.


2009-04-23 14:05:38
i love this story, it's fuking nice.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-04-04 20:17:01
I' not sure what these people are complaining about either. Can they write a better story? If so, I wish they would! I do agree, though, that a little more description would help readers to form a hotter visual image of what's going on. Please write more!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-04-02 16:09:58
Really like the idea on this one. Really good story, as with the others, a bit more detail would be good, but not nearly deserving of the first few really mean comments. Looking forward to the sequel

Anonymous readerReport

2009-03-29 10:05:29
Flat, artificial and unimaginative...just like your neighborhood.

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2009-03-27 23:48:50
needs details

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