For Tigergirl
When the doorbell rang, Marilyn jumped; she was standing at the mirror in her bathroom and wasn’t expecting anyone this morning. Mark, her son, had gone out with his friend Jimmy, and they weren’t expected to be back until after the soccer game sometime this afternoon, and it was only 10:30. She got up and started for the door, thinking about her son, and the wonderful anniversary surprise he had given her just a few weeks earlier and, as she thought about it, her hand involuntarily went to her breast and she began messaging her nipple. They were both thoroughly hard, and swollen when she opened the door, and saw Rhonda standing there. Rhonda was Marks girlfriend and she had also been involved in the anniversary surprise with Mark. Marilyn hadn’t seen her since that night and, as she looked at the girl, she reflected on the fact that she was a very pretty girl, with a gorgeous body. She was about 5’ even, and maybe 98 pounds, most of that looked like it was in the boobs, which is probably what first caught her son’s eye, but she had pretty, shapely legs too, and they were now bare because Rhonda was wearing white short, shorts under a tank top.

“Why hello Rhonda, come on in.” Marilyn smiled.

Stepping through the door, Rhonda Smiled at Marilyn too, and then looked down blushing.

“Hi Ms. . . . “

“Please Rhonda, call me Marilyn. I think we have already gotten past the formal stage don’t you?” she said, smiling.

Rhonda shook her head and grinned at Marilyn, then blushed and looked down again.

Looking Rhonda over, Marilyn thought about the night she had been tied to the bed and this girl had raped her with her tongue, and given her unbelievable oral pleasure, while her son watched his girlfriend eat his cum from his mothers, well used, pussy. While standing there, remembering that night, it did little to reduce the swelling of Marilyn’s areoles, or the hardness of her nipples. Also, it did little good that she could see Rhonda’s nipples pressing out from her, almost too thin, tank top. She wondered if that was because Rhonda could see how she was affecting her, or maybe she was remembering that night as well, and thinking about watching while her boyfriend fucked his mother.

“Please Rhonda, would you like to come in and sit down? I am sorry you missed the boys, and they won’t be back until this afternoon, but you can keep me company if you like.”

“Thanks Ms., I mean. . . . Marilyn. I really came to see you anyway; I was hoping the guys would be out running around today.”

Sitting on the sofa next to Rhonda, Marilyn said,

“Oh, what did you want to see me about sweetie?”

“Well, it’s about sex. I really need your help, you see my mom died when I was really young, and I have no one to talk to about it.”

“Sweetheart, from what I felt the night you were here, I don’t think you need much guidance from me. In fact, I thought you were pretty good at it. In fact, I thought you were a real tiger.”

Blushing deep red, which was not hard for her to do given the fact that she was a natural red head, she smiled.

“Thank you, I really liked doing it to you with Mark, it was so hot, and, well, so were you.”

Blushing even more, she continued, plunging right in.

“I thought you tasted so good that night, and afterward, I went home and couldn’t stop thinking about it, and I started fingering myself. That’s part of the problem, my daddy caught me and, well, he watched me for a while before I saw him and, well, it just sort of got out of hand, and I ended up sucking his cock that night too.”

“I see, and did he have sex with you?”

“No, I’m still a virgin. I really want to have sex, but I want to give my virginity to someone special, like Mark. I mean, I’ve eaten girl’s pussies, and I like it, and I have even sucked a few boys off, including Mark, but I have never let anyone fuck me.”

Marilyn was thinking of the night Mark had fucked her, and wondered how many girls he had before her. If he had never fucked this girl, then the opportunity for him to sleep with any other girl would have been small.

“Does your daddy know about what happened here that night?”

Rhonda shook her head vigorously.

“No, I would never tell anyone about that night; it was something special just between the three of us.”
Putting her hand on Rhonda’s leg, Marilyn said,

“What is it you want from me sweetie?”

“Well uhh, first of all I uhh,”

Rhonda slid across the space between them on the sofa and her lips closed firmly on Marilyn’s, as her tongue slid into Marilyn’s shocked, half open mouth. Her hand slid up inside Marilyn’s blouse and grasped her breast, and then she began a massaging squeezing of her breast, pushing the nipple firmly into the palm of her hand. Marilyn’s arms automatically went around Rhonda’s small body, and she pulled the girl to her, sucking her tongue deeper into her mouth, letting it twist and fight with her own. Then, with their lips still touching, and feeling each other’s hot breath, Rhonda pulled at Marilyn’s blouse, and Marilyn heard the fabric tear as the girl tried to expose her breasts. Marilyn in turn pulled Rhonda’s tank top over her shoulders, exposing her bright pink nipples at the tips of her very swollen breasts, and then their bodies came together again, nipple to nipple, and their kissing continued until Rhonda said into Marilyn’s mouth as their lips continued to touch,

“Oh, Marilyn, I want you to eat my pussy so bad, and I want to fuck you with my tongue again like I did that night, until we both scream. I want to make you cum, and I want you to taste me while I cum in your mouth.”

Marilyn bent and sucked the young girl’s tit into her mouth and gently bit the nipple. Then, she began kissing Rhonda’s chest and shoulders, noting that the girl’s body was covered with freckles over the normal pale silky skin of a natural redhead, then her lips moved up to Rhonda’s neck, and Rhonda threw her head back and began to moan. Marilyn then took Rhonda by the hand and pulled her up. Kissing her lips again, she said,

“Come on tiger, let’s go to my bedroom.”

As they walked hand in hand into the bedroom Rhonda looked at the bed where she had ravished this woman, the mother of her boyfriend, and her nipples became hard and started to swell. She remembered how much she loved the taste of this woman’s pussy, and she didn’t intend to be bashful about wanting more. She stopped in the middle of the room and, when she was sure Marilyn was watching her, she unzipped her shorts, and slowly slid them down. They slid past her beautifully rounded, and firm young ass, and then she turned to faced Marilyn and pushed them all the way down exposing her red pubic bush. Marilyn thought, as she pushed her own shorts down, that Rhonda’s pussy was as thickly covered as her own. It made her wet to see the thick red hair covering the girls pussy. Rhonda then went to Marilyn, and they fell back onto the bed in a lovers embrace, resuming their kiss, and each one exploring the body of the other.

With Rhonda’s lips on her breast, sucking her nipples, first one and then the other, Marilyn stretched and extended her arms upward. When her hands touched the headboard, she remembered the night she was blindfolded and tied to this bed, unable to watch as this girl licked her sons cum from her pussy. Now, she not only intended to watch, she intended to taste Rhonda as well. Marilyn spread her legs wide as Rhonda began a slow decent to her waiting pussy, and Rhonda heard the gasp escape Marilyn’s lips as her lips closed on the labia that she had tasted before. Her tongue slid up to Marilyn’s clit and made her squirm in delight as Rhonda nipped at it, then pushed her tongue past the inner lips, into the waiting warmth of the beautiful auburn haired woman. Marilyn momentarily pushed Rhonda away while she turned in the bed, and then allowed her to continue as her own head slid between Rhonda’s legs. She reached around the girls legs and, spreading her labia, plunged her own tongue deep into the girl’s hot pussy, and then Marilyn tasted Rhonda’s juices as Rhonda slowly fucked her with her tongue. As the two continued to please each other, Rhonda became wilder and wilder as she neared orgasm and Marilyn neared her own orgasm feeling this girl’s mouth devouring her. Then Rhonda gave a sharp scream, and thrust against Marilyn, pinning her against the bed with her pussy. Marilyn and Rhonda came together, and then collapsed on the bed.

When the two were recovered enough to move, Marilyn turned back around in the bed and took Rhonda into her arms in a lovers embrace, and both of them tasted their own pussies as they resumed their kiss. Finally, Rhonda broke free, and excused herself, so that she could go to the bathroom. While she was gone, Marilyn began to smile, and then went to her chest and got out a few things that she thought would be fun to use. Rhonda came back shortly, and she was holding a home pregnancy test that Marilyn had left lying on the sink when the doorbell had rung.

“Is this yours?” Rhonda asked, already knowing the answer.

Looking at the pregnancy tester, Marilyn replied,

“Yes, I took it just before you got here, but I didn’t get a chance to see the results.”

“This says you’re pregnant. Is it Mark’s?”

Taking the pregnancy test from Rhonda’s hand, Marilyn tossed it aside, and then took Rhonda in her arms, and holding her close, she said,

“It couldn’t be anyone else’s Tiger.”

“But, I mean, well what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to have a beautiful baby. Don’t you think that’s what I should do?”

Smiling, and putting her arms around Marilyn, Rhonda said,

“Yeah, Yeah I do.”

Then, leading Rhonda to the bed, Marilyn laid her down, and said,

“I think it’s time I returned the favor you did for me.”

With that, she slipped a nylon rope around the girl’s wrist and secured it to the headboard. She then went to the other side of the bed and slipped a rope around the other wrist and looked down to see Rhonda smiling. She bent and kissed the girl, and then, instead of securing her ankles, Marilyn tossed one end of the rope under the bed, and then secured the end to Rhonda’s leg just above the knee. Continuing around the bed, she secured the other knee after spreading the girl’s legs as wide as they would go, this left the girl’s pussy fully exposed. Finally, she secured Rhonda’s ankles to the foot of the bed, and moved up to place a gag in her mouth, and get the blindfold ready. She slipped her finger into the crack of Rhonda’s pussy, and then slipped it into her mouth, tasting the sweet juices, as she looked at the girl, secured and helpless. Rhonda was looking at her, with a look of complete trust. Then Marilyn heard the front door. She put a finger to her lips, and grabbed her robe, then disappeared, leaving Rhonda tied and helpless.
Going down the stairs, Marilyn greeted her son, who had come home early. She kissed him and gave him a warm hug.

“What is it mom, you look like there’s something wrong.”

“Nothing wrong sweetheart, I just have a couple of surprises for you and I just know you’re going to love them both, literally.”

“Okay, what’s the first surprise? You left the laundry for me to do right?”

Punching him in the arm, she said,

“No smartass. The fact is that I took a pregnancy test this morning and, well, you’re going to be a father.”

Grinning, Mark gave his mother a big hug, and kissed her the way no son normally kissed his mother, and then he said,

“That’s great mom, I can’t wait, but what’s the other surprise?”

Marilyn reached out and began unfastening his belt, and continued until he was completely naked, and standing before her. She slipped her robe off and knelt to her knees, taking his semi erect cock into her mouth. She began to suck his cock and when he was so hard he just knew he was ready to shoot his cum into his mothers mouth, she quit sucking and stood up. Taking his cock in her hand she led him up the stairs, and opened her bedroom door. She led her shocked son to the bed, and let him look down at Rhonda’s tied and naked body, and Rhonda was looking up, gagged, at them.

“Rhonda thinks you are special too son, special enough to take her virginity. I’m going to take a shower, and when I come back I’m going to return the favor she did for me, and lick all of the cum from Rhonda’s pussy.”

She smiled down at Rhonda, and gave her a wink, then said,

"Enjoy it my sweet little tiger girl."

Then, she went to the bathroom.

Mark, smiling, slid between Rhonda's tied open legs and leaned forward to kiss her nipples, then further up until he was kissing her neck as the head of his cock began to slip into her waiting virginity. Rhonda looked down at Marks huge cock, as it began to enter her, and thought, Well, maybe I’m going to need one of those pregnancy tests too.


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Good story. I glad to read that son got momma pregnant. It is going to be nice to read that son gets girlfriend pregnant too. Eventually have mother, girlfriend, and son all live together and have many children and momma ang Rhonda can continue their lesbian relationship also.

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You got a positive rating because both ladies had full bushes. Shaved pussies are gross.

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i like your writeing and think you should turn your intrest to writeing a propper book, i have read some of your stories and suggest you work on a romantic novel.
keep writeing
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Wow! This could only get better. Keep it up you are one of talent. And would love to read more.


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stories keep getting better and better !

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