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My theme is going to be if you havent guessed consensual sex between mythical beings
Bradersidhe stood out in his favored field waiting for his lady. Brad as his human allies would call him was a tall summer faerie. His hair was bright green like summer grass; he wore a shirt of dark leafy green and simple denim jeans the color of summer sky. A smile spread across his face when he saw the person he was waiting for. Lisanesidhe, simply Lisa, or the summer lady as some called her, walked up to Brad in a shirt of summer orange that let her modest cleavage be seen and sky blue jeans that complimented her legs and if brad had to take a guess made her ass look amazing. Her hair was the color of fresh wheat and her eyes soft hazel green.

Brad looked at her with a smile he bowed taking Lisa’s hand and kissing the back and her wrist. She smiled letting what to her was a lower faerie touch her so intimately. “My lady I asked you hear for a request, you don’t need accept but in accord with rules I will ask.” Lisa nodded listening to Brad. “Ask brad and I may accept if you ask the needed three.”

Brad sighed taking a deep breath. “Lady of summer I ask you too a day out with me.” Lisa shook her head no. “Lady again I ask to come with and enjoy this summer day with me.” Lisa smiled a bit brighter but gave another rejecting gesture. “Thrice I ask will you enjoy this day with me.” Lisa smiled and took Bart’s hand lacing her fingers with his. “You’re persuasive Brad; now show me why you like this field.”

Brad smiled and walked into the field a mist of pollen and flower dust flowed around him drifting around Lisa and him. They walked to a young tree its leaves full and green, with a small knot on its side. Brad went to the knot and whispered into it willing some of his summer magic into it.

The tree sprung to life growing buds the fruit coming quickly after, sweet oranges hung off the branches. Lisa smiled taking one of the fruits down and peeling it. “Impressive Brad your plant magic seems strong.” Brad nodded taking the orange and peeling it for Lisa he split it handing her half. They both ate it quietly smiling at each other.

Lisa beamed at Brad her true magic and power over summer gracing around the field without her even trying. “Brad I see why you like this place its calm and the fruit is delicious. Brad laughed a warm laugh it was full of the joy that summer faeries had in their voices. “My lady there are much more delicious things in this field, like yourself.”

Lisa blushed deeply and walked ahead of Brad picking up a flower making others bud with her power, she had so much strength she could make plants grow just by passing them. She spun and looked at Brad intent on his eyes. “Do you truly find me pretty?”
Brad nodded and looked at Lisa he reached out touching her arm the feeling of her skin against his touch was comforting and warm.

“Lisa you’re the summer lady, you can throw fire and light magic around better anyone then I know, you are the kindest, sweetest, most caring faerie I know, so yes I truly find you pretty, more then that your beautiful.” Brad got close to Lisa and kissed her without too much urgency; it was to test the waters. When Lisa started to kiss him back he put more passion into it his lips locking with hers tasting feeling her in the kiss.
Lisa became a bit more urgent and caught a moan in her throat that sounded like a feline purr. Bart’s tongue teased Lisa’s taking it into his mouth their tongues danced with more passion the kiss becoming hungry, brads hands traveled where his mouth want to go.

They broke the kiss and Lisa actually purred it was feminine warm and sensual. “Brad that was amazing so you want to be more then a friend?” Brad nodded. “I want to be your pet, or at least your toy, my lady.” Lisa smiled and tugged her shirt up exposing a healthy female stomach with no extra fat on it. Brad smiled taking the cue he leaned forward and kissed Lisa’s stomach kissing up to the pulling her shirt up with his nose as he kisses up her stomach. Lisa giggles and laughs were soft and warming.

“Brad just get where I want you my pet, and stop tickling me.” Brad knew what she meant and lifted her shirt away looking at her bra that was doing a good job of covering her breasts from Brad’s eyes for the moment. He pulled her bra and drank in the site of her warm skin and pink nipples. Brad kissed her right nipple circling it with his tongue teasing it to grow hard. When it hardened he started to suck on it while his hand cupped her left breast his right traveling down to her waistband.

“Not yet my pet.” Lisa spoke with a purr to her voice she brought up his hands to her breasts and sighed. He tweaked and rubbed her breasts and nipples her skin trembled under his her body and his growing eager and wantonly hungry. She runs her fingers through his hair and sighs letting his hands go back to their wandering. He nursed on her right breast while one hand went to her zipper and undid her jeans while the other slide into her panties rubbing her clit delicately lifting its hood feeling the small nub erect.

Lisa let out a low moan and smiled at Brad and looked into his eyes. “My pet you’re amazing, keep that up.” Brad rubbed Lisa’s clit faster his magic making his fingers warm. His other hand was working on Lisa’s left nipple his mouth on the right. The hand in Lisa’s panties slipped lower spreading her vags lips open sliding his finger into her he starts to finger her slowly feeling the wetness of her vag.

Lisa’s coo’s and moans were soft and warming her breathing was heavy compared to it.
Brad put a hand on Lisa’s chest taking his hand from her vag he smiled sighing. “So many strong but happy emotions, are you ready for the next step my lady?” Lisa moaned and cooed smiling at Brad. “Yes Brad, but what would that be~?” Brad’s jeans came loose from his legs revealing the blue boxers he had on his 5’’ first mate made them look tented.

Lisa took the boxers waistband and slide them down revealing Brad’s first mate then purple head sat proudly. Lisa giggled laughter in her voice. “Is this for me Brad?” Brad smiled and looked at Lisa shock spreading over his face at what Lisa was getting ready to do. Lisa’s lips touched his members head and she traced a line along the shaft of his first mate. Brad growled with primal lust and smiled. “My lady what are you doing?” Lisa cooed and smiled up at brad. “Pets deserve their treats Brad.”

Her lips wrapped around the tip of his first mate and let it slide slowly into her mouth and started to suck on it her tongue swirling around the tip. Brad groaned a bit feeling the precum start to form. Lisa smiled her head bobbing as she sucked Brad’s first mate she licked around the head. Brad groaned and stroked Lisa’s hair. A low growl escaped him and he looked down at Lisa. “Im going to cum Lisa.” Lisa smiled and sucked on his first mate harder.

Brad came into Lisa’s mouth his cum filled her mouth, she swallowed as if his cum were a drink and smiled when the last drop came out. “Delicious and I think this one is ready for the main event.” Brad smiled at Lisa both of them going toward the ground. Brad loomed over Lisa Brad smiled down and Lisa going down toward her laying a kiss across her lips while his tool slide into her.

Brad thrust slowly feeling Lisa’s inner muscles constrict almost lovingly around his first mate. Brad’s lips went to Lisa’s ear kissing it his words warm against her skin. “This feels amazing Lisa, I, well I love you.”

Brad thrust more Lisa pushed back against him the motion slow, loving. Lisa Lips were against Brad’s chest and neck taking in his skin. “Brad I may be the summer lady but I love you, my sweet pet.”

Brad beamed and picked up the tempo thrusting harder and deeper into her feeling the tightness and the warmth. Lisa’s arms wrapped around his neck pulling him into her their magic mixed to create what from Brad could tell at least in the air around them a perfect summer day.

Their orgasms met at nearly the same moment Lisa pulled Brad down nearly breaking his neck screaming in ecstasy while Brad growled in a primal masculine way flame licked near him moving with the passion he felt.

The fire was an illusion but the passion wasn’t Lisa laid against Brad’s chest rubbing his pec. They both held each other passionately caressing each other the warmth of their skin meeting. Lisa opened a small gate to faerie their true home.

It was a forest of warm evergreens with the scents and perfection of summer all around. Lisa sat in her own little throne made of roses with Brad beside her in a chair of his favored ivy. Lisa stroked her fingers through Brad’s hair treating him like a beloved pet. Brad enjoyed and adored the contact.

He shoke his hand letting his eyes close waitng until Lisa,s body called on him again.


2009-04-16 08:42:49
Your imagination is good, and the imagery you use flows well, so you have potential, but the story was ruined by a lack of punctuation and poor syntax.


2009-03-11 19:29:23
Not a bad storyline, but you really need to stay in one tense when you write instead of switching back and forth between past tense and present tense

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