A Simple Massage Turns Into Erotic Passion
Steve was cleaning up getting ready for the following day when the receptionist buzzed him.

"Ya Gina, what is it?"

"Your last appointment is here...a Sondra Mitchell."

"Oh ya, I almost forgot."

Sondra had called earlier this morning. Gina had told Steve she was a housewife with a couple of kids and was looking for relaxing massage after a hectic week. Needing the business, Steve took the appointment. Steve stepped out into the waiting room and greeted his new client. Steve noticed her pretty smile as she stood up to shake Steve's hand. She had short fiery red hair and beautiful green eyes. Steve had to remind himself she was a client as he felt a tingle in his loins.

Gina reminded Steve that she had to leave and asked if that would be OK. Steve turned asking Sondra if she would feel comfortable if Gina left. Sondra replied,

"Sure....I don't have a problem with it."

Once inside the room Steve told Sondra he'd step outside while she undressed. Steve handed her a towel telling her she could use it to cover any area she didn't want massaged. Then he stepped out and put on the answering machine, and locked the door. Steve found himself becoming aroused just thinking about Sondra, and again he had to remind himself that she was married with two kids, and to chill out. Steve tapped lightly on the door asking Sondra if she were ready.

"Come in...I'm ready."

Steve walked in finding her laying on her stomach, the towel draped over her sexy ass.

"So Sondra, do you have a massage preference?"

"Um, deep tissue I think.....better yet, I'd like a combination of deep tissue and a light touch."

"Sure, now just relax and we'll get started."

Steve turned the lights down and put on a CD of water running in a babbling brook, and the sound of birds chirping...he found his female clients loved the sound, finding it relaxing. Steve poured some warm oil in his hands and started massaging the oil into Sondra's shoulders. Her shoulder muscles loosened almost immediately, and she moaned softly as he worked her neck and shoulder muscles. Steve wondered if it was a contented moan, or a moan of arousal. She had really beautiful soft skin, he couldn't help feeling a little jealous of her husband....having such a beautiful wife all to himself.

Sondra really started to moan as Steve worked his way down to the small of her back. He was tempted to massage her ass, but she had the towel draped over her so that meant her ass was off limits. Steve continued massaging her lower back when she suddenly pulled the towel away letting it fall onto the floor. Steve's cock began to tingle again as he looked at her gorgeous ass, and long sexy legs. He poured a generous amount of warm oil into his hands and spread it over her right buttock.

"Mmmmm, that feels nice, you have such strong yet soft hands."

Steve smiled and thanked her, spreading more oil over to her left buttock. As he massaged the oil into her cheeks, Sondra parted her legs and allowed Steve a view that made his blood start to boil. He found himself with a raging hard on as he sneaked another peek between her legs. Steve could see her lips, and they were glistening as her arousal was becoming more and more obvious. Still though, Steve had to be careful even though it was driving him nuts.

Taking a deep breath Steve poured more oil onto Sondra's leg, slowly working his way down, kneading her muscles as she continued her soft moans. Once he reached her feet he began using his reflexology techniques. Sondra cooed some more, as Steve stole glimpses of her pussy. Steve was looking right at her labia....her lips flushed, and very pink....he could tell she was becoming more and more aroused. Steve did the same thing to her other foot, with the same response. She ever so slightly parted her legs a little more, giving Steve an even better view of her charms. Then Sondra deliberately pushed her foot into Steve's crotch saying,


Steve smiled saying, "I'm not."

She let out a sexy little giggle that made his cock tingle. Steve picked up the towel and walked back around to the front of the massage table. He held the towel up saying it was time to turn over. Sondra turned over all right....grabbing the towel saying,

"We won't need this will we?"

Now on her back Steve had a full view of her body....damn she was gorgeous. Her breasts were beautiful, her nipples hard and pointing upward from her arousal. Steve loved her thick was as red as the hair on her head. Normally he preferred a bare pussy, but Sondra's bush was so lush and beautiful. Plus she had it trimmed back exposing her thick, beautiful pussy lips.

Steve started to work on her neck again when Sondra smiled and reached up and started unzipping his pants. Sondra loosened Steve's belt and before he knew it she had his hard cock and balls in her hands. Steve got a sneaking feeling that Sondra wasn't married. One clue was there were no stretch marks on her stomach, which led him to believe the two kids thing wasn't true. Deciding to play along, Steve leaned over and began caressing, and kneading Sondra's breasts. Her nipples were so hard, they stood up like hard little pebbles, just begging to be sucked.

Steve Steve continued massaging the warm oil into Sondra's breasts, she began moving Steve's cock along her cheek, and over her lips before she started licking the underside of his shaft, slowly making her way down to his balls. With her breasts in his hands, Steve tugged at her nipples and rolled them between his fingers, closing his eyes and listening to her purr. Steve tried not to explode as her tongue slid up and down his shaft, while he brought Sondra to an orgasm.

Not wanting to cum too soon, Steve moved down along the side of the table, so he could do the top of her legs. That's when Sondra grabbed his hand and placed it between her legs, smiling up at him. Steve immediately started working his fingers around her pussy as Sondra cupped her breasts in her hands and started rolling and pinching her nipples.

"Mmmm that's it....oh that feels so good."

"Mmmmm, oh ya...that's it....deeper...Mmmm ya....ya....oh ya...right there....oh it....oh yes....Mmmmmmmmm."

Sondra suddenly was moaning loudly when she raised her ass up off the table saying in a husky voice,

"Ohhh gawd yes...I'm cumming!! Mmmmmmm yes......yesssssssss!"

Sondra's eyes opened, a smile on her face...."Mmmm, I see you're a man of many talents."

"I try."

"Well how talented are you at pleasing a woman orally."

Steve smiled..."Let me show you."

Steve lowered his head....tasting her sweet juices as Sondra gasped saying,

"Yes....oh yes....that's it...suck my pussy....Ohh damn that feels good."

Steve ran his tongue along her creamy slit, parting her folds as he lapped up her sweet juices. Sondra was squirming and moaning when she reached down, grabbing Steve's cock again, and started stroking him as he slipped two fingers back into her pussy while he took her clit into his mouth. Sondra squeezed Steve's cock, gasping as she squealed,

"Yes...ohhh gawd yes.

"Suck my clit...oh fuck yes...suck it....make me cum!"

Steve began sucking and flicking Sondra's clit with his tongue as she pumped his cock. Suddenly, her hands were on the back of Steve's head, pushing him into her pussy, as she raised her hips off the massage table again, and began cumming and squealing, covering Steve's face with her juices. As her orgasm subsided, Sondra pulled Steve up to her face and began kissing him, and licking her juices from his face. She smiled saying,

"I want that big cock in my pussy....and I want it now!"

Steve helped her up from the massage table and over to a leather couch. She knelt between his legs and took Steve's cock in her hand and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, then she took him down her throat, deep throating it was his turn to moan. After several minutes of sheer pleasure, Sondra stopped and raised up, placing her knees on either side of Steve as she lowered her pussy onto Steve's waiting, throbbing cock. Damn she felt tight as she started humping his stiff rod, reaching back behind herself and tugging at his balls. In the meantime Steve began caressing her tits and sucking her nipples.

Sondra humped Steve's cock, driving his cock into her tight pussy, while she shuddered from small orgasms from Steve sucking her nipples. After several minutes Sondra got up and pulled Steve up with her, leaning over the arm of the sofa. Steve eased his cock into her pussy again, thrusting his cock home as she gasped. Just for kicks Steve gave her ass a little slap. Her response surprised Steve a little....she liked it and told him to slap her ass harder. Steve slapped her again and she squealed saying,

"Harder....slap my ass harder."

Steve started slapping her ass as he continued driving his cock into her pussy. The harder Steve slapped her ass the more she liked it. With her ass crimson and her pussy convulsing....Sondra started cumming again and again. Steve felt himself reaching orgasm....his cock beginning to spasm, shooting his load deep into Sondra's pussy. After a moment or two Steve sat down on the sofa, with Sondra looking at his still hard cock.

Sondra smiled and knelt down between Steve's legs again. "Mmmm, I had no idea you'd still be so hard."

Steve smiled, "It's because you've got me so damn hot."

Sondra smiled, lowing her head, and licking Steve's cum covered cock clean. Sondra started sucking his cock again taking her time, and making sure Steve was indeed ready for some more hard fucking. Steve had no idea he was so fucking horny, but this woman just brought it out of him. Sondra continued sucking Steve's cock....her fingers deep in her pussy. After several minutes Sondra raised her head and said,

"Now it's time to fill my ass with that cock."

Steve got up as Sondra again leaned over the arm of the sofa, her beautiful ass staring him in the face. Steve eased his well lubed cock into her ass, where he began fucking her; slowly at first, then carefully picking up the pace. Steve was soon pummeling Sondra's ass, his balls slapping against her cheeks. It didn't take Steve long to reach another orgasm. He pulled out and covered Sondra's sweet ass with a load of hot cum. Sondra and Steve then took a shower. While they relaxed after their shower Steve thanked Sondra for coming in. She giggled saying she had a confession to make.

"What do you mean a confession?"

"Well, your sister Amy suggested I get together with you."

"Since I hate blind dates I told her I'd take care of it....I figured I'd make an appointment for a massage before I went out with you."

"That way, If I didn't like what I saw, I could make up some excuse, then no harm done."

"I had no clue that I would be so turned on to you and that this would happen."

"I hope you don't mind the story about being married and two kids, but it was the best I could do on the spur of the moment."

"Are you kidding....I love your imagination....I never would have accepted a blind date.... I hate them as much as you do."

They both laughed and went to dinner, and then back to Steve's place where he canceled the few appointments he had scheduled. They spent the weekend having incredible sex, each time seeming better than the last. Steve joked, saying he'd have to give his meddling sister and call and thank her for interfering...this time, although from the looks of it she won't have to make another blind date for him for a long time to come.

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