Lesbian Lust Is The Order Of The Day
The morning after Maggie's session with Erin and Jeff, she got up and made her way down the hall, taking a look in Viki's room. She was surprised to find her in bed. remembering that Viki had called her, telling her she was going to Erin's house to spend the night....why was she home....did something happen? Shortly after making her way downstairs the phone was Erin's Mother Tammy....seemingly upset.

For whatever reason, Tammy didn't want to talk about it over then phone, she asked if she could come by and talk to Maggie in person. Maggie told her that would be fine, and they agreed to meet after Viki and Jeff had left for work around 9am. Later Viki came down for breakfast asking who was it that had called earlier. Maggie told her it was Erin's Mom and she seemed upset.
Then, looking Viki in the eyes she asked if Viki knew why she called.

Viki told Maggie how Erin's Mother had caught the two of them in bed, and...well they were making out, kissing and caressing one another. She went on to say that Erin's Mom became very upset and told her she had to leave, and not to come back. Viki looked at Maggie saying,

"I'm sorry Mom...I guess I really screwed up."

"Nonsense, it's no big deal that you and Erin are exploring your sexuality, just tell me about it next time so I won't get blind sided."

"I will, I promise."

"Good, and now I have a confession for you."


"Uhuh....Saturday Erin came by looking for you, and of course you weren't here."

"Well, I invited her out by the pool, and we had some wine, then I guess the wine got to me, and I asked Erin if she wanted to join me in the pool....skinny dipping, and thing led to another, and....."

"Mom...did you fuck my best friend?"

"Oh damn....I'm sorry just sort of happened."

Maggie was petrified that Viki was going to go off on her, but instead Viki burst out laughing."

A little perturbed Maggie asked, "What's so damn funny."

"I'm sorry, it's just that Erin had been eying you for a while, asking me if I minded if she tried seducing you...and here you go and beat her at her own game."

"I don't get it."

"Simple...Erin knew I was working....I told her so."

"She came over with plans of seducing seems you both seduced one another."

Maggie and Viki got a good laugh, it was pretty funny.

"So what can you tell me about Tammy?"

"She's hot, and Erin told me once that she found some pictures of her Mom, and another girl."

"She thinks they were into one another in college or something like that."

"Good, now have a good day at work and don't worry about a thing."

After Viki left for work, Maggie showered and was going to get dressed when she thought better of it. Instead, Maggie toweled off and put on a short terry robe and nothing else. Maggie then went downstairs and waited for Tammy to arrive. Right on the dot, Tammy was at the door. Maggie greeted her....Viki was right, Tammy was very pretty. Tammy was about 5'6", light brown hair, and with soft, light brown skin. Maggie offered her coffee, as the two sat down on the sofa. Maggie made sure she was showing cleavage, and a lot of leg as Tammy spoke.

"You know Maggie....I don't think it's healthy for our daughters to be kissing and well....having sex's not natural."

"Oh I don't know seems to me that they are merely experimenting, exploring their sexuality if you will."

"What WOULD be harmful is to make them feel that sex is dirty, and should only be done in the dark."

"They're young, if you make it taboo, they'll only want to do it all the more, just relax, they'll move on sooner or later."

"What if they don't through....what then?"

"Then at worst, they'll know that they're bi, and if that's the what."

"Well, I don't know....I just don't like it."

" never experimented with another woman....EVER?"

Tammy blushed.

"That's what I thought," Maggie replied.

"It's no big deal, I experimented with my college roommate, and I think I'm better for it."

"Besides, I enjoy the company of another woman now and then, don't you?"

As Tammy searched for an answer, Maggie's heart was pounding in her chest. She wanted Tammy, there was just something about her...that, and she wanted to seduce her for being so high and mighty, and judgmental. Maggie moved her legs, purposely exposing her sex to Tammy. Tammy's eyes focused on Maggie's crotch, as Maggie asked,

"Well, you?"

Ahh, do I what?"

Tammy was flustered, seeing Maggie's pussy was definitely having an effect on her even if she didn't want to admit it. Tammy was feeling a rush of sexual arousal, feelings that she had repressed for years, were now beginning to surface. She could feel a warm tingling sensation between her legs....what was she going to do? Maggie in the meantime pulled the belt to her robe, allowing it to fall away, as Maggie pulled her robe open fully exposing her breasts to Tammy. Tammy's eyes were transfixed on Maggie's body, her own nipples beginning to tingle as they hardened, making an obvious impression on her blouse.

"You're not saying anything Tammy, but your nipples are speaking they are hard."

"I bet they're very sensitive as well aren't they?"

Tammy froze as Maggie moved forward, closer and closer. Tammy wanted to move away, but she couldn't...she was far to aroused. As Maggie leaned into Tammy, her lips mere inches from her face, Tammy could barely utter the words,

"Whaaa...what do you think you're doing?"

Maggie looked Tammy in the eye....."What you want me to shhhh."

Before Tammy could react or speak, Maggie's lips were pressed against Tammy's ever so lightly. Tammy made a feeble attempt to push Maggie away saying,


Her words were muffled as Maggie pressed her lips harder against Tammy's lips. Maggie's tongue parted Tammy's lips as Tammy's weak resistance started to wane. As the two women kissed, and Tammy's arousal obviously growing by the second, Maggie reached down, taking Tammy's hands and placed them on her breasts. Tammy just left her hands on Maggie's breasts, but she didn't try to move them away. Then as Maggie began stroking Tammy's cheek, Maggie felt Tammy running her fingers over her nipples...she knew that Tammy was her's now.

Maggie moved her hand down and began unbuttoning Tammy's blouse as their kiss lingered. With her blouse open, Maggie unsnapped the clasp on the front of Tammy's bra brushing it aside, and began caressing Tammy's breasts. Tammy moaned softly as Maggie's fingers danced over her nipples, sending a tingling sensation throughout her body. Maggie then moved her hands down to Tammy legs, sliding them slowly up her sexy legs. Tammy had given in now, caressing Maggie's breasts, and rolling her nipples between her fingers as Maggie started kissing her way down Tammy's neck.

Tammy opened her legs to Maggie's advances saying,

"Fuck it...I can't help feels too damn good."

Maggie reached Tammy's panties, feeling the heat emanating from Tammy's sex. Maggie cooed softly when she felt Tammy move her hands from her breasts and start exploring Maggie's pussy. Maggie parted her legs allowing Tammy to slip a finger into her pussy as she pulled Tammy's panties down over her hips, and off her legs tossing them across the room. Now the two women were exploring one anothers sex, with Tammy kissing and sucking Maggie's nipples.

Tammy came first, her body rocked from a powerful orgasm, followed by Maggie.

"Thank you have no idea how much I needed to cum."

"My husband works all the time, and is gone so much....I get so lonely."

Maggie smiled, "Sounds familiar, but we've only stated Tammy...we've only started."

Maggie pushed Tammy's blouse off her shoulders, followed by her skirt. Maggie stared for a moment at Tammy's hard brown nipples...amazed that they looked almost identical to her daughter Erin's. Maggie then lowered her head, kissing and sucking Tammy's nipples as Tammy gasped, and pulled Maggie closer to her chest, thrusting her chest forward as all the pent up arousal coursed through her body. Maggie sucked, licked, and nibbled on Tammy's nipples making her cum over and over.

Maggie reluctantly moved away from Tammy's nipples kissing her way down Tammy's stomach as she leaned back against the arm of the sofa. Tammy's pussy lips were thick like her's, her clit swollen and sticking up begging to be sucked. Maggie moved to the floor, knealing in front of Tammy's spread legs, running her tongue over Tammy's pussy as Tammy moaned and tugged at her nipples.

"Oh yes....suck me....suck my pussy."

"Oh FUCK feels so good...Oh how I need it so bad."

Maggie sucked Tammy's sweet pussy till her jaws started to ache, then she slid two fingers into Tammy's pussy, and one up Tammy's ass while she took Tammy's clit into her mouth and started sucking it as if it were a small cock.Tammy lifted her hips off the sofa, arching her back, calling out as the orgasms swarmed over her body. Maggie was worried that a neighbor might hear, thinking someone was being killed, but what the was worth it.


Tammy's body shook vilolently then she fell in a heap, spent from her powerful orgasm. Maggie caressed and kissed her breasts and nipples as Tammy gathered herself together.

"Oh thank you Maggie...that was so damn good."

"Now it's my turn to pleasure you....I only hope I can do for you want you've just done for me."

"Relax Hon....I know you will, don't worry about me...just do what turns you on."

Maggie leaned back into the arm of the sofa as Tammy stated kissing her way up Maggie's legs, to her inner thighs, and then to her pussy. Tammy was a natural, teasing Maggie's pussy, bringing her to the edge, making her want to beg Tammy to eat her pussy. The teasing was driving Maggie crazy with lust.Tammy finally ran her tongue up and down over Maggie's pussy as Maggie moaned, telling Tammy how good it felt. Encouraged, Tammy parted Maggie's love petals, lapping up all her love nectar. Tammy worked her tongue into Maggie's pussy, tongue fucking her as Maggie moaned, begging her not to stop. Tammy's tongue was incredibly long, it was almost as good as a cock.

With Tammy's tongue buried deep in her pussy, Maggie thrust her hips upward in an attempt to drive Tammy's tongue in deeper. Tammy and Maggie were so engrossed with one another they didn't hear Viki and Erin as they came the back door. Both girls froze at the hot scene before them. Once they had gathered their wits together, Viki and Erin snuck upstairs. Viki and Erin still couldn't believe their eyes, as they watched their Mother's making love on the sofa.

Viki whispered to Erin as they looked down on them from the stairwell,

"Can you believe those two....look at them"

"I know," Erin giggled..."A couple of cunt lappers if ever there were ones."

"I think we don't have to worry about them finding out about us, or caring what we do."

"That's for why let them have all the fun Viki?"

Still watching out of view, Viki and Erin took their clothes off, and continued watching while caressing and kissing one another. Back down in the living room, Maggie was nearing a powerful orgasm as Tammy sucked her clit, the jolts of erotic orgasms started to course through her body.

"Mmmmm, suck pussy so fucking good....oh make me feel so damn good."

"Oh shit...I'm gonna cum some more....Ohhhhh fuuuuck!"

Maggie thrust her hips upward, grinding her pussy into Tammy's face, moaning and squealing. Once Maggie had caught her breath, she told Tammy she had some toys if she wanted to try them.

"Why not," Tammy said.

As Maggie started towards the stairs, Erin and Viki had to stop what they were doing and scamper into Viki's room. Once Maggie reached the top of the stairs, she saw movement from under Viki's bedroom door, and she could hear giggling....she knew she and Tammy had an audience. Undaunted, Maggie got her toys and started back down stairs, but not before she checked on Tammy to see if she were watching. Then Maggie opened the bedroom door a crack and whispered,

"Enjoy the show you little Lezzies!"

Maggie made her way downstairs giggling to herself.

"What's with the sly grin?" Tammy asked

"Oh nothing, I'm just looking forward to sharing some of these toys in this bag with're going to love it...I just know."

Maggie opened the bag and................................................................

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Excellent story.


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Nice, very nice.

Keep writing about Vicki, Tammy, Erin, Maggie and Jeff.

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