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This to the best of my memory, some of the converstion between us my not be word for word but it is pretty much what was said
The first few days were kinda awkward, Faith was still reeling from losing not one but both of her parents, I was handling things pretty well. I got faith enrolled in school and after a few days I went back to work and Faith went to school. I tried to make things as “normal” as I could. I didn’t have any of my girlfriends spend the night and I rarely stayed out to late. I felt bad leaving faith home alone but she seemed ok with it. The thoughts of doing things sexually with Faith was still there but now that she was older I knew I did not dare, as I was sure she now knew about sex and I wouldn’t be able to just explain things away as I used to. We got along great as the weeks passed, Faith was a good kid and helped out around the house without being told, we were a lot more like friends than anything.
One night, about 8 weeks or so into us living together Faith came to my room and asked if she could sleep in my bed, that she was thinking of how our family used to be and she was feeling lonely and sad. The moment she said that I felt a twitch in my cock. I said
“No problem kiddo”
As she approached my bed I could see that she had on her typical long night shirt, but as she climbed into bed I got a quick look glance at her ass and saw she had no panties on, Again another twitch in my cock and I began to get hard. Faith lay in bed next to me, I made sure not to let my waist touch her as fear she would feel my hard cock. We laid there talking about things from our past, a little bit of laughing a little bit of sadness, when out of nowhere Faith turned to me and asked “Do you still think I’m pretty? Do I still excite you like I did when I was little?”
I didn’t know what to say, I wasn’t sure what she was even talking about.
“Of course you a pretty girl Faith” I nervously responded waiting for what was going to come out of her mouth next
“I know what you were doing when you thought I was sleeping Dan, why don’t you want to do it anymore, is it because you think you cant, or that I’m to old?”
“What are you talking about Faith?” I said trying to play it off
“You know Dan, when you would masturbate your cock and put your cum on me, its ok Dan, I know why you did it, but how come you don’t want to do it anymore?”
I knew I couldn’t play it off, she was way to sure of what I had done, so I asked her how she knew
“How long did you know Faith? You’re not upset? I m sorry I did those things to you, I was a young horny teenager and I shouldn’t have done those things”
“I didn’t know at the time, it wasn’t until you left that I found out what it was that you were doing, I mean, I knew what was happening, I just didn’t know what it meant why, and don’t feel bad, I have thought about it a lot since you have been gone and I think I like that you used to do that, means you like me, right?”
“So you were awake when I would do those things, I really thought you were sleeping, how did you figure it out? I asked her
“Yes I would pretend to be asleep, I guess I was young and just thought if I woke up you would be mad at me, so I just pretended to be asleep. I’m sure there was times when I was really sleeping, but I think most of the times I was awake. I figured out what it all ment about a year after you left, I was talking with Jamie Higgins, you remember her, from down the street, she was a year older than me, she was at the funeral with her parents, she has become my best friend in school, well we were talking about boys and things and I told her about what you would do and if she ever heard of it, She did and told me a lot of things, and she told me that you could get in a lot of trouble if anyone knew, I made her promise not to tell anyone, I don’t think she ever did cause that was years ago, and we have talked about it a few times so I’m pretty sure it was our secret. Did you know that Jamie has the biggest crush on you Dan, you were all she talked about, she like hearing about what you used to do with me, I think she was jealous”
My mind was racing, holy crap, someone out there knows.
“OMG Faith Jamie knows, if she ever tells anyone I can go to jail and who knows what would happen to you”
“Dan its ok Jamie isn’t going to say anything to anyone, She is my best friend, plus she really likes you” she responded
To my surprise my cock did not go down, instead it got even harder
“So it doesn’t bother you that we are family, it doesn’t gross you out what I used to do?” I asked her
She looked right in my eyes and said “no Dan, it doesn’t, I think about it all the time now, I masturbate a lot to it, would you do it again? Make me feel special again?”
My mind was racing, my 13 year old sister, who I used to jerk off on and feel up years ago, is now asking for more and is telling me she masturbates thinking of it. What was I to do, I considered for a moment just talking her out of it, explaining that it was all wrong, but my cock and instincts were screaming to do it. I let my hand wander over her thigh, caressing her hip and leg, the curve of her waist as she lay on her side facing me. Her young skin felt so smooth and inviting. She was still looking at me, I leaned forward and gave her a kiss, a real kiss, the same kind of kiss as if I was seducing a new girl in my bed. When our kiss broke she spoke.
“Oh Dan, I’ve wanted you to kiss me like that for years”
My hand moved up her body and I felt her little boobs and her hard nipples, then glided down her flat stomach to between her legs, no hair, she let out a gasp as my fingers dragged across her slit.
“No hair honey, you shaved it?”
“Yes for you Dan, I wanted to be just like when I was little, do you want me to pretend im sleeping?
“No honey, unless you want to” I told her
“No I want to watch you, I want to help you, I have been masturbating about doing this with you for a year now” she eagerly responded
I pulled out my cock, bulging dying for release, I knelt between her legs and dragged the head of my cock across her slit, like I used to do, it left a wet mark from my precum. By this time I was a full grown man and my cock was a solid 8 inches and 6 around. Other than Faiths heavy breathing and an intermediate moan, she didn’t say a word. I rubbed my cock head on her clit a few more times before I moved up to her chest and straddled her, my cock only inches from her face as I stroked my cock, I grabbed it from the base and pushed a wad of precum up to the head. Faith spoke
“Is that cum Dan? Can I taste it, can I suck it Dan, I want to suck it so bad, can I?”
“Yes baby, suck it” I eagerly said
I watched as my teenage sister took my cock in her tiny had, and guided it towards her mouth. The second my cock hit her warm mouth I felt electricity flow through my spine, it was more exciting than the first blow job I had ever gotten. I watched as my little sister struggled to take my cock, I helped her and held her head up. After only a few seconds I wanted to cum so bad, I pulled her head off my cock and grabbed it and began stroking it furiously. Faith just looked up at me motionless staring at my cock. She looked so beautiful, not like my little sister but as a beautiful girl.
“Oh Faith I’m gonna cum all over your face” I said in between my breaths
To my surprise Faith opened her mouth wide just as the first rope of my cum came blasting out, it hit her little face, across her chin, into her mouth and up her face into her hair, she never even flinched, even when a blast hit her eye and coated her lashes. By the third squirt I had put my cock directly into her mouth, which she eagerly sucked, taking the last few squirts into her mouth. I withdrew my cock from her and leaned back, looking at my sister covered in my cum, it was all over her, I shot of cum had made kinda a “bridge” between her eyelash and her face. She was still just looking up at me, then started to smile and giggle a little. I climbed off her and went for my shirt on the floor to wipe her up, she told me no to leave it for a minute. What a dirty girl, my 13 year old sister wants to sit with my cum on her face. Her hand went between her legs and started to rub herself.
“I want to cum Dan, I want you to cum again too” she practically begged
My cock didn’t even go down, watching Faith start to play with her pussy got me immediately ready for more. I watched as my once innocent teenage sister rubbed her little bald pussy, my cum covering her face, her starting to moan, I had to ask
”How long have you been able to cum Faith, when did you become such a dirty little girl?
“About two years now, Jamie taught me, and I want to be so much more dirty for you Dan, I’m not 8 anymore, I watch porn on the internet and I so want to do all those things I have seen, I want to do them all with you” she said breathing hard.
The thought of her and Jamie playing with each other, her watching porn got me all the more excited. I pounded my cock inches from her face again. I watched as she withered and buck as she rubbed her pussy.
“Have you and Jamie played with each other?” I asked
“Oh yes Dan, many many times” she answered, the answer I was hoping for
“Have you done anything with any guys?”
“No Dan never, I swear, Oh Dan please cum on me again, I want more of your cum!” she practically yelled.
Her bucking and breathing got heavier and faster, I worked my cock, holding back, I wanted to blow on her just as she was cumming. I didn’t have to wait much longer, just when she started to cum she began to squeal and almost convulse I let out another load across her face, again the first shot went into her open mouth, she was breathing hard and cumming, another three or four shots hit her lips, cheek and side of her nose. As her orgasm subsided she looked up at me and opened her mouth wide, I knew what she wanted and squeezed the last of my cum out of my cock and let it drip into her mouth. Her face was completely coated with cum, two massive loads in under ten minutes. Here was my 13 year old sister that I had custody of laying naked in my bed with my cum completely covering her face, the scene was almost surreal, she no longer was my sister but a hot little dirty girl, my mind raced already with thoughts of doing all kinds of things with her. As my cock was going limp I took it and smeared it in my cum on her face, she took my semi hard, cum covered cock and sucked it clean.
“Oh my god Faith, you are dirtier than girls I know twice your age, that was the best” I told her
“I like it too Dan, I want to do so much more with you”
I knew what she ment, she wanted me to fuck her, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take it there just yet, but the thought did get me excited.
“Do you love me Dan?” She asked, but now sounding once again like a little kid looking for reassurance.
“Of course I love you Faith, I always have”
“Good, cause I love you too” She said half giggling
“Wow Faith look at all that cum on you, I love it”
Faith got up and turned on the light and went to the mirror, when she stood up, completely naked I saw just how little she was, how tiny her waist and ass was and I thought to myself, “shit id hurt her if I fucked her”
Faith looked in the mirror at herself and rubbed some of the cum in, turned and leaned back against the dresser and said
“I love it, I’ve wanted to see what I looked like with your cum on me for years, will you do this every night for me? Even when you fuck me Dan I still want you cum on my face”
“Ha, how do you know I’m gonna fuck you Faith” I laughed, knowing full well that there would be a time when I would not be able to help myself
“like I said Dan, I’m thirteen, not eight”
With that said Faith left the room and went into the bathroom to clean up. I laid there thinking of what had just happened, of all the events with Faith and our family over the years, and to my happiness I didn’t have a bit of guilt at all, I think it was because Faith wanted it and enjoyed it so much, “how did my sister become so dirty and open, and what was with Jamie, I’d have to make it a point to find out, the thought of having Jamie come visit came immediately to my mind, could I really have her and Faith at the same time, would Jamie go along with it? I had to find out. I thought to myself, had I made Faith a dirty girl by molesting her when she was little? Or was she just a sexual person at thirteen? My thoughts were interrupted as Faith turned out the light and climbed into bed and snuggled up against me. I resolved to wait on my questions for another time. I was tired and could tell Faith was also. We laid there until we fell asleep, her head on my chest and my arm protectively wrapped around her. My mind wandered to all the things I wanted to do with her as I fell asleep.

Many more chapters to follow, I am now 30 and faith is 23. The things that we have gotten into bear putting on paper, actually when I am through another chapter Faith wants to publish her version of it all, I have read some of it already and it is quite a different version, especially the beginning of it all.

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2017-02-04 10:24:49
I loved this story soooo much. It made me want to fuck my little sister as well, since in a way we have the same relationship.

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2014-07-11 11:10:31
Awesome story.

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2013-01-16 17:30:05
OKAY..I'm not judging anyone or complaining because MY own curiosity has me reading these INCEST stories & I'm sure IF I had a sister MY raging hormones would drive me to the same IF we were both 13 or older. BUT it annoys me when guys or girls say "I can't believe how dirty or horny my Sis or Bro is at such a young age" THAT'S because you molested HER when she was 8 !! Or let her watch you , Mom or Dad fucking , licking or sucking at a young age. After that it's simply humans natural curiosity & ability to learn & experience...BUT cumming in a family member unless their on birth control is the most retarded mistake !! The risk is much to high , not just from the law but for the sake of these children !!

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2010-08-22 11:51:02
my older brother and me fuck a lot. after school usually, on the sofa. I am now 13 and Kevin is nearly 18. we lock the door and pull the curtains and he fucks me . He never wears a condom.
So far, no baby. It is a wonder, as he shoots so much hot sperm into my pussy.

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Don't stop there, I'm gonna cum!

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