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When my brother got married my life changed drastically.
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Bridal Shower Pussy Show

I’m a thirteen-year-old girl and my twenty-three-year-old brother is getting married to Rachael. Rachael is everything I want to be when I grow up. She is beautiful, smart, and she has a fabulous body. On top of all that she has my wonderful brother and I envy her. My mother and I were invited to the Bridal Shower, I’m a Bride’s Maid, and I got to record the Bridal Shower for my brother to watch some time.

Rachael’s mother, her sister Beth, and three of her best friends were invited to be in the wedding and to be part of the shower too. So the eight of us were to be driven around in a long chauffeur driven limousine going from the hotel suite, to a fancy restaurant, to a male strip club, and then back to the big suite in the hotel where the wedding was to take place the next day.

Once we were all in the hotel suite we were told that we all had to wear matching pink T-shirts and pink pleated skirts. Rachael’s T-shirt said ‘Bride’ while the others said ‘Mother Of The Bride,’ ‘Mother-In-Law Of The Bride,’ ‘Maid Of Honor,’ and of course the other four said ‘Bride’s Maids.’ Mom was not too happy with wearing a T-shirt in the first place but when the Bride’s Maid told us that we all had to go braless and pantyless she almost refused to go. The bride’s mother finally talked her into it. As we all changed in the living room area of the suite I simply placed the digital camcorder on a shelf and tried to stay out of the way of the lens as much as possible. I was pretty sure that I got everyone else changing out of their blouses and bras and into their pink T-shirts. Then out of our skirts and pants and into the pink skirts. I knew that my brother would love watching my film of the seven naked women. After we were all changed I filmed each of them from the waist up and took enough time to read the T-shirt and check out their hard nipples. Mom had the longest nipples of all. I on the other hand had the smallest nipples and the smallest boobs of all. Rachael had great boobs, I wished that mine would look like hers someday.

The two mothers had hair on their pussies but the rest of us were hairless. I was only thirteen years old but I had been told by Rachael that men love the little girl look. In fact, it had been Rachael that had shaved my pussy for me the day before. After she shaved it she kissed it, fingered it for a while, and then she ate me out for the very first time. I enjoyed it and even had an orgasm. Rachael said that I could return the favor someday.

The limousine was really nice but Mom was way too obsessed with not having any underwear on. She constantly held her skirt down and kept her hand between her legs. I managed to get a pretty nice shot up the rest of the girl’s legs as they drank Champaign right from the bottle.

At the restaurant the women drank wine and did shots of peppermint schnapps. They also ate very little. Even Mom started to loosen up. I was hungry so I got a soda and ate my cheeseburger and fries.

Before we left the restaurant Rachael shouted out ‘Potty Break’ and headed to the lady’s room. She made sure to grab my hand as she passed by. Only her sister Beth the Bride’s Maid came with us. In the restroom Rachael pointed to the camera in my hand and winked at me. I turned it on and watched as Rachael opened a stall door and then pulled her skirt up to her waist to sit down with her knees out wide enough to touch the walls. She lifted her T-shirt up above her beautiful breasts and then she started to pee. As she peed she talked to the camera and told my brother how much she loved him, how horny she was, and how badly she wanted his cock in her cunt. When Rachael was done her sister Beth took her place lifting her skirt up high, spreading her knees wide, and then lifting her T-shirt above her breasts too. Surprisingly she said that she loved my brother too, that she was horny, and that he could fuck her any time that he wanted too. Then Rachael took the camera and aimed it at me. Shyly I lifted my skirt up to my waist, opened up my knees, and then I lifted my top up too. Looking at the camera I said, “I love you and if you want to fuck me…then I guess you can.” Rachael then got right down close to my pussy as I peed into the toilet. When I was done peeing Rachael handed Beth the video camera and then she licked my pussy clean after I had just peed. She sucked my nipples too and then said into the camera, “Make that a threesome anytime you want too.” In the background her sister said, “Or a foursome.”

That time in the limousine things got even better with another bottle of wine opened and passed around. They just drank straight from the bottle. Mom even opened her legs up after that. I practically had the camera between her knees when she noticed and bitched me out for doing it. Rachael just laughed at her and then had all of the girls including her mother lift their skirts up high so that I could film their pussies up close as they made promises to my brother as if he were there. They all said that he could fuck them any time that he wanted too, with Rachael’s permission that is. Her mother even told him that he could fuck her. Mom did let me film her hairy pussy but she just told him that she loved him. Then Rachael got everyone including my mother that time to show him their tits too.

At the male strip club they gave me a hard time about my age. Mom assured them that I was her daughter, Rachael told them that I was a midget, and the bouncer told me not to drink any alcohol. I promised not too. Then of course the camera was a problem. Eventually Beth bribed the guy into let me film the action. He put the six other women in one corner together and then put Beth in charge of me. I was not to film any other clients and only the guys that gave me permission. Beth was responsible for me and we got to sit a little way away from them but facing in their direction so that I got to film their faces.

I could not believe that a Police Officer came out on stage, nodded to Beth that it was all right to film him, and then went directly to Rachael. He helped her to her feet and then out onto the stage where he proceeded to search her for weapons. His hands roamed all over Rachael’s body. They went up under her T-shirt where he felt her up for a while and then they went up under her skirt. He was in no hurry to bring them back out either. I filmed the whole thing and watched, as he must have masturbated Rachael to an orgasm. As she went weak in the knees he slipped a chair under her. Then he proceeded to dance and strip for her and her alone. The audience was going wild but neither of them paid any attention. His costume was made with Velcro and came off easily. Soon that Policeman only had a cloth badge covering his cock. Rachael removed that with her teeth and then proceeded to suck his cock with everyone watching and me photographing her. He must have stopped before he cum because Rachael seemed disappointed. She returned to her seat and watched as five other men came onto the stage one at a time and danced for the women in the audience.

When it was the Policeman’s turn to dance again he was a cowboy instead. He danced along the stage to various women winding up at Rachael again. When she removed the little saddle from his cock he then waved his cock in my mother’s face. I could not believe that my mother captured it in her mouth and began to suck on it. Her hands were on his ass pulling him into her. Mom deep throated him according to what Beth was shouting out.

He finally managed to get his cock out of Mom’s mouth and then came over to Beth and I. He said, “Hey little girl want to touch it too?” So I leaned over and sucked it into my mouth. I didn’t know I was supposed to use my hands since Rachael and Mom hadn’t. He backed off quickly but not before Beth got it all recorded. Shortly after that we were asked to leave.

That time in the limousine everyone asked me how I liked sucking my first cock. I told them that it had been interesting but too short. Short was not the word that Mom used to describe it. In fact she had deep throated him, had her nose in his pubic hair, and gotten his load in her throat too. Rachael told us how great it had been when he masturbated her on stage. The other three Bride’s Maids had gone back stage and let three of the other strippers fuck them. Only Beth and her mother had been left out.

According to Beth it was too early to go back to the hotel so she had the chauffeur drive us around where the men’s clubs were. The women then proceeded to flash the men on the streets their tits and then press their asses up to the windows too. I was glad that the windows were tinted a dark color but from the reactions of the men they could see well enough. Beth took the camera from me and had me show the men my little titties and my tush too. From the reaction of the men on the street they liked my little titties best.

At midnight we returned to the hotel suite where the sleeping arrangements were laid out. The two mothers got one double bed together; Rachael, Beth, and I got the queen size bed; and the other three Bride’s Maids got the pull out king size bed.

At one o’clock the phone rang and Beth answered it. Then Beth said, “Okay! It’s time to give Rachael a real shower. Everyone follow me down to the spa area. They have a big shower and it’s after closing time. Bring the camera.”

We were all sleepy, slightly tipsy, and game for anything at that point. We piled into the elevator and got off in the main lobby where a pretty young woman led us through some doors making sure that they were closed and locked behind us. It was a gym of sorts with lots of machines. She walked us back into a changing room where Beth made me give the young woman my camera. I was going to be in the movie too.

She filmed us getting out of our T-shirts and skirts and then going into the giant shower room. There were at least twenty spigots on the walls and they all came on at once. One by one we washed Rachael’s body from her head to her toes with several stops in between. Beth was first and fingered her sister to an orgasm while we all watched. The other three Bride’s Maids took their turn and then the two mothers. I watched as every one including my mother kissed Rachael on the lips, sucked on her nipples, and kissed her ass. Then as they all ate her pussy and played with her clit until she orgasmed. I was last but not least according to Beth. Rachael got on the floor of the shower room, pulled me into a sixty-nine with her, and then proceeded to eat me out with everyone watching her. It was even better than when she ate me out after shaving my pussy the other day.

Finally I remembered that I was supposed to eat her too and got my very first taste of pussy. I knew right then that it wouldn’t be my last either. Rachael called me her little sister and told me how much fun we were going to have together.

Soon I turned onto my back and both of my new sisters were sucking my titties into their mouth. Their mother was licking my pussy and I felt like part of their family. The other three Bride’s Maids took their places and continued to make love to me. Finally Mom laid her big tits on the shower floor between my knees and started to eat my pussy too. I held her hair and lifted my butt up off the floor. By then my clit was so tender that I orgasmed in my mother’s mouth. She kissed my pussy and sat back on her legs. I was exhausted.

Beth and Rachael helped me to my feet, dried me off, and helped me get my T-shirt and skirt back on. The young woman returned my camera and escorted us back out to the lobby.

I slept like a log that night. We were all served breakfast in bed at noon by the hotel staff. The wedding was to be at seven o’clock that evening which gave us plenty of time to get our hair and makeup done and to get dressed. The wedding was taking place right there in the hotel so it was easy enough.

I put a new card in the camera and stated a new movie about getting ready for the wedding. It started out with Rachael shaving my mother’s pussy bald and then Beth shaving her mother’s pussy bald. Bras and panties were once again forbidden but that time no one objected at all.

As I walked down the aisle I held the arm of the cutest boy in the whole world. His name was Joshua, he was fourteen years old, and according to Beth he was a virgin too. She had placed a room key in my purse just in case I got lucky, or more likely if I let him get lucky.

I had surrendered my camera to Uncle Mike for the wedding ceremony but with a new camera card again. I didn’t want to take a chance that anyone would watch what I had photographed. After we had our hair and makeup done but before we got dressed we were all naked again. A bottle of Champaign had been passed around and then a beautiful glass dildo was produced. It was pretty enough to place on a mantel and viewed. I was recording as it got passed from woman to woman. Each one sucked it into her mouth for a minute before passing it on. Rachael had been first and I had been last. Then Rachael handed the dildo to her sister who then fucked Rachael with it. Each girl handed the dildo to the girl that she wanted to fuck her with it. Eventually Mom handed it to me and I fucked her with it. I just smiled as I handed it to Rachael. I lay back and waited as Rachael slowly worked that glass cock into my virgin pussy. There was a little pain involved but mostly just a full feeling. With her thumb rubbing my clit as she stroked that glass dildo into me I achieved a very good orgasm. Then I was awarded the dildo as a souvenir of my first penetration. That was when Mom told Rachael that I had been on the pill for a few months, Beth placed the room key into my purse, and then Beth told me about Joshua.

At the end of the aisle Joshua released me to go to the left as he went to the right past my brother. My brother winked at me as our eyes met. I walked to far end and stood on my mark. One by one the other Bride’s Maids walked down the aisle with their escorts, Beth came down with her escort, and then the Bride on her father’s arm. Rachael was so beautiful that I started to cry. In a few minutes we would be sisters. We had already formed a bond that no one could break. Once we traded pussy juices we were bound together for eternity. That was what Rachael had said about giving your heart and body to a man that you truly loved. I had given my heart and body to Rachael and her sister Beth.

The ceremony was just a blur and the reception was boring. I was not even recording much of it. Finally Rachael kissed me and told me to take Joshua up to the room for some fun…that is if I was up to it. She said that I could christen the bed first before she and my brother got to it. She told me to leave her a wet spot. I wasn’t exactly sure what she was talking about but Beth explained it to me.

I walked right up to Joshua, kissed him on the lips, and asked “Do you want to loose your virginity with me?”

Joshua blushed and said, “Okay!”

I kissed Mom and told her where I was going. She wished me an enjoyable experience and patted my butt. As I walked out holding hands with Joshua I felt that all eyes were on me and that everyone knew where I was headed and what I was going to do.

In the elevator Joshua kissed me in a very clumsy way. I had to kiss him a few times to teach him how it was supposed to be done.

In the suite I took him right to the master bed, set up the camera, pulled back the covers, and told him to sit and watch me. I tried my best to imitate what I had seen in movies and on the stage the night before. I slowly removed my dress to show Joshua that it was all that I was wearing. Then I let him look at me for a few minutes. I was not as embarrassed as I had thought that I would be. Joshua was the first boy that I had kissed, the first boy to see me naked, and he would be the first boy to fuck me too. I still had my Policeman Cowboy to remember as my first real cock to suck.

Joshua tried to dance and be sexy for me as he undressed but he was just too clumsy. I almost laughed when I saw how little his hard-on was but I didn’t. In a way I was glad that he wasn’t as big as my Cowboy or the glass dildo. I wanted to be able to enjoy my first fuck.

Joshua didn’t know what to do so it was lucky that I did. I kissed his cock but when I slipped my lips over it he came. He apologized but it was okay because Rachael and Beth had pre-warned me. I remembered what Mom had said about the Cowboy and swallowed all of his cum, not wasting a drop. Then I made Joshua eat my pussy. He wasn’t too happy about it but I reminded him that he had cum in my mouth, that I was totally naked, and that if he did eat my pussy good that he could fuck me. He was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Anyway, I made him lick me longer than I had him and taught him to run his tongue over my clit. I didn’t cum but it sure felt good.

My mother had suggested that I might like to be on top the fist time so that the boy couldn’t ram his cock into me and turn me off from sex like her first time with a boy. So I had Joshua get on his back, I fed his cock into my wet hole, and then I enjoyed the ride of my life. Joshua kept telling me how much he appreciated it and I knew right then that I had a special power and it’s name was pussy. I had it and all of the boys wanted it. After Joshua cum in me I aimed the camera right at my dripping pussy. I wanted to always remember my first time.

I sent Joshua back to the reception so that I could figure out how to use one of the douches that Rachael had in her bag. It was strawberry and it smelled real good.

I put my dress back on and returned to the reception to look for another boy. All I had to do was ask and he was on his way up to the room with me. He was older than Joshua was; maybe sixteen, a better kisser, and he wanted to be on top. Not until he ate me out first. His cock was bigger but he was still a virgin too and had to be shown where to put it. He was very good all around and told me that his two cousins were at the reception, if I wanted to fuck them too. I told him to send them up and douched again.

They were only twelve and younger than me but they were twins, they were cute, and I was still horny. They certainly were eager though. They ate my pussy all that I wanted them too and then they took turns fucking me. They were like a pair of jackhammers. First one would fuck me and then the other. When he was done his brother took his place. After they both cum twice I sucked them hard for a third go at it. Then a forth time before they wanted to stop. They said that they were tired and that that their cocks were sore. I poked a finger in my pussy and it felt fine. I was really full of cum too so I let the twins watch me as I douched again and went back to the reception in search for another boy.

Rachael caught me and asked me how many boys I had taken up to the room. I told her that I had taken four boys up there and that I had been fucked ten times so far. Rachael smiled at me, called me a little slut, and then she introduced me to three more boys about my age. Those boys were great and I got sucked and fucked all that I wanted by them.

When Beth finally came up to get me I told her that I had let seven virgin boys fuck me and that in total, I had been cum in sixteen times. She kissed me, patted me pussy, and told me to keep it in my pants for a while until we had time to talk.

Mom and Dad took me home and we waited two weeks for Rachael and my brother to come back from their honeymoon. They had a great time in the Caribbean and Rachael showed Mom and I her great tan. She had spent a lot of time on a topless beach with a string bikini bottom on. She brought me a bikini like hers but with a top and said that she would take me to a tanning place so that I could have a great tan for the summer too. Then Rachael handed Mom a string bikini and asked her to join us.

The following day Beth and Rachael came over to talk to me. Mom and I had talked about the reception a little bit, but not too much. They were now my big sisters watching out for me. They explained that I had gone overboard with my newfound power. They told me that tits and pussy were way too powerful to just flaunt them around the helpless boys. They told me that I would have to learn to control it. They said that boys couldn’t help themselves and that they would fuck a knothole in the floor if they could. I giggled at that one.

Then that day we viewed the film from the first disc and discussed what we saw. Watching Mom undress and put on her pink T-shirt was funny, watching myself pee and then having Rachael lick me was still a thrill, and then when they wanted me to join my brother in a foursome Mom just smiled. We talked about how Rachael had let the Policeman feel her up, how Mom had sucked his cock, and how wrong it was for him to stick his cock in my mouth given the age difference and the fact that I was a minor. Then I asked them why it was so different if it was them and my brother having sex with me. About all they could say was that keeping it in the family was good and that incest was something special that brought a family together. They had sex with their father, uncles, and cousins when they were older teenagers and it brought them all closer together. Mom said that she too had sex with her father, brothers, and uncles too when she was older than me. I asked them if I was supposed to let my father fuck me too or if it could just be my brother. They all said that it was entirely up to me, that it was my body, and that I should choose who to share it with. They did suggest that I be older though.

Before they left the four of us had an orgy and I cum more than I ever had before. Rachael used the glass dildo on me and I liked it much better that time.

The next day we viewed the disc of us getting ready for the wedding, Rachael shaving Mom’s pussy, and the eight of us posing together naked for still pictures. The best part was when I fucked Mom with the glass dildo and then Rachael fucked me with it breaking my hymen for the boys later.

The reception disc was not too interesting except when I was in the lady’s room and got some quick glimpses of underwear, some gossip, and some remarks about the women thinking that Rachael was a very luck girl. She admitted that she was.

The following day we got out the wine and watched my first sex video. The women drank, got naked, and masturbated throughout the whole thing. There were some pointers but all in all they thought that I had handled myself quite well. Joshua was my first and the sixteen-year-old had been good but the younger boys certainly tried harder. The two cousins fucked me four times each until they hurt too much to continue. However, the three twelve-year-olds were the best. They took to fucking me like ducks to water according to Mom. Everyone watched as those boys fucked me non-stop for twenty-seven minutes and cum in me nine times. In the end you could see the contented look on my face as I achieved my very first cock induced orgasm.

The film ended with Beth coming in, asking the boys to get dressed, and asking them not to tell everyone about having sex with the Bride’s little sister. She gave me a kiss, gave me a douche, and helped me on with my dress. Then she picked up the camera aimed at her face, said goodnight, and turned it off.

We had another orgy right there on the living room rug. We were still going at it when Dad came home. No one tried to cover up their nudity not even me. Rachael told him that we were just becoming a close net family. Dad said, “Just keep it in the family…incest is best.” We all laughed.

Before I turned fourteen, I had let my father and my brother fuck me, I had let Rachael’s father fuck me, and I had let most of the boys in my neighborhood fuck me too. I was into my sixth sex video too.

Mom never said anything about me taking boys up to my room or dating as long as I didn’t date anyone over eighteen and I got home when I was supposed too. That wasn’t any problem since I usually invited the boys to a sleepover at my house.

It seemed as if my sex drive was having an effect on Mom because Dad asked me to cool it a little. He said that my mother was trying to fuck him to death. I sure didn’t want that to happen. Dad’s cock was great and I would certainly miss it.

The End
Bridal Shower Pussy Show
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