I was halfway through year 10 at Endon High, and, for the second time this week I was stood outside my Head of Year’s office. This time though I wasn’t alone, Kristina, who while not exactly a slut, but wasn’t the iconic goody two-shoes either stood, leaning against the wall opposite me.
“So . . ?” she said, slowly.

“So . . . What?” I replied looking, brushing my red hair out of my eyes.

“Why are you here?” she asked grinning.

“Got sent out of French for writin’ bollocks to French on the white board. You?”

She laughed her bleached blonde hair falling in front of her eyes. She flicked her hair out of the way and said, “My shirt.” She looked down and moved the compulsory school tie out of the way.

“What a about it?” I asked leaning forward.

“The buttons. The top three. My shirt won’t button up.” I looked forward as she pulled open her shirt, revealing her simple white bra.

As I’d mentioned before, Kristina had bleached blonde hair that fell over her shoulders down to about level with her breasts and her icy blue eyes shining between the odd strands of hair that fell across her face. Her boobs weren’t big, probably a B – cup, not that I was any expert. And, because of her “broken buttons” and because of her excitement of showing her classmates her “broken buttons” her very erect nipples were showing through her very thin bra. All of which was only slightly covered by the half open shirt and her short tie.

“Wow,” I said, staring, “I can see why that might distract people in your class.” I laughed.

“Yeah I know,” she grinned, “That was the reaction of most of the people in my class,”

“What reaction?” I asked, not realising I was staring.

“Oh you know, the usual, staring, jaws open, bulging trousers.” I laughed when said and she laughed with me. “And I swear Andy had a little bit of drool coming out his mouth.” This just made my laughing continue.
During which time I had ample chances to look at the open shirt, pale white bra, and possibly most importantly rearrange my swelling dick.

After a minute or so I managed to control my laughter. “You know,” she started looking up at me. (Kristina’s about 5ft 5 I'm just over 5ft 9) “Your one of the only people who can talk to me without making stupid comments about sex or my tits or somethin’ like that.”

“Why?” I asked, “Who are the others?”

“My mum,” she laughed, “My hamster, and maybe my cousins,” she smiled. “You know, if you ever want to come round my place sometime you’re more than welcome.”

I smiled, “Thanks, maybe I’ll come round this weekend, if that’s okay . .?” I looked at her, hoping. Then suddenly a thought popped into my head. “Oh crap, I forgot my mum and dad have left for the day an’ aren’t gonna be back till like eight.” I looked her at kinda sheepishly, “I don’t s’pose I could stay at yours for awhile, today, could I?”

She smiled, “Yeah that’d be great.”

“Thanks,” I nodded, and snatched a glimpse at her tits again.

“Y’know, I said, if this were a film this would be the moment where we kiss passionately and reveal our
true love for each other,” I said, Kristina paused for a second and I thought I’d ruined the thing we had goin’ on for a couple of seconds back there, but then she laughed and replied.

“And if this were a porno then we’d both strip naked, fuck like rabbits and reveal our true love for each other.” I laughed as she smiled and then, making us both jump the bell rang for dinner and as hundreds of kids emptied into the corridors of our school I was called into the head of years office,

What follows is basically a simplified version of what happened next. I spent the next few hours being told how irresponsible and rude I am and how I have only one chance left. That and being given an official afterschool detention.

After the rest of the lessons had past I met Kristina at the school gates and we started walking to her house.

“So?” I started, “How far do you live from here?” I asked after a minute of awkward silence as we walked along the main road that ran along the front of our school.

“Oh it’s not far,” she said, “About five minutes from here, tops.” She smiled.
I loved it when she smiled. Her blonde hair fell around her face perfectly, framing her icy blue eyes. Her small cute nose was like the cherry on a cake and her lips were thin and red and split into a faint smile whenever she talked.

“Oh yeah, I forgot, my mum’s workin’ ‘till nine so you don’t have to worry about my parents,” she stopped for a second and looked at me, “Please, just don’t ask about my dad.” I nodded silently; I could see that subject was close to her.

We carried on walking for a bit longer before Kristina nodded to her left, “Up here,” she said, “My house is just at the end of this path.”

“Nice,” I said, looking up the path. It was kind of overgrown on both sides but the path was still visible. I followed her up the path and as we walked I found my eyes lingering on her curvy backside that swayed from side to side as she walked up the hill. With her black tights on and her incredibly short skirt everyone upwards step she took Kristina took revealed a flash of white panties. The white panties I so wished to get underneath.

Suddenly we were out of the narrow path onto a wide open garden leading up to the side of a small house, or a large cottage, however you wanted to look at it.

Anyway, the house was amazing with old stone laid walls and ivory creeping up on all sides it looked like something out of a fairy tale. Kristina was right when she’d said her house was only five minutes away but it was secluded on the far side of a hill, facing away from the school. The front of the house faced down a gentle slope ending in a stream. As Kristina led me to the side of the house I saw a drive that led back around the hill.

Kristina bent down, giving me a great view of those white panties again, as she picked up a key from under a plant pot by the front door.

She let me into her house and I stood in the kitchen which the front door led directly into and looked around. It was nothing special like any ordinary kitchen I suppose.
“Come on,” said Kristina looking at me, “Come upstairs,” I followed her up stairs, still staring at her curved bum. And I followed her left into her room.

There was nothing there to really indicate this was a girl’s room, the walls were painted white and her bed covers were black. I looked around her small, simple room and stood there like a bit of a gorm.
“Just throw your stuff over there,” Kristina nodded to a corner over her room where she threw her bags and blazer. I followed her example and threw my school blazer and bag into the corner. She lay down on her bed and sighed. I was still stood there like a gorm.

“Ryan,” she said slowly, “Have you ever had sex before?” the sheer unexpectedness of the question threw me a bit and sat in a small office chair that was tucked into her computer desk.
I sat down in it and spun round so I could sit nearer to her. “No.” I answered simply, there was no point lying.

“Have, you ever seen a girl naked?” she asked, grinning as I tried to rearrange my pants.
“No.” I answered again; I was guessing Google images didn't count.
“Oh,” she said simply. Then, “Do you want to have sex with me Ryan?”
Well if her other question threw me, this one picked me up like a rag-doll and threw me out the window.
I still hadn’t answered so I tried to play it off. “Well, I was hoping so but I wasn’t expecting it to happen this fast.”

She giggled then un-buttoned her top.
I stared wide eyed at her pale white bra which I could easily see her hard nipples through. Then she tucked her legs underneath her and reached behind her and un-clipped her bra as-well.
I moved across from the chair and sat on the edge of her bed placing my hand on her leg absently as I stared at her boobs.

As I’d said before they were probably b-cups with small round pink nipples and a tiny darker pink areola. I must have stared at those milky white, fleshy orbs for at least a couple of minutes. Staring absently at the fully revealed tits of one of my friends I felt the familiar stirring in my pants.

“Whats up?” Kristina asked, moving her hands up her waist, “Are these not good enough?” she emphasized the word these with a tweak of her nipples. Pulling her nipples outwards, rolling them between her thumb and finger, and letting them go. Giggling as her boobs bounced back to her chest.
“No.” I mumbled, “Oh God no.” I said louder, “They’re perfect,” I said looking into her eyes, “Really they are.”
“Oh you’re just saying that,” she said sadly, and then looking and grinning she said “I think I need to show you more.” Then before I could get a word in she’d hooked her fingers into her skirt and panties and in one swoop she stripped naked in front of me.

Her shaved pussy sat in front of me in all its glory. The outer lips were swollen with excitement and with not a trace of hair it looked the entire world for a pre-pubescent young girl.
“Oh god Kristina,” I said, “Oh, my, god.” I managed again.

I was so dumb-struck that a girl was sat naked in front of me that I forgot to realise that I was a fifteen year old, horny teenage boy, and a girl was lying in front of me. And she was naked!
I finally decided to do something; Kristina had just stripped in front of me and was obviously expecting some kind of reaction.

I stood up from the chair I was in and leaned over her. I straddled her naked body and leant down to kiss her.

I leant do and smiled at her, Kristina smiled back and leant forward a bit. A feeling like static shock ran through me when our lips touched. For a second we stayed like that, our lips touching gently, before I felt her mouth open and our two tongues slipped inside each other’s mouths. I savoured the taste of her lipstick as we kissed and after a minute we broke away.

“You gonna fuck me then, or what?” Kristina asked breathlessly.
“You bet I grinned.” I remember after my fifteenth birthday I promised myself I’d start actively seeking sex. One of my fears in life was to be the guy at the school reunions who still lived with his mum and still hadn’t had sex.

I pulled of my shirt. I wasn’t the fittest person in the world but I prided myself on not being fat. I undid my trousers and dropped them to the ground and kicked them off with my socks and pants.
I stood over her with my cock aiming at her.

“Wow,” she muttered, “Come here,” she said softly. I did as I was told and stood next to her. She leaned out over the bed and kissed the head of my erect cock gently. I had the static shock feeling again.
I sat on the bed next to her and without speaking she slid down and placed her head between my legs. I gasped as I felt her mouth enclose around my shaft and I closed my eyes in sheer pleasure as she began moving up and down.

I shivered every time she ran her tongue over my swollen head and gasped again as she released my cock and began sucking on one of my balls.

I closed my eyes as the pleasure roll over me. I felt every twitch of her tongue as it lick my balls and felt the softness of her cheek every time she leaned forward and my still erect cock slapped against her face.
She grinned and looked up at me. “I think that's wet, enough, don’t you?” it was all I could do to manage a weak nod. “Good,”

I stayed there on my back as crawled up me and straddled me. She teased me by crouching over my cock and rubbing it softly before suddenly she sat straight down on my cock.
I felt my shaft thrust up her tight, moist cunt. I gasped as she squeezed her legs and began sliding up and down on my cock. I opened my mouth as she leaned forward and I took a mouthful of her perfect breast, nibbling gently on her nipple and flicking it with my tongue.

I could still feel her sliding up and down my cock. I could feel every pulse of as her heart beat. I could feel her cunt walls tremble as I flicked her nipples with my tongue. She leant close to me and whispered in my ear, “Your turn,” then we rolled over and suddenly I was on top.
I began thrusting into her as fast I could. I could her cunt walls twitching as she gasped and her breathing got heavier, “Ryan,” she gasped, “I'm gonna cum, Ryan,” I smiled as her normally straight hair lay in a mess on the pillow behind her head.

I could feel my cock trembling as I was about to cum, and deciding not to become a father just yet; I pulled out and moved upwards just enough to get my cock between her cleavage.
Guessing what I was going to do Kristina reached down and squeezed her tits together and I carried on thrusting.

“Any minute now,” I managed between thrusts, “I'm cummin’ Krissy,” she smiled and looked down at the swollen cock head protruding between her tits. She opened her mouth as I squirted. I felt the over-whelming pressure build up as I thrust against her soft, fleshy orbs. I almost fell forwards as I came all over her chest. Instead I just managed to fall sideways next to her and we embraced in a long kiss. My slowly deflating cock still inside her.

Only after I woke up did I realise I’d fallen asleep and I looked at Kristina, her eyes closed peacefully.
“Krissy,” I whispered, “Krissy!” I said more urgently.

I saw her stir and somewhere between mine and Kristina’s legs I felt something else stirring as well.
“Oh hey Ryan,” she murmured half asleep, a silly smile on her face.

“That was good eh?” she asked, “Wanna go again?” I smiled at her and leaned forward to kiss her again.

Thnx for reading any comments welcome. enjoy = )

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2009-03-17 22:18:57
Good story.


2009-03-16 01:53:58
well, it was a pretty good story, although it did lack some character background, and lacked some parts of a plot. i would say to add some more setting information, and write more about the past relationship between ryan and kristiana, and maybe write about the school and house more. all in all, 3/5

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