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This is the intro to the story of four kids finding out a hell of a lot about themselves.
Please leave lots of comments and info because this is my first story.

It all started in my first year of high school when the school swimming team were going on a trip to France. We competed with all the English teams and beat them all. After 7 weeks of being in the school I was recognized as being very talented at swimming, so I was added to the tour group to France.

Fortunately for me was that two of the friends I made also joined the team as well as about 14 other people from my year and a few from the year 6’s from the junior school.

We all arrived to meet up at the bus stop where we were going to take a 17 hour coach journey to get to our hotel. We all thought that it would be crap but little did we know that it would be more fun than any of us could have imagined. So we all rushed onto the coach. Me and my two friends Tom and Jack; by the way my name is James and I am 5ft tall, thin, bony and very paled body sat on the back row. I was 10 at this point and the other two were the same age, height and had the same sort of bodies. As we sat down Tom sat on my right and Jack on my left as we just about fitted our bags above our heads. We were all wearing our swimming tracksuits with our nice new Speedos underneath that we were given just for this competition. They were bright red with funny pictures of waves and other designs surrounding the crotch area. As we were only ten we had little thought about erections and I had only had one before that time not knowing what to do and letting it die down.

As the coach left off we decided to have a snooze so we did. I woke up several hours later finding out hat we had crossed the channel and were on our way. I noticed that Tom and Jack had made themselves comfortable as Jack had his head on my groin and Tom had his head on my shoulder with his arm wrapped around my stomach and his other hand on my leg. Jacks arms and legs suddenly jumped to be squeezing my upper thighs and my bum. I found it funny because they probably slept like this in bed by themselves curled up into little balls. I also found it very cosy so I left them and leant on top of Jack to make myself comfortable.

When I again woke up I awoke to hear everyone charging out of the bus and into the hotel. Me, Jack, Tom and another boy called Simon from the year below decided to share a room and forego we would also be in swimming groups together. We went straight to the pool to begin training once we had unpacked our bags and everything else we had with us. As a group we shared changing rooms which were only really big enough for 2 men, and we shared lockers and toilet cubicles. As the hotel was quite high class we did have quite a lot of space that was separated from each of the other groups by doors which were currently locked.

So we all chucked our tracksuits off and couldn’t wait to get in the pool because we were all smelly from the journey. But I couldn’t help but notice that Tom had a small lump in his Speedos which looked very strange. I asked him what it was and he said “a boner”. So I asked what that was and he replied with “I can’t tell you, but I can show you”. So I said “ok” purely out of curiosity.

He just pulled his Speedos off a bit and then told me he wanted to go into one of the cubicles for a bit of privacy. So he then pulled them right down till they were around his ankles. His willy sprung towards me and wet my Speedos and it touched them. He said sorry and wiped it off, but as he did I felt a strange sensation and shook a bit. He said sorry but I said that it felt good and asked him to do it again. As he did so it felt even better than before. My penis began to grow so I thought it would be funny if I cut a hole in then with the nail scissors on the shelf to let my penis be loose. I did so and it felt really good. He then decided to do the same just as Simon and Jack popped their heads through the now open doors.

They just stared as they moved closer and closer. Simon then pulled his bottoms off and did the same, closely followed by Jack. We just stared at each other for a bit. We thought it would be fun to play dare now that we all had our pennises poking out of our Speedos.

I went first and dared Simon to touch my penis with his hand. He did so, and it felt really good. Tom then dared me to go in between Jack and Simon so he could do something he saw on a video once. I did so and he ordered us in such a way that Simon was in front of me with my penis touching his bum and Jacks penis touching my bum. He then grabbed a strange contraption out of his bag that looked like a small exercise machine. He then told me to let him wrap it around all of us and that it would feel really good.

He did so and he stuck a small plastic balloon up his bum and wrapped a metal case around the middle parts of our bodies. He then stuck Simons penis into a little hole as he screamed a little and started to cry from fear of what was about to happen and began trying to free himself which was now impossible because the contraption had tied our legs together and had strapped our arms tightly to the bums and genitals of the people surrounding us. We all felt trapped now as we manuvered our way into the showers. Tom then said “oh dear, I can’t turn it off. It’s on auto” and began trying to yank it off as we were slowly pushed together. I now realised what it was doing as Toms penis went into Jacks bum, Jacks penis went into my bum, my penis went into Simons bum and his penis went into the strange hole that is was loosely in.

I now felt is vibrate as we were screaming in the pain of being forcefully fucked by each other. “ahhhh”, “pleasseee sttooopppppp, it really hurts” is all we could hear coming from one another. Unfortunately we were the only ones at the changing rooms so no one was there to hear our pleads for help. Suddenly I felt a strong jolt as we were pushed tightly together and the machine began vibrating very strongly and heating up. We all fell backwards and hit the shower button as the contraption suddenly coated our feet, arms and heads in a latex rubber sheet with a small funnel next to our faces for a little air to come in. I began to felt really warm and happy as the machine began to feel like a full body massager.

Moans of pleasure were now coming from all of us as the machine hocked onto our waists and began pushing us in and out of each other. Now we were screaming like small girls in pleasure and in pain at the same time. Suddenly I felt a strong jolt travel down Jacks penis as I felt a liquid fill up my bum. Then my penis exploded with the most amazing feeling I had ever felt. Then however it began to hurt as the machine continued going. Now my penis felt a really sharp achy pain as I felt the other two erupt and begin to scream in pain again as they did before.

“ahhh, goooddd heelllpp mmmeee!”

“pleeaassee stooppp!”


Were all the things we were shouting as we were now in agony crying with the pain of being fucked continuously by each other. This began to turn into a nightmare that I once saw on the t.v………………..

anonymous readerReport

2012-07-11 12:09:49
i just want to say if u were ten that u could not have been in high school

anonymous readerReport

2010-12-30 00:12:15
what kind of fucking machine was that ? wtf ?? lol ???

Michael MillerReport

2009-03-19 01:37:58
The liquid he felt was most likely pre-cum.. I will sometimes expel respectable amounts before orgasms.. Strange tale-- but keep plugging away at it..No pun intended......Dano


2009-03-14 08:47:56
dont worry about all the other comments i thought ur story was good keep it up and ull get better focus more on the actual sexual activity and throw in some oral sex and an orgy in the changing room or bedroom, im a writer myself trust all u need to do is keep writing im in a bit of writers block at the moment thou

Anonymous readerReport

2009-03-14 02:36:27
I thought it was funny, like something you'd see in a bad manga. What was it four? let's say four. "Four guys stuck fucking each other!"

I only thought it was funny after I was 'done,' though. It was okay.

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