I just finished the new chapter and I'm posting it before I head for bed. Just two more chapters and the story will be done. After that I plan to start another story, a parody of Enyclopedia Brown I plan to call Pornocopia Brown. After that I have a couple ideas but I haven't decided just where I'm going to go. In the meantime enjoy the new chapter and let me know what you think.
Chapter 22

“Good morning daddy,” Karen said cheerfully, looking up as her father entered the kitchen where she was feeding Jason.

“You sound pretty chipper,” leaning down to kiss his daughter as his son sucked his breakfast from her nipple.

“I am,” Karen said as she pulled her tongue out of her father’s mouth. “When I woke up this morning I realized two things, first that my pussy wasn’t aching any more, and second that it’s been two weeks since my last period.”

“So that means you’re ready to fuck and fertile,” Jason said with a wide grin as he looked down at his daughter and son.

“Not to mention horny as hell,” Karen said, opening her legs so her father could see the juices oozing through the light fuzz that had grown back around her slit after the doctor had shaved her when Jason was born.

“Are you sure you’re ready to get knocked up again already?” Jason asked his oldest daughter, Karen wasn’t sure if he was hoping for a yes or something else. “If I knock you up again now that means the kids will be less than a year apart? Are you sure you can deal with two kids that close together?”

“All I can do is try,” Karen said with a grin, reaching out to stroke her father’s hardening cock, “and it’s obvious you’re willing to give me a chance.”

“I guess I am,” Jason said with a grin of his own.

“So once I put Jason down for his nap we can get started on his brother or sister,” Karen said, putting her son on her shoulder to burp him after he finished his meal.

“Now that you’ve got me started I’m not sure if I can wait that long,” Jason said as he gave Karen’s breast a quick squeeze and leaned down to lick the milk from her bare tit.

“Not a problem,” Nancy said as she walked into the room with Liz in her arms. “I can watch both of the kids while the two of you start working on the next one.”

“Are you sure, Nancy,” Karen asked as she got up from the table to make room for her sister and her baby. “Taking care of two infants is a lot of work.”

“Not that much,” Nancy said with a dismissive wave as she held her daughter to her breast. “Besides, if I do this for you today than you’ll do the same for me when I’m ready to fuck daddy again. Right?”

“Deal,” Karen said with a quick chuckle, taking her father’s elbow with her free hand and leading him in to the living room.

“Where do you want to conceive the new baby?” Jason asked as Karen put their son in the playpen in the middle of the room.

“In the bedroom of course,” Karen said, swaying her naked hips provocatively as she led the way to the master bedroom.

Jason managed to catch up with Karen before she entered the bedroom and he swept her up in her arms before taking the half dozen steps to their bed and dropped her giggling into the center of it. “So, how do you want to fuck?” Jason asked his daughter as he crawled into bed with her naked squirming body.

“I want you on top daddy,” Karen said, spreading her thighs wide so her father could reach her drooling slit with his mouth and tongue. “I haven’t had you on top of me in months, not since my belly got too big for us to fuck that way.”

“That sounds good to me,” Jason said, licking Karen’s juices from his lips. “You do realize that since you’re lactating the odds are that you won’t get knocked up.”

“I know the odds are against me,” Karen said with a groan of pleasure as her father kissed his way up her body, stopping to suck a mouthful of milk from her tits before he moved up to her neck and chin. “But that won’t stop me from conceiving.”

“I hope not,” Jason said, running the head of his cock up and down Karen’s wet slit until it was coated with her juices, “because I love fucking my pregnant little girls. Almost as much as I love knocking them up in the first place.”

“Fuck me daddy,” Karen moaned as her father slid his cock into her cunt, “fuck me and knock me up with another baby.”

“I’m gonna try,” Jason growled as he slammed his cock harder and deeper into Karen’s pussy, rotating his hips so that his brown pubic hairs meshed with her short red ones.

“What do you want this time, daddy?” Karen asked between gasps for breath, “we already have a boy and I’m hoping for a lot of girls, if only so you and Jason can fuck them when they’re old enough to want your babies like I do.”

“I don’t care if we have a boy or a girl,” Jason told his daughter as he brushed his balding hair out of his face, “but I would like some more daughters to fuck so I guess I want a girl.”

“That’s what I want too,” Karen purred as her cunt started to quiver with her approaching orgasm. “Oh daddy, I’ve missed your cock in my pussy so much.”

“And I’ve missed your pussy,” Jason said, straining to hold off his orgasm so he could cum at the same time as his daughter. “Nancy’s cunt may be tighter than yours, but it’s not as hot as yours.”
“I’m so glad you like my pussy daddy,” Karen moaned, “because I can’t even imagine fucking anyone but you.”

“Not even your own son?” Jason asked with a soft chuckle, he could feel his balls starting to clench and he could feel Karen’s cunt grabbing at his cock so he knew they were both close to their orgasms.

“I should have said you’re the only one I want to fuck now,” Karen said as she wrapped her trembling arms and legs around her father and pulled him close as her body shivered through her orgasm.

“I’m cumming,” Jason grunted as he held his cock deep in Karen’s pussy and sprayed her cervix with baby juice.

“So am I daddy,” Karen cried as her body shuddered again as a blast of pleasure ran through her.
“Right now,” Karen said, snuggling up against her father’s naked body, “your cock is the only one I want in my cunt. But once our son is old enough I plan to take his cherry and have every baby he wants to give me.”

“That sounds like a plan,” Jason said, “and until then I’ll be happy to give you all the babies you want.”

“I just knew you’d understand daddy,” Karen said, giving her father a quick hug.

“I just hope you and Nancy don’t wear me out to much with all the babies you want,” Jason said with a sigh.

“It doesn’t look like you’re getting worn out yet,” Karen said as she reached down to give her father’s cock a quick stroke so the soft flesh gave a quick jump in her hand. “You know daddy, it really isn’t that easy for me to get knocked up right now so I need all the baby juice you can give me to make sure I have another baby.”

“True,” Jason said with a slow grin, “of course you realize that I’ll get harder a lot quicker if you give me a blowjob.”

“I’ll be happy to suck your cock daddy,” Karen said with a grin, “especially if it means you’ll give me a second load of baby juice in my pussy.”

“Your mother taught you well,” Jason groaned as his daughter slurped his cock into her mouth and ran her tongue around his shaft. “Swing around baby, let me eat your pussy while you eat my cock.”

“I love the way you think,” Karen said as she swung her body around and straddled her father’s head with her thighs. “Just make sure you don’t suck all the cream out of my cunt.”

“I wouldn’t think of it,” Jason’s muffled voice replied as he buried his head in the light red fuzz around his daughter’s dripping slit. “After all, I want to knock you up as much as you want to get knocked up. I never knew how sexy you would look with a belly full of my baby until it happened.”

“I’m glad you like me with a big belly daddy,” Karen said between licks of his hairy balls, “because if I have things my way my belly will be swollen more often then it’s flat.”

“Well you’re my sexy little girl no matter how big or small your belly is, and I’m going to enjoy fucking and sucking your tight little pussy for as long as I can.”

“You’re not that old daddy,” Karen said with a laugh, “Nancy and I plan to keep you busy for a long time when it comes to giving us babies.”

“That sounds like I job I’m going to love,” Jason said, licking his daughter’s juices off his lips. “And one that I’m ready to do right now. In fact, if you keep eating my cock like that I’m going to end up cumming in your mouth instead of your pussy.”

“We can’t have that now, can we daddy,” Karen said with a broad grin as she swung her pussy away from her father’s mouth and tongue so she could swing her body around to straddle her father’s hips. Karen placed the tip of her father’s cock at the mouth of her cunt and held herself above his hard quivering shaft as she gave him a teasing smile. “Ready for round two daddy?”

“Ready, willing, and able,” Jason said with a grin, grabbing Karen’s hips and pulling her down on his cock.

“Oh, fuck me daddy,” Karen moaned as she slid her cunt down on her father’s cock. “Your big hard cock feels so good inside my tight little pussy.”

“Your pussy isn’t so tight right now,” Jason teased his teenage daughter, patting her belly where it wasn’t so flat after giving birth to their son.

“You think so?” Karen asked, giving her father a malicious grin as she slammed her hips all the way down on his shaft and squeezed it hard with her cunt muscles.

“Ok, ok, you win,” Jason said with a gasp of pain that turned into a chuckle as Karen relaxed her cunt and went back to riding his cock.

“Your pussy really is back in shape,” Jason said with a sigh of pleasure as his cock twitched happily in his daughter’s fuck tunnel.

“It sure is,” Karen purred, she could feel her belly twitching with every familiar bump and bulge of her father’s cock sliding in and out of her cunt. “I bet it’s in good enough shape for another baby.”

“I hope so,” Jason said, he could feel his balls starting to clench with his approaching orgasm, “because I’m about to give you another load of cum.”

“Do it daddy, do it,” Karen growled as her belly exploded with pleasure as her father’s baby juice filled her cunt with one final thrust.

“I think you did it that time for sure,” Karen said weakly as she stretched out on her father’s body and kissed him on the mouth. “What do you want this time daddy? Another boy? Or a girl?”

“Well,” Jason said with a dreamy grin, “we already have one son so I’d really like another daughter, if only so I can fuck her when she gets old enough and wants to.”

“She’s my daughter,” Karen pointed out, “so of course she’ll want to fuck her daddy when she’s old enough. And if she really is like me she’ll want to fuck her brother as much as I do.”

“Good, because I expect to have so many daughter’s by then that I’ll need help fucking all of you.”

“Did you hear that,” Karen asked, lifting her chest off her father’s body so that her erect nipples brushed her his chest hair. “That was Jason.”

“Trust a mother to hear her own child when no one else can,” Jason said with a chuckle. “Relax Karen, if Nancy needs help she knows where you are.”

“But daddy,” Karen said as her father grabbed her by her shoulders and rolled her over on her back before he pulled his cock out of her cummy pussy.

“No buts,” Jason said, grabbing a pillow and sliding it under his daughter’s ass, “you stay here and let all that cum soak into your womb. I’ll go check on Nancy and the kids.”

“Whatever you say,” Karen said with a smile, letting her head drop back on another pillow as she snuggled her ass into the pillow under her butt.

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