The fourth and final part of the series
WARNING: this story contains elements of extreme growth, which some my find to be comical or unreal. If the ideas of extreme body modification (i.e. sexual organ growth), large amounts of ejaculated body fluids, or unreal/fictional penetration do not interest you then this story may not be for you. However, should you decide to read on, please do not leave negative comments on such matters as you have been forewarned.

Ryan, hearing about his mother’s predicament, set off at a dead sprint. Branches were scratching his face, arms and legs, but Ryan didn’t care, he had to get to his mother as soon as possible. He could hear screams coming from the camp and that only spurred on his speed. He pushed on and on, pulling every ounce of energy out of his muscles. By the time he got close to camp the screams had ceased. Ryan rounded the last corner and burst into the clearing, but it was too late. Lauren was walking back from the stream with the baby, who had already been cleaned off, in her arms. The delivery was over and apparently without incident. Ryan was too stunned for words. Molly, who showed up just moments after him, was not dumbfounded.

“Mom! Are you okay? That was really fast! I mean your water had just broken when I left, I couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes. Is it usually that quick?”

“No, not usually.’ Trish replied, ‘But then again it usually takes a hell of a lot longer than three weeks to become fully pregnant. Weirdly enough, it also was a lot less painful than when I had you kids. All in all that was my simplest birth!”

“Here you go Mom.’ Lauren said, as she deposited the baby boy in her Mother’s arms, ‘It was really quick and seemed really easy. Hey, do you guys think that maybe the baby will grow three times as fast? That would be weird!”

“Actually, Lauren it would probably be thirteen times as fast! Considering it took each of you kids almost exactly 39 weeks to come to full term and 39 divided by 3 is 13. So I would venture to guess that he is going to grow remarkably fast.”

Everyone pondered that intriguing idea for a few minutes, before Molly piped in.

“Hey Mom, what are you going to name the baby?”

“I was thinking Steven Jr., after your father? How does that sound to everyone?”

Everyone agreed to the name and then proceeded to hold their new younger brother, nephew for the girls, and son for Ryan and his Mom. Sure enough Trish would be dead right. That night all the girls fell asleep rather quickly, particularly Trish, but Ryan felt wide-awake. He needed some release and badly. That’s when he noticed his Mom’s tits, which were so packed with milk that they were leaking. Ryan’s first thought was his Mom’s words after eating out her daughter’s asshole, Waste Not. After a quick chuckle, he got up and lay next to Trish and began to suck the milk out from her tits. The milk was the most amazing thing Ryan had ever tasted, it was like someone took the bliss fruit, mixed with ice cream and liquefied it. His addiction was instantaneous and he drank and drank and drank, until his stomach was too full to take anymore. Yet, despite all he taken, Trish’s tits kept leaking. In fact, they were leaking more now, it was as if her body was producing it faster than he could get it out of her. With a stomach full of bliss puree, Ryan drifted off to a very pleasant night’s sleep.

The following morning Ryan woke up and set out to do his daily demolition at the beach. When he arrived at, what was left of, the boat he did his usual survey and decided that he had probably another month of work. Over the course of the day, Ryan demolished a good chunk of the boat and brought most of the day’s work back with him. Upon arriving in the clearing Ryan saw Trish breastfeeding Steven Jr. and was brought back to last night and the addicting milk. His cock got hard so fast, that his vision blurred for a moment and he had to crouch down to stabilize himself. Trish didn’t miss Ryan’s episode and immediately summoned Lauren and Molly to help Ryan up and with his cock.

Seconds later Ryan was on his back with Lauren and Molly’s tongues running up and down his shaft. After another moment, Lauren’s pussy was being assaulted by Ryan’s tongue, Lauren was eating out/preparing Molly’s asshole, and Molly continued to go to town on Ryan’s cock. Once Molly’s ass and Ryan’s cock were adequately lubed up, Molly began her slow descent onto Ryan’s massive rod. Ryan could feel the heat and the tightness enveloping his cock and transferred the rush onto Lauren’s pussy. Lauren went crazy and began to grind herself down onto Ryan’s face and, at the same time, leaned forward and began deep mouth kissing her little sister. Trish had a great view of the action and couldn’t help, but rub herself as she watched her two daughters kiss passionately, while her eldest son licked his older sister’s pussy and his huge pole made his little sisters stomach bulge out, obscenely, every time she bounced on it. All three of the kids could feel their orgasms approaching and continued to pound on. In another moment Ryan’s cock exploded in his little sister’s anus, which caused her to climax and kiss her sister even more passionately, which caused Lauren to climax as well. All three of them were paralyzed for a few moments and felt too much pleasure to move. Eventually, Lauren sort of toppled off of Ryan, but Molly stayed firmly planted on Ryan’s cock. She liked the feeling of it there and didn’t want to lose it. After a few more minutes she began to bounce again and Ryan watched as her stomach bulged out. This was a huge turn on for Ryan. He sat up and lay Molly on the ground and began to fuck her like mad, using his own cum as lubricant. His pace increased to an insanely rhythm, but Molly loved it and moaned louder and louder. Once again Ryan finished first, but the feeling of torrents and torrents of jizz splashing off the inside of her ass were too much for Molly and she came again. When Ryan pulled out cum was pouring out of her anus and Lauren was immediately underneath her making sure she got it all.

In the mean time Ryan had gotten up and walked straight over to Trish and begun to suck milk out of her tits. Trish, who hadn’t been expecting this, began to whimper as his powerful mouth went to work on her extremely sensitive nipples. When he had had his full, Ryan told the girls that they should try some. Molly tapped Lauren’s head, which popped up from licking Molly’s asshole and both went over to their Mother to breastfeed. They too agreed that it was even better than the bliss fruit and that this baby was going to be something else entirely. As usual, they all got into the stream, washed off and went to sleep.

In the following month, as Trish had predicted, Junior had grown to the size of a one year old, he had begun walking and a little bit of talking too. Over the same month Ryan had finished the demolition of the boat and the completion of the shelter, which was now fairly substantial. Molly and Lauren had initially been staying behind to help Trish with her recovery. However, the recovery only took two days and Trish’s figure and energy had returned to normal (with the exception of her tits, which were larger due to the milk). Ryan had grown accustom to walking back into the clearing and finding Junior sucking on one tit and Lauren or Molly sucking on the other. Now that Junior was getting bigger their nightly sex adventures, once again, included Trish. One night after an orgy Molly was lying on the ground, cum leaking from her ass, when she rolled over and announced,

“I want to get pregnant! I figured since the pregnancies are so short, easy and the kids grow really quick that I should be allowed to get pregnant now.”

“Well,’ Trish said, ‘you have very sound reasoning, but I think we should go in order. I think, because Lauren is the oldest, she should be allowed to get pregnant next.”

Lauren’s eyes lit up at the proposition and readily agreed. Molly, on the other hand, threw a huge fit and complained about how unfair it was that she brought up all the arguments, but Lauren got to go first. Trish, who was too exhausted to deal with this argument now, decided to leave it until the morning. Though Trish was done Molly was not. In the middle of the night Ryan was awakened by Molly’s delicate hands on his cock, when she realized he was awake she immediately told him to be quiet and follow her.

Ryan remained quiet and followed Molly out of the house and into the jungle.

“Where are we going?” Ryan asked.
“You’ll see.” She replied.

They pressed on further and further into the jungle until they came to another, different small clearing. This spot had no canopy cover and hundreds of stars could be seen. The moon was shining down on the middle of the clearing where a small pool was steaming. It was a hot spring.

“When did you find this?” Ryan inquired.
“About a week ago,’ Molly answered, ‘I decided to wander a bit one day, when everybody else was preoccupied with the shelter and Junior. Isn’t it gorgeous?”

Without waiting for a reply, Molly stepped into the spring and dipped below the surface to get completely warm. Ryan had always been a sucker for Molly when she was all wet. Her hair was slick and she pulled it back tight against her head, the beads of water appeared and shined in just the right places to make her look like a water goddess. He was powerless to resist and his cock was straight away at full attention. Ryan quickly followed Molly into the spring, dipped under and came up behind her.

He wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her tight against him, his cock settling in between her legs. As Ryan began to kiss her neck, she flicked her hair to one side and craned her neck so there would be more for him to kiss. Ryan didn’t need to be shown twice and slowly made his way up to her mouth. Their lips met, unlike any other time before, without pure lust and desire, but in a loving, passionate way; their tongues slowly exploring the other. Ryan gently massaged her tits and rolled her nipples between his fingers, each time eliciting a soft moan from her lips. As his left hand continued to tease her tits, his right hand moved down to her pussy and began to open her up. He played with her clit and felt it become larger and larger, before he slid his middle and ring finger into her hot snatch. Within moments she was pushing her hips down on his fingers, wanting them deeper and deeper inside of her. Knowing that the fingers alone would not satisfy her, she pulled them out, licked them clean and positioned herself over his cock. Ryan could tell she was aiming for her pussy, but he didn’t care he wanted to knock her up just as badly as she wanted to be knocked up. Much more slowly than usual, Molly lowered herself down onto Ryan’s massive member and after minutes of pure pleasure he bottomed out in her womb.

Together they started a slow rhythm of up and down motion, but several minutes later Ryan was pulling almost all the way out, before slamming back in again. They continued at this pace for a while, until Molly decided she wanted to be eye-to-eye. She got off, turned around and, once again impaled herself. Moments later they were both on the verge of climax and they were fucking at a feverish pace. Ryan slammed deep into his little sister’s womb one more time, before firing his seed deep into her belly. The feeling was more than enough to push Molly over the edge and she too felt her orgasm rip through her body. They collapsed on each other, completely exhausted, but not spent. Ten minutes later they were on the grass fucking doggy style, and another 20 minutes after that Ryan had Molly pinned up against a tree and was drilling her once again. By the time morning came and they got back to the shelter Molly looked four months pregnant from all the sperm inside of her womb.

Needless to say, Trish and Lauren were pretty upset at Molly, but got over it soon after. Ryan spent the day resting by the stream and watching the girls take care of little Junior. About halfway through the day Lauren came over and plopped down next to Ryan; they talked for a little while about how life had changed in almost two years on the island, and what the next couple of months might bring. After a while, Lauren asked Ryan if he would like to accompany her down to the beach. Ryan, of course, agreed and set off behind her. Along the way Lauren explained that she didn’t care what Mom said, she was going to get pregnant too. At that point she turned towards Ryan, ran at him, and jumped onto him. She kissed him more passionately than ever before and said,

“Please, Ryan, please get me pregnant. I’ve never wanted anything so badly in my life. I just need to have your seed and offspring inside of me.”

Ryan said nothing, but slowly lowered her onto his cock. Right there in the middle of the jungle they fucked, while standing. They couldn’t keep their mouths off each other and no matter how hard they mashed their lips together or how deep they got their tongues it wasn’t far enough. They wanted to be one entity. Lauren was the first to reach orgasm and she climaxed so hard that she nearly passed out and fell off of Ryan. Soon after Ryan fired a thick load deep into her womb. Eventually, Ryan pulled his sister off his cock, but didn’t put her down. He carried her all the way to the beach and gently lay her down in the grass, just short of the sand. That night the two of them fucked in everyway they could think of, but Lauren saved the one thing she wanted to do for last. She wanted to try to swallow every bit of his load.

She knew that getting Ryan to cum using only her mouth would take too long. So she told him he could have her anyway he wanted, just as long as he promised to pull out and let her swallow it at the end. Ryan immediately told her to get on all fours, because he was going to take her doggy style. She complied and even did a little ass wiggle to let him know that she was ready. He lined himself up and used the tip of his cock to part her lips only a little bit, then he plunged in, nearly all the way. Lauren screamed in pure delight and pushed her ass back so that he kept sliding in all the way. Ryan did everything he could to try and build up his orgasm quicker. He pulled her hair, grabbed her tits, spanked her ass, she even agreed to finger her asshole for his pleasure. When she took her finger out of her anus and popped it into her mouth, Ryan felt the familiar feeling and pulled it. Lauren got the signal and quickly engulfed as much of his cock as she possibly could. A few quick strokes with her hand, and Ryan was blowing his load deep into his sister’s throat, stomach and mouth. However, the sheer amount of it was too overwhelming for Lauren and, despite her best efforts to swallow as quick as possible, it had begun to leak out of the corners of her mouth and her nose. Nevertheless, she persisted and continued to suck until Ryan had finished cumming.

Ryan looked at his older sister, she had cum running out of her nose and from the corners of her mouth, she had a stomach which, from the combined effect of swallowing large amounts of jizz and having a lot in her womb, looked very pregnant. When they got all cleaned up and back to camp Molly’s sperm bump looked small in comparison to Lauren’s. Trish was, once again, upset that her daughters had gone against her word; Molly, on the other hand, was actually rather pleased that they were both going to be pregnant. Though, she was a little jealous when she found out that Ryan and Lauren had had sex fifteen times during the evening, night, and morning.

In the next three weeks both girls’ stomachs grew to huge sizes. Molly’s was much larger than Trish’s had been, but it was completely dwarfed by Lauren’s. A few days later they all found out why. Molly had given birth to twin girls, Jennifer and Liza. Lauren, however, had given birth to sextuplets, two boys and four girls, Jeff, Rich, Amber, Crystal, Brandy, and Nikki. In this generation there was a perfect ratio of 2 girls from every 1 boy, if you included Junior. The next day a pattern was established where each week Ryan would knock somebody up; it started with Trish, then Lauren, and then Molly. By the time Molly was pregnant, Trish would’ve given birth and could knocked up again. A year and a half later the family had grown to 91 people and Jen, Liza, Amber, Crystal, Brandy and Nikki had all just gotten pregnant. Within five years the Jones’ family covered every square inch of the island and no matter how much of the bliss fruit they consumed it always grew back, just as fast.

This ends the Shipwrecked series, I would like to thank artep and his “Fertile Valley” series, as well as jmiller and his “End of the World” series for inspiration. If you liked my story you should go and read theirs. Sorry I made you all wait so long, I hope this lives up to the previous chapters. If anyone has any ideas for new stories that they would want written let me know. Thank you for reading.

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I think you should do a sequel where the family is found and the fruit is researched, but only will grow and work on the island if it stays primitive. The family becomes the caretakers of the island.

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Hey what about a white swinging couple and some few blacks gangband her and the wife got pregnant by one the black and don't know who the father is, with that little in info they got even more hornyer but her husband more so then her knowing that his wife is going to have another man baby a black one is that, and his wife want him to get a black woman pregnant, so they went and look for that wanted to knock up, how about that kind of story do you think that the reader would like that story?

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It would have been better if you continued this series a bit longer it was breath takingly exiting

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It would have been better if you continued this series a bit longer it was breath takingly exiting

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It would have been better if you continued this series a bit longer it was breath takingly exiting

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