Pattie was excited about this trip, she had been looking forward to it since the plans were made back home. She had never been on a trip like this in her life, which added to the excitement, but she was apprehensive about being away from her husband for this long, even if they did fight constantly. However, he had assured her that it was a good opportunity, and that she should take it. He had said,

“Maybe it will give me an opportunity to fuck one of the ladies at the bingo hall.”

He had laughed when he said it, but Pattie thought that he might just do it, the old fool.

Originally, she was supposed to fly to Madrid and visit her granddaughter, who was in the military and stationed in Spain, and then fly back to the States two weeks later. Her granddaughter had suggested that as long as she was coming, she should book a cruise around the Mediterranean. Since she was of European decent she could see where her family had come from. It was settled then that she would visit her granddaughter for one week, then go on a month long cruise around the Mediterranean, and then visit her granddaughter for one more week before going home.

Now, in the cab in Denia, Spain with her granddaughter, she was beginning to fidget.

“Gram, settle down, it’s just a cruise, you’re not going to the moon.”

They both laughed and Pattie took a deep breath.

“I’ve just never done anything like this before, and I’m really nervous.”

“You’ll be fine Gram, just be careful if you decide to have a shipboard fling.”

Shocked, Pattie looked over at her granddaughter, and saw that she was grinning at her. Deciding to continue the tease, she said,

“Well if I do, I’ll give a couple of those old timers’ heart attacks.”

Again they laughed, and then the cab pulled up to the ship terminal. The luggage was turned in and Pattie gave Lane a hug and kiss before she went onboard the ship. Then she watched from the rail, as her granddaughter climbed back into the cab and left for work. Lane had told her at the last, just before Pattie went onboard,

“Seriously Gram, you deserve to be happy. I know that you and Ed haven’t been happy lately, and you need to get some fun back in your life. Go on tours, eat the rich foods, and maybe even go dancing. I love you, you know.”

Pattie raised a hand to the departing cab, and then turned to find her stateroom.

At dinner the first night, Pattie came to the dining room dressed in an evening dress that was elegant, but conservative. She gave the waiter her name, and was led to a table for four, and she was introduced to a couple who looked to be about sixty years old, her age. They were a pleasant couple, and they all shared their backgrounds, and made small talk while they waited to be served. Then the waiter reappeared with a young man who looked to be about her granddaughter’s age, and introduced him all around. His name was Reilly Smith, and he was a very handsome young man, who was very friendly. He smiled and shook hands all around and she noticed, when he took her hand, that he had a very firm handshake. She thought he must be a very self assured, and confident person. He was twenty two, about 6’2” and weighed about 200 pounds, with wavy brown hair and green hazel eyes.

Over dinner, Pattie learned that the other couple had come from Florida; they had decided that now was as good a time as any to see Europe, and that their names were Ruth and Paul Porter. Reilly Smith told them he was from the Southwestern U.S., and that he had come to Europe on business, and had just decided to take a break. When it was her turn, she told them that she was over visiting her granddaughter, Lane, and that it was Lane that talked her into making the cruise.

“Is Lane with you on the cruise Mrs.?”

“Please, just call me Pattie. No, she works at the embassy in Madrid, and she had to stay there.”

Smiling at her he said,

“Okay, I’ll call you Pattie if you all call me Smitty. Everyone else does. So Pattie, you’re traveling alone, or are you with one of the tour groups?”

“I’m with the blue group, how about you?

Ruth Porter interjected,

“Oh! We’re with the blue group too, so it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of each other.”

Pattie smiled and said,

“I guess it does. How about you Smitty, are you in the blue group too?”

“No, I’m in not with a group. Actually, I’ve been to Europe several times before, on business, but this is the first time I’ve taken time to be a tourist.”

“Oh, that’s too bad, but if you like you could join us; I’m sure there’s room for one more.”

He looked up, smiling at her, and winked.

“Thanks Pattie, that was sweet of you to say.”

Pattie blushed, and quickly looked down, which gave Smitty the opportunity to take a closer look at the woman. He had been impressed with her from the first because of her firm, businesslike handshake, and the way she had of looking directly at him when he was talking. She was older, but he couldn’t guess at her age because she, he was sure, looked several years younger than she actually was. She hadn’t been so vain as to cover the gray, but her hair was done beautifully. She had deep blue eyes, which were brought out even more by her gray hair. All in all he thought, a beautiful woman. He decided that he liked her, mostly because of her quick wit, and obvious sense of humor, but also because he could sense that she cared about others feelings. When she stood up, he noticed that she was slim, and still had a great shape for an older woman. She was about 5’7”, but only about 115lbs. Her breasts didn’t appear to sag like most other older women’s. She looked, proud, he thought.

The men were standing, and Pattie was excusing herself, saying that she had better get a good night’s sleep; they were supposed to spend the day at Cannes tomorrow. Smitty said,

“I would be pleased to escort you to your cabin Pattie.”

“Why that’s awfully sweet of you Smitty.”

She said. Then, taking his arm, she said good night to the Porters and they left the dining room. As they walked, she stopped and leaned on the railing.

“Oh look Smitty. Isn’t the moon beautiful tonight?”

“Yes, I love the moon on the Mediterranean.”

“I really hate to go to bed this early, the night is so wonderful.”

“Would you prefer to go dancing?”

She looked at him for a moment, as if trying to decide, then she said,

“You don’t want to waste such a beautiful night with an old woman, you should find someone young to go dancing with.”

With her arm still in his, he turned and started walking again, but when they reached an area of the deck that was dark, except for the moonlight, and where they could hear the music, he turned to face her. Her breasts just touching his chest, he took her hand in one of his, and slid his other arm around her waist. He began to dance and she followed, as if they had been doing it all their lives. Pattie’s breathing became rapid, and he could feel her breasts rising and falling against him as they danced together. Then the music ended and he led her to chairs that were in the moonlight, and they sat chatting. When the music started again, he rose, extended a hand to her and they danced again. They danced until the last dance was played, and he then escorted her to her stateroom.

At Pattie’s stateroom door, she took the key from her purse, and he took it from her fingers. Turning, he unlocked the door, and then turned the light on. Pattie was afraid that she had given him the wrong impression, and thought that he might try to seduce her. Before she had a chance to say anything, he stepped forward and took her in his arms. He kissed her gently on the lips, and pulled her closer to him, crushing her breasts into his chest. Her arms went around him, and she returned the kiss with equal tenderness, and she allowed her body to mold itself to him. Then Smitty stepped back, and handed her the key. He gave her another light kiss on the lips and said,

“Goodnight Pattie. Sleep well.”

Then he waited until she had stepped inside and closed the door before he left.
Pattie leaned back against the door, allowing her breathing to return to normal. What in the world was she thinking? She was a married woman, kissing a man that was young enough to be her grandson. But her hand slid up her dress to her breast, and then she blushed. She could feel how hard her nipples were, and thought that he must have been able to feel them too. The thought of him feeling her nipples caused her other hand to slip down and pull her dress up till she could feel how wet her panties were, and she bit her lip, stifling a moan, as she felt how wet her panties had become, but she began massaging her pussy anyway. She hadn’t felt this way in a long, long, time.

Leaving the ship in Cannes the next morning, Pattie, along with her group toured the city, and then the tour bus went out to the beach areas and allowed the passengers to take advantage of the photo opportunities. Then, at the end of a beautiful day ashore, the passengers headed back to the ship. Once onboard, Pattie decided to go to the lounge for a nice glass of wine and review the pictures she had taken during the day. When she entered the lounge, she saw Smitty sitting at a booth, and boldly went over to speak to him.

“We missed you on the tour today Smitty. I hope we haven’t done anything to upset you.”

“No Pattie, it was all me. I felt bad about forcing myself on you last night, and didn’t want you to be uncomfortable with me around today.”

Quietly laughing, Pattie said,

“Oh Smitty, I was afraid that I ran you off by acting like a brazen old slut.”

Smiling and then standing he said,

“Pattie, would you like to join me for a drink?”

“I’d love to, and then I can show you the pictures I took today.”

While they sipped their wine, she brought the pictures up of her days activities. Neither one of them noticed how close they were sitting, nor did they seem to care. They were enjoying each other’s company, when she brought up the photos of the beach that she had taken. She gasped, and then blushed as she, and Smitty, looked at the photos of the topless women that she had captured on her camera.

“Oh my, I didn’t realize I was standing so close. They are so, so, big.”

Laughing, he said, “but not as firm looking as some I’ve felt lately.”

Then, “I’m sorry, Pattie, I shouldn’t have said that. Will you forgive me?”

Her hand came up and patted his, and she said,

“Nothing to forgive, thanks for complementing an old woman.”

Pattie suddenly stood up and took him by the hand. “Let me get these on the computer for my granddaughter, and husband, and then we can go to dinner unless you’re busy this evening.”

She led the way to her cabin, and let them both in. She turned the laptop computer on and then turned to talk to Smitty while they waited on it to boot.

“Smitty, I’ve wanted to tell you that I had a wonderful time last evening. I haven’t been treated as nice in a long time.”

“You mean dancing, or outside your door?” he smiled.

Pattie blushed, but held his gaze.

“To be honest with you, I enjoyed both.”

He began to step closer, and when she showed no signs of giving ground, he put his arms around her and their lips came together. She felt his tongue pushing against her lips, so she parted her lips a little. He slid his tongue into her mouth and they held each other while their tongues danced together with lust. His hand slid up between them until it was cupping her breast, and he was feeling her nipple harden under his touch. He then reached down and pulled the sash of her wrap around dress, and was rewarded by feeling it open, exposing her bare flesh to him and then his hand again closed on her breast. This time he felt the hard nipple itself and began to knead it in his fingers. He slipped her dress off her shoulders, and then bent to kiss down her neck to her shoulders, and then further down until his lips closed on her breast and he sucked her nipple into his mouth.

Pattie felt her dress falling to the floor, and she briefly felt panic, but the feeling was soon replaced by one of need, and want. She wanted to give herself to this young man, and she needed for him to want her. She began to unbutton his shirt, and then his slacks. When she pushed his shorts down, she saw his manhood, and he heard her sharp intake of breath at the size of it. Smitty then bent down on his knees, and slowly slid her panties down and, as he saw her hair covered pussy come into sight, he leaned forward and kissed it, causing her to moan and push into his kiss. She grasped the back of his head with her hands, and pushed her pussy into him until she felt his tongue slide inside her slit, teasing her clit. She shuddered, and fell back to the bed with him following, and pushing her legs wide so that he could get to her. Turning so that she could take his cock into her mouth, he began to thrust as she sucked him into her throat, and she kept swallowing until she could feel his balls touching her nose. He had spread her legs until she was fully exposed to him, and then he began to fuck her with his tongue, and reaching under, he also began kneading and pinching her clit, causing her to moan and begin to rotate her hips and thrust at him as she continued sucking him. Pattie had never been made love to in this way, her husband was the only man she had ever had sex with, and he just wanted to jump on and fuck her till he came, and then roll off and fall asleep. He didn’t even like to have his cock sucked, and she was learning that she really liked doing it. He had also never eaten her pussy, and had even told her that the pictures they had seen were all faked, that nobody really did that. What an asshole he had been to her all these years.
After a while, Pattie felt Smitty’s cock begin to swell with tension, and, as she began to shudder with a massive climax of her own, she then felt his cock explode into her mouth with massive loads of his cum into her mouth, and she learned too that she liked the taste of this man’s cum. She sucked it all into her mouth and swallowed every drop. She felt the last pulse of his cock as she ate his seed, and thought that their lovemaking was drawing to a close. But then he pulled his still hard cock from her mouth and he turned around until he could kiss her. He took her in his arms, and she wrapped her arms around him, kissing him, and tasting her pussy as they explored each other’s tongues.

Pattie was very content, and she was more satisfied than she had been in many years, and then Smitty heard her groan loudly as he sank his cock to the full depths of her cunt, and she felt his balls slap against her ass. He fucked her this way while she had two more climaxes and then, when she told him that she really needed to send IMs to her granddaughter and husband, he simple rolled over, with her on top, and spun her around so that she could sit in his lap, with his cock still deep inside her, and he read over her shoulder as she talked with her granddaughter.

“Well Gram, have you had a shipboard romance yet?”

“Yes I have, and don’t you say a word to your Gramp.”

“Really Gram, that’s so cool. How was it?”

“It’s still happening sweetie.”

“NO! Right now?”


“How many times?”

“Including right now, five so far.”

“WOW, he must have a lot of stamina for an old guy huh?”

“He’s your age sweetie.”

“Go Gram, I want to hear all about it when you get back. Maybe you should get his number for needy little old me, HA HA.”

“Love you baby, see you when we get back.”

Pattie then contacted her husband by IM, and started a conversation with him.

“Well, how are the bingo ladies?”

“Great, I’ve fucked most of them already.”

As she read that, she felt Smitty’s cock throb inside her pussy, and she smiled.

Later, as they lay talking, Smitty asked her,

“Did you get a funny feeling talking to your husband while I fucked you?”

“It was so hot, and sexy, I came again while we were talking. I really wanted you to cum in me while he talked to me.”

Smitty smiled at her, and said,

“Maybe next time, I will.”

She smiled and kissed him lovingly, and then they held each other as they went to sleep.

Over the next month, Pattie and Smitty were inseparable, making love and sleeping together every night. They toured Naples and Pompeii, and took the train through most of Italy, exploring Rome, and then over to Venice, where they picked up the ship again. They then went to Greece where Pattie got fucked in the ass for the first time by Smitty, and learned that, with the right partner, she like that too. As the ship pulled back in to Denia, Spain, Pattie was swallowing Smitty’s cum for the last time, and he in turn fucked her through three last orgasms, until there was a knock at the door, and they knew the trip was over.

For years, until Patties death, her granddaughter questioned her about her young lover on the cruise, never dreaming that it was the wonderful attentive man she met and married while she was in the military, stationed in Spain, and Pattie never said.

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