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i just want to see what people think, i honestly doubt this is wanking material. ive been on this site long enough to know what people like. im just hoping for an opinion. or maybe just a place to bend out my sexual frustrations, i dont know. i dont know what i want.
O, i dream her bosoms lush,
sway to and fro with ev'ry thrust;
our tongues entwined, yet still we blush,
I hope thee tight with sweaty lust.

Thy lively nipples swell and harden,
fingers frolick through thy garden;
I venture deep, what treasures found,
deep within thy fleshy mound!

I lift thee up with manly might,
O readily she doth excite!
I stroke her calves so smoooth and white
wet slipp'ry heat, her tunnel tight,
her lust replete, she shivers slight
joyous squeals of carnal delight!

sweet ecstacy! be quick, make haste!
so longingly unsheathe they waist
spurting gushing, phallus fountain,
its truly i, king of fuck mountain.

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-05 13:44:14
This info is the catÂ’s pjaaams!


2009-11-18 18:17:19
good flow but the rhyme pattern changes. keep writing and reading well written poems. I don't get past the first few lines on most poems. Main thing is to enjoy


2009-07-25 07:10:59
Well done!! Really good poem - I love reading 'olde english' verse and it's even better when it's written so lustfully!!

You get a plus vote from moi!!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-06-20 18:24:02
Pretty good g man


2009-06-13 09:14:13
Fukin rotten poem...arsehole you cud make it lil more wacky!

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