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This story will include in parts extreme scatgames. So if you don’t feel in mood for that stuff don’t read this story. But I would be happy if you commented on this story. If you like it I will write more parts. If you don’t I will do, too. Have fun reading it.
Mummy’s true passion, book two: Pregnancy days- chapter four

I certainly didn’t dare to make some ironic comment. So I just said something like swimming in the Caribbean sea or taking a walk on the beach or sunbathing or something. I honestly don’t remember exactly. Mum opened her mouth to answer and looked down on her used slave. Meanwhile I could see the motherhood coming back to her face and the imperious cruelties disappear. Slowly her mask turned into a loving mothers face and my own body somehow felt like getting filled up with warm sunshine which didn’t come from the open door to the sea and the beach on the Bahamas but from the never ending love my mummy would feel for me and the clearness this moment brought to the two of us. I guess you really can’t do the things mummy and I did when there is not a true and certain love behind it. You need deeply felt trust and the assurance that one can rely on the other. Those entire feelings and assurances mummy could lay in one warm heart filling look. I knew why dad once had fallen in love with that beautiful woman and I never was more certain that our love and our very special relationship would last forever. I looked back up on her. I looked up from the floor I was sitting on naked with a massive hard cock and the taste of mummy’s vomit in my mouth and on my face and knew that I loved her. “I love you mummy.” I said and wondered why my voice sounded like Piece Brosnan’s. “I love you, too, baby slave.” mum said and while she said so her voice seemed to walk through the two tones she normally had like a wanderer walking through the Rocky Mountains.

All of a sudden it knocked on the door. I looked at mum questioning and reaped a question mark from her face, too. “Who might that be?” she said but didn’t expect an answer. “Let’s find out. Go and open the door honey”

I got on my two feet and tried to push my penis a little down which turned out to be really hard since mummy still stood in this “bathing suit” in front of me. I took a mouth full of my orange juice to swallow the barf taste down and took my pants from the floor. I tried to put them on while I jumped to the door on one foot. Then I reached the door and opened it just as I pressed my cock behind the zipper.

I looked in Kayko’s sweet little manga girl face and onto her giant manga girl knockers. “Hey.” She said and looked down my body as she saw I was just fighting my cock back inside my pants. “Hey” I said. “Come in.”

Kayko had bound her straight hair into two ponytails on each side of her head. So she had this very certain Asian schoolgirl look. She wore a tight tiny white shirt. It was really way too small and pressed her breasts together. It ended about one inch under her nipples and left that way almost the entire lower half of her at least e- cups uncovered. Her belly as free until my eyes found a teeny weenie reddish plaid schoolgirl skirt. I could see a few of her Mohican pussy hairs showing above it, where a small black belt held it up. This skirt ended like ten centimeters after it had begun and covered that way barely her private parts. It was for sure not tightly pressed to her silhouette but had those typical crinkles. Since she wore high heels and I was barefoot she was a few centimeters taller than me and I got some idea of her pussy lips and was sure she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her legs were naked until her white cotton stockings appeared right under the knees. There was a fitting red donut two centimeters under the upper frame and ended after what seemed like ages in her red plateau high heels. Those had leather laces that held them onto the foot and looked really sexy.

“Seems like you still like my big boobs” she said with an open look at the bowl that showed in my pants. I realized that she had eyeballed me just the same way I had her. “Hell yeah, I do.” I said and realized how I immediately found back to the certain way I had talked to her at the session at her mother’s restaurant. “What brings you here?” I asked in a light tone. “Well, little slave boy,” she smiled at me in a familiar way, “I guess it’s some deal between our mums but I’m not sure.” My face was a big question mark and she slipped in. “Mum, Kayko is here” I said a little bit louder as you usually do; when the person you are talking to is a little away from you. “Kayko is here?” I heard mum from the kitchen where she waited. “Yeah” I replied and got aware of my eyes following Kayko’s small feet as she walked over the floor and into the kitchen. Her boobs were that big that I could see their silhouette from behind and I saw them bouncing a little with each step she took. And I found myself wondering if this tiny shirt would hold them if she just made one bigger step or if they would bounce and catapult the shirt under her chin. I followed my Kayko into the kitchen where mum hadn’t done anything to hide her body from whoever might had stepped inside our bungalow. “Hey Kayko” she said and Kayko just walked up to her. I don’t know what I had expected and If I think about it today it seems quite clear to me that the following happened but I know that back then the situation still had had something strange to me which might be effected by the fact that I still didn’t know the whole story.

Kayko walked up to mama and just was she was in range to shake her hand or hug her or do anything normal people would do for saying “hello” she fell on her knees. So her heels were parallel to the floor and her mouth was right in front of mother’s vagina. Then she kissed mummy’s pussy and made a certain sound as if she was eating an oyster. Now I don’t know if it was because of the abstraction this had to me or because of the joy I truly felt deep inside for seeing Kayko again but I was really fascinated by this. I watched as Kayko, the head mistress’ Ling’s personal slave kissed my mummy’s vagina in a way that reminded me on the mafia kiss. And I saw her pierced pussy pointing in my face. And beside all that I somehow lost myself on the space between the heel and the shoe of her high heels.

I must confess that I love this place the most on each shoe no matter if its pumps, a plateau high heel or a sandal. It’s the place of a shoe that never touches anything normally. It’s a piece of material which’s necessity is simply founded by the certain design of any heeled shoe. And I think just like this place is simply necessary for a heeled shoe to be able to do what it is created for I’m simply necessary to be the salve and the servant of any woman who loves to use me.

Suddenly some foreign voice asked “Where shall I put these?” I turned around from the scene and found some bellhop standing right behind me carrying two suit cases. As I turned I opened the view for him to see the scene in the kitchen and I swear I could see his thoughts first walking then running then falling and finally hitting some hard ground. I smiled to myself and thought how this poor guy must feel. First some secretly exotic beauty with tits you have in your wettest dreams in the sexiest schoolgirl outfit walks in front of you and you wish this walk would never end and then, just seconds later you find her on her knees and in front of a lady with a swim suit like those you check in the internet to masturbate licking her vagina and holding her own right into your face.

I was the first of us who found his language. So I just walked over to the ladies where some money lay on the bar and slapped Kayko in some trace of brave on her bare ass. Then I walked back to my speechless friend and handed him two hundred dollar bills and took that suitcases. “That’s all. Thank you my friend.” And finally I managed to push him to the open door and got him out.

Then I twisted again and found the ladies standing there. Now they were hugging like normal people.”I’m sorry” Kayko said, “but that’s the official way a slave and even a lower mistress has to welcome a higher one.” Mum stood next to her and nodded. “But now the official part is over.” Mum said and hugged Kayko again. “And you,” Kayko focused me, “come here. It’s not like we were strangers.” I nodded and smiled and saw kayko looking at me with some facial expression as if she wanted to say “Hey come on. You fucked my ass about a month ago. We are all one big family of slaves and mistresses but we are still like a family.” So I got over to my ladies and Kayko wrapped her arms around me. And I must confess it didn’t feel strange in any way. It just felt familiar and as if I was hugging someone I knew for years and I loved and I liked. “You don’t need these” she said loud enough for mummy to hear her, too and lowered one hand to open the one button that kept my pants from falling down. My pride still and for sure provoked by Kayko’s surprising appearance was hard and almost ready for shooting. My pants dropped to the floor for the second time this early morning and my penis popped straight forward. I felt it hitting Kayko’s legs inside and my tip hit one of her silver rings. Then she moved her face a few inches away from mine and kissed me. I felt her tongue deep in my mouth and thought that she was kissing even as aggressive as mummy could. While she did so she lowered one hand down and wrapped my pride. I felt her French nails scratching over my skin. She loosened my lips and turned half around to mummy. “You don’t mind if I take his load, I hope?” “Never mind this boy is a true miracle in cases of shooting loads. I made it hard but I just had one hell of an orgasm. So please… take it.” Kayko’s vision came back to my face and I saw bare greedy passion glittering in her eyes. “I wanted you to fuck my vagina the first time I saw you in that slave dressing room, sugar.” She said with a voice as if she was almost close to cumming just imagining my shaft inside her. We kissed again but she still didn’t lower her vagina down to my pride. I thought she might be some kind of a delay gourmet. I felt drops of her juice hanging on that silvery ring and finally hitting my pride.

And then she finally rolled her pelvis back and I felt her long nipples rolling down my chest. I looked down our bodies as she left my lips for seconds and enjoyed the view of her giant knockers. Just as my cock made the “happy move”, her tight vagina wrapped around it. I hadn’t expected her to be that tight since she had those piercings and was a personal slave to her mother and all this but she certainly was not of the age my beautiful mother or May or Ling or even the stewardess Mary were. Some bell rang in my head and I got aware of the fact that all I knew was that her family had started enlarging her breasts when she was fourteen but I didn’t really know how old she was. “Anyway” I thought and concentrated on the feeling as she got lower and lower on myself and stepped herself that way on my cock. I felt my shaft rubbing along her inner tunnel and enjoyed the feeling. I heard her moaning as her head got right next to my ear. “Oh sweet Jesus, I dreamed about that. I told you that day I liked your cock and since then…oh my god that feels so good…” I heard mummy giggling from behind us. I got a short look at her. And she stood there like a teacher would during a lecture. “…all I dreamed of was you taking me…oh my god!” I wondered if she was already that exited at the first slide in, how wild would she go when we were actually having sex? Suddenly and after a long and deep moan of her my length was all inside of her. “That feels great sweetheart...” “Oh my god it truly does.” I answered. It felt strange answering since mummy and I didn’t have like a real conversation when we were fucking it was more that mum said all the hot things she knew that took me over the edge. “Now please, please fuck me.” I liked this situation, too.

Then she started moving on me. Since her plateaus made her a little taller than me it was easy for her to “ride” me as she stood right in front of me. I grabbed her left ass cheek to give her some support. My other hand found its way onto her right monster tit. I squeezed it just the way I wanted to play with it at the session. Secretly I had dreamed of her, too once or twice. I pinched her long nipple and got it between middle finger and index. She pushed my head down with the one hand she had wrapped around my neck and my lips met her sweet hard nipple. I loved those nipples. They were not long in a way that made them look strange. The size and length just fitted her knockers but since those were some true attraction her nipples appeared huge. The perfect thing about them was that not the forecourt was big. It was small and really sexy. But the nipples….I could write an opera about those long hard nipples.

I chewed her nipple and heard her screaming dully. She still kept riding me. Then somehow she pulled my head from her nipple and kissed me again with pure ecstasy. She wrapped one leg around my butt and I took my right hand from her breast to place it on her other ass cheek. So she swung her entire body onto me and let me carry her. I brought her to the sofa and felt how her inner muscles kept milking my shaft with immense power. Honestly I didn’t know how long I would be able to stand this totally hot treatment. “Can you feel me?” she asked “You feel so great around me.” I replied and my voice was rusty and like slapped by waves of joy. “Will you do me a favor slave boy?” “Sure just ask for it, right now I would do anything you ask for…Oh sweet J…oh.” I twisted my eyes back into my head and thought about…my mother no damn it that’s nothing that holds me back from cumming….about…football. I hate football. What do they get money for? They don’t do anything. Oh god bless I didn’t shoot my load now. “I want you to fuck me like you fucked your mummy then.” She moaned and I knew what she meant by that.

I put her back down on the couch and looked in her eyes. I saw a fire burning in there. A fire that would burn me and a fire I would love to be burned by. “Now” Kayko screamed, “now I’m so close…please don’t stop…fuck me till I shit…oh my god!” I felt her bowl moving inside and that way massaging my penis tip even more. Then I felt two things. First I felt Kayko’s juices squirting out of her. A massive wave of clear juice with a sweet smell forced its way out her vagina and forced between the space of my shaft skin and her inner vagina tunnel. The second was the warm snake I meanwhile knew so well getting pressed out of this huge breasted girl’ body as it needed all its power to stand this massive orgasm I had given her. The wave and the snake took like a minute and I kept fucking her all the time. I felt how she lost any control over her lower body parts and shook in ecstasy. She smiled at me as she finally was done and a full load of shit lay on the floor and on the couch between our legs. And the odor filled the air. “Now cum inside me, cowboy.” She whispered and I knew she had really dreamed about me filling her up for the last weeks. I simply stopped thinking about how much I hated foot ball and that was it. My balls tightened and my penis somehow pulled a little back and inside my body as it was getting ready to shoot this day’s first load. And then I let all my control go and felt a wave rolling over me.

Now you know the first shot is in cases of amount the best but you are more sensitive. So sometimes the first load is much but the shot still isn’t really great. I’m used to having shots since I fuck mummy everyday a few times and I’m used to controlling myself. But I swear this was one of the top three orgasms in my entire life.

As the wave was at its highest point and just ready to break I loosened all I had and a massive first hard shot forced into Kayko. “Oh…you are really good. They didn’t overestimate when they told me.” Another shot left my body and hit the girl’s inside hard. “My goodness I feel your shots hitting me inside so hard. Come on give me more shots. Fill this little girl up, sugar.” I leaned my head back as the third fourth and fifth shot rushed through my body. “How much do you have in there? I want it all.”

Then I stopped counting as all the little ones followed. I’m not sure but I think this orgasm took at least like forty seconds. As I was done I left my cock inside Kayko for a while until I felt it finally getting softer. As I pulled it out a true lake of my semen floated out of her. “Look how much you shot in me…you did great, baby.” I walked back and fell on the armchair. I realized I was sweating like an ape and I certainly had some totally idiotic smile on my face.

“Now” mummy said as she looked at the massive load of shit lying on the floor, “what are we supposed to do with that?”

“Oh this,” Kayko tried to catch her breath, “it’s a gift from my mum. She shitted into my ass just as she did on that session; right before I left. So I think we are supposed to play with it.”

“All right, but not right now. I think we all need to get some breakfast now...even if some of us already had some.” She focused me. “Darling, do me a favor and put it into some bowl for later.”

I certainly obeyed. “I have one of these blue ones in my suit case.” Kayko said and jumped onto her feet. Accidently I think she stepped into a smaller piece of shit as she did so. “Damn it.”

“Don’t worry; we were supposed to have breakfast anyway.” Mum smiled at her.

So Kayko took of those high heels and walked barefoot. She threw the shoes on my armchair as if it was the most normal thing on the world that I would clean them. Well I certainly had been looking forward to it since I remembered how great Ling’s poop had tasted. She ate almost only her special mistress food and mummy and I already had realized how good it worked. Mum was only eating it for three weeks by now and her shit tasted much better. I hadn’t tasted Kayko so far and I wondered if she tasted just as good as her mother. She was the future head mistress so I guessed she might have had her experiences with the mistress food. As I thought about all that my libido slowly found back to life and I started feeling my cock again. I felt my prostate and knew it would take about half an hour until I would be usable again. But till then I could have fun with those shoes I though. So I picked them up from the floor while mum and Kayko rummaged in her suitcase. I observed mummy and this Asian beauty as they were on their knees and exposed their little assholes to me and thought maybe it will be only twenty minutes. Then I licked the small piece of shit off that shoe I held in my hand. The taste was so great. If you told anybody it was shit he would think that it could be since it didn’t exactly taste like chocolate but if you didn’t tell him he would probably think it was something that burned a little in the oven or something. I wouldn’t really say the taste was great compared to real food but within the shit league it was far the best tasting I had had so far. I twisted the little piece in my mouth and inhaled the odor. I chewed it and let it circle around my tongue. Maybe it will only be like ten minutes. Then I finally swallowed it. I loved this shit. I licked the few small rests off Kayko’s heels and got on my feet. Maybe like no minute. I looked down my body and found my cock now exactly hard but not exactly soft. So I walked over to the ladies who still exposed their round assholes to me kneeing on the floor. Kayko certainly was messed up at her behind and I knew what I had to do. So I got on my knees, too like a little dog and crawled over to her. She was on the right. Without any warning I stuck my tongue inside her asshole. It still was opened for she just had had a bowl.
“Oh my god… what’s that” she scared as a first reaction.

Mum turned around and I saw her laughing proudly. “Seems like our slave is just addicted to eating shit.” After her first shock Kayko relaxed and begun to enjoy my work. I licked from her vagina entrance up to her butthole and caught all the small pieces of Ling’s shit she had transported. I felt new blood being pumped inside my pride and felt joy flushing oven me.

“He is good at it, isn’t he?” mum said.

“Yeah he is.” Kayko replied and her voice was on the border to skip into moaning again. I could smell new wetness building up inside her through the smell of my cum that came from her pussy for sure. It ran down her legs in thick streams and hit the floor.

“Where the hell I this bowl?” mum anathematized.

“I’m sure I brought it…”

“You better are. I thought I could hold it back but now I have to take a shit, too and I don’t want it to be wasted.”

“Maybe I could help you instead. We will search for it later.”

“Yes my dear, if you want. And then we can feed it to him when it ran through your body and he will eat it later. Isn’t that a great idea?”

“Yeah it really is.”

So Kayko got behind mother while I kept licking her mother’s shit rests from her asshole. It was like a shit train. I certainly kept up my licking work and forced my tongue deep inside Kayko’s backdoor. I think that way I even got a good idea how her own ass tasted. I couldn’t see for sure when mummy shitted in Kayko’s willing slave mouth but I smelled the air being filled with her very special odor and heard Kayko moaning as well as mummy. I felt Kayko’s lower parts shaking in ecstasy under my strong licks as mothers brown shake found its way down her esophagus. “Yeah be a good girl and lick me all empty. Be my toilet sweetheart” I heard mum moaning from in front of me. That way we stayed until mummy was satisfied and both ladies had had one more climax. I knew it would take much more to make me shoot another load than being the last carriage in a shiting train. Kayko licked mother clean.

“What a morning” mummy said as she got on her feet and looked down at her two slaves. Kayko and I changed another long and deep kiss where we exchanged and mixed the two different bowls in our mouths and on our slave lips.

“By the way, what are we supposed to do today? A walk on the beach or something like that?” Kayko asked as we finally loosened our lips. Mummy and I looked at each other and couldn’t do else but change a well knowing view.

“Ok now that we became three I will tell you what we will do today.” Mum begun, “We will drive to a private beach and do al little sunbathing. Then I planned to have lunch at a really sweet little intimate restaurant and in the afternoon I wanted to go shopping.”

I just nodded since I knew there were no way in changing mummy’s plans and otherwise the plan didn’t sound too bad. And beyond all that whatever mummy and I did since our relationship had flipped into what it was by now nearly everything we did turned out to be much more than you thought from first sight. In some way I thought mummy was like a strange and hot Mary Poppins. The difference was that we didn’t celebrate tea parties under the roof or jump into street paintings or dance on the roof with chimney sweepers. We went out to “just buying some meat for dinner and ended up fucking in the cooling room. Or we “just went to visit one of mummy’s old friends” and it all ended with mummy having her vagina pierced sixteen times. Or we went to some certain Chinese restaurant and it turned out to be the headquarter of the shit loving community of US Americas east coast. Deep inside I knew that this entire story went deeper than I could imagine so far. But I wasn’t afraid of discovering all the secrets this world was holding back for those who were brave and prevent enough to rip the curtain away and face the nasty truth.

“Yeah shopping!” Kayko cheered as I helped her up to her naked feet.

“But now I think we all could use another shower…I swear we shower more than we should.” Mummy laughed and I could see some certain grin inside her face.

I guess it was that moment when I first got aware that my mum had some relation to our lifestyle that attended to be ironical and profound. She wasn’t only the tool like I was but had deeper knowledge of this brown world and- just as I myself just started to realize- was amazed by the contrast this reality built with the normal world where you have to pay your bills and work for your money. She knew that all this was just a vacation from real life and didn’t mean as much as you might think when you are actually in it. For her it all was just another of those sweet nothings that make life worth living. And another important knowledge lay in those eyes. The pure joy of life she felt and the sureness that it could be like that.

“Someone should clean this mess, I guess.” I said with a look at the mess on the sofa and knew that moment who probably would be the one to do the work.

“Yeah, someone…” Mummy said with a sharp look into my face and another less sharp in Kayko’s.
I guess this was like a subtitled deion of the order our slavery worth was. Kayko had started her education in becoming the head mistress once at the age of twelve or thirteen years- I didn’t know for sure then but I made a mark in my mind to ask her later. So she simply had deeper insight in the mechanisms of this whole machine behind it all. So she certainly was some higher slave than I was. I- the one who slipped into this story out of bare passion. I felt reminded on Happy Gilmore who wanted to play ice hockey and slipped into golf somehow. But the order in issues of slavery was clarified. Kayko was higher than I was but still a slave to mama.

Then someone who might have been a genius came to the idea of checking the other suitcase for this blue bowl. And voila there it appeared. Mummy went onto the kitchen to finally finish her breakfast while Kayko and I did our best to clean the couch and the floor. Mum hid herself behind the economy part of the New York Times.

Kayko opened the top of the blue bowl. “Let’s put this in, sugar.” I nodded.

“Do you really have no idea why you are here?” I asked her while I grabbed a load of the brown gift and tried to get it inside the blue.

“Well, as I said it seems to be some kind of an agreement between our mothers.” She smiled at me as I tried to flip the load into the blue. “I guess this whole thing is much bigger than we think.”

I smiled inside and thought of my thoughts. “Yeah, I think you are right, Kayko. But now tell me why you were so wild on having sex with me? I mean we just met under the strangest imaginable circumstances. I fucked your ass with your mother’s bowl in it and it all was way beyond “a little wired” for a first meeting”
“That’s so right…” she giggled, “I think it all depends on the point of view. If this all was normal I would never walk around like this. Look at me I’m dressed like a manga schoolgirl with huge knockers. It all is kind of surreal but it is my reality. It’s your reality.” She breathed deep in to inhale the odor of our work on the one hand but on the other to mark the part with the huge knockers I guess. ”It’s our reality. My mum told me a little how all this happened to you. I think our mums have been talking on the phone a lot after our last meeting. And I appreciate the way you deal with it. When my mummy first confronted me with this when I was twelve,” there I had my answer “I was really shocked. It’s like a rip into your reality. Did you read Sophocles?” I shook my head. “Well he said that reality was a construction. And I am sure he was right. Even this is a construction since it all is built up by our minds and hearts and- yes- our asses. But it’s closer to the point of bare being than anything. It’s a reduction. And my mum explained to me that for being a good mistress it’s important to make the slave experience. She made it, and your mum made it and the male head mister did it, too. If you want to be able to bring joy to a slave he has to be ready to lose all the connection to the thing he calls reality. Besides all the joy and the craziness this construct has it has a deeper spiritual significance beyond. We are more than those thousands of SM- club mistresses and misters. It’s not a coincidence the leaders are Asians. Mum told me that all this had a source in Asian history. I mean just look at the internet all the real good movies about slavery that go beyond “you were such a bad boy bla bla” are from the Asian market. On this planet we build the elite in those cases. You remember how they tried to reach the point of origin on “fight club”? We are closer to this point than you can ever get by now. I don’t know what the future might bring but you can’t tell me honestly that you thought about cells or biochemistry while you just fucked me.” She swallowed and my eyes hung on her lips. “Have you ever thought why men and some apes are the only creatures that have sex for joy? I don’t want to talk about tantric feelings or touching god and all this but when you have sex and I think especially when you practice it the way we do it you let yourself fall. When you eat some ones shit and on the opposite side when you take your bowl in front of somebody it requests truth and trust. It reduces the man to what he really is it makes you yourself more than anything except for maybe facing death. It shows you your soul and the others one, too. There’s more to it than you think, but you are just on your way to finding yourself. There might be other ways to get that close to reality but this is the one that includes the most fun.” She licked her lips for they had become dry from her monologue.

“Wow.” I said.

“That’s exactly what I said when mum told me all this. You won’t get it all right now. I’m living with this knowledge for three almost four years now and there are still nights and days were I doubt it. What we actually do is having really nasty and sick sex. And I know that. And first I was so ashamed when I had to face the reality that there was nothing that rings my bells more,” she giggled from her own choose of words and so did I, “than this. I love the power I have when men beg me to eat my innermost I love the feeling I have when mum or some of the higher mistresses like May force me to serve them. But later when the phase of reflection appears I know that this joy and pain and all I feel are simply consumptions that make my life worth living. And besides that I know those are the ones that make the lives of my partners’ worth to be lived.” She helped me putting another load of the mess into the blue, “Now I don’t want to say that focusing your life on sex and serving and dominating fills you up. It still is only one aspect of the entire building. Its jus a part of the whole but it’s an important part and so the whole building gets closer to perfection.” She kissed me on the cheek which built some contrast to the really important and deep thoughts she just had shared with me. From one second to the other she had changed from the serious and impressive person she obviously could be to the jaunty girly girl she could obviously be, too.
We scratched as much as we could of the light brown from the art deco’ carpet. Then she put her French nails into my mouth as if there was no question it was my task to clean them. So I did my job as the dog I was and licked few little rests of shit off under and from her sweet nails.

“You know what I think?” I said as I was done and she had showed me she was satisfied with my work.
“Tell me, sugar.”

“We are doing all those casual things. We act like in porn movies. You girls don’t wear underwear, I mean look at you. Look at this absurd skirt, it’s a belt. The poor hotel guy saw your vagina the whole time. He saw mummy’s vagina and if he wasn’t blind he saw my hard one, too. But isn’t that a total contrast to all things you just told me? Where is the spirituality in walking around dressed up like a prostitute? I mean don’t get me wrong, I like it.” She looked down my body to find my semi hard cock.

“But where do you see the closeness to the point of origin in there?” I completed my speech.

“Oh, you’re a smart one.”

“I try my best.”

She leaned forward to lick over the velour of the carpet and get her tongue full of her mummy’s shit.
“If we dress like that it has two effects.” She said swallowing. I followed her and licked over the stream right next to the one she just had cleaned. “On the one hand we simply enjoy showing what we have. Did you realize that none of us is in some way not- well what teenagers would call- fuckable?” I raised my eyebrow in the “oh really? I didn’t realize that you all looked like ladies from high class pornography” way.
“Ok I see you are not blind...” she licked the next stream and swallowed.

“And on the other hand?” I took her next words for her.

“And on the other hand, darling we rip those from their reality. Deep inside everybody is just an animal but he is forced into some certain roll by all the rules and conventions. And I’m sure just as we all do at night when they lay in their beds alone or next to their wives or husbands or girlfriends or boyfriends they dream about breaking out. Everybody once in his lifetime wants to break out everybody who likes movies or books or theatre, everybody who participates in society and cultural life even if he doesn’t know dreams of ripping down fences and being himself.”

“What’s your point Kayko?” I asked.

“You know why comics and superheroes and heroes in daily life are that loved? They are pictures; they are statues for this dream. They are symbols for breaking out of sure lines. They are the special under the normal.”

“Ok I think I get your point.”

“Let me hear…”

“You are like superheroes. You are special; you are the ones that ripped down the fences; you are the one that broke out. But since you can’t fly and rescue the world by spinning it to turn back time you just do what your special skills allow you to do.”

“You’re on the right track, cowboy.”

“When you show your pierced vagina to this hotel boy or mum shows hers to the guy from the parking service or mum puts her foot on my hard cock in public and lets people know what our relation is; when you do all these things you build a little rip in people’s reality. You do for them what they are too week to do themselves.”

“You got it.” She nodded satisfied. “Imagine what this hotel boy will do. I bet he will get into the next toilet he can find and jerk off. And I’m sure he wouldn’t have done so if I hadn’t shown my pussy to him. So this causality makes this day special for him. I gave him one of the biggest gifts one can make to another. I made him feel he was alive.”

“What are you kids doing there?” mum came from the kitchen.

“We are almost done.” Kayko said and licked another steam clean. I followed her. Then we looked at our work and nodded satisfied. Mum checked how we had done it and took the blue bowl from the floor. She inhaled the odor and smiled. Then she put one finger in it as if it was a tart and licked it. “I have to eat much more of this special mistress food. I swear this is the best shit I ever ate.” She giggled. “Now hurry kids we all need to shower for we have a whole lot of things to do today; hop hop.”

End of a very philosophical fourth chapter. It somehow ripped my reality down a little; I hope you liked it anyway. Maybe finding something like this in this very special story brought you into some certain mood you haven’t been in for a long term. That way I hope I inspired you and you still had fun because that is the most important about this life.

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2009-03-16 15:24:18
good story but you got a little to wordy. maybe next chapter you could work in that you stuck your pecker in kayko ass and filled her with piss. then she would return it to your mouth! tasty?

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2009-03-10 20:07:24
very good my favorite series on thi site write more 10/10

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