A few hours later, I woke up on top of Isabel. She was still sleeping, peaceful and smiling. Her breathing was soft and slow. She looked beautiful especially with the late morning sun rays shining on her flawless skin through my windows. My limp prick was still in her. The velvetiness of her cunt got me hard. Shit, I had morning wood and was nervous that she might wake up and think I was a pervert. I slowly tried to pull out. She stirred from her sleep. I froze. She slowly opened her beautiful eyes and yawned.
“Morning stud” she said sweetly.
“Morning” I replied nervously. I tried to pull out some more but failed.
“Mr Dan, is that your penis that’s poking me right now,” she said in a fake stern voice.
“Uh” I said completely out of words. “Sorry, just regular morning wood...”
She laughed, and I relaxed. “Well, its pretty early to be horny isn’t it?” she asked jokingly.
“I guess, look I’m really sorry about it. I hope you won’t think I’m some sort of pervert. I mean I woke up next to you and it just you know automatically stood…”
“Awwww. How cute” she teased. I blushed. “Well if you want it to go away, I guess there’s one thing left to do.” She then grabbed me by my shaft and shoved it into her wet tight cunt. I gasped in pleasure and surprise. I left my dick buried inside her enjoying the feeling.
“Come on, what you are waiting for, fuck me. Fuck me hard stud” she said erotically. Her dirty talk turned me on even more. Instinctively I started thrusting my hips forward. I took it slow first, pulling out all the way and then going down fast and deep. Every thrust inward was powerful and it made Izzy go crazy. Then I started pounding her normally. I got a cushion and put it under her hips. The effect was amazing. After a minute of fucking her, she came.
“ohhh…ohhhh…. Sssshhhhiiiiittttt…Ddaaannnn!!!!!” she cried. Her eyes were closed and her body was quivering she held both her hands up onto my chest and pushed me away. Her orgasm was too intense. Her cunt became more slippery as she came. My dick slid in easily this time and I went faster. Her vagina was tightening, I slowed down not wanting to cum yet but I started to rub her clit while she orgasmed. After half a minute, her orgasm subsided. Her body stopped shaking, she was breathing deeply and quickly. Her face was shining from the sweat. Her hair was wet with perspiration and was stuck to her face. She looked so fucking hot. By then I had stopped and pulled out. I kissed her neck as she lay there eyes closed trying to catch her breath.
“That…was…fucking…awesome,” she said between breaths and hugging my head closer to her sweaty neck. Although she was wet with pussy juice and sweat, she still smelt so nice and sweet. I cupped her right breast and licked it. She shuddered and sat up a little.
“Don’t. Not yet. Its too intense, I might pass out. Just look at my pussy, its still recovering” she said out of breath. True enough when I looked down, I saw a cunt enjoying the after effects of an orgasm. Her bush was damp with vaginal liquids. Her lips were wet and quivering. I touched it and she shuddered from its sensitivity. She put a her hand on mine telling me to stop as she closed up her legs. Juices were still leaking out. Finally she recovered. My dick was semi erect by now.
“Come on lets continue,” she said with a nod. I then grabbed some of her cum and rubbed it on my dick. She reached down and gave me a few strokes. I was hard again. I positioned myself between her legs and entered her. We fucked again. I went slowly this time. She hugged me tight. Her hard nipples rubbed against mine and I was in ecstasy. She was moaning lightly and I was kissing her. We frenched for awhile while she moaned into my mouth. She got of again but this time was smaller. Then I felt the urge to cum deep in my balls.
“Uh Izzy,” I said slightly out of breath.
“Yeah baby?” she said, her eyes were closed.
“I need to cum soon. Where do you want it?” I asked, slowing down.
“Cum inside me baby. I want your cum inside of me.” She moaned. I fucked her some more. I was really banging her this time. I grabbed her and pounded down hard. She was screaming in pleasure. I pounded her fast and hard that my knees gave way and I fell off the couch onto the floor on my back with me in her. There was a loud thud and I felt the pain spread across my back and the back of my head.
“Fuck!” I cried. It hurt like hell. Then I remembered that Isabel had fallen off with me too. “Izzy, are you ok? Oh my god, I cant believe that just happened. Shit are you hurt?”
She shook her head, a little shocked at first. Then she started to giggle.
“Wow, seems like my stud was too excited” she teased. I relaxed but groaned in pain. She stopped giggling and started to look concerned. “Baby, are you ok?”
“Ya. I don’t think I broke anything, but this sure as hell hurts.”
“Well I know what going to help.” She then started to kiss me all over my body. She kissed me on the mouth, her tongue inside. Then she kissed my neck. She kissed my chest, licking my nipples. She got off me and got in between my legs.
“I bet I know where it hurts the most” she said and then she grabbed my softening dick and sucked it. It felt good. Shit, I was so close to cumming just now but lost it after I fell off. Izzy licked the underside of my cock head where the skin attaches. It was really sensitive. I was rock hard within seconds. She sucked me off for a few minutes to get me going. Then she grabbed it and eased her body above it and let my cock re-enter her from below. She went slow and when it was fully in, she leaned forward and kissed me hard and long. When she broke off, she started to bounce on my dick. “Since my little stud is hurt, I guess I’ll have to take over.” She went faster, her b cups bouncing with every downward thrust. I grabbed them and played with her nipples. Her left hand was helping her balance on my chest while her right hand was behind her head holding her hair back. She had her eyes closed and she as moaning. I used one hand and found her clit buried in her bush. I pinched it and immediately she had another orgasm but slightly smaller. Her juices flowed over my cock and pelvis and covered my balls.

I was near again. My penis throbbed and swelled up inside her. She felt it obviously and bounced faster. I brought her body close and kissed her. Then I came inside her. Each shot was powerful and hit the back of her vaginal walls. I moaned with every shot and in between kisses. Finally my orgasm subsided and my penis shrank and popped out with a soft pop sound. Isabel still sat on top of me.
“Wow that was really good. I haven’t came like that in months since I had sex last,” Izzy said. “Tell me, did you enjoy yourself?” I was so pleasured that it felt like I was floating. My eyes were closed and I too was breathing heavily.
“Yeah. That was fucking great.” I said panting.
“Was I better than Chloe?” she asked. I opened my eyes to see her looking nervous. She was biting her bottom lip.
“Yeah. You were better and were definitely better than the rest of them?” still in ecstasy.
“Rest of who?” she asked suddenly, looking serious and surprised. Shit. I shouldn’t have said anything. I knew by now that Isabel was kind of jealous about me being with Chloe. If I told her about the other girls I was with during that time than it would piss her off.
“Rest of who?” she asked again. I couldn’t lie to her. I sighed and told her.
“The other girls I slept with.” I told her.
“What other girls, I thought you were only with Chloe? You cheated on her? I cant believe you. You’re like all the other guys just wanting sex. I know I don’t like chloe, but she doest deserve this. What the fuck is wrong with you???” She had raised her voice. I sighed and sat up.
“You have it all wrong.”
“What do I have all wrong. That you’re such a pig.” Her face was filled with furry and disgust. “Tell me. I’m waiting.”
“Fine. I didn’t want to say it or you would just say that you told me so. Well in the middle of our relationship, I caught her cheating on me. I was devastated.” Izzy stopped rambling and looked stunned. “She did what?”
“She cheated on me. I caught her fucking her old boyfriend in her bed. I went into her house that day to surprise her. I saw her on top of him just yelling his name. I was so hurt. I mean just less than six months I had felt dumped and betrayed by two girls that I really liked.” Izzy flinched when I mentioned the betrayal part. I continued. “I was so pissed I felt like hitting her – which didn’t of course but I couldn’t take the pain. I wanted to hurt her back. That’s when I thought I would get her back by cheating on her, to see if she would react the same way. That’s when I started sleeping with other girls. They were usually really crazy girls who thought I as some super huge rockstar and wanted to sleep with me to get popular. I mean I only did it with those who were really willing and sober so that I didn’t take advantage of people. I mean I didn’t anyone to get hurt there. Well this one time I did it at her house purposely and she caught me of course. She started fighting with me telling me how I betrayed her. I then confronted her. She was stunned and then started crying telling me she was sorry and that she was just ending her relationship with her old boyfriend. Apparently they didn’t break up properly and were kind of together while I went out with her. We finally talked it out and I forgave her so that’s why I was still with her.”
Isabel looked surprised still. “How many girls did you sleep with?”
“You really want to know?” she just nodded her head and I sighed. “Fifteen. She was super pissed at it but that’s equivalent to all the sex she had with her ex over the months we were together.” She continued to look surprised then sort of sorry.
“I’m sorry that she cheated on you,” was all she could say. I could see that she felt kind of bad yelling at me.
“Its not your fault. I mean it was kind of my mistake. I should have listened to you before. I mean I just wanted me and her to work out. I hate feeling lonely and un-noticed. Its been like that forever and finally someone notices me and it turns out that she just cheats on me.” I was sad by now, near tears. “I mean, I knew that I had all the reason to break it off, but something inside told me that this maybe the last chance for someone to actually see me and want to actually be with me.”
“I notice you,” she said softly looking into my eyes. I looked at her and I saw the warmth in her beautiful eyes.
“I know. That’s why I sort of fell for you.” I sighed. “I mean without you, I’m just another part of the background where no one sees me, only right through me like I’m invisible.”
“Hey,” she said even softer. Tears dropped from her eyes. “when I said I loved you last night, I meant it. I know you love me and I do too. I wont go anywhere. You’re the only man for me.” She then leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips. I kissed her back and hugged her close to me. The she looked up at me.
“So out of the 17 girls you’ve been with whose the best?” she asked curiously.
“Well… I think the best sex was with Jessica, this hot blonde with huge breasts…” I said jokingly. She hit me on the chest. I laughed. “Of course its you.”
“Right answer” she replied. We continued hugging. Then we laid down on the floor and took a nap.


2009-07-02 16:38:54
Great story. Very true to life, which is both a plus and a minus.

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