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when i was 15 at swimming
I was 15 when I first started to feel for boys, I had joined a swimming club and as I wasn’t as good as people my age. I was put in a lane with 13 y/o it was great I was one of the best. After a while I got to know a boy called Chris he was 13 brownish hair with blonde highlights, he wasn’t really thin but wasn’t chubby, his ass was nice and round which I love to look at and his little bulge in his Speedos were to die for. Me and him always talked we didn’t stop, we always joked about as in slapped each other’s asses and played nervous(a game to see how far up the other persons leg you could go without them jumping away or saying nervous). But once we were in the changing rooms trying to skip swimming and our coach started to open the door so we both sneaked into the toilet cubical which was very small, our bodies where against each other. We waited for about 5 minutes in silence and I looked over the top of the cubical and saw that our coach was getting changed so I sat on the toilet seat and Chris sat on my lap.
After about 10 minutes in this great position I felt myself getting hard I didn’t know what to do had Chris noticed, so I grabbed him and pulled him right up to me so my cock would be in front of him so it did not touch him. We then heard a knock on the door so I told Chris to turn around so we were facing each other and put his legs up so it looked like there was only one person in there if he looked underneath, I then told the guy that I was going to be longer and told him to try the toilet in the pool area.
I then realized I still had an erection and Chris was sitting inches from it he slid back and it touched him I told him to jump off and it was my knee and he believed me, well so he said. We then got out of the toilet and went to find a better place to go, so we went into the showers and went in one of the cubicles and we put the shower on. We just stood there talking until we decided to play truth or dare. I thought it was going to be great. It was my go first and Chris dared me to get out of my shorts and run up and down the changing rooms, so I turned round and pulled my trunks down and I ran out of the showers and up and down the changing rooms.
After a couple more dares like that one it was my turn to dare Chris so I dared him to get undressed and kiss someone, so he pull down his Speedos and I looked into his eyes and all of a sudden he kissed me on the lips so I put my hand on the back of his head and kissed him back. After what felt like eternity he pulled away and stood there looking into my eyes. I looked down and saw a semi-hard cock it was quite small but I loved it. I then realized what I was doing and Chris surely saw what I was doing as well. Then as nothing happened he asked me ‘truth or dare’ so of course I said dare, he thought for a bit and he dared me to take off my clothes again and masturbate in front of him and then lick my own cum. So I again took off my trunks and started to move my hand up and down my cock I looked at Chris and saw him staring at my cock, I slow started to pump harder and harder until I started to tense up, Chris was only a foot away from me now and then it came I covered Chris and me with sticky white stuff. Chris didn’t seem to care much so I went over and hugged him, the cum was all over his chest so I rubbed it on my hand and started to put it in his mouth and he let me. After he licked off all the cum he knelt down and started to lick my cock and eventually put his mouth over it and went up and down, this continued for about 5 minutes and then I started to tense up again and shot my load in his mouth, he swallowed the first two shoots but he could take any more and took my cock out of his mouth.
He stood up and put on the shower and started to wash off all of the sticky come off him, I then went back up to him and kissed him it was magic, our tongues made our way into the others mouth and it was sensational I enjoyed it much more than when I had kissed girls. Our bodies were touching the whole time rubbing against each other so I put my hand on Chris’s small hard cock and stated to give him a hand job he was moaning quite loudly but I had forgot where we were so he carried on, he then tensed up and he shot his load out it went on my hand so I licked it off. But then the door swung open and there stood one of my brother’s friends from cycling (Dan) he is also 13 I looked at him and begged him not to tell anyone. Chris ran out quickly and got changed I shortly followed.

Dan came over to me the next day and said that he would not tell anyone. And asked if I wanted to come to his Christmas party. And of course I accepted.

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2013-05-07 14:36:22
me and my best frend have sat reading this his hand has started to rub my cock under my shorts im only 13 but it feels great

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2013-01-04 09:53:30
Being 13 I also enjoyed that kind of sex with mates same age.

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2012-01-12 11:02:35
im the same as first comment play with mate as young teen for years im now bi i learnt to prefer the bottom we were busted 3 times and we shit 1st his mum who didnt care after that we done what we wanted at her place 2nd a friend from school who we found out was peeping for a while joined in a couple of times then family moved 3rd we were camping on a island accessed by boat only we were 15 and a 33 yo man came ashore and caught us around the rocks where we were fishing got horny slipped behind the rocks and my buddy was fucking my arse hard when we noticed him with the biggest cock we had ever seen in his hand he joined in still dont no how that cock fit in me but my but had been well fucked for two days all the cum worked well he stayed that night and next day and i was fucked nearly continuously the whole time i was dripping for days my parents must have suspected something our lucky traveller i now think back must have been at least 10.5"to 11" and very thick as beer can

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2011-10-28 13:42:21
when i was younger my best friend and i played around too.. it was then that i considerd myself bi. prefer women but i like man to man as well.. wouldnt mind trying a teen cock...that storie hard me hard in seconds.. keep writing

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2009-11-21 06:32:55
That was great i wish i had a 13yr old to suck his cock in my mouth

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