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this is my first story that's why it short. it will include all of the theme i listed if ppl like it and want me to keep going with it. sry it's so short.
My name is Dante Scorpius
and my mistress is Maria Howe
she thought it would be a turn on
if other people heard of one of our nights
in hopes that
other people with.... fun fetishes would come a play

Last monday

my mistress was in a particularly foul mood when i walk in. I walked into the room and she grabbed my hair and through me onto the bed
"I'm not in a good mood and it's going to be taken out on you, got it you worthless slut?"
I just nodded my head not wanting to anger her more
"Good, and your going to be punished, because i said so befo e you ask. And your probably going to do something you've never done before and i don't give a fuck if you like it or not" she lightly slapped me and motioned for me to take my clothes off.
Once i'd been stripped down she threw a dog collar at me that i quickly put on, it was a tight fit around my throat but i could still breath.
Grabbing a dog leash she hooked it into the collar and pulled the leash taunt making me follow her into the living room. She sat down on the couch and spread her leg, revealing her shaven pale pussy.
"Come lick me whore" she said tugging the leash tight
It pulled again my neck so i crawled over and started slowly licking up and down her slit.
"faster bitch* as she pulled my hair tight, not letting go until i sped up licking her clit.
"mmmm go dyes eat me you filthy little slut"
my tongue sped up on her clit, tasting her sweet juices as they ran out of her pussy. Slowly reaching up with one hand i slipped a finger into her wet pussy lips.
A hand came across my face
"Did i say you could do that you fucking bitch!" she pushed me away and slapped my ass hard, making a little precum appear at the tip of my dick.
"n-n-no miss maria"
"well now your going to be punished. But you know for a bitch you've got a nice dick" she lick her lips and took my dick in her hand, sliding it up and down the 8 inches, her hand barely able to wrap around it, being almost two inches thick. She kissed the head then slapped my ass hard again, "Move and i'll spank you till you bleed" she said leaving the room and i heard her walk back into her bed room.


She returned a few minutes later with two belts, one studded and the other a plain leather belt with two holes every quarter inch or so, it looks like the one i normally wear.
"Some one's been a bad boy" she said her voice dripping with malice.
"Didn't you try the same thing last week?" she was now trailing the belt across my bare ass
"i-i-i-i don't remember mistress" i said weakly
There was a light whistle in the air and then a resounding crack. I yelped but didn't move very much, i could feel a red mark start to appear on my ass
"Well slut?"
"i-i-i ummm, maybe mis-"
my words were cut short as the belt came down again, producing more precum and a yelp from me
"yes mistress, i did try." i whined
"And did i punish you?" she questioned running the leather up my back
"Yes miss Maria" i said lightly
"Well, obviosuly you didn't learn your lesson bitch!"
The belt was brought down upon my back, leaving a long red trail and making me moan in pain and pleasure.
The belt kept coming down until i thought my back and ass was going to be ripped open by the belt then she stopped and looked at the ground under me,
"You filthy little whore! you liked getting spanked didn't you?"
"maybe mistress..." i said, my voice horse after being belted
The eblt came down across my ass as i came again, moaning loudly
"Yes or no you fuckin whore!"
"yes mistress yes i loved it"
"And is that why theres so much cum on my nice floor you slut?"
"Yes mistress i'm sorry mistress" i whimpered.
"clean up your cum you dirty bitch* she said slapping my ass and leaving a hand print
I went to get up and was pushed back down, "your my bitch today" she said tugging on the collar, "remember it slut!"
"yes miss Maria"
I tried to crawl into the kitchen when she grabbed the leash, "and where do you think your going?"
"To get a towel to clean it up...." i said confused
"No, that's not how your going to clean up" she said smiling evily
"then how....?" is aid my eyes growing wide as i realized what she wanted me to do "no, mistress"
she grabbed my hair n shoved me to the floor, a few inches from all the cum that had come out while i was being spanked.
"what did you say slut? no?" she slapped my ass hard again "eat up your mess now you little bitch"
"But mistress, that's my own cum!"
"yea i know, now when i say eat it, you eat it." she shoved me closer to my cum and the put some on her finger and shoved it into my mouth
though it didn't taste particularly bad i didn't want to, though for some reason my cock was just getting harder. Maybe it was from her being so forceful.
I just sat there sucking on her finger
Slowly she pulled her ifnger out
"Now eat it all or you be punished so much more" she said coolly and produced a small vibrator, pressing it to my asshole. Now eat it or i'll go get a much, much bigger one"
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