[b]The brokerage was busy for the middle of the week, but it wasn’t going to set any sales records as bad as the economy was. Sailboats just weren’t a priority, and Robert’s commissions were not going to make him much this quarter. Most of the activity around the brokerage today was just maintenance and putting boats in the water, or pulling them out for repair. He was sitting at his desk thinking about early retirement, and watching the light rain out his window. He was restless and just wanted to set sail for somewhere else, somewhere he could escape to and be happy. To him, happiness was being free to watch the sunset, or even better, the sunrise. His favorite thing in the world was to sit in the early morning with a steaming cup of coffee and watch the night slowly turn to day as the sun rose off the horizon. His only regret was that he didn’t have anyone to share that beauty with, at least not since his wife had left him eighteen years ago. She wanted money fast and all it could bring her, so she had left him for an airline pilot, and she had taken his two year old daughter with her. She had even convinced him that their daughter would be better off if he allowed her new husband to adopt the baby. It was all done through a lawyer, so he never met the pilot, or even learned how to keep in touch with his daughter. He hadn’t seen or heard from either one of them since. The strange thing was that, after she left him, he started to make some really good money, and now he was very independent. In fact, at the ripe old age of thirty eight, he was a modestly wealthy man. All these thoughts agitated him, and he rose impatiently from his desk and started for the door. A walk down to the dock always made him feel better, and he needed that walk now.

As Robert stepped out of the office he saw the red Mercedes SL pulled up out front. He stopped and watched as the driver’s door opened and a pair of shapely legs was extended out of the car, promptly followed by a young woman who was so beautiful it took his breath away. She looked to be about 5’, maybe even less, and maybe 95 to 110 pounds. She had brown hair and the most stunning hazel eyes he had ever seen. Her breasts were high and looked firm, probably a 34C cup, he mused, but she was so small, it was hard to tell. When she smiled at him, it was a smile that lit up even this dismal day.

“Hi, could you tell me where I might find the owner?”

“Good morning. Sure, he should be in the first office on the left, inside here.”

Robert held the door open for her and noted that she smelled fresh and clean as she walked passed him, and she had a beautifully shaped ass that looked as firm as her tits. Probably another swimsuit model here to have her picture taken in a bikini next to the boats we are trying to move this week. People are always more interested in buying boats when they think the boat draws sexy girls to them. He smiled as he thought that he would like to draw a sexy girl to him.

The dock was almost deserted when he reached the end, and he stood looking down channel and out to sea. Robert felt just about as lonely as he had ever felt and he didn’t know why; maybe it was time to get out and sail toward the rising sun after all. How long he stood, staring out to sea he had no idea, and it was the sound of someone clearing their throat behind him that brought him back to reality. He turned to see the young woman who had gone into the office earlier standing there.

“Please excuse me, I don’t mean to interrupt your thoughts, but the owner of the marina told me that I could find you here. Are you Robert Grady?”

Smiling at her he said “I’m Robert, but you can call me Bob. What can I do for you?”

“My parents died not long ago in an auto accident Captain, and part of the estate was a sailboat. I’ve decided to keep the boat, but I want it moved, and I understand that you might be willing to sail it for me.”

“I might be, what type boat is it and where is it now? Also, where do you want it taken?”

Smiling up at him she gave him the details.

“It’s a 75’ sloop, fiberglass hull, fully equipped and it is in Galveston, Texas. I want it taken to Camden, Maine, I have a home near there and I intend to live there from now on.”

Bob’s low whistle told her he knew it was going to be a long hard trip, but his smile told her he was considering it. While he thought the trip over, she looked him over, and liked what she saw. Bob was a well tanned muscular man who was about six foot two or three, and he weighed about 205 or 210. His hair was wavy brown with grey streaks, and he had ice blue eyes. All in all, a very handsome man, she thought.

“I’ll need to hire a crew; it will take at least two more to crew the boat for a trip like that.”

“No problem there. I intend to crew the boat myself. I’m experienced at sailing, and the boat is computer equipped and has an autopilot. I’ve made long trips before, all I really need is you to captain the boat and make sure I don’t go sailing off the edge of the world.”

“Tell me, what made you come to me to move your boat? Not that I’m complaining, as a matter of fact I’m looking forward to a trip like this.”

“I have several reasons for coming to you. For one thing I took your age into consideration, and the fact that you don’t have any family to worry about, and I thought you would be willing to relocate. As to any other reasons, I would rather keep them to myself if you don’t mind.”

“That’s fine with me, how soon did you want to sail?”

“The sooner we go the better as far as I’m concerned; I love the sea, and it’s been a long time since I got to spend any amount of time on the boat.”

“Fine, I need to settle some of my affairs here, and make arrangements for assets to be waiting for me in Maine. We can leave at sun up on Wednesday if that’s okay with you.”

“Great I’ll see you at the boat Wednesday morning, and I’ll be ready to go when you arrive.”

For the second time today Bob watched as the young woman walked away from him in her form fitting business dress, and he smiled thinking to himself about how beautiful she was and how self assured. Then he remembered he didn’t even know her name.

“Hey, what should I call you?”

She stopped and turned half around smiling,

“Sorry, my name is Amanda Grant. People mostly call me Mandy. My little sister’s name is Maria, you know, like the wind. She’ll be on the trip also”

Bob laughed,

“Okay Amanda, I’ll see you and little wind on Wednesday.”

He looked down and noticed that when she turned, her jacket and shirt were pooching out in front revealing the creamy skin of her breast. He thought he saw just a hint of nipple, but it was such a quick look that he wasn’t sure. He looked back up and she was smiling at him, then she turned and walked away.

Bob walked down the gangway Wednesday morning thinking about how beautiful this boat was, and how much he was looking forward to sailing her. It was just before sunup and he didn’t see the girl, bent over and backing down the deck toward the gangway. They collided, and Bob quickly reached out and grabbed the girl in order to keep them both from falling. His hands closed on a very slim waist, as her butt pushed into his crotch, and she turned to look, first at his crotch pushing into her ass, then up at him.

“Easy big fella” she said, as she smiled up at him.

Turning her loose and stepping back, he said “I am so sorry, I didn’t see you there. I guess my mind was somewhere else.”

She couldn’t see that his face was beet red, and fortunately she didn’t notice the bulge in his pants. Turning toward him she said

“Hi, I’m Maria. You must be Captain Grady.”

Bob nodded, taking in the beauty of the girl. She was about the same height as her sister, but her body was that of a somewhat younger girl, very compact, with perky little breasts and a small well rounded ass. A very firm ass from what he felt while she had it pushed up against him. Maria was sixteen he knew from the several conversations he had on the phone with Amanda, which is also where he found out that Amanda was twenty.

About that time Amanda came up from below deck smiling, and extended her hand

“Good morning Captain. I hope we have everything ready for your inspection. All our gear is stowed and ready for sea, and I put your gear in your cabin if that’s okay?”

Looking her over, he thought she certainly is ready for inspection, with her short white shorts over those tanned legs, and her halter top pulled tight over her breasts.

“Very well, but please, call me Bob.”

And turning to Maria, who was wearing white shorts also, but with a small yellow and red bikini top, smiled and said “You must be little wind”

Blushing, she shook his hand and then went forward to cast off.

He turned to the wheel and started the engine, then turned to Amanda and said
“Let’s get under way, cast off the stern line.”

To Maria he shouted


He pushed the throttle forward slightly and spun the wheel.

A half hour later, the sails’ were up and the course set. The boat was making good headway, and he was happy with the performance of his crew. They had stowed the lines and had trimmed the sails as he had instructed, and now they were lounging forward on the bow. He watched from the wheel as first Maria and then Amanda stood, and slipped out of their white shorts. They were wearing bikini bottoms and he was shocked at how skimpy they were. Then Amanda slipped out of her top and he saw that she had on a bikini top that was even more revealing than the one Maria had on. She looked back at him and smiled as she started walking back to where he was at the wheel, and he could see her nipples pressing against the fabric of her bikini.

“I hope we’re not shocking you Captain, but we figured that as long as we’re at sea and no one can see, we might as well be comfortable, and get a good tan.”

“I don’t mind at all, as a matter of fact I was thinking of going topless myself. Hold the wheel.”

When Amanda had taken the wheel, Bob slid his shirt off, leaving only his shorts. He again took the wheel and said

“Thanks, I hope I’m not shocking you either. Please call me Bob, Captain just sounds too formal.”

“But I told you that friends call me Mandy, and you continue to call me Amanda. I thought you wanted to be formal.”

“No, it’s just that I had a daughter once named Amanda and I just like the name.”

“You’re married then Captain?”

“I was married for about a minute and a half. My wife and I got married right after high school when we were eighteen. It didn’t last long though and I guess she’s better off without me. She never did like the sea.”

Mandy looked at him strangely, taking in the broad, well tanned shoulders and chest, then turned without another word and went forward again. As she did, he admired her almost bare ass as her body swayed to the rhythm of the boat. Bob bent over the binnacle and was busy studying the course he had laid out on the map, when he heard Maria calling him. When he looked up he was shocked.

“Bobby, Oh Captain Bobby!”

Both girls were waving at him with their bikini tops in their hands. Their breasts now bare, their nipples, dark, surrounded by pale skin, and both girls were smiling. Bob smiled back at them thinking, this is really going to be a great trip.

At 4:00AM on the fourth morning Bob was again at the wheel, after relieving Maria, and he was watching the horizon for the first signs of the breaking day, when Mandy suddenly came up from below with two cups of hot coffee. She was still topless, but this morning she had on her little white shorts. She sat down on the cushions next to Bob, and handed him a cup, then sipped her own coffee. He noticed from the faint light from below that her tits were slightly sunburned from the days of no tops and lots of sunlight and then he looked up. She had been watching him look at her tits, and she had a slight smile on her face.

“Your sunburned Amanda, you should put some cream on those.”

Smiling at him she said “Would you like to put it on for me Captain?”

He blushed and took a sip of coffee to cover up his embarrassment.

“Tell me Captain, you said you once had a daughter named Amanda. What happened to her?”

Without looking at her he said

“It’s a long story, and one that is better left untold. It’s not one I’m proud of.”

“Is she dead?”

“No, it’s me that’s dead, at least to her anyway.”

The sun came up just above the horizon and they watched together as it made yet another climb into the sky. Amanda had stood and braced herself against his back so that she could better see as the water changed from black to a light blue, and in doing so she pressed her tits into his back. She placed her hands on his shoulders so she could balance herself against him.

“Isn’t it beautiful? she said, I could watch that every morning for the rest of my life and each day it would be more beautiful than the last.”

She slipped around in front of him, with her nipples now pressed into his stomach. She reached up and put her arms around his neck and he bent his head to meet her lips, one hand sliding off the wheel to gently cup her breast. Her lips parted and their tongues danced a slow dance of lust between them. Then her kiss broke, and she smiled up at him.

“Please forgive me Captain; I just had to share my emotions with someone. That beautiful sunup kind of brought it out, but I am glad it was you I shared it with.”

She turned and started to go below, but she stopped, hesitated, and then turned around. Amanda returned to stand before the Captain, looking into his questioning eyes, and then, without a word, she slowly lowered herself to her knees, slid his shorts down, and took his cock into her small hands. Sliding them up and down on the stiffening shaft, she then leaned forward and took it into her mouth. Swallowing and pushing; she took almost all the large cock into her throat. Sucking and bobbing her head, she gave Bob a blowjob like he had never had before. She continued until he couldn’t hold back any longer, and his cock exploded into her mouth, filling it, and her throat, with his cum. She continued to suck and swallow until she had taken all he had to give. She licked him clean and then pulled his shorts back up. Standing and smiling at him she said,

“I hope that’s not mutiny Captain. It’s just that I had to share my emotions with someone, and I wanted it to be you.”

Then, before he could say anything, she turned and went below.

Later that morning Maria came up rubbing her eyes and came over to him.

“Hi Bobby, did you have a good night?”

Looking her over, it did not escape his attention that she too was still topless, and her small firm breasts were just as tempting as her sisters, even if she was only sixteen. She caught him looking and smiled.
“It’s okay Bobby, you can touch them if you want, but right now it’s time for me to relieve you. I left your breakfast on the counter in the galley, and Mandy would like to talk to you before you go to bed if you don’t mind.”

Blushing at being caught looking at her tits, he just nodded and went below, with Maria smiling after him. He made his way aft to Amanda’s quarters, knocked, and then entered.

Opening the door and stepping inside her cabin, he stopped. She was lying on her bed completely naked, staring at him with a surprised look on her face. The first thing he noticed was that her pussy was not shaved, but well trimmed, and her legs were slightly spread, revealing the opening to her womb, her clit just barely visible. Amanda started to bring her legs together, then deciding against it, spread them again. Bob, remembering the blowjob this beautiful girl had given him, was overcome with lust. He closed the door, and without a word, knelt and pushed her legs further apart. Amanda didn’t protest, so he lowered himself until his mouth was just above her pussy. His tongue flicked out and she gasped as it slid passed her clit and into her small tight pussy. While he hungrily ate her pussy, his finger slid inside, and he began to fuck her gently with his finger. Amanda began to writhe and moan, and soon she began thrusting her pussy up into his thrusting tongue and finger. She began to quiver and then one final push as she held her hips off the bed, legs spread wide offering him better access to her. She groaned loudly, and then grasped his head with both her hands and pushed him deeper into her wet pussy. Then she collapsed on the bed, and smiled down at him, while she ran her fingers through his hair. He continued to lick her pussy until he had cleaned of all her flowing juices. His lips then left her pussy and made their way up her torso until they closed on one of her nipples. Then he rose further and kissed her mouth. As he did, her mouth opened and she accepted his tongue inside her mouth, she could taste her own pussy, and she moaned again. But then she broke off the kiss and looked into his eyes.

Amanda rolled to the side, and Bob sat up watching as she rose off the side of the bed and slipped her shorts on, and then she pulled a tee shirt over her head and then smiled down at him. Don’t look so serious Captain. Then she took his hand and led him up on deck.

“I’ll take over Maria; you can clean up below if you want. The Captain and I have a few things to discuss.”

Maria looked at Mandy and then at Bob, and then she turned to Bob and reached up, pulling him down to her. She put her arms around his neck and squeezed, giving him a very affectionate hug, with her breasts pressed into his chest. She then turned her head and kissed him on the cheek, and then whispered in his ear.

“Do you like us Bobby?”

When he nodded, she continued,

“We like you too, a lot.”

Then she pulled back a little and kissed him on the mouth. A kiss that was not childlike at all, but a seductive kiss that surprised him, coming from a sixteen year old. She then turned and ran down the hatch. He turned to Amanda looking his shock, but he saw that she was smiling at him.

“Don’t be too shocked at her Captain, she likes you very much, and I’m really surprised she hasn’t tried to seduce you before now.”

Then she reached down and flipped the switch for the computer to take over control of the boat, which caused Bob to frown just a little, he didn’t like replacing sailors with computers. Amanda moved to the cushions on the stern of the boat and motioned for him to join her. When they were both seated, she turned to face him and said,

“Captain, when we first talked I told you that my mother and father had been killed in an auto accident. What I didn’t tell you was that I was the executor of the estate, and that I spent days going over their paperwork. I found some files that I had never seen, and had never been told about. This is one of the papers that I found.”

She pulled a folded piece of paper from her hip pocket and handed it to Bob who unfolded it and stared, too stunned to speak, at a birth certificate which said that Amanda Carlene Grant had been born to Robert Bradley Grant and Molly Thorn Grant on. . . . . . . . . He looked up into Amanda’s beautiful face, tears welling up in both their eyes. He reached for her and pulled her close, holding her tightly against him, her head on his chest.

For a long time, he held her, and thought that the void in his life was beginning to fill up, and then he remembered the events of the morning, and he pushed her to arms length.

“You knew this when you were on your knees in front of me this morning, and then again when you allowed me in your cabin, what were you thinking?”

“I was thinking that you were an attractive man who happens to be my biological father, and who I am attracted to very much. I didn’t intend to let things go as far as they did, but I’m glad that they did. I’m not sorry at all, and I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. In fact, I think you had better know that I am beginning to fall in love with you, and not just as a father.”

Bob looked at her for a long, long time, and then he pulled her to him and held her in his arms. They cuddled and held each other, dozing off and on throughout the day, and only a couple of times did Maria come up on deck. She smiled at them both, and then went back below. Finally she came up and said,

“It’s time for me to take the wheel; why don’t you two go below if you want to continue the reunion.”

Bob held his hand out to Maria who came to him and allowed him to pull her down next to him on the opposite side as Amanda, and then he put his arm around her shoulders. Maria and Amanda cuddled into his chest and he held them both close as they looked into each other’s eyes, smiling.
Amanda finally stood and stretched, then turned to Bob and said,

“I’ll be in my cabin when you want me.”

When she had gone, Maria looked at Bob smiling, and said,

“Don’t hurt my big sis Bobby; she’s needed you for a long time.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that, even before mom and dad were killed, something has been missing from her life and that, since she met you, she has acted like a new person. I think she loves you very much, and I’m glad you took the news the way you did. She was really scared you wouldn’t love her you know. As a matter of fact, I love you too Bobby; it looks like you’re the only family Mandy has in the world besides me, and that makes you my family too.”

She smiled and then flipped the switch to allow her to steer the boat manually. Bob watched her check her course, make a correction on the wheel, and then settle down to enjoy the gentle rise and fall of the boat on the swells. He walked over to Maria and bent, kissing her passionately, and placing his hand on her bare breast.

As his hand touched her breast, Maria pushed it hard into his hand, and opened her mouth, accepting his affection. When he broke the kiss, he left his hand on her breast massaging the nipple, which had become hard under his hand. Their eyes locked together, each feeling the others warm breath.

“I know you won’t do anything else with me now Bobby, because of my age, but if you kiss Mandy that way, you had better be willing to go all the way.”

“I’ll see you in about four hours little one.”

He gave her another quick kiss, and then turned to go below.

“Goodnight Bobby.” She called, then,

“Or should I call you daddy now?”

Bob looked back and smiled at the sexy little girl, then went below.

Once below, Bob saw that Amanda had waited for him in the salon. She had her back turned to him, but when he came down she turned and threw her arms around him. Her lips met his and she slid her tongue into his mouth. Then she pulled back and, with her firm breasts pressed against him, she looked into his eyes smiling.

“Well, did Maria offer to have sex with you?”

“No, but she’s not backward is she.”

Smiling, she said

“Her tits must feel pretty good to you; at least it looked like you were enjoying it.”

“Does that make you angry?”

“No, my thoughts are complicated about your being my real father, and our future relationship, but she’s my sister, I want her to love you, and I want you to love her too.”

Then Amanda again pulled his head down to her and kissed him passionately, and as she did she took his hand and placed it on her own breast, allowing him to fondle it and pinch the nipple, which in turn caused her pussy to become wet. When again the kiss ended, she said in a husky whisper, her hot breath close to him,

“Please take me to bed Captain.”

Bob picked Amanda up and carried her to her cabin and placed her softly on her bed, then taking her tee shirt by the bottom, he slowly slid it up and over her head, massaging her nipples as he did. She lay back on the mattress and her hips raised up as he slid her shorts down, and then off. His hands then slid back up the inside of her silky calves, and then her thighs as they parted for him. His hands slid up until they passed her thighs and they reached her pussy, and then he flicked out a finger to tease her clit. She gasped and then her legs spread wider, and she left them like that as she watched while Bob then stood and began to undress. Once naked, he lay on the bed next to her and pulled her to him, and then they melted into each other’s arms as Bob began kissing her breasts, first one and then the other, sucking the nipples deep into his mouth, and rolling his tongue around them. After a while, he slid between her legs and pushed up, until his cock was just touching the entrance to her cunt. He said,

“Knowing who I am, are you sure you want this to happen?”

Looking deep into his eyes with love in the look, and in her voice, she said,

“More than anything, I want thiiiiiii, Ohhhhh.”

Bob had suddenly thrust hard, and his cock filled her pussy. She gasped as she felt his cock slid up, filling her, and she involuntarily thrust upward with her hips to meet him.

They stopped and felt one another as they looked into the other’s eyes. Amanda believed she could feel every part of his cock as it formed to the inside of her pussy, and then she made his cock twitch when she said.

“Ohhhhh yesssss daddy, fuck me hard.”

Her pussy felt incredible as he slid out, and then thrust back into her. She was tight and hot, and slick and her legs began to rise off the bed, then wrap around his waist as he fucked her, harder with each stroke of his cock.

She began to scream and thrash under him as she reached her first orgasm with her biological father’s cock deep inside her, and the thrusts with her pelvis toward the large hard tool that was pleasing her became more violent with each thrust, until she felt his cock explode inside her, and she knew that the cum she had tasted before, was now inside her, filling her womb. With her legs still wrapped around his waist, he rolled onto his side, pulling her with him. With her head now lying on his chest, she looked up into his eyes and saw him smiling down at her.

“I love you Mandy.”

With tears in her eyes she said,

“I love you too daddy.”

She then snuggled in to him, feeling his cock still inside her, and then she closed her eyes.

When Bob awoke two hours later, it was because he had heard a noise in the cabin. Amanda was still sleeping peacefully, with her head nestled into his chest, his arms around her and his now limp cock still inside her. He looked around the cabin and saw Maria going through the closet. She turned around with a slicker in her hand, and when she saw him looking at her, she smiled.

“Sorry if I disturbed you Bobby, but it’s starting to rain, and I thought I might need this.”

“Its okay” he whispered, and then, “Aren’t you a little shocked to find us like this?”

“I’m really glad to know that you love each other. Ever since she found out about you she has been frantic trying to find you.”

“What about you Maria, are you okay?”

With a tear in her eye, she said,

“Just love her, she’s my big sister and I want her to be happy.”

Bob reached for her hand and pulled her down onto the bed beside them, and then he slipped his hand behind her neck and pulled her down into a long slow gentle kiss. He removed his hand from behind her neck, but she didn’t break the kiss. Instead, her tongue slipped into his mouth and the kiss became more heated and passionate. When Maria finally did break the kiss, she turned and bent over them. She kissed Amanda’s cheek, and then stood and smiled at them both. She then left the cabin without looking back.
Laying his head back on the pillow, Bob smiled and thought what a family. He then looked down at Amanda and discovered that she was now awake and looking at him. Her arms tightened around his chest and she smiled.

“Thank you for that. She is worried that you won’t like her because she’s the daughter of the man who married your ex-wife.”

“What about you? How do you feel about a father who would give you up for adoption, and then when you find him again, he fucks your brains out?”

Laughing, she said,

“I know why you gave me up when I was a baby, it was all in mom’s papers and her diary, and I know that the only thing important to me now is that we are together. Besides, I liked having my brains fucked out by you.”

As morning approached, the girls were below in their cabins, and Bob was securing the sails alone as they came up to the piers in a sleepy little fishing town halfway up the East coast. He cut the engine, and the fenders gently bumped the dock as he leaped off and tied first the bow line to the pier, and then went aft to secure that line as well. As he was just coming back aboard, the girls emerged from below with coffee and toast, and they all sat down to enjoy the morning. Smiling, Bob said,

“You girls look different with clothes on.”

“Well, we would draw a lot of attention in this place if we were dressed as usual wouldn’t we? Besides, I have some supplies to buy and I thought you and Maria could spend the time alone getting better acquainted. I’m going to leave the boat at about 10:00, and I won’t be back before 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon.”

“What if he doesn’t want to spend the day alone with me?”

Amanda snorted and got up.

“Get out of here you two.”

She then went below and changed into her shopping clothes, and came back up on deck. When she looked around, she saw Bob walking down the street with Maria beside him, and as she watched, she saw Maria reach out and take Bobs hand in hers, and they continued their walk hand in hand. Amanda smiled to herself thinking that everything was going to work out just fine.

Bob held the small hand in his and walked silently up the street, and Maria walked beside him feeling relief. She had worried for a long time that Bob wouldn’t want her around after he and Mandy got together. He was holding her hand tightly, and she felt like he really wanted her to be with him. She said,

“What are you thinking Bobby?”

“That you are a very beautiful young girl that loves to tease me.”

She laughed and they continued on into town, hand in hand, to see the sights together. Maria really liked being with this man who was her sister’s father, but who was in no way related to her. She continued to worry about what her future was going to be like. Even though she knew that Amanda would take care of her, she wanted this man to love her too.

When they got back to the boat later in the day, Mandy was still gone, so Maria went below. A few minutes later she called to Bob,

“Can you please come below Bobby?”

When he got to the salon, she was standing there naked and waiting for him, just as Amanda had been before. She lowered herself to her knees, and unzipped his pants. Then she pulled them down and when his cock sprang free, she didn’t hesitate, but took it into her mouth. She began sucking and swallowing until he looked down into the beautiful eyes of this sixteen year old girl, and the only thing he could see was his cock completely buried in her mouth, and the look in her eyes. She continued to suck his cock and bob her head with increasing speed until he had to pull away from her.

“Easy Maria, if you don’t slow down, I’m going to shoot my whole load of cum into your mouth.”

Maria smiled and moved forward on her knees, taking his member into her mouth again, and resumed sucking his cock. It wasn’t long before he felt his cock tensing, and then it began throbbing and squirting his seed deep into her mouth. He marveled that she not only swallowed every drop, but seemed to really like the taste of it. When he had finished squirting his seed into her mouth, she pulled back until only the head of his cock was left in her mouth. Her tongue teased it until it began to get hard again, and then she took it out of her mouth and stood up. Looking him in the eye, she said,

“Bobby, have you ever, I mean did you, wellll, do you want to fuck a sixteen year old girl?”

Taking her under the arms, he lifted her up until her eyes were level with his, and he pulled her close and kissed her, her arms sliding around his neck. His arm slid beneath her knees, and he carried her to her cabin. Laying her down on her bunk, he spread her legs and knelt between them, and allowed his tongue to probe her womanhood. It wasn’t long before Maria experienced her first ever orgasm from having her pussy eaten by a man. His lips then moved over her entire body, and she felt them sucking on her nipples, and then they moved up to kiss her lips passionately. Then Bob’s lips left hers and he said,

“I can’t go any further with you little one, I love you but you’re too young.”

With her fingers sliding through his hair, she looked at him and said,

“That’s so sweet of you Bobby, but I’m not a virgin, and I want you to fuck me.”

Then, what he had said hit her, and she said,

“Do you really love me Bobby? It’s not because we are having sex that you said that is it?”

“No little one, I really love you, and that’s why we are not going to go any further. If you still want me to fuck you when you’re a little older, I would love to, but for now I think we should just concentrate on learning to be a family.”

Her arms flew around Bob’s neck, and she pulled him close. With Bob laying on top of her, his cock just touching her pussy, she said, "I love you too Bobby" and before he knew what she was doing, her feet braced against the bed, and she thrust toward him. His cock sank into her slick pussy before he could pull back, and half his cock was inside her. She was incredibly tight, and her pussy was like it was on fire it was so hot. She began thrusting herself at his cock, and he then, against his better judgment, he began to thrust into her too. Before he knew it his entire cock was buried in her thrusting pussy, which seemed to suck his cock in deeper with each thrust, and she was moaning and begging for more.

“Ohhhhh please Bobby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee. I want your cum inside my pussy.”

It wasn’t long before she got what she wanted, he filled her young pussy with his cum, and then he collapsed on top of her. She felt his cock slowly going soft inside her, and she smiled while she stroked his hair and ran her fingers up and down his back. Smiling she said,

“I love you daddy.”

Rising up on his arms, he looked at her and smiled.

“I love you too little one, but this can never happen again okay?”

“I will be ready to let you fuck me any time want too, but I understand. Do you mind me calling you daddy?”

Smiling, “No, I kind of like it.”

Then he slid his cock from her well fucked pussy and they showered together and got dressed.

Bob and Maria were waiting on deck when Amanda returned and, after they took the supplies she had purchased below, they cast off, and set sail for their final destination. Bob took the wheel and Maria went below with Amanda to store their supplies.

“Well, Maria did you have a good day? I was hoping that you and Dad would get closer together.”

“Yes, we had a great day and we definitely got closer together.”

Something in the way Maria said it made Mandy look at her.

“Okay, spill it sis. What did you do?”

“Oh Mandy, it was wonderful. Bobby told me that he loves me too.”

“Is that all?”

“Well, not everything.”

She looked at her sister for a moment and then said,

“Mandy, please don’t be mad, but I got him to fuck me. It was entirely my fault, he tried to resist, but I wanted to feel his cock inside me so bad, you know, like you did.”

Smiling, and placing her hand on Maria’s cheek she said,

“It’s okay baby.”

Amanda went out on deck later that day, as the sun was setting, and she went straight to Bob. They embraced and kissed, and then she sat beside him with his arm around her. Leaning in to him with her head resting on his chest, she sighed, looked up at him and put her hand over his, smiling up at him.

“I love you dad. We both love you very much.”

His hold on her tightened, and he smiled, thinking the sun would be especially beautiful tomorrow morning.


2010-06-28 21:04:07
That was a beautiful story, so romatic and full of love. Please follow up with morn.

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I like most readers think you are a great writer. Keep them comming . A 10/10

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Please continue the story. The plot keeps building, but the story ended too soon.

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nice twist :)

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Great story.

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