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Same starting out shit; This is a true story, names have been changed, blah blah
“What the hell is going on here?!” asked Ben as he walked in the room. Connor immediately shot his head upward as did I. My heart dropped since I knew Ben would be pissed that I got to have sex with Connor before he did.

“B-Ben? What are you doing here? Didn’t you break your arm?” Connor timidly asked.

“No, I almost did. Mr. Barlow thought I broke it. So are you such a whore that you decided to have sex with Alex the day you moved in? Nice, really nice.” Ben ranted. He came up with a nice little array of insults over the next few minutes, and Connor just seemed to sit there and take it. After a while I decided to step in.

“Alright, alright, Ben, I think it’s time for you to go.” I said, and I started to push him out of the room.

“Don’t touch me.” Ben said and tried to push me away.

“You heard what I said, Ben. I’m sorry you don’t know how to keep a man, but that’s no reason to get all bitchy at me or Connor.” I said. Ben tried to throw a punch at me, but I caught it in my hand and twisted his arm behind his back and pushed him out of the door, making sure to lock it this time.

I talked to Connor over the next hour or so and he did most of the talking. I understood that, since he had taken in a lot in the past weekend. Around the time we got tired, it was around midnight so we got ready for bed and then fell asleep.

Let me take this moment to describe Ben. He was about 5 ft 4 or so and a little under 100 pounds, but he didn’t look very frail at all. Compared to Connor, they had very similar body types but different features. Connor was pretty pale but Ben had a nice tan. Connor had big green eyes while Ben’s were also pretty big but blue. Both had long hair, but Connor’s was light brown and Ben’s was sandy blonde. Connor’s hair was straight while Ben’s was wavy. And also, Connor’s ass was somewhat loose, obviously because he had experimented before but Ben’s ass was very tight, which was perfect for ramming my cock into.

I woke up and I looked across the room. Connor was still asleep so I got up and bent over his bed. I slid my hands behind his head and into his mass of beautiful head of brown fur-like hair and pressed my lips against his. After a second or two he woke up and another second later his arms found their place around the small of my back and he was returning the kiss with our tongues dancing around in each other’s mouths. Finally, we broke the kiss and I asked if he would like to go to breakfast with me.

“Umm…No thanks, I don’t really like to eat breakfast. You go ahead without me.”

A little disappointed, I got dressed and I walked out of the room and downstairs.

(The following is in Connor’s point of view)

Alex walked out of the room and I was left alone. I decided to look around the room a little and observed what was Alex had in his bedroom. After a few minutes I heard the door open and I turned around.

“Oh come on Alex, do you ever lock that doo-” I stopped. Instead of Alex standing there, Ben was, and he didn’t look happy at all.

“Get out.” I said. Ben closed and locked the door. He walked towards me and stopped directly in front of me. “Didn’t you hear me? I said leave.” I told him. I was really scared despite the fact that I was speaking firmly with him.

“Tell you what, how about you stop bullshitting that you’re not a complete pussy and just shut the fuck up.” He yelled at me. Hearing him yell at me and the things he was saying just tore me up. I knew I was weak but I couldn’t help it. Fighting back tears, I spoke up again.

“No, GET OUT!!!” I yelled at him. I was sincerely yelling now and I just wanted him to leave. I guess I really angered him and he threw his fist and punched me right in the stomach. I fell to the ground and landed on my hands and knees. I struggled to breath with the pain surging through me. I sat up on my knees and I prepared to fight back as hard as I could but instead of punching me again he thrust his face into mine and started making out with me. Before I could move away he grabbed me and the more I tried to move away, the harder he held me and the harder he kissed me. Before I knew it, he was reaching into the waistband of my shorts and removed them.

He licked his fingers and I knew what was coming next, so I struggled even harder to break free from his grip. He inserted his fingers into the entrance to my ass. It felt really great, but I couldn’t bring myself to be pleasured by Ben. He eased his fingers even more into my hole and started twisting and wriggling them around inside. Every time he did, a new wave of pleasure ran through me and I let out a small whimper each time.

I felt humiliated to be sitting there, completely at his mercy and being fingered by him. I was grateful that he didn’t use his penis to penetrate me because I was still sore form the night before with Alex. But I jinxed myself because that’s exactly what he did.

He removed his shorts and underwear and revealed his erect penis.

“Please Ben, I… I’m still…”

“What, still hurting from last night with Alex?” He said in a fake caring way.

“That’s exactly why I want to fuck you’re ass raw.”

He shoved my head down to his erect cock and said, “Suck.” I had never sucked a penis before so I had no idea what to do. I opened my mouth and took his head in. I started to suck and gently ease the rest in. I lathered in saliva because it was going in my asshole soon and I wanted it to go in easy. When his penis started to reach the back of my mouth I knew I wouldn’t be able to take anymore so I took my mouth off of him.

He was being incredibly pleasured by all of this and I think he assumed I was enjoying this by now so I took this moment to run on my hands and knees towards the door. I soon got up on my feet but I didn’t get very far until Ben tripped me and I came crashing onto the floor.

He jumped on to me and prepared to do me doggy style on the floor. He held me tighter and maneuvered his cock into the entrance of my asshole.

“Ben, please don’t”, I begged.

He shut me up by placing his fingers into my mouth, apparently wanting me to suck them. Instead I bit them.

He quickly removed them form my mouth and shoved his cock into me as hard as he could. Even though his cock was smaller than Alex’s it hurt almost twice as much. My asshole was not only on fire, but I felt a pain in my lower stomach area that caused me to scream and it also caused tears to stream down my cheeks. Ben wasted no time in maneuvering his penis in and out of my arse and increased in speed over time. As he kept moving his cock in and out I kept begging unsuccessfully for him to stop but only succeeded in him increasing in speed and vigor until finally he exploded his load into me. I screamed again and I was bawling on the floor.

He took his penis out of me and my ordeal was finally over with. He walked away from me and unlocked and opened the door.

“Tell anyone about this, especially Alex, and I wont just give you a punch this time. Now clean your fucking self up.”

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2010-06-14 02:33:00
I swear you are my new gay best friend man. Keep writing! I'm serious. I'm a girl but gay guys are my favorite thing ever. :] Just saying.

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2010-04-28 01:51:24
Ben raped him! I hope Alex helps Conner to rape Ben back!!!

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2010-04-02 11:29:35
I love the stories keep writting

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2009-09-11 01:05:50
Keep writing, but not rape stories.


2009-09-03 01:31:51
So is Ben really that much of an f-ing punk. god I hate rape, and come on U trying to tell me that Connor would let Ben Do that to him???!!!! I can't wait for the next segment and some where in there you Alex better help Connor to grow up a bit.

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