First of all I need to say that I like sex to be very dirty and intense. I enjoy doing things that are out of the ordinary. I am excited by the smell of a dirty woman, I like to lick a well fucked unwashed pussy. Clean soapy women don't hold anything for me. I like to fantasize about doing extreme and perverse things with dirty girls. This may sound bad but I comfort myself that I enjoy perverted women of my own age and never do anything without their consent. I am not a paedophile or a murderer or anything like that, but this story does get pretty heavy and disgusting. So be warned.
I had a relationship with a girl that I really loved and she was very cruel to me, what I learnt from this is that I would do literally anything to make that girl want me and keep seeing me. I realised that if I felt like this then if I made a woman love me then said that I was leaving her, she would probably react as I did and do whatever I wanted. I was right.

This is the story of a girl called Debbie. When I met her she was happily bringing up two young daughters. She lived in a council house in Sussex England. She had been divorced for 6 years or so and she was used to living on her own. She hadn't had a relationship in all that time. She doesn't trust men and she has set up her life so that she doesn't need them. When I walked into her life it was obvious to me that she was lonely and depressed. I figured that if I treated her right and made her fall in love with me that I could make her into what I wanted.


I was attracted to her initially because I have always had a thing for women with hairy armpits. Debbie has thick black hair in abundance under her arms and I figured that she probably didn't shave anything but her lower legs. She wasn't pretty, but she had a really good body, about 5 foot 2 and slightly plump. 36DD breasts that sagged slightly and a bit of a tummy. She looked good.

I wined and dined her for a couple of weeks and pampered her every need. When I eventually got her into bed she was better than I had ever imagined. She really knew how to give a blowjob and she was brilliant with her hands. She rates as the best bed partner I have ever had for 'normal' sex.

When we were lying in bed after the first fuck she asked me if she had done OK and as we chatted she mentioned that she had often thought about intimate piercings, this was a really encouraging opening. I told her that I thought that this was a good idea. I was right about her hairiness, she had perfuse black hair all over her pussy and between her legs, extending into the crack between her cheeks at the back and up to her lower tummy at the front.

Debbie was rather poor, not having a job and bringing up her family on the DSS. I have a good job and money is not a problem so I could give her and her family a really good deal and she wanted me to move in and meet parents etc, really quickly. I kept the relationship going well for about three weeks and then told her that I didn't think things would work out and that I was leaving her.

As expected she was devastated and wanted to know what was wrong. I played coy and told her that it was an embarrassing problem that I had and that I thought she was too nice for what I really wanted from life. She kept on asking what I wanted and I moved closer to it by telling her that I need a lot of sex and that she was the best bed partner that I had ever had, but that I wanted sex at least once and usually twice a day. She immediately promised that this wouldn't be a problem and I smiled sadly. I need it rough and nasty I explained, you don't want to get involved with what I like, you are a nice girl. What do you want? She asked.

I told her that I wanted to have dirty sex, I love bedding you, but you always smell of soap, I want a girl to smell like a girl, not like a bath, I want to drink your wee from your fanny, lick your dirty unwashed bum and I want you to hurt me.

She looked shocked as expected and went for more wine. I lit a cigarette and waited. When she came back she said that she could probably do that sometimes if it made me happy. I explained that I didn't want to do it sometimes; that is how I like sex all the time and that is only the start. I like it really extreme and perverse I told her. What else do you want to do then? She asked, almost panicking. Ideally I want you to be a completely filthy slut for me all the time and do whatever I ask. What? She said. Oh I really wish I was normal I said, you will hate me if I tell you about what turns me on, I love you and I can't do this to you, I should go. I said getting up. No she cried, we can work this out, I love you too and I want to please you I'm sure that I can be whatever you want me to be. This was going well so I ventured further.

I like pain and being degraded I told her, that can take many forms and I like all of them. I really get off on being 'made' to do disgusting things by a disgusting woman, that's the problem; you're not a disgusting woman, you're lovely. I then burst into well-practiced tears. She moved closer and cuddled me saying that it was OK and we could work it out. If we love each other, she said, anything is possible. We kissed and held each other while I recovered my dignity and dried my eyes.

Let’s go to bed now she suggested. No I said, I am too embarrassed to do anything like that. I should go home. Please don't she pleaded. I don't want to be alone and you really don't have to be embarrassed, everyone's different. Do you really think you could be dirty for me all the time then I asked? Definitely, I might find it difficult to begin with but I'm sure that I can do anything you need. And enjoy it, I asked; it's important that you like the stuff we do as well. I'm sure that I will grow to like it, she said. Giving you pleasure excites me a lot so I guess it will work out. Now please come to bed and make mad passionate love to me. My way or yours I asked. Any way you want she said.

We went upstairs and went into the bedroom. I undressed and she stripped to her knickers, then she headed for the bathroom. Where are you going I asked her? For a wee she said. Please don't I said, just get in bed. I really need to go she said, good I replied, now get into bed. Debbie shrugged and took off her knickers; I looked at her hairy bush and smiled. Lay back and let me lick you I said, if you have a little accident whilst I serve you all the better, just don't say sorry, drown me and make like I deserve it. You probably do she said giggling.

She laid back and spread her thighs. Lick me she whispered. I laid between her legs and licked her furry hole. By the way, I said, If you need to fart I like that too. She sighed and wriggled her fanny in my face. Just lick me, she said, so I did. I put my arms up and fondled her tits and toyed with her nipples. I know that she likes that and she was soon moaning in ecstasy. Suddenly there was a short hissing sound and immediately I was enveloped in a foul smell, she giggled and I gave an extra hard suck on her clit, ooh she said and put her hands behind my head. Lick me, make me come she said, and with that she let go a torrent of hot piss into my face, I tried to move away but she gripped my head with her thighs and held my head hard with her hands. Then she farted long and hard, her cheeks rattling and making a strange wet noise, soaked as they were with the still gushing fountain from her cunt. I had to swallow some of her offering and tried to breathe as I took my facial shower. Eventually the torrent slowed and stopped and she relaxed her grip on me. She got out of bed and told me to lay in the wet mess she had made. I did as she said and she got on top of me. I thought she was going to fuck me, but she squatted facing me and made me lick her dry. When I had finished she moved down the bed and impaled herself on my very hard cock. We fucked like rabbits and she came three times, somehow though she seemed to sense when I was going to come and moved slightly so that my pleasure declined. After her forth come she smiled. Bet you wish I'd let you come? She said. Please I said. No she said. And she got off me. Still naked she walked towards the door, come with me she said. I got out of bed and went to put my trousers on. No clothes, she said. But what about the girls I said, they might get up for the loo. That'll embarrass you properly then won't it she said. Come on. I followed her naked down the corridor, and to my horror she opened the girls door. All right? She asked them. Thankfully there was no reply and I breathed a sigh of relief. She went downstairs and I followed.

Once in the kitchen she put the kettle on and sat down. Coffee time she said, I feel a little empty now. I need the loo I said getting up. Oh no she said I won't let you do that. Sit down. But... No buts. Sit down she said. So I did. She opened the back door and the cold night air came flooding in. Sit on the door step she said. I was still wet and very cold. I'm cold I complained. She looked cross and came over to me carrying a teaspoon. She touched the spoon to my left nipple and it really hurt. I hadn't noticed that she had heated up the spoon on the gas whilst the kettle was on. DOORSTEP she commanded. So I quickly got up and went to the door.

It was a clear frosty night outside and she told me to stand naked on the path. I was shaking with cold and she smiled as she put on her shoes. She came to join me on the path and rubbed my balls. In the starlight I stood freezing. What about the neighbours I asked quietly. Never liked them anyway she said. Now sit facing the wall of the house as close as you can get to it. I sat on the frosty ground. It actually felt good on my bum and exciting as my balls touched the icy ground. Now lie down and put your feet high on the wall she said. I did. Higher she said standing over my head. I ended up almost upside down with just my shoulders on the ground and my feet about 4 feet up the wall. Debbie then squatted above my head and made me lick her bum hole. You wanted a wee she said? I did I said. Well have one then she said, but don't forget to open your mouth nice and wide. I let go and my piss felt like boiling water as it ran up my belly. Debbie took my cock in her fingers and aimed my wee higher up my chest, higher and higher until I was showering my own face. Open wide she said as she aimed my pee into my mouth. She held my nose and told me to swallow without spilling and don't you dare spit it out she said. I did as I was told and she smiled. Good boy she cooed, as I finished reliving myself.

She got up and went back into the house and I followed. Lay face down on the floor she said when we were inside. I did and she came and wiped her shoes on my soft bum cheeks. Now make my coffee she said whilst I decide what to do to you next. I made her drink and went to sit down. Floor she said, between my legs. I did as she commanded. She drank her coffee and smoked whilst stroking my head. You know that you are sleeping on my side of the bed tonight; in my accident. She said smiling. Yes I said. Well tell me how much of an honour it will be, she said as she 'accidentally' spilt her hot coffee on my shoulder. I told her that I would be honoured to sleep in her wetness. She smiled. Good, now go and get dressed, no undies just trousers and jumper she said. OK I said and did so.

When I came back into the kitchen she was holding a wine glass. You are going to fill this she said, unzip and get your cock out. I did. She made me sit on a stool and told me to finger her wet bum, whilst she tossed me off into the glass. As I played with her intimate hole she told me that she was never going to wash her armpits, bum, fanny or feet again, that would be my job with my tongue. As I got closer to cumming she told me to push my finger inside her bottom. As I did she pushed against me and I felt the hot soft contents against my finger tip. Do it for me she said, still pushing. As I slowly removed my finger she kept up the pressure and told me to catch her second 'accident' in my hand. I held my cupped hand against her crack and she slowly filled it with her shit. Now spread it between my legs and cover all my hair she said, I was starting to come and as I emptied my balls I smeared her fanny and bush with her own mess. She caught every last drop of my come in the glass and told me to stand up. I did as she said and then she put my wilting Willy away and zipped me up. She put her hands above her head and told me to wipe my hands clean on her armpit hair and her nipples. I did. Then she told me to wash my hands at the sink. I did. Now go to the all night store and buy me some cigarettes, here's a key, come in quietly and join me in bed. OK I said and off I went.

When I got back I let myself in and quietly went upstairs. She was lying in bed reading. The wine glass containing my earlier come was on the side table along with an empty glass and an artist’s paint brush. I undressed at her command and got into bed. As I lifted the covers I noticed that she had wiped her shit away, but not washed. She had made another coffee and was enjoying it as I looked at her lying on my dry side of the bed. As I got in she put down her book and took hold of my soft cock, she fondled me and I went rock hard surprisingly quickly. Just relax love she said, and she rubbed the sensitive end of my manhood driving my wild with lust. I used an old towel to wipe myself clean, but I don't think I did it very well; you’re good and hard now love she said, do you need to come again? Please I said. You’ll have to earn it then. She said, will you do that for me? Anything I said.

Oh sorry she said, did you want a drink? Well I am a bit thirsty I replied. She handed me the glass of my come and gently massaged my balls. Here she said offering the glass. Oh err, no thanks I said. Wimp she said and put the glass back, would you like something else? Yes please I said relived. She got out of bed and picked up the empty glass. How about some of my wine she asked, standing there looking beautifully naked. Yes please I said. With that she put the glass between her legs and pissed in it till it was nearly full. There she said getting back into bed. I looked at her and when I made no move to take the glass she laughed and said, Oh sorry I forgot the special bit. She raised the glass to her face and violently blew her nose. A stream of clear mucus shot into the glass, then she spat into it too. There she said, putting down the glass. There was a good deal of it still on her upper lip and she kissed me smearing it into my mouth, don't be shy she said, there is better to come!

My cock was wilting and she gave me another rubbing to restore it to its former state. Then she kept rubbing until I was just beginning to come. Then she stopped. More I croaked, not till you have had your drink love she said turning to get the glass of 'wine'. No I said I just want to come nicely now. Tough she said, you have to clean me yet I'm not going to sleep smelling of my own shit you know! She lifted her arms above her head and mounted me facing me. I slid easily into her and she wriggled exciting me tremendously. Lick she commanded pushing her right armpit into my face. I reached round behind her and played with her bum as I licked her armpit clean. It tasted rather like 'Twiglets' and 'Marmite' mixed together. After a few minutes she told me to suck her tits clean and she came twice as I fucked her fanny with my cock, her arse with my finger and sucked hard on her nipples. As before, every time I was close to Cumming she moved slightly and denied me my release. Only when both armpits and both ample breasts were clean did she stop. Do have a drink now dear she said climbing off me. I gave in and took a sip from the glass. Good boy she said, now drink half of it and I'll let you please me some more. I gave her the half empty glass and she put it down.

Lay on your tummy she said as she knelt beside me. Why I asked surprised. Just do it she said sounding impatient and annoyed. So I did. Now lift your bum off the bed she said and she slipped her hand under my waist and started to fondle my cock again. As she did I felt something cold and wet dribble between my cheeks. What's that I asked? Just a little painting my dear she replied. As she played with my dick she slipped the middle finger of her other hand inside my bum. She had used a little of my cum from the glass as a lubricant and painted it on with the brush. It felt weird as she 'fucked' me with her finger and wanked me off. Then she slipped another finger into me and I felt really full. She fucked me harder and wanked me expertly. You like that don't you dear? She asked, as I got closer to Cumming. It's OK I said matter of factly. It's better than OK, she said. Tell me how good it is. She was rubbing the end of my cock hard and I was very close to Cumming. I really like it I said. You wish that it was a real man's cock in there instead of my fingers though don't you? She said. No I like your hand I said. She stopped playing with my cock and repeated the question. More more, oh please don't stop now. I pleaded. Well tell the truth then she said touching me teasingly. Yes I said I wish it was a real cock. You want to do a gay session for me don't you she said still teasing my meat. Yes I said. Now make me come. She started to rub me again and as I was about to come she stopped again. You could suck him, to make him hard then let him fuck me and watch me enjoying another man who you have excited for me. I'm not on the pill as you know so he might make me pregnant. All because you gave him a blowjob after you had undressed me and let him watch me being naughty. Then you could spend the rest of your life bringing up some other blokes child with me. Watching me love it and devote myself to it at your expense. She was teasing me again as she spoke and I was really excited. Tell me that's what you really want she said. Beg me to do it. She fucked another finger into me as hard as she could and the pleasure and pain was unbelievable. Yes I begged; that’s what I want use me have his baby. OK she said, and then when he has fucked me pregnant I will suck him hard again and make him bugger you till you bleed. Is that what you want? Yes I cried anything. Just make me come, please! She continued; Of course whilst I'm pregnant we won't be able to have sex, so you mustn't touch me, but I will let him use me in any way he likes to get excited whilst you watch then you can let him fuck you or suck him to completion, is that OK. Yes I said Please. She Laughed and sharply pulled her hand from my bum. I almost came but she stopped touching me at the most unbearable moment and turned to get her coffee. She then sat back and drank deeply. I turned round desperate to come. Lick my fanny clean now, she said and be sure that you do a good job. I'm not going to bath at 4am so if you don't want to explain to the kids why I smell of shit you'd better do it thoroughly. Oh and I want to come again she added smiling.

I laid between her thighs and cleaned her. My cock was harder than ever when I had finished and that surprised me because I was starting to feel rather sick. I told her so and she offered me the rest of the 'wine'. That'll help clear your system she said, reaching forward to tease me again. I sat back on my heels and let her manipulate my desperate cock as I drained the glass.

She took the empty glass and knelt on the bed. Clean bum please she said, spreading her legs. I got behind her and licked her clean, twice I wretched but I managed not to be sick. When she was clean she reached under the bed and produced a red bucket. She put it between her legs. Time to empty your little tummy she said in a sweet voice, as if talking to a child. Suck your special medication from my sweet little bum hole. I opened my mouth and sucked gently on her puckered hole. As I did I felt her push and ever so gently she poisoned my mouth with her 'special' treat. Chew it and swallow she said. Remarkably I managed to do just that. I think the licking and the smell had helped me get used to it. All gone I said. Very good she said. Once more. This time there wasn't as much. She let me make sure that she was clean, and then she lay down. I sat back on my heels feeling really sick, but with my cock pointing skyward and very aching balls.

She told me to drink the glass of come. I did; down in one. Very good she said, now lie down and let me finish you off. She knelt over my face and took my cock in her hand. As I was about to come she lowered her fanny to my mouth. Don’t spill any. She ordered. This is my side of the bed and I want it kept dry! With that she slowly emptied herself into my mouth, giving me time to swallow each hot mouthful of fresh 'wine'. When she had finished she moved to the side of me and handed me the bucket. Stand up dear she said, and hold the bucket. I did and she rubbed the end of my cock. I felt really sick and really horny. Come on. She said empty your tummy into the bucket for me and empty your balls into my hand. I was nearly Cumming when she stopped yet again. Standing up she looked annoyed. TUMMY! She said, and as she did so she raised her knee and struck a crushing blow to my poor balls. The pain was intense and as it spread up into my tummy I wretched. At last. She said kneeling once more and taking my desperate cock in her hands again. The aching pain and the sweet wonderful teasing of my glands was more than I could bare as I vomited over and over into the bucket. Good boy she kept saying as she fingered me. As I vomited for the last time I felt the overwhelming release from my balls. She took me in her mouth and expertly caught my load. When I was done she stood up, taking my wilting cock in her hand once more and rubbed the end hard. It felt like I was still Cumming, but it hurt too. My cock didn't know whether to go hard or limp. As it was deciding she kissed me, deeply forcing my come into my mouth. She hadn't swallowed any of it and the full load was still in her mouth. We shared my come as we kissed and she kept up the pressure on my cock. As I swallowed the last of it I suddenly had a very intense orgasm and spilt an even bigger load all over the wet patch on the bed. My knees buckled and I nearly fainted.

She laid me down on the wet side of the bed and went to empty the bucket. When she came back I was fast asleep. She straddled my soft exhausted cock and started to gently scratch my nipples. I woke up immediately and felt a tiny twitch between my legs. I need to make love now she said. Not fuck make love. Can you get hard enough? I doubt it I said. As I said it I heard a hissing and felt her boiling wee showering over my cock and balls. That was enough I hardened and she impaled herself on me. She rode me hard and made me play with her nipples. I noticed that it was almost daylight outside. As she rode me she kept up a violent scratching and pinching of my nipples and I could feel her dribbling hot wee occasionally. Eventually she came with a loud scream and I came too, but rather less enthusiastically. She sat there for a second or two and then lifted herself off my soft cock. She sat there letting my seed run from her fanny all over my cock and then she finished her pee over me.

Just as she finished relieving herself we heard her daughter coming down the corridor. Mum are you OK I heard you scream? Came a voice. It's OK dear she said. Get up she whispered to me getting off the bed. She threw me a dressing gown which I put on just in time. Melanie opened the door to find me standing by the wet bed in mum's dressing gown and mum standing naked the other side of the bed. Poor Steve has had a little accident like you used to do when you were little. She said. I looked at her mortified. The little face broke into a wide smile and she ran from the room giggling. Thanks I said. It's what you wanted she said. Now go and have a shower whilst I change the bed.

As I passed Melanie’s room I heard her and her sister laughing about the man who wets the bed.

That's the end of part one. There is lots more to this story so if anyone likes it let me know and I will post more. Thanks..

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