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The family fun begins again
William and Ann
Chapter 7

Larry was in the kitchen making a grilled cheese sandwich as William and Ann returned from their outing. He walked over to the front door as they entered. His face carried an anxious smile as he anticipated seeing what Ann purchased. She gave him a peck on the lips as she walked past him. William was the pack mule holding the bags.

”Go get changed, Annie. I want to see what I bought.”

“I know, Dad. Just relax. Go sit in the living room. Is that a grilled cheese I’m smellin’? Can you make me one later?”

“Sure, Hon. Will, drop those bags in her room and get back in here to help me. Want one, too?”

“Okay. Yeah, I’ll take one,” replied Will.

When Will returned to the kitchen without the bags, Larry asked him about his date with Ann. He wanted to know if he had gotten the condoms he offered to buy and if he enjoyed himself.

William told him that he did, in fact, buy a box of rubbers, and he thoroughly enjoyed his first date with Ann. He left out the part of the movie and their fun learning about condom and tampon use. It wasn’t something he really wanted to talk about with his dad.

Larry fixed his kids each a grilled cheese before heading to the living room couch. William sat beside him and waited with his dad for the show. Ann yelled out from her bedroom, “READY?”

“Been ready!” was Larry’s reply. “Will, don’t you have somewhere you need to be?” He didn’t want to share this moment with any other guys, especially the lucky bastard sitting next to him on the couch who had already wet his wick inside his little girl.

“Not really, Dad.”

“Get lost for about three hours.” He reached into his wallet and pulled out two twenties.

It didn’t bother William any because he had already seen everything she bought and got fucked during the movie. If his dad wanted to pay him forty dollars to leave the house for 3 hours, that was a great deal. After taking the money, he stopped Ann as she stepped into the hallway and gave her a deeply passionate kiss that curled her toes.

“Love you, Sis. I’m going to take off and get us something for later.”

“Sounds fun. See ya. Love you, too,” responded Ann with a lustful smile.
She gracefully walked into the living room modeling her new shorts that rose higher up her young thighs than any she previously owned. Her light blue top had a plunge line that gave easy eye access to her cleavage which she hadn’t quite grown yet. However, she wasn’t wearing a bra as she acted like a model on the cat walk. She spun and looked back over her shoulder alluringly at Larry, giving him a fantastic view of her tight ass wrapped in the shorts and the slender curves of her hips and waist. He started to bite his bottom lip imagining how beautiful she was under those clothes. Ann walked up to him and leaned over to kiss him on the nose. As she bent over, her dad’s eyes went straight down the top of her new blouse. It was then that he noticed her bra was gone! He reached up to hold a tit in his hand, but she smacked his hand and shook her head with the look of a stripper asking the crowd to wait until after she took off more to jack off.
This shocked Larry who decided to let her continue, hoping she’d come around shortly. As she walked away back to her bedroom to change, he let out a whistle and applauded.

Larry realized what he was missing, so while she had ducked back into her room for the next change, he ran to his office to grab the camera and an extra pack of film. It was just a simple Polaroid, but it would really help him to jack off looking at Ann’s pictures. He returned to the couch with camera in hand. Seconds later, Ann re-emerged from her room, now with a yellow bikini with red trim and another sleeveless shirt that gave a superb view of her budding chest and easy access to any hands that wanted to enter the front to massage a breast.

When she saw the camera in her dad’s hand, she knew he had to have some sexy pictures of her, so she put on a show. Ann wiggled her thinly-clad ass toward him as he took a shot of her bent over with her pale buttocks barely covered by the bikini bottom. She then allowed him to snap a picture of her as she seductively lifted her skin-tight shirt to reveal the tiny triangles of fabric protecting her nipples from her father’s gaze. She squinted her eyes and wrinkled up her nose in an attempt to look cute, which she already did without any help.

“Wanna see more, Daddy?”

“Yeah, Baby, I do.”

“Promise me no one else is going to see these pictures.”

“I promise, Annie. These are only for me.” Then he crossed his heart with his index finger.

“Okay. Since you paid for these, I’ll let you see them up close.” She tossed him the shirt she had in her hand. Next, she untied the bow on her back, causing the bikini top to hang in front of her puffy breasts. She reached behind her neck to untie the other bow, but then decided to get more daring. Ann looked at her dad with a wicked grin,walked slowly over to him, and sat on his lap facing him. “Take it off yourself, you dirty perv.”

With a shaky hand, he reached around her neck and untied the bow. Suddenly, just inches away from his mouth were two glorious uncovered teenage breasts belonging to his daughter. He picked up his Polaroid and snapped a shot of her shapely orbs. Because it was so close, it didn’t come out clearly, but it was good enough for his needs. Besides, he would not forget this moment for the rest of his life!

Next, Ann leaned forward allowing her father to suckle from her milkless tits. It felt funny having his moustache hair tickling her as his lips surrounded her tiny left nipple. He took the other one in his hand and gently pinched and twisted her right nipple. Ann recognized the deep desire he had to drink from those breasts and felt the familiar hardness poking up from his sweatpants. She knew now, thanks to spending time with William, that it was a male’s primal urge to appreciate the female body and need to mate.
Larry couldn’t help himself. His stiff penis bent upward touching Ann’s covered ass crack through the jersey material of his sweatpants. He extended his left hand out to the side and took another picture, this one of him nursing from his young daughter. He put down the camera, and with his left hand now free, felt the smooth curvature of her adolescence and the roundness of her upper buttocks as his hand traveled downward to meet the string of her bikini bottom.

Ann removed her tit from her father’s mouth and leaned back to touch the carpeted floor. Her spread legs still on Larry’s lap, he moved his eyes down to that lovely crotch clad only with the thin material of the bikini. He thought he could even see her slit through the yellow cloth barrier. Ann flipped off his lap in a backward somersault, then popped up on her hands and knees staring at the throbbing lump between his legs. She crawled over to him and rubbed her flat palm against the covered tip. Larry was breathing irregularly as she did this. He looked down at his gorgeous daughter who was teasing his cock while sitting on her knees, topless, and propping herself against his legs.

“Stand up, Daddy. I want to see you. I want to see your hard penis.”

Easier said than done for a guy in his state, he managed to push himself up off the couch and stand before his kneeling daughter. Ann tugged at his sweatpants until they began to fall, but Larry, fully aware of how painful it is to bend a dick standing at full attention, assisted her in maneuvering the front of the pants carefully over his cock. The pants came to rest around his feet. He stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Meanwhile, Ann shimmied out of her bikini bottoms and was looking directly at the underside of her father’s dick which was leaking pre-cum and draining over the shaft and unto his hairy scrotum.

Without using her hands to guide it, Ann wrapped her lips around the very penis that created her. She sucked him like a popsicle, tasting his salty pre-cum that continued to drip from the tip. Larry placed his hands on the sides of her head and looked down loving the scene unfolding below him. Here was his own flesh and blood, totally naked, just 14 years old, willingly taking his cock in her warm mouth, and no longer a virgin. His fantasy was taking shape and becoming reality.

Ann bobbed her hair slowly over her father’s pole. It dawned on her that her mouth was taking in her past. The taste of his cum was the same taste that went into her mother to make her, and the shaft stuck between her lips had been inside her mom, pumping with the same motion to churn up the white stuff that comes out the tip as he explodes in orgasm. It made her proud to say she had the chance to get so close to her creation. Not many girls could say that. She noticed that her dad’s penis was thicker than William’s, but also had more hair around the base. They were similar in length, but she wondered what it would feel like to have such a wide cock inside her. Would it stretch her out like a fat person putting on a sweater too small for them? Would it hurt her? She reached out and took Larry’s right hand that was on her head and moved it over to her chest so he could massage her breast. Larry took his left hand and grabbed the Polaroid to take a shot of Ann giving him head. She waved to the camera when he pressed the button. She was so cute and proud of herself.

After four minutes of getting a blowjob and another tantalizing feel of her young firm breast, Larry told her to lay on the couch so he could take his turn pleasing her. She said she wanted to go to his room instead, so she led him by the cock to his bedroom. Ann jumped on the bed and spread her legs wide like a gymnast. Her breasts jiggled briefly as she wiggled to the middle of the king-sized bed. Without hesitation, Larry fell on his stomach, landing inches from the beautiful folds of Ann’s pussy. He smelled her pheromones wafting from her open vagina, displayed in all her glory. She had her hands on her ankles, allowing her dad full access to her entire body. He took a picture of her in that position as she smiled for the shot. Then, while the picture was developing, he began licking her delicate clit, lapping up the sweet nectar running from her hole below. Ann quickly learned that he was better at giving her oral pleasure than William, but figured it had to be from all his experience. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations she felt on her clitoris. Her own fingers went to her lips to suck before going to her nipples that she tweaked and rubbed. Larry’s tongue was replaced with his lips as he nibbled and sucked on her exposed clit. He put his middle finger at the entrance of her pussy and his pinky at the entrance of her butt. Due to the juices flowing from her cunt, his pinky was coated enough to lubricate the entrance to her asshole. It was sensory overload! She quaked in complete orgasmic shock before he had the chance to push his fingers into her any further. Ann let out a guttural cry and clenched her breasts in her hands as the orgasm rolled through her tender body.

Larry had fulfilled another goal of giving his daughter to cum on his face. He still wanted to get his finger up her ass, but since she had been drained from her orgasm, he figured he’d wait until later. His next goal was to blow his load inside this teenage girl of his, so while her chest heaved trying to regain a restful heart rate, and with her slender legs still splayed, but now on the bed, he moved himself up onto his knees and positioned his cock into the slot where his tongue had been a minute earlier. Without warning, he shoved it into her vagina which was still slick with her juices.

“HEAVEN!” Larry thought as he continued to thrust himself further into the depths of his daughter’s tight pussy. She moaned as it stretched her wider than she had ever been with William. Larry realized his son had been in this same place and he wanted to mark his territory. He leaned forward over Ann and sucked her neck, giving her a hickey below her neck. Now until it disappeared, every one who saw her would know she was spoken for. He would also remind William she was not be fucked without a condom. However, Larry had other plans for her. He was going to leave his mark on her neck and in the neck of her womb. As he continued his assault on the girl laying on his bed, her arms now wrapped around his neck, his basic instincts arose. He was a man on a mission, and that mission was to inseminate the female, regardless of the incest taboo, and spread his seed into her to reproduce. Ann looked up at him and knew his grunting was signaling the finale. She urged him on, knowing how William enjoyed it.

“You getting close, Daddy? You want to put that white stuff inside me? What will happen if you do?” She was acting like such a vixen.

“Yes, Annie. I’m getting really close. I’m gonna blast my sperm inside you where it belongs. I want to fuck my cum into you and knock you up, Baby. I want to see you pregnant. I’m gonna get you pregnant. Tell me you want me to get you pregnant.” He continued to slam his babymaking tool inside her, the tip of it now pressing against her developing uterus. The walls of her vagina remained glove tight.

“Okay, Daddy. Get me pregnant. Want to fuck a girl with a baby in her belly? I want you to put that baby in me.” She was drunk with lust and surrounded in his fantasy. This drove them both into a frenzy. Ann squeezed her thigh muscles together to pull her dad into her further. She was on the verge of another climax.

Larry, sensing the desire of his daughter to mate with him, hearing her asking to be impregnated, and the simple knowledge that his prick was buried into his little girl’s pubescent pussy caused him to go rigid and cry out as though he was shot as he deposited his pent up semen deep into his offspring. Millions of miniature Larrys flowed from his shaft, out the tip, and inside the warm safe haven of Ann’s womb. They flooded the opening of her cervix as spurt after spurt transferred bodies in search of a single egg that could be have been released from her ovaries not long ago. The sperm didn’t care who the egg belonged to. They didn’t care that their forefathers had created the body they now wiggled in and the egg they hunted.

Lying together on the bed, Ann beneath her dad who had just delivered a monster load of fertile jizz into her maturing pussy, she felt she had come full circle. She imagined herself being like her mom laying in that same bed with the same sperm pooling inside. It seemed like an out-of-body experience to her. She started kissing her dad all over his face and he reciprocated. He felt like a teenager again. They now belonged to each other, but Ann wanted to include William because she loved him more like a boyfriend.

As Larry sat up and extracted his wilting penis from the tight cave he had entered, he noticed not a drop of his thick cum had drained out. She was amazingly tight! With a pop, the tip left, and she now felt empty.

“With any luck,” Larry thought, “I just helped bring another baby into this world. I can’t wait to see her little belly start to bulge with my baby.” He would go to Wal-Mart and walk around to see the pregnant teenage girls in there shopping with their mom, looking for baby clothes and supplies. He thought of what it must have been like when the girl told her mom she was knocked up and still too young to drive. He figured he wouldn’t have to have that conversation with Ann because he knew who the daddy would be and how she got that way.

Ann laid there in bed, not knowing the ramifications of her actions. She didn’t think about having a baby at her age. She just realized it was what her daddy wanted to hear and she liked sex, especially with William, but now that she had experienced it with her dad, it opened her mind to a whole new realm. If she did get pregnant, she wasn’t sure if she’d want to keep it. Maybe if it was Williams, she would.

She and her dad cuddled side by side after he took a picture of her swollen labia and her pussy that had just begun to leak a small trickle of incestuous seed. Ann looked over at him and said she needed to get something and would be right back.

She ran to her room and returned a half minute later with a tampon inserted inside.
”I won’t leak it out this way.”

The sight of his daughter’s bare pussy with a tampon string hanging out made Larry’s dick jump with excitement. He was thrilled to think she wanted his baby so badly that she used a tampon as a barrier to prevent his sperm from leaving. He kissed her again as she snuggled up to him. Together, they looked at the pictures he had taken. She then grabbed the camera and took one more. This picture was of her grabbing his cock with a “thumb up” sign as she licked the late-coming drips from his shaft.


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