This is a story of love between a mother and son. Please leave constructive comments, and i hope you enjoy.
The Stronger Bond

Summer had finally started, and Tyler was excited about the time off. He made it through the year with average marks, and hadn’t made to many friends, so he was happy to be out. Tyler was tall, pretty muscular, but that was only because he swam a lot at home. He had long brown hair, and had a slim face, with green eyes. His father died when he was six, and he and his mother lived in a nice suburban home.

Alyssa, Tyler’s mom, was extremely beautiful. She was short, toned from also swimming, and had very large breasts. She had long blonde hair, to her shoulders, and blue eyes to die for. She mourned her husband for years, and took the responsibility of raising her son well, so she spent very little time on herself.

There relationship was strong, very open, enough to talk about anything. She spent little time at work, but was paid well, so she spent a lot of time with her son. They both swam together, at times competitively, and others for fun. They had their basement remodelled to hold the pool, which was very large, and it helped with privacy. Alyssa was also excited for the summer break; she loved spending time with her son, especially in the pool.

Sine her husband died, Alyssa hardly dated, and at times caught herself fantasizing about her son. Tyler kept to himself at school, and when masturbating thought about his mothers body. The two never went past a kiss on the cheek, or a long hug, since neither knew about each others feelings. Both liked the swimming to see one another’s bodies, which they both fantasized about later.

Earlier in the week, they both went to the mall to buy new swimsuits. Tyler bought his usual baggy kind, but Alyssa wanted to buy a two piece, since she had become very proud of her body. Tyler really wanted to go to see if his mother would model them for her, but was disappointed that she did not. Alyssa wanted it to be a surprise for her son, because she liked teasing him while swimming.

The day finally came, and Tyler was very excited, not only was it summer, he got to see his moms new swimsuit. He quickly put on his new trunks, and a shirt, and went to his mother’s room. Alyssa was up earlier, she wanted to shave before swimming, since she didn’t like having any hair with her suit on. She heard her son getting up, and quickly slipped into the bikini, threw on a shirt, and grabbed her towel. They met at the stairs, and went to the door that went to the basement. Tyler reached for the handle, but Alyssa quickly went in front, so he got a handful of her round ass. She spun around smiling, she tried to get her ass grabbed, but didn’t think it would work. She saw him blushing, and told him it was ok, and opened the door.

They went down the stairs, and with his height, Tyler could see Alyssa’s breasts bouncing every step. He could feel his penis growing larger, so hoped he would get in the pool before his mom saw. They went over to the lounge chairs, and took of their shirts.
“Wow mom,” Tyler knew he was blushing, “small enough swimsuit.”
“C’mon,” Her cheeks became bright red, “I think it’s hot.”
“I never said it wasn’t hot, it definitely, and I like that its showing a lot.
Tyler couldn’t believe he said that, but was relieved when he saw his mom smile, and giggle a little bit. She did have to agree with him, her breasts were practically falling out, any tighter and the strings would break. He took a quick dive into the pool, sure that his mother hadn’t seen his erection, but she had, and was enjoying the fact that she turned her son on. She had a reason to buy that particular swimsuit. She knew that when she dived it would fall off, and she planned on that happening.

She took her position on the board, and saw her sons eyes glued on her. She took a few practise bounces, which Tyler liked very much; the slightest movement made her breasts bounce. She jumped, and made a perfect dive, which she knew would take the top of the bikini off. While she was under, she undid the straps of her thong. She re-emerged and saw her son turn red, but never turn away. She tried to look surprised, but couldn’t she just giggle.
“I told you it was too small.”
“Well since you’ve seen me, I don’t need to put it back on.”
Tyler almost came in the pool when he heard that, and kept on staring at her breasts.
“I don’t think this is very fair, I’m naked, and you’re still covered up.”
“Well if you see it that way, why don’t you take them off yourself.”
Tyler couldn’t believe what he was saying, the smaller of his two heads was talking, but it seemed as if his mom liked it. She smiled and swam closer to him, and reached for his shorts. Before she took them off, she grabbed a hold of his crotch, and was glad to fell he was rather big, and hard. Her hands slipped to his hips, and she started to slide his shorts down. His erection flew out, and hit Alyssa in the stomach. It got pressed between there stomachs when she pulled him closer.
“Have you ever kissed a girl before?”
“Not exactly, I’ve kissed you.”
“Well this shouldn’t be a problem then.”
She pulled her sons lips to hers, and found it quite obvious that he hadn’t kissed a girl. He wasn’t bad, but had no practise. They kissed for a while, until Tyler became more comfortable, and started to feel Alyssa. She moved her hands around him, along his back, to his hips, and slowly to his penis. She grabbed a hold of it, and Tyler jumped back. He had a look of shock on his face, since no one had ever touched him there. Alyssa came back to him but didn’t start to kiss him again yet.
“Touch them,” Alyssa motioned to Tyler to come closer.
Tyler reached his hand out, and Alyssa pulled him in to her, and his hand connected with her breast. She tilted her head back in pleasure, and Tyler grabbed handfuls at a time, using both hands on the breasts.

Tyler continued to grab his mother, and they started to kiss again. She again started to move her hands lower, and Tyler was more prepared this time. She grabbed his penis, and was surprised by how big it was. He definitely did not take after his father, and she was happy that she was going to get pleasured by the biggest penis she had ever held.
“These are really heavy.” Tyler was smiling
“You have no clue what they do to my back.”
They both laughed, and were glad that a bit of the tension was eased. She started to jerk him slowly, and he continued to massage her breasts, and started on her nipples. Tyler rarely masturbated, but knew his mothers hand felt a lot better then his own.
“Let’s move to the chairs.”
Tyler let out a soft moan, and unhappily let go of his mother’s breast. She got out of the pool first, and Tyler didn’t take his eyes off her ass, which bounced from side to side with every step. She stood next to one of the chairs, and Tyler took that as a sign to lie down. As he did, she set herself between his legs, and grabbed his penis again, jerking it slowly again. She moved her mouth closer to his head, and Tyler was thrilled that he was going to get his first blowjob. She liked the tip, then slowly down to his balls, then up again. Alyssa took the head into her mouth, and moved her tongue around it while her mouth was on it. She took her mouth off, and licked his head, which was pure ecstasy to him. His hips jerked until she took his head back into her mouth.

She started bobbing her head up and down, taking more of his thick shaft into her mouth. The whole length of it was at least 8 inches, and about 3 around, but Alyssa could barely fit 4 into her mouth, since she knew she was out of practise. She continued to jerk him while her mouth was on it, and Tyler was pretty close to the edge. Alyssa noticed this, and took his penis out of her mouth. She moved up a bit, and put the penis between her breasts. They almost made his whole penis disappear, and she started to move them up and down. Tyler was in heaven, the women he had fantasies about all the time was finally doing what he could only imagine. The feeling of her breasts on his penis sent him over the edge, and Alyssa knew it. She put her mouth over his head, and all of his cum was shot into her mouth. She slurped up every bit, and only a little dripped out, onto her breasts.

Tyler lied there, very happy, and Alyssa crawled up beside him, and took him into her arms. They hugged and kissed for a while, and Alyssa noticed it was almost lunch time.
“I think we should get some lunch.”
Tyler nodded in agreement, and they gradually made their way up the stairs, Tyler’s eyes still fixated on the bouncing ass in front of him.
“Should we get dressed?”
Tyler thought it was a silly question, especially when his mother turned around with a smirk on her face.
“How bout’ this,” Alyssa always wanted to do this, “As long as no one is over; we don’t have to wear clothes.”
Tyler became very happy, seeing his mother naked everyday, and he thought of another thing.
“Do you think we could sleep in the same bed?”
“Of course, I was planning on that already.”
Tyler was now amazed that he not only got to get his first blowjob, get to see her naked everyday, he go to sleep in the same bed with her, naked. Tyler began to think if his first time would be with her, and he hoped so.
“Maybe we should just order pizza.” Tyler wanted to have his mom more, so he didn’t want her in the kitchen.
“Ok, just give me a second to order.”
Tyler went to the bathroom to clean up a bit, and came back to his mom lying on the couch.
“You wanna try something?”
“Sure, I’d do anything after what you did for me.”
“Lie down between my legs.”
Tyler obliged, and put his face centimetres away from his mother’s vagina. He saw it was moist, and could feel the warmth coming from it.
“Now honey, I want you to eat me out, so do what ever feels natural to you.”
Tyler had heard about eating a girl out, seen a few videos, but obviously never had any experience doing it. He stuck out his tongue, and licked between her lips. She moaned rather loud, and started shaking. He continued to lick, higher and lower, while planting wet kisses all along her lips. He remembered from one video he saw, a guy putting his finger in there. Tyler thought, what the heck, and started to finger his mom. He did this for a while, and his jaw was becoming tired, so was his finger. Alyssa started moan louder, and shuddered with the waves of pleasure going through her, and felt her orgasm coming quickly.

She shook, and pleasure took over. She continued, and so did Tyler, for the longest orgasm she had ever had. It started to reside, and Tyler pulled his finger out. He lied beside his mother, like she did to him, and held her, and began to kiss her. She could taste her own juices in his mouth, she had always liked that. They ran upstairs when they heard the delivery man coming to the door. Alyssa came back down in her robe, and her hair all messed up, paid him, and took the pizzas to her room, where Tyler was already lying down. They ate their pizzas, while watching TV, and talking, about anything. Alyssa had already stripped her robe, and Tyler was having a hard time keeping his eyes off of her.
“Ya honey?”
“You are so hot, its amazing.”
“Thanks honey, I think you’re quite handsome myself.”
She gave him a kiss, and they continued to eat. He took their boxes downstairs, and they continued to hug and kiss, until they fell asleep in each others arms.

At around 4:00, Alyssa awoke, still holding Tyler. She made her way out of his grasp, and went to the bathroom for a shower. She didn’t want to shower; she liked the smell of sex, but needed to get the chlorine off. She thought to herself how this changed their relationship, but was happy when she told herself that it made their bond stronger. From the way Tyler looked, which was very mature, they looked as if they were a couple. She stepped out of the shower, and dried off. She stepped back into her room quietly, since Tyler was still sleeping, grabbed some clothes, and went to back to the washroom to get dressed. She put her clothes on, and wrote a note for Tyler saying that she was going to get groceries.

Stepping outside for the first time that day, the sun blinded her. She made her way closer to the car while putting her sunglasses on. Tyler always said she looked great with them on, and this time she actually believed in what he said. She pulled out of the driveway, and started the short drive to the store.
The parking lot was busy as usual, since the store was small, it was always busy. When she walked in, it was unnervingly quite. She took a basket, and made her rounds of the aisles. On the third aisle, a man came up from behind her, and at first she didn’t hear him yelling. It finally got to her when he put his arm around her neck, and pulled her to the counter with a gun to head. She was fighting, until he told her to shut up and stop moving, or he would shoot her. The store was empty other then her, the clerk, and the robber. He took her to the washroom, opened the door, and took her purse as he kicked her in. All the other people were in there, all with fear on their faces. She quickly took the phone out of her pocket, she knew there was a reason she never put it in her purse. She dialled 911, and told them what was happening. She heard the man coming again, and the door opened as she hid her phone again. The man pushed another woman into the washroom, and closed the door. Alyssa took her phone out again, and called Tyler.
“Hey mom, I saw your note.”
“Honey, I need to you to listen to me.”
“Oh my god mom, what’s wrong.”
“I’m at the general store, and some man is robbing it.”
“I’ll be right there.”
Before she could tell him not to, he had already hung up. The police were very slow, such a small force for such a large city.

She heard the front door open, and two men yelling, then a gun shot. Everyone in the bathroom screamed. Then there were a few odd sounds, like a baseball bat or something, and grunts, and then someone fell. Alyssa crawled to the door, and slowly opened it, very scared to see what happened. She was stunned; Tyler was standing there, baseball bat in hand, and the robber on the ground. Suddenly, a large spot of blood grew on Tyler’s chest, and he fell over. Alyssa ran to him screaming, he was conscious, but barely. The robber shot him in the chest, close to his heart. As she held her son, the police came in, and so did the paramedics.

The ride in the ambulance was a blur to Alyssa, and so was the waiting room of emergency. A few hours passed, and the doctor finally came to Alyssa.
“He was lucky he survived that.”
She was so relieved she almost fainted.
“He’s gonna be ok though, right?”
“Yes, but were going to keep him here for a few days, just to keep an eye on him then he can go home.”
The doctor led Alyssa to the room Tyler was in, and left the two alone. Tyler was half conscious, but smiled when he saw his mom. Alyssa took his hand, smiling, but with tears rolling down her cheeks.
“The doctor said you’re going to be fine.”
“That’s good, I still feel like crap though.” Tyler’s voice was barely holding together.
“Well, sorry, you look like crap.”
They both had a small laugh, and Tyler started coughing. Alyssa quickly grabbed him some water. He stopped coughing, and she pulled chair up next to the bed. They flipped through the channels, but Tyler was quickly sleeping, so Alyssa decided after a long day to sleep as well.

The night was a long one for Alyssa; she woke once to Tyler crying, and a nurse beside him. And many noises woke her up, but she fell asleep quickly after. The early morning nurse tapped her awake.
“I’d suggest you get some breakfast, our cafeteria is just down the hall.”
“Oh, thank you, but what time is it?”
“About 11:00, you slept for awhile.”
“Ya, I guess I did, but ill get some food.”
The two smiled at each other, and she gave Tyler a kiss on the forehead, and left the room. The cafeteria was empty, not too many people wanting lunch. The police dropped off her purse in the night, so she had money to get enough food for the rest of the day. Heading back to Tyler’s room, she stopped and got a newspaper and a few magazines, and a puzzle book for Tyler if he felt up to it.

The rest of the day was boring, a lot of channel flipping, Tyler woke up a few times, but nothing major. The nurse came back in and talked to her, telling her she should go home for the night, and she agreed, only to get cleaned up. Tyler awoke before she left.
“Hey handsome.”
“Hey beautiful, how was your day?” Tyler tried to smile, but could manage only a small one.
“Boring, but you caught me as I was leaving to go home, but don’t worry ill be back tomorrow.”
“Can you bring me some of my clothes?”
“Definitely, and books or anything?”
“No, I just want to go home in my own clothes.”
She kissed him once again, a bit more passionately, and they said their goodbyes. She took a taxi back to the store, so she could get her car, there were police outside, and the coroner was just leaving. In her car, she felt tears starting to well up in her eyes, so she quickly drove home.

Back in the house, she went to her bed and started to cry. Having the scent of her new lover in her bed did not help, and she continued to cry for what seemed like days, but was actually about an hour. It was only 6:00, so she decided she would eat before she got anything ready for tomorrow. The loneliness almost killed her, without having her son there was awful, not only cause of there recent experiences, he was all she had. All she needed was sleep, so she slept, till 9:00am, when the doctor called, saying that Tyler could come home early, since he was doing so well. Alyssa cleaned up quick, grabbed clothes from Tyler’s room, and rushed to the hospital. He was walking in his room, waiting for her, there were no nurses around, so they kissed and hugged, deeply. They didn’t stop kissing until Alyssa saw a nurse coming.

Tyler needed help getting dressed, and it was a lot easier now for Tyler to be naked around his mom. Alyssa was on her knees in front of Tyler, and he was getting very turned on from looking down his mom’s shirt. His erection was almost hitting his mom in the face, and he was close to just shoving it in her mouth, since it felt so good. She looked up at him and smiled.
“Wait until we get to the car, cause I missed you to.”
Tyler was happy again, under the circumstances that was the best thing that could have happened to him. He sat in a wheelchair, and his mom wheeled him to the car. He did not really need the chair; it was just to hide the erection that wouldn’t go away. They threw the few things he had with him in the back, and he got into the passenger seat. She started the car, but didn’t do anything else. She turned to him and smiled.
“Are you gonna pull your pants down, or are we gonna try and get you off with them on.”
He took them off quickly, and his erection sprung up, hitting his stomach. Alyssa took it in her hand, and started to jerk it slowly. He pushed the seat down so he was lying back, and she had more access to his penis. She took it into her mouth, this time fitting more in than before. She licked the head, and massaged the rod. The pleasure running through Tyler made him forget how his chest hurt so much. Alyssa’s mouth was making a lot of slurping noises, while she licked up every bit of precum that came out. Tyler started to move more erratically, and Alyssa wanted his cum. He blew his load in her mouth, and it was so big she could hardly swallow all of it. She slowed her hand, but kept jerking him, to make sure she got every drop out of him.

Tyler sat there, tired, and very happy. Alyssa wiped her mouth, and sat back up, and put the car in gear. Tyler still was lying back, and even after blowing his load, kept his erection up.
“I see that wasn’t enough for you.”
“Well, I did miss you a lot.”
Alyssa blushed; she did not see Tyler as her son anymore, only as her lover. She kept on smiling while she drove, and her panties were soaked, the juices almost went through her jeans. They pulled up to the house, and Tyler finally pulled his pants up, grabbed his stuff, and walked in after Alyssa.
“You have a seat; ill get you something to drink.”
Tyler lied down on the couch, and closed his eyes. The bandage on his chest was getting really itchy, but he knew that it only get worse if he scratched. To stop thinking about it, he thought of what he had done with his mom. He loved her more now, and after what had happened, he knew that they would always be together. Alyssa started to walk back, and Tyler saw she had taken her jacket off. The shirt hugged her curves, and her breasts were almost spilling out. Tyler moved over, and she came and lied next to him. They continued to kiss, but after there past few days, they fell asleep quickly.

Tyler woke up, and saw his hand was on Alyssa’s ass. He was quickly aroused, and started squeezing, which woke her up. She smiled, and started to rub his crotch again, arousing both of them further. There lips were locked again, and Alyssa was undoing Tyler’s belt. His pants slipped off quickly, and his boxers were the only thing holding in his erection. Tyler was already rubbing Alyssa, and could tell she was very wet. He slipped down her sweatpants, and slipped his hand under her panties. He shoved his finger into her tight hole, and she moaned with pleasure. Tyler kept his finger moving in and out slowly, not wanting her to cum to quickly. Alyssa moved herself on top of Tyler, sat up, and slipped her shirt off. Tyler was glad to see that she was not wearing a bra, and her breasts popped from her shirt. Although she was an older woman, her breasts were still as perky as they were when she was in her teens. Tyler continued to finger her, and grabbed her breast with his other hand. Alyssa was breathing harder now, and she started to jerk Tyler again after she took his boxers off. She started moaning louder, and fidgeting on Tyler and her orgasm rocked through her. Tyler continued to finger her, and pinch her nipples as her orgasm ran through her. It began to recede, and she fell onto Tyler. Her breathing began to calm, and Tyler started kiss her again. She sat up again, and moved her pussy closer to his penis. She rubbed the head along her lips, and they both moaned. Alyssa could see that Tyler was a bit nervous, since it was his first time.
“Honey, don’t worry, it will fell really good.”
Tyler nodded and Alyssa pushed his penis into her. Alyssa was so tight, it could barely fit into her tight hole.
“Mom, you are so tight.”
“I know, it has been so long.”
Alyssa started moving herself up and down, sending pleasure through both of their bodies. Tyler moved his hips along with his mothers movement’s, and they both moaned and the same time. Tyler was still massaging her breasts, which were bouncing every time he thrust into her. Breathing harder now, Alyssa could feel herself reaching her second orgasm. It ripped through her stronger then before, tightening her pussy up against Tyler’s penis. She moaned and screamed, until the orgasm slowed. As she was finishing, Tyler came to the edge of cumming. He moaned louder, and releases his load into her tight hole. She again collapsed onto him, and they were both breathing hard. Alyssa took his now soft penis out of her, and she pied up next to him, with her ass at his penis.

They were watching a movie that was on, and Tyler could feel himself becoming hard again. His erection pressed into her ass cheeks, and he smiled to feel how soft they were.
“Haven’t you had enough for today?”
“I just noticed how beautiful you were again.”
She blushed, turned toward Tyler, and began kissing him again. They were both naked, except Tyler had kept his shirt on.
“Let’s go get cleaned up, since I think your gonna need some help in the shower.”
“Yes, help.”
They laughed, got up and started up the stairs toward the bathroom. She started the shower, and helped him take his bandage off.
“The doctor said that we could take this off, but had to be careful not to pull on the stitches.”
Tyler winced as the bandage pulled over the incision the doctor made to get the bullet out.
“I think it makes me look bad-ass.”
Tyler laughed at what he said, so did Alyssa, and they stepped into the shower. Alyssa helped clean Tyler, and Tyler “helped” clean Alyssa. He was massaging her breasts and pussy for the most part. She could feel herself reach another climax when Tyler put his finger into her hole once again. She held onto him tightly, until the orgasm finished. She smiled, and finished cleaning up. She turned the water off, and they stepped out, drying each other off. They embraced in another hug, and they went to the kitchen. Alyssa got out the menu to the Chinese food store, and placed the order, while Tyler was sitting at the table. She came over, put a leg on each side of him, and sat on his lap. They continued to make out, and Tyler’s erection grew once again. They had to break it off when the doorbell rang.
“I hate how fast those guys are.”
She slipped into her tight sweatpants, and her jacket, and opened the door. She brought the food back into the kitchen, and Tyler saw that the jacket was not concealing her breasts at all.
“I see the delivery man got a good show.” And pointed to the top of her jacket.
“I like it when it’s like this, its makes you hard.”
Tyler smiled, got up, and undid her jacket. Her breasts became even more visible.
“I get harder when they are like this.”
She pushed him back into the chair, but instead of continuing to kiss him, she sensually slipped out of her clothes. First taking her jacket off, and then sliding down her pants, this showed off her ass very well.

She took her position again and continued to kiss him again. She took a hold of his penis again, and brought it up to her pussy. She again put his large head into her tight hole, making Tyler moan, and Alyssa scream in pleasure. She started to rock up and down on his penis, taking in more every time. Alyssa was surprised when she felt her son sucking on one of her nipples. He playfully nibbled, and continued to suck again. This sent them both over the edge. The orgasm seemed stronger when they experienced it together. Tyler continued to suck on her nipple, and Alyssa continued to rock on his penis. The orgasm subsided, and they sat there, out of breath and happy.
“I think the food is getting cold.”

End part one.

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