We've chosen a seedy motel for today. You watch out the window as I pull up and park beside your car. I am dressed as we wished, tight low cut t-shirt, black short flirty skirt that accentuates my curvy legs and the red open toe pumps that scream "fuck me". There is no one here but us and a dirty nasty looking man outside his room 2 doors down in a deck chair who's eyes are all over me, he stands as I smile at him, say hello as my eyes travel to his crotch checking out his hard on which is impossible to ignore, I turn and look at him again as I walk through the door.

I see you and my body tingles with anticipation of what will happen, you are not smiling, you seem disturbed with me grabbing me and turn me around slamming me face against the wall, you pull my head back by my hair and you whisper in my ear "if you're going to act like a whore, you'll be treated like a whore". Holding me against the wall with your body I notice your cock is hard as a rock. You spread my legs by kicking at them with your foot and with one hand still pulling my hair the other lifts my skirt and roughly strokes at my pussy through my red satin panties, my wetness angers you as you soak the panties with my juice fingering me hard. "WHO has made you wet?" You tell me to do exactly as you say as you reach down and pull the panties off. You spin me around and slam my back against the wall as you lift the panties up for me to see the wet crotch. "Open wide Slut!" I open my mouth and you shove the soaked panties in my mouth, I taste and smell my pussy which makes me even more turned on. You grasp the front of my tee shirt and pull down both my bra and shirt exposing my breasts, your mouth devours them biting and sucking hard at first one then the other. I am squirming from the unusually hard bites to my nipples, you have a look of satisfaction as you take one between your teeth and pull back watching to see the pain as you bite harder.

You tell me "I'm taking what I want today" as you grasp my nipples with each thumb and forefinger and lead me to the bed, I am frightened.....I have never seen you like this.....but excited as I have never been before, I don't know what you intend to do. I stand by the bed as you take the pillows and place them in the middle of the bed. "Get on the bed, face down hips on top the pillows!! NOW!!!" I do as you say and my legs are forced to open wide by the position of the pillows. "Lie still" you say as you leave the room, the door ajar. My mind is racing, I'm not sure if I should ask you to stop but I want to see what awaits me. You shout hello's to the man outside and call him over to ask where you can get a drink nearby, he is right beside the door now, I can see him looking at what you have in your hands but he can't see me in the room unless he leans forward, I'm both excited and humiliated at the thought he will see me on the bed like this. Coming back in and closing the door, I watch you slide the window open just a crack. As you walk toward me I see that you have your pocket knife in one hand and the rope from your trunk in the other. You intend to tie me but not with the silken scarves I am accustomed to. You set to your task and tie one arm then the other, one leg then the other to the bed frame.

Your hand travels up the inside of one leg but not touching my pussy and down the other as my body trembles with excitement. I look up with questioning eyes as I watch you admire your work. You whisper into my ear "I intend to teach you a lesson today. If you would prefer the man outside I will go get him for you. Would you prefer the man outside, is it your desire to suck him off, you looked at his cock I saw you, would you rather drink his cum today?" I am shaking my head no and trying to talk through the panties in my mouth. "let's get on with it then"

You reach over and lift my skirt laying it up on my back, exposing my ass and pussy wide for your approval. I hear you say "ahhh how I will enjoy this" as you stand back and begin to remove your belt, I can see the bulge in your pants and that excites me more but I am fearful. You double the belt and with a swift motion it lands on my ass with a loud smack! I groan with pain as you land another and another and another, my head is swimming with fear, pain, pleasure and desire for you. You are wild and tear at your pants to get them off, you climb onto the bed behind me not taking your eyes off my reddened ass and the juice flowing now out of my pussy, in one motion you enter my pussy to wet your cock, we both groan as it fills me all at once, it seems bigger and harder than I have ever felt before. You move forward and say into my ear "I'm going to show you what whore's are built for" You pull your cock out and dip two fingers in my pussy smearing my juice up to my tight puckered asshole, it's just wet enough between my two bright red and battered ass cheeks, you position your slick cock and begin to enter my hot little rosebud........I am screaming through the panties, it hurts and you are going very slow to make the pain last, finally you are in all the way you spank me hard making me flinch and pull you in even more!!!! You pull almost all the way out and ram back in, ramming my ass with each thrust, I scream at the first thrust then I am groaning with intense painful pleasure as your cock hits every nerve inside me, I hear your moans become screams as you thrust hard and cum deep inside me. My body is quivering with Ecstasy as I cum from the excitement and your balls slapping against my clit. You pull your cock out and watch as my asshole closes up leaking your hot cum as it drips down into my pussy.

As you move up toward the head of the bed, I see your cock is not growing soft but is still as hard as when we began. You loosen but don't untie my hands, lifting my body you sit at the headboard, your legs under my arms, cock aimed at my face. Your hand reaches and removes the panties from my mouth as you say "clean me up" I hungrily take your cock into my mouth and work it but it's not what you want, you reach up to the headboard and then belt in hand you begin again smacking straight between my legs at my wet pussy, my cum mixed with yours leaving a dark spot on the brown leather...I flinch and scream with each blow, it hurts but I am cumming!!...I scream and squirm as I cum hard for you, you release my arms and pull me up onto my hands and get on your knees as you force your cock into my mouth, my eyes are wild with passion and desire to please you, every part of me on fire longing for the taste of your cum, you are looking down as you hold my head still and pump in and out, shoving down my throat then all the way out slapping at my face with your cock telling me "take that cock all the way in baby, suck it down, a good whore needs a cock in her mouth" You push all the way back down my throat over and over until you pull back and spurt your load all over my face. Your head rears back with a smile of a accomplishment. Wiping a bit of cum off my face you place the panties back into my mouth, the smell and taste of your cum and my pussy is making my pussy flow again. You sit back down with my head in your lap and stoke my hair for a moment, you retie my hands, get up and put your pants on. Taking your phone out you go to the end of the bed, you come back to show me the picture you have taken, my legs spread wide, soaked pussy, skirt up on my back... my ass cheeks welted and as red as the high heels on my feet. You pull my head up by the hair and take a shot of my cum covered face. Leaning down you whisper, "I need a drink but I'll leave the door open for the man you so desire outside". You reach for one of the silken scarves I was anticipating today and blindfold me. The breeze from the open door feels good on my beaten, blistering hot ass and wet pussy as you step out but I don't hear the door shut and I still feel a slight breeze. I hear your steps moving away and your voice greeting the man outside. I've just remembered the window is open and that man heard everything that just took place in this room..........
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