Mommy is back
Let me start by telling you about myself. I am a successful married woman with a 19 year old son, Kyle. Although I am 59 years of age I still capture the attention of every man young or old who I walk by. I often get asked out and I am surprised by the age differences of these men. The range varies from business men in there early 30's and 40's to young guys not much older than my son. I stand 5'8" tall and weigh 115 pounds, which is what I have weighed since I was a teenager. I exercise four days a week with a personal trainer to maintain my perfect measurements, which are 34D-22-33. I have natural blond hair and have never had any cosmetic surgery. In fact my breasts are still very firm without an ounce of sag, and my inch long nipples still point up as if I were still an 18 year old.

Everyone is shocked to learn that I am the mother of a nineteen year old and that I am almost 60 years old. My husband is a pilot for a major airline, and I own a very successful real estate business in Los Angeles. I have always been very close to our 19 year old son. He was the Senior class High School President and star Quarterback of the football team. He is currently a freshman at college on a full paid scholarship and is being looked at constantly by many professional teams. Kyle is gorgeous, and not to sound biased but is a real 'hunk'. I always hear young girls and even friends of mine say how 'hot' he is. He stands 5'11" tall and has an incredible physique. He weighs 190 pounds and doesn't't have an ounce of fat on his body. He is all muscle. He is also blonde with beautiful blue eyes like mine. Kyle has a very self-assured almost arrogant attitude about him.

Throughout High School my son was with a different girl every day; it seemed and never had a steady girlfriend. I would always be at his games while his father was away on a flight and used to love it when people thought of us as girlfriend and boyfriend. After games I would go with his friends on the team and most of them would flirt with me but Kyle would immediately take me by the waist with his big strong hands.

Pulling me close to his chiseled body he'd say, "Back off, this is my girl!" He would often tell me that he and his friends thought I was the 'hottest' mom they have ever seen.

Last week Kyle called to invite me to the college for the sports weekend. He was receiving a number of awards and wanted me to come as his 'date'. Since I have not been at his college to see any games and have not met any of his friends yet I was quite excited and said yes. He said the presentation night was a formal dinner, and dance. The next night was party night and was going to be at a local night club.

When I asked what I should wear he said, "Just dress real sexy mom, I want you to show off your knockout body and I want everybody to see that I'm the one with the sexiest date."

During the week I bought a very revealing, sexy white dress that had a plunging neckline and zipped up to a choker collar neck. The dress was quite short and highlighted my long legs perfectly. I would wear sheer thigh high stockings, a sexy thong, and to accent my long legs a pair of 3 in. brown, high heeled pumps.

As I drove to the college in my Mercedes I was dressed in a pair of skin tight jeans, a sheer white blouse, with a thin white lace bra and a pair of black high heels. As I began to think about the weekend with my son I couldn't help to think that he said I was going as his date, not his 59 year old mother. I began to get aroused and instantly my big nipples began to harden and stick out. As I glanced in the mirror I realized that the sheer bra did absolutely nothing to hide their arousal, in fact the blouse and bra accented them perfectly.

I arrived at Kyle's off campus apartment and we immediately embraced, then stood back to take in each other. As my son scanned my body from head to toe he said, "You look hotter then ever mom."

I then did the same and marveled at his incredible chiseled body as I ran my long manicured nails down his muscled chest. I teased him and said, "Ohhhh baby it's to bad I'm your mother!"

He then responded, "Remember you're not mom, you're my sexy date for the weekend."

He took my bags and we went inside and got caught up. We had two hours before the awards dinner so I went to shower and get ready first. When I got out my son showered as I got primped. After drying my hair I put it up then rolled up my sheer thigh high stockings. I put on my white thong and then my brown pumps. I applied my lipstick and then put on my skin tight dress. Although the dress has the plunging neckline I decided against wearing a bra because of my firm breast.

When I finished I needed to have the zipper on the back of my dress pulled up and clasped, so I walked to the bathroom to ask Kyle for his assistance. The bathroom door was open and I could hear him talking to someone on his phone. At that point the first of two startling things happened. Through the small opening I could see his reflection in the bathroom mirror. I marveled at the definition of his strong back and the tightness of his sexy ass and strong lean legs.

As he continued talking he turned slightly and I nearly fainted as I stared at the biggest cock I had ever seen. My son was beyond enormous, he was gargantuan! It looked to be longer than my forearm to the end of my fingers! Even in this flaccid state it looked to be well over 12 inches long as it hung down a few inches above his knee! It was not only staggering in length, but was equally enormous in girth resembling the width of a soda can! My husband is average at best and I have seen my share of men and in comparison, my son dwarfs all of them.

As I stood unable to move with my eyes riveted to Kyle's gigantic cock, I began to listen to his conversation. I was so taken back when I heard my son say, "Man just wait until you see the sexy bitch I am bringing tonight. Do you remember that hot older woman from my home town I told you about, well her fucking geek husband is away and I got her to come up for the weekend."

There was a pause as he went on to say, "Look man you know I've fucked every hot chick on this campus, including those three married professors, but I'm telling you when you guys see her you're all gonna cum in your pants."

My son went on to describe me explicitly to his friend saying, "Man she's got the sexiest fucking body. Her legs are so fucking long ass sexy. Her fucking ass is on fire and her tits are fucking perfect man. She's got the biggest, horniest pair of nipples that I've ever seen. Their always, sticking straight up!"

Then the shock of my life occurred when Kyle added, "Man tonight all you guys are gonna see the sexy slut I've been jacking my 14 inch cock to since I was 12." He then said he would see him later and hung up and went into the shower and closed the curtain.

To say I was in shock was an understatement. Part of me wanted to strip right there and get in the shower with him and play with him, but my cell phone rang and brought me back to my senses. I went back to the bedroom to answer it. It was my husband calling to see if I had arrived safely. He talked for a few minutes but I was not listening. All I could think about was my son's gigantic cock which I heard him says was a staggering 14 inches and the conversation about how he used to jerk off thinking about me.

I quickly got my husband off the phone and began getting very aroused as I thought about the idea of fucking my son. I began to think of some of the things I have done in my life that compare to being as sexy and nasty as fucking my own son. I have done a number of wild things in my life but nothing would remotely compare to this.

I began to relive a wild experience I had about five months ago when I was working on a deal to sell a multimillion dollar estate. The buyer was a nationally known black Rap artist. He was only 22 but had already become a multimillionaire. He came up from the gangs and projects of east LA and as a teenager had already been to prison three times; once for robbery and twice for stabbing someone. He was also involved in a trial regarding a drive by shooting and although many felt he was guilty with all evidence pointing directly at him, he was acquitted of all charges. Because of his wealth he hired the most successful lawyers known for these types of high profile celebrity cases. He was even shot twice and bragged about it, saying it gave him credibility in the rap industry.

He always had a variety of young teenage girls for his choosing. The young girls were black, Asian, Hispanic, and White. He was always surrounded by huge body guards. Although he was short in stature standing only 5'4" tall, he commanded authority and had a vicious side that could strike fear in anyone who crossed him the wrong way. Even though I stood 4 inches taller then him and 7 more in my high heels, I could tell there was something powerful about him.

He bragged about fathering 10 children each by a different woman. He wore gold chains which matched his capped gold teeth and had tattoos all over his black body. He spoke in a guttural language that was crass and vulgar. Initially I found him repulsive, and would never have associated with him if it wasn't for the fact that he was very wealthy and I would receive a sizeable six figure commission.

We would drive from estate to estate in his huge thirty foot Hummer limousine and he would always leer at me and comment on my body and my attire, saying I looked real fine. I was always dressed smartly in corporate business suits that highlighted the sway of my 34D breast and shapely, long, stocking covered legs. Although the black rap star was very young he was quite self-assured, conceited and was used to getting his way. He would overtly tell me how bad he wanted to take me to his bed and fuck me all day and night. Although he was very crude and degraded his young females, I was somewhat intrigued by him.

Although I knew he was incarcerated and was involved in many illegal activities, I never felt threatened by him. To some degree I even enjoyed knowing he wanted me and that I turned him on. I had to admit on some level I was also turned on by him. I attributed this to him being in complete contrast to me. I was a well heeled socialite living an affluent lifestyle in Beverley Hills and he was a gangster figure who came up through the lowest form of ghetto life in Los Angles.

He was unrelenting, saying how sexy I looked and that he wanted me. He would call me at the office during the afternoon while he was still in bed. As I tried to keep him focused on business I could hear voices of a woman moaning saying," Move over, now it's my turn to suck that big black cock".

I put up with his actions because I had an exclusive two million dollar retainer and hoped he would eventually buy, and my commission would be immense.

As a few weeks went buy he increased his aggressive attempts to fuck me. He was persistently saying that my body drove him wild and that he had to have it. He kept calling me at different times of the day and I could hear the voices of young girls in bed with him. Although I tried to remain focused, the sounds of those young girls moaning and commenting on how big and how delicious his black cock tasted began to wear me down.

I would berate him saying, "How do you ever get any work done if you're always in bed playing"?

He would answer blatantly saying, "Baby I'd trade these three bitches I got here workin' on me for you in a New York minute." This was his way of getting to me and I hated to admit it but it was working.

After leaving the office I went home to unwind. I would pour myself a glass of white wine. I then slowly and methodically removed my business suit and stood in just my thigh high stockings, sheer white lace bra and high heels. I sipped my wine as I walked around the room admiring my very sexy body in the floor length mirrors. As my high heels clicked on the marble floor I crossed one heel over the other and unabashedly bent forward slightly and smiled approvingly at my incredibly firm ass and long sexy legs. Knowing that I was in better shape then most 20 year olds I ran a manicured fingernail over my sheer stockings and over the curve of my sexy ass. I began thinking how much the black Rap star would thoroughly enjoy seeing me dressed like this. I then removed my high heels rolled down my nylons then took my glass of wine and went into the Jacuzzi.

I hated to admit it but I could not get the young black rap star out of my mind. Here I was a wealthy elegant 59 year old socialite not to mention married women who served on various boards of prominent organizations as head of the social committees, who was having sinful thoughts of fucking a young 22 year old black thug with a criminal past. He wasn't even that handsome and he was much shorter than me. However, his persistence to fuck me and the power he had for someone so young haunted me.

Thinking about him caused me to begin playing with my turned on long nipples then slowly began masturbating as I thought of him in bed fucking those young girls. I then closed my eyes and the scene would turn into the Black Rap star and I in bed together kissing and fucking. Pleasing each other with our mouths and hands for hours and hours. With one hand toying with my huge clit my mouth was eagerly sucking my fingers as I imagined them being the young rap stars big black cock. I eventually shuddered uncontrollably into an explosive orgasm that lasted more than two minutes!

The breaking point finally came when young black rap star called the next afternoon and I heard the same familiar sounds. I began to get a little jealous and teased, "I'm disappointed. I thought I was the one you wanted to play with baby."

He then answered coyly, "These bitches are just keepin' me tuned up for you baby."

I then played my trump card and said, "Well I'll make a deal with you baby. Business first, then I promise you and I can have all the fun you want lover."

He then sealed the deal that guaranteed I would fuck him by saying, "Yo' Bitch if yo' let me git wit' dat' sexy white body you be fuckin' me up wit fo' the last month, I'll throw in another million dollars just fo' yo' fine ass."

We finally arrived at closing on a 10 million dollar mansion in an exclusive part of Beverly Hills. That next morning I selected outfits to specifically make his black cock hard. I was also so turned on knowing that we were finally going to fuck. I would try something on and think, 'Would this outfit turn him on. Is this hot enough? Would this one make his big black cock burn to fuck me?'

Change after change the outfits became more and more revealing. Finally, I selected a very sexy and quite daring black business suit. The jacket had a plunging neckline and the very short skirt only came down an inch past my jacket. I was all legs. I wore a pair of elegant tan thigh high stockings and black high heels. I wore a sheer white lace bra. The material was so sheer that my lovely long nipples were quite visible. This in itself was very sexy. I knew this look would drive him wild.

I arrived at his office at 10am and was greeted by the usual entourage of young females and body guards. Both the young girls and body guards were leering at me. I had everyone's attention. I went into his private office to sign the contract and receive the 10 million dollars, plus my hefty million dollar commission.

The black rap star couldn't keep his eyes off me as he starred me up and down in a sinister way as I sat on his leather sofa with my long nylon covered legs crossed. He leered at me with an almost lecherous look which told me he couldn't wait to fuck. After a few minutes of leering at me he hit the intercom and called in his attorneys to sign the transfer papers. They contacted the bank on a conference call to the bank president and authorized that 10 million dollars be routed into my business account then made another transfer of a million dollars into my personal account. When my attorneys called to confirm the transaction went through, his attorneys left the room leaving just the two of us.

As his eyes burned with lust I uncrossed my long legs and walked in front of him. Standing in my high heels I stood 7 inches taller then the black rap star. I bent over slightly and met his long black tongue and we began kissing very heatedly. The difference in our heights, ages and lifestyles made it even sexier. It was as if those big black lips couldn't get enough of me. His black hands were all over my body.

After a few minutes I said, "Baby, tell your staff, your body guards and all those young sluts that you will be gone for the entire day. For days I've been dreaming about draining every ounce of cum out of that big black cock.

"We went back to kissing until I broke off and said,"I'm so fucking hot for your big black dick baby; make the calls so we can start our fuck."

In his private elevator we kissed heatedly all the way to the ground floor, with our tongues flying across each others wildly. We then went to his big black stretch Hummer limousine and I was pleasantly surprised to find a very expensive bottle of Champaign along with some very pricey caviar. As we toasted, he hit the remote and played all his hits that made him a multimillionaire. They each made references to fucking white bitches, killing whitey and drive by shootings.

While the music played loudly we began kissing each other with just our tongues. The young black rap star called this sexy kissing. For twenty minutes our lips never touched. This wasn't a tender loving kiss; it was a very naughty tongue fuck. It felt so sexy to be kissing this way. Here I was, a respectable, married, 59 year old successful white business woman, in a gangster stretch limo tongue kissing and about to fuck one of the most popular young black rap stars today.

As our tongues flicked wildly across one another's , the idea of him being black and so powerful and only 22 years of age with a ruthless nature to stab or even kill someone without remorse made me even hotter to fuck and play with him.

As this sinful kiss continued he was having similar thoughts about me. He said, "Fuck bitch, I get tons of pussy, but you're the sexiest and classiest bitch I've ever seen. I wanted to fuck yo' sexy teasin' ass body you'd be showin' off the instant I scanned it. Now strip for me bitch, I want to see that rich high class body that be fuckin' with my mind all fuckin' month."

I took my time unbuttoning my jacket. As I unbuttoned each button the young black rap star and I would kiss wildly causing me to moan. When the jacket was finally off he moaned and licked his lips as if I was a piece of filet Mignon. He went crazy when he saw my perfect 34D breast in my sexy white bra. He began kissing and licking all over my bra. His long black tongue was driving me wild as it flicked over the lace material and over my aching nipples. My nipples were begging to be released. After a half hour of this torture the black rapper unclasped my bra and released my big tits. They pointed straight up with my long nipples sticking up at the ends like two towers.

The black rap star was actually licking his big lips when he saw how long and wide my nipples were. My nipples are the width of a dime and pointed out aching to be sucked. He immediately went to kissing them driving me wild with those big black lips. He would lick and kiss them and then our hot tongues would meet for that untamed nasty kiss.

While toying with my huge aching nipples he said, "Fuck I love yo' big ass nipples baby, they even be a shit load bigger then all the Asian bitches I be fuckin'."

After a half hour of this play I unzipped my short skirt. He leered at me and said "Fuck, you dressed for fuckin' didn't you bitch."

I knew he loved the sight of my long slim legs as I remained in my tan stockings and high heels. He said, "Fuck, You've gots the hottest fuckin' pair of legs I ever seen baby. I can't wait to be kissin' all over yo' rich bitch legs."

For the next hour the young black rapper made me delirious as he ran his long tongue up and down each of my stocking covered legs saying, "Bitch ,you made my big cock crazy every time you'd be crossing those sexy long ass legs in front of my face."

He would go up one leg then meet me for a hot tongue kiss, then go back down the other leg. The feel of his big black lips kissing and running his flicking tongue all over my stocking covered legs made me moan noisily and say, "Ohhhh baby that feels sooooo fucking sexy!"

He glared and said," I fuck a lot of pussy, and I knows you know it baby, but yours is first class. One million fo' yo' fine ass was a bargin bitch. You are one classy fuckin' bitch baby. Now it's time that your fine high society white pussy learns what it's like to be sexed by a real Nigga Gangsta baby."

The black rap star then removed his baggy cloths and I got to see his body. I was quite impressed to see that he had a washboard stomach. The style of cloths these young kids wear today makes it so hard to tell what their body looks like.

As he slid down his baggy pants I groaned out loud in disbelief saying, "Ohhhh my god!"

It was an amazing sight. The 22 year old black rap star was blessed with an enormously huge cock. Although I overheard those young girls in bed making comments about the size of his black cock I was not prepared for this. It was 12 inches long and 3 inches across. Now released from the confines of his pants his giant black cock stood proudly, up against his taught chest 12 inches above his navel swaying like an angry serpent from side to side almost hypnotically. It was obscenely black with huge veins that protruded menacingly from the sides.

I have seen my share of men's cocks, but this 22 year old had the biggest cock I have ever seen by far. His cock looked especially huge on his smallish body, almost freakishly out of proportion!

As I looked in disbelief he said in a very self-assured tone, "Bet it's the biggest cock you ever seen, ain't I right bitch?"

I wished I could have told him that I have seen bigger, but I would certainly be lying. Although I have seen many men, the black rap star was massive in comparison. I then thought about most of the cocks I've had. How my hand usually covered the entire length and that my long fingers would easily wrap around the shaft.

As my eyes tried to comprehend his staggering length and width I replied shockingly, "Oh baby you've got the biggest cock I've ever seen. Your big black dick is fucking huge baby. You're at least 5 times bigger then my husband or any other cock I have ever seen!!"

He then took his giant black rod and shook it before me and said, "See what you could have been playin' wit' the last month bitch."

I now knew the real reason he always had an assortment of girls at his disposal. I instantly took hold of his huge cock, feeling the steel hardness as it towered above my two outstretched hands and said coyly, "Baby I'm going to please every fucking gorgeous inch of your huge black cock. I'm going to kiss it, stroke it, pump it then blow it, and fuck it like none of your young sluts ever has."

As I lovingly pumped up and down on his freakish black cock I moaned disbelievingly, "It's so fucking big baby, so fucking big!!" As I continued stroking the beautiful black shaft lovingly the black rap star said, "I likes the way that big ass diamond ring looks against my big black cock baby." He added with a sarcastic grin, "So much fo' the loyal housewife."

As I continued pumping his huge shaft marveling the hardness and sheer pleasure it was giving me, I kissed his big black lips and said hotly, "Baby even the most loyal housewife in the world couldn't resist stroking your huge black cock."

I then began using my tongue as a whip taking the seemingly endless journey up the endless length of his massive shaft. When I reached his huge black cock head I would flick my tongue wildly for a few minutes causing the black rap star to moan sexual obscenities saying, "You fuckin nasty white bitch, you is drivin' my big cock crazy. Keeps doin that you rich married slut". His heated words were music to my ears. I would then reach up to him and we would begin tongue kissing again until I broke it off and went back to licking his huge black shaft. This game went on for almost an hour until he exploded in a powerful explosion against the tinted window of the limousine.

For the next three hours we drove to his new estate kissing, and eating each other. We would break occasionally to have a sip of Champaign and a bite of caviar then went right back to our "sexy fucking "as the black rap star titled it. There was no rush to fuck; we both knew that would come. What we both needed now was to just play with each other, and turn each other on.

I savored every second kissing, sucking and stroking his enormous black cock. I absolutely loved playing with his freakishly enormous meat. As I pumped his giant black cock I said admiringinly, "Oh baby I'm going to remember this huge black cock for the rest of my life," He in turn couldn't get enough of my 34D tits, my huge nipples and my stocking covered legs, in addition to the taste of my explosive pussy.

We couldn't get enough of each other. Our worlds were so different. I enjoyed fine dinning at exclusive country clubs throughout the country that my husband and I were select members of. Most if not all or them did not have one black member, and the young black rap star enjoyed the ongoing gang rivalries between other rap artists which would often result in someone getting stabbed or shot.

This unlikely difference made for an explosive taboo. Being from opposite lifestyles made us even more turned on to each other. The combination of him being a 22 year old black thug and me being a very sexy, well heeled white, 59 year old women with ties to high placed members of society added up to a scorching combination. That was certain to make this an incredible fuck.

As we arrived at the mansion we were in a heated 69 position with me on top. The black rap star was kissing and eating my turned on pussy and ass while I eagerly licked, kissed and pumped up and down on his angry massive black cock. He had already cum twice, and by the way he was groaning suggested that I had him ready to explode again. I had cum five times already and was so turned on again from him eating me with those big black lips that I was right on the edge myself.

Suddenly the driver interrupted the moment by announcing over the intercom that we had arrived. This is when I got to see that dark threatening side of the black rap star. He yelled "MUTHA' FUCKA'," then hit a button under the seat and pulled out a large frightening looking gun. He hit another button which slid the panel wall open then jammed the gun against the back of the drivers head.

With so much rage he said, "Nigga' if you ever interrupt my shit again I'll fuckin' put a cap right through your fuckin' head!!!" In his fit of rage he added, "Mutha fucka' I'll waste yo' just like I did that muta' fucka' in the club."

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the black rap star confess to killing the rival rap star in the famous Los Angles night club. Not only was he acquitted but someone else was going to prison for the crime. He instantly hit the button and lay back against the seat holding that big menacing gun, and continued grumbling about us being interrupted. I could not believe my reaction upon learning of this harsh act of actually him killing a person in cold blood.

Even though the person he killed had a similar shady reputation it was murder. I began to get even more turned on with this knowledge that he was not only powerful but also ruthless in getting anything he wanted. As his huge 12 inch cock waved back and forth from side to side I slid next to him and we went back to kissing each other wildly. As our tongues flicked crazily across each others my hands resumed jacking his huge black prick. He suggested we take our action into his new ten million dollar mansion.

I can only imagine what this sight must have looked like to anyone who was watching. Here we were in the wealthiest, not to mention most snobbish part of Beverly Hills. A 30 foot black Hummer stretch limousine pulls up with music blaring about killing and fucking and out steps a tall, stunning, 59 year old white women with her hair done up elegantly, a pearl necklace, long diamond earrings touching her shoulders , wearing just a pair of expensive tan thigh high stockings and a pair of black high heels. The elegant socialite is then followed by a noticeably shorter black, 22 year old with a huge black cock , with tattoos all over his body and scars from stab and gunshot wounds, wearing a pair of timberland boots with the laces undone and a black nylon cap.

We were both so lost in animal hunger for each other that our surroundings and the ten million dollar mansion didn't even matter. Once outside the limo the black rap star took me to the front of his limo and leaned me over the hood then spread my long stocking covered legs with his black hands.

As his big hands slid up and down my nylons he said, "I gots ta taste some more of this sexy fine white ass bitch."

Without an ounce of regard for anyone who may have been watching this erotic display he began tongue fucking my turned on ass with his long black tongue. His hands were stroking my long stocking covered legs in a twisting motion as if he was jerking them off. I was going crazy from this exquisite sensation alone. While he was doing this his long black tongue was stabbing in and out of my burring ass.

He said confidently, "You like this Nigga' tongue fuckin' up inta yo' sexy fine high class ass while my black hands be feelin' on yo' fine long white legs bitch!"

I looked back and snarled, "Oh yeah baby keep fuckin' that ass; it's on fire for you."

As the young black rapper continued eating my ass I looked up and stared right into the face of his driver. This only added to the surrealism and thrill. This naughty act, coupled with the driver leering directly at me and the exquisite feeling the black rap stars tongue was giving my turned on ass was getting me hotter and hotter by the second. I began licking my lips seductively feeling the heat rise inside me once again.

I moaned over and over, "Oh baby that black tongue feels soooo fucking good. You're making me so fucking hot baby!!" Suddenly my ass began tightening pulling his long black tongue in deeper and I exploded into a wild orgasm, cumming all over his hungry mouth and tongue.

After I came he pulled me to him and we kissed open mouthed, our wicked tongue fuck. As we kissed he said, "Go ahead bitch taste that fine white ass of yours on my Nigga' tongue."

As we kissed his huge black cock was brushing up against the side of my leg along the lacy top of my tan thigh high stocking. As we hungrily kissed I took his giant black shaft in my left palm. I began stroking that huge, angry, 12 inch cock as it continued brushing against my sheer stocking top.

As I continued running my palms all over the young black rappers massive cock I lead him across the long driveway to the main entrance of his new 10 million dollar mansion., his arm around my narrow waist. Standing in my 3 inch high heels I towered over him but the difference in height actually made it even sexier. As we walked he would run his hand up over the tops of my stockings and over my ass remarking how fucking sexy I was.

After about 30 steps we both felt the heated need to kiss each other, so we stopped right there in the middle of the driveway and tongue kissed (which was actually more like tongue fucking) while I continued to palm his huge black shaft as it pointed out rubbing along the side of my left stocking covered leg.

When we got to the front door we resumed kissing while I continued jacking his huge black cock in the palm of my hand. I then went down squatting in my high heels and said, "Oh baby I love your great big black cock. I need to suck it again so bad baby."

I then proceeded to tease him by looking into his eyes with a sly look on my face. Then I started licking his huge shaft all over, and then flicked my hot tongue wildly across his sensitive tip. To anyone watching they would have seen a sexy older white woman kneeling in her thigh high stockings and black high heels, passionately pleasing a huge young black cock, kissing it and pumping it, making love to it!

After a few minutes of playing with his monstrous cock I began to jerk it faster causing him to groan and comment how nasty I was. I knew the driver was watching every second of this wild act and I began to wonder if anyone else was watching this sordid act too.

He was groaning loudly and I said, "Cum for me baby, I want to watch you shoot a big hot load out of this fucking huge black cock!"

That taunting sent him over the edge. Suddenly I could feel blast after blast of hot cum pumping up through his enormous black shaft and out of his big cockhead. I was staggered when he didn't stop shooting and I kept stroking his pulsating shaft and uttered with a sly almost giggly tone, "Oh yeah baby, keep it cumin baby!!"

When he finally did finish I continued licking his softening, but still big black cock. He then pulled me to him and we instantly met in a hot tongue kiss.

Still indifferent to our surroundings we went inside his new ten million dollar mansion. When he closed the door we kissed in the foyer for about 10 minutes moaning as our hands played with each others turned on bodies. His black hands were caressing my legs, ass and breasts; while mine thoroughly enjoyed stroking his growing huge black cock.

I eventually suggested a tour of his new home and he just said, "I can give a fuck about this place baby. The only thang I's cares about is fuckin' yo' sexy white pussy. The only reason I bought this fuckin' place was to get at yo' fine white ass bitch. I would have gots' me the fuckin' white house ta get ta fuck you baby."

I then kissed him softly on the lips and said slyly, "Well then let's fuck in every room baby; because you've had me worked up for weeks wanting to be in that same bed as those young girls who were blowing and fucking your huge black cock and wishing it was me."

We then went back to kissing and worked our way to the long winding staircase that led to the master bedroom. We paused every few steps to kiss and play with each other. Half way up the stairs I couldn't resist blowing him so I bent over at the waist and tongue fucked all over his giant black shaft, spitting on it, licking it, jerking it and bathing it with my wild tongue. I was so possessed, and was going wild on the young rap stars huge black cock.

I would lick all over his huge shaft , flicking my tongue wildly over the grossly protruding veins then I would stand up and our tongues would meet in a desperate tongue kiss for a few minutes. I would then bend over at the waist and continue to worship his huge black prick.

He would moan approvingly and I would look up at him and deliberately tease him saying, "Ummm you like this kind of head don't you baby?"

To anyone watching this nasty display they would have seen a refined high classed older white woman so removed from her upscale lifestyle, worshiping and pleasing a cock so black, so huge, so young and so powerful.

As the young black rap star moaned uncontrollably I teased again and again, "You like the way I'm blowing your big black cock don't you baby?"

While I was lost in blowing his enormous black cock his big hands were running up and down my long stocking covered legs. As his black hands ran over my stockings I became more depraved and moaned approvingly. Looking in the mirrors gave our illicit act a porn like image. The drastic contrast in our skin color and our age differences, while I was bent at the waist licking all over his big black cock made the scene look so depraved.

While I watched in the mirror his black hands ran over my sheer tan stockings and he said," You like the feel of my Nigga' hands all over those sexy stockings don't ya' baby?"

I continued blowing him moaning,"Oh yesssssss baby, your black hands are driving me wild."

As he leaned against the railing he taunted me by saying, "Yeah baby you like suckin my big black cock, don't ya bitch?"

I quickly moaned, "Ohhhhh yes baby, it's so fucking huge. I love your huge black cock."

He kept taunting me with his words causing me to get even more aroused and in a deeper frenzy. He said, "Yeah baby I wonder what all yo' high society rich bitch friends would think if they could see ya dressed in those sexy high heels and fine tan stockings , slupin all over a big black nigga' cock; and a 22 year old nigga thug from the projects to boot?"

His words were making me feel so wanton. I went wild lathering his huge black cock bathing it until my hot saliva was dripping through my hands onto my 34D tits , then onto my turned on nipples then dripping onto the marble stairs. At this point I was simply possessed.

As I continued to please the young rap stars huge black cock he added, "Oh bitch you like this big black gansta cock. Don't ya bitch?"

I began to think about what he said and how we were brought together. I also began to think how turned on we were to each other. He was drawn to me and obsessed with me because I was so different from all those young impressionable girls he fucks daily. He wanted me because I was an older, wealthy, successful, white women who never would have given him the time of day if it wasn't for his success and money. But now this all added up to me being turned onto him being ruthless, and dangerous. This heightened my dark side sexually.

Yes I have had numerous affairs throughout my marriage, but exclusively with successful men in my lifestyle, both younger and older. It was so non memorable. It would always be the same; fine dinning, because I would not settle for anything less, followed by some very average sex at best. An hour at most was the norm, but with the young black rap star I felt so depraved, so naughty and nasty, that I new we could fuck all day and night, maybe even day's straight!

Over an hour on the staircase had passed and we finally reached the second floor landing. At the top of the stairs our kissing heated up again. The young black rap star then had me lean over the railing as he stood behind me. He then said in a very heated tone, "Now I's gots ta sex this fine white high class pussy with my big black cock."

As he began rubbing my already soaked entrance to my pussy I replied lustfully, "Oh baby I've wanted to feel your huge black cock inside my turned on white pussy all week. All I could think about this week was fucking you baby, fucking your big black cock."

He then began inserting his huge black cock into me very slowly. Just his immense head at the entrance felt so huge that I shuddered and came. Once his big cock head was inside me, he began running his black hands teasingly along the sides of my stocking covered legs and over my ass.

As his huge black cock inched into me ever so slowly, stretching me wider than any man has he said, "Yeah bitch now I's gonna make that sexy high class white pussy mine."

By the moaning sounds I was making he knew I was enjoying every gorgeous inch of that huge black shaft. The protruding web of veins heightened the incredible sensations my pussy was experiencing, as my fuck lips wrapped tightly around his huge black shaft.
I looked back and snarled, "Soooo fucking big. Oh baby your black cock's sooo fucking big. You've got such a huge fucking cock baby."

The rapper took me from behind and began slow fucking me with that beautiful black 12 inch cock, thrilling me with every long stroke. As he fucked his huge black cock into my tight wet pussy he kissed my neck commenting on how fucking sexy and high classed I was and that his big black cock never fucked such a sexy upper class bitch.

I was so horny from being with someone so beneath my social standing. After about twenty minutes of fucking his huge black cock I surprised him by saying, "Oh baby I need to taste that huge black cock again."

I then pulled away from his enormous cock which caused a loud popping sound then knelt over at the waist and began licking my tongue crazily all over the massive wet shaft tasting myself. He kept moaning and said, "Yeah baby taste yo' sexy white million dollar pussy all over my ghetto black cock."

After a few minutes he leaned me forward again and brought that huge black monster into my greedy pussy once again causing me to groan, "Soooooo fucking big baby."

Knowing we would easily fuck through the night, I reached for the cordless phone and dialed my husband. The black Rap star kept slowly pumping that giant black cock into me as I told my husband that I was going to stay at the mansion to take care of some last minute details before the client arrived the next day.

When the Rap star heard me make these arrangements with my husband he leaned forward and whispered in my ear saying, "Why don't ya tell your limp-dicked husband that yo' fuckin' a 12 inch Nigga cock."

As I held the cell phone in one hand listening to my husband ramble on about some business, our tongues met in a sexy kiss while that monster black cock pumped into my tight as a glove white fuck hole inch by inch stretching it wider then it ever had before!

With every stroke his huge black cock pried me open wider than the previous stroke. My pussy was on fire and I was determined to accommodate his entire huge 12 inch black shaft.

The young black rap star added, "Tell the mutha fucka that I gonna brand my Nigga' name into yo' tight white pussy with my 12 inch black cock bitch."

As soon as I hung up the phone I began meeting his every thrust with my burning ass. After a few minutes I felt his big black cock twitch. I then turned my head and I said snarling, "You got another big hot load in that huge black cock for me baby?"

As he moaned he said crazily,"Oh fuck yeah bitch come and git it bitch."

I began to feel his huge black cock begin to twitch inside me and I immediately pulled it out and stroked his huge angry black shaft off sending his turned on cum flying over the balcony onto the expensive marble floor 20 feet below.

We then went into the master bedroom and kissed for a good half hour. His cock was hanging down over the front of his thigh, but even soft was over 10 inches long. I had to blow that black cock in the same way that I needed air to breath. I began kissing it saying how much I loved the size of it. Even in a softened state I could barely get my mouth a few inches beyond the big black head. Without using my hands I began sucking on his huge head. As it swelled my mouth continued being pushed back until I could only lick and kiss the shaft and suck on just the black head. The black rap star was hard once again to my amazement and delight.

As he laid on the king sized circular bed he called his driver and told him to go get us something to eat. I had to laugh to myself when he said to bring back some fried chicken. Talk about a stereotype, although he did tell the driver to find an expensive Sushi restaurant for me. He told the driver to bring it up to us when he got back.

The driver returned about an hour later and came up to the master bedroom. When the driver entered the room the young black rap star and I were lost in a sexy fuck position. The black rap star was sitting in a chair while I had my back to him. With my high heels on the edge of the chair I was riding his huge black cock while his black hands cupped my ass. When the driver came into the room to bring us the food I continued to fuck the young rapper, moaning and groaning sinfully.

As I moaned with the look of ecstasy on my face I could see the driver staring directly at me. I knew he was enjoying this hot scene watching a very sexy older white woman dressed in high heels and stockings fucking up and down on his young boss's huge black cock. This added to my already highly aroused state and made me feel even more depraved. My young lover told the driver to leave, but to be back at 8am.

As I continued fucking his huge black cock I snarled," Tell him 8 at night baby."

He then shouted, "You heard the sexy white lady, now get the fuck out and be back tomorrow night at 8!"

Throughout the night and into the next day the young black rap star and I fucked and played with each other in every room of his new 10 million dollar mansion. When the driver came the following day we drove back to my office. We were still consumed with kissing and fucking and went on until we reached my office.

As I began to think about the moment I saw his black cock, I remembered thinking how huge it was. Now that I had seen my sons enormous cock I had to laugh to myself thinking, "So much for the myth about black men having the biggest cocks. My own son has a monstrous cock that would put the black Rap star to shame!"
Lust was consuming me by the second. My nipples were burning through my thin dress. I decided that I had to fuck my son's giant cock. I had to please that huge cock in a way no woman ever has, and I am quite sure there have been many. I began to think about the black rap star and how many young girls were vying for his attention just to fuck his big cock. It must be the same for my son: the star quarterback with a huge cock. Even if just to fuck a cock so huge for the novelty, what women would not want to at least try my sons huge cock once?

When Kyle came out of the shower he had on a baggy pair of trunks. He passed my room and stopped in his tracks to look in on me. I smiled and said, "Do I look hot enough for you baby?"

I could instantly see his enormous cock swelling menacingly in his trunks. He responded with, "Fuck mom you are a drop dead fucking knockout!"

I then asked him to help me with my zipper. As I began to feel my son's hand on the zipper I turned my head to the side and then uttered in a very seductive tone, "If you would like to see the body you have been jerking that giant fucking cock off to all these years, you could unzip it baby."

I then reached back, feeling his enormous cock against my burning ass, then put it behind his head and pulled him towards me. I let my tongue reach out so that we could kiss. Kyle's tongue instantly met mine. They flicked wildly across each others for minutes as we both moaned like animals in heat. I began moaning louder as this incestuous kissing was driving me wild.

My son then said, "Yeah mom, let that hot pussy cum for me baby."

Oh fuck, that did it. I began to shake, moaning, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck I'm cummmmmmmmmmming baby."

After I came my son said confidently, "That's how hot I'm gonna make you this weekend mom. For years I've been dying to fuck you mom. You've got a killer body that's designed for fucking and my big cock could tell you're hot to fuck too."

This was a side of Kyle that I have not seen before. It was obvious that he had lots of experience and was used to getting his way. I am quite sure having gorgeous looks and a 14 inch cock gave him confidence over all guys his age or older. I knew then that this was not going to be awkward but rather more like two highly sexed people fucking at the top of their game.

Kyle then pulled the zipper down all the way and I let my new dress hit the floor. When I stepped away from it I heard him moan approvingly saying, "Fuck yeah mom, fuck yeah!"

I then turned to see his expression as he stared at my body hungrily. It reminded me of the type of animal lust the black rap star had. This was not my son, but more like a self-assured stud who appreciated an older woman with a sexy body.

I said teasingly, "So I overheard you say you used to stroke that huge cock thinking about me baby."

My son's eyes burned with lust as his hand began rubbing along the endless length of his massive cock. My eyes instantly watched him touching the freakish bulge in his shorts. He asked almost smugly, "Yeah what else did you hear mom?"

I walked to him and kissed his lips softly with my tongue and said teasingly, "I heard you say that your huge cock measures 14 inches baby and my mouth has been watering ever since , just thinking about licking and sucking it off."

As I said that I squatted down on my high heels and began to pull off my son's now uncomfortable trunks. When I pulled them over his knees his cock was still inside his shorts waiting to be freed! Finally his trunks were at his ankles and my son's massive cock was released.

Thinking about the black rap star I said in an amazed voice, "Oh my god baby you are so fucking huge. I've had a real big cock once before but yours is even bigger!"

His cock shot way out past my face and over my shoulder. I marveled at the wild maze of big veins that protruded along the top and sides of the monstrous shaft. I then took it in both hands and closed my index finger and thumb. Even though I have rather long fingers there was at least 3 inches of my son's shaft between my thumb and index finger!

I then lifted it, shocked by its amazing weight and put it against my son's taut stomach. I gasped as it towered up above his tight pectoral muscles! I knew we only had an hour or so before we had to leave so I began stroking his giant cock lovingly in both hands.

I cooed slyly, "Lover would you like me to take the edge off your giant cock before we have to leave?"

He replied almost annoyed, "I fucking beat off twice today thinking about your fucking hot body mom and I just beat off again in the shower a few minutes ago, and look at how fucking big I am again for you baby. What do you think?"

I didn't even reply. I began licking up and down both sides of his angry shaft. I then began kissing it as I uttered, "Soooo fucking huge. I can't believe how fucking huge your cock is baby!"

I kissed and licked his massive cock for over 15 minutes. My son then said, "Spit on it baby. Make it nice and wet mom."

As I eagerly did what he asked, I looked up at him and smiled slyly thinking to myself, "God he knows just what he likes!"

As I did this I couldn't help but to think just how taboo and nasty this was. At that very moment my son surprised me by saying, "Yeah mom get real nasty with my big turned on cock!"

I looked up at him and said sexily, "Oh baby I love what were doing, you're making me so fucking hot!"

I then stood and we kissed wildly as I pumped his oversized shaft in my left hand. I ran my palm over the top of my son's huge dick then twisted it so that my palm slid back down the long length caressing the underside of the club like shaft.

Kyle said, "Yeah mom, that's how you pump a big cock. My son then began kissing my engorged nipples and said, "Fuck mom I've been dying to suck on these big fucking nipples. You've got the biggest pair I've ever seen!"

My son then said, "Keep playing my cock while I work on this big ass nipples mom. I want to make you cum again baby."

He stuck his tongue out showing me he wanted to kiss some more. I eagerly gave my son my tongue as he expertly rolled and pulled then kissed and sucked my inch long nipples between his skilled thumb and index finger. I began moaning deeper as my talented son brought me so close to the edge of another wild orgasm.

Knowing he had me he said, "Go ahead baby let those big horny nipples cum like your turned on pussy did."

That did it. I began to tremble as my son said confidently, "Fuck yeah. Give me another nice cum baby!"

We then began kissing hotly as my second orgasm with my son shot right through me and I moaned, "Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuck yeah baby!!!"

As soon as it ended my son said, "Now bend over at the waist baby so I can look at your sexy ass and those long fucking legs in those hot stockings while you keep playing with my big cock."

I could not believe that these demands were coming from my own son! He was so confident about how he wanted to be played with. He had the confidence of a much older man, not a 19 year old boy.

As I bent over I tried to open my mouth wide enough to at least take in his huge cock head. After minutes of frustration I finally managed to get my insatiable mouth over the giant crown of my sons cock head. He moaned loudly, "Oh Fuck Yeah baby not many women can do that .Fuck Yeah!"

After a while I would alternate between licking, kissing and coating his immense cock with saliva, then inserting my Kyle's huge cockhead in my mouth as I ran my tongue over the crown. As my son thoroughly enjoyed his mothers cock sucking techniques he looked at my body and said approvingly, "I fucking love your sexy look mom. Those high heels and sexy stockings on your long hot legs are driving my big cock crazy baby."

I then went back to squatting on my high heels determined to bring my son's massive 14 inch cock off and said, "I'm glad you like my look baby. I wanted to dress sexy for you. I am going to dress like this all weekend lover just to keep that 14 inch monster turned on for me."

As I continued pleasuring my sons giant cock with my mouth and hands I said, "It makes me feel so naughty dressed in my stockings and heels like this, kneeling in front of you while I'm stroking and blowing your great big horny cock baby."

I then remembered the black Rap star telling me to tongue fuck his big black head with my wild tongue. I then flicked my hot tongue wildly over my sons baseball sized cock head for a few minutes as I looked up and smirked at him. The result was the same as he looked at me moaning his approval.

He said approvingly, "Oh fuck yeah, that's the way to blow my big cock mom!"

I then added to the heat taunting, "Do you like the way I'm tongue fucking your giant cock baby?"

My son snarled, "Oh fuck that's so nasty baby!!!"

I then stood and we kissed again as I stroked him along the side of my stockings, pumping him into a frenzy. I slipped back to kneeling and repeated this teasing game of blowing and licking then standing and kissing until his moaning and breathing quickened. His guttural moaning indicated his need to cum.

I continued on, determined to bring my sons 14 inch cock off saying, "Oh baby do you like the way your mothers soft hands feel stroking your huge hot cock?"

"Oh fuck yeah mom. Keep playin' with it baby," he moaned

As I began to feel his giant shaft pulse uncontrollably I said wickedly, "Oh baby I could feel your great big cock getting ready to explode. Is there a nice big hot load in there for me baby?"

"Oh mom, wait until you see how much cum jerks out of my big fucking cock," he said boldly.

I knew that I had to watch this incredible spectacle and said naughtily, "Oh baby I'm going crazy, let me watch you shoot your big fucking load!"

Suddenly Kyle announced that he was ready to shoot. At that point a clear liquid began to trickle out of the 2 inch slit of his cock head. This continued for almost a minute. The hot liquid was running through my fingers and coated his giant shaft as my hands continued pumping it vigorously. Even this pre fluid was more cum then most men produce in an entire orgasm!

I fueled the fire teasingly, "Come on baby let me watch you drop that big load! Do it baby, do it for me."

My son then moaned,"Oh fuck mommmmmmm!!!"

Suddenly his monstrous shaft began twitching and convulsing and a long rope of cum- over 2 feet long shot out past my face hitting the wall on the opposite side of the room!. This was followed by three more blasts equal in size and power! I was so stunned by the amount of cum and the power of each blast that I momentarily stopped jerking my son's huge cock.

Sensing my shock my son said, "Don't stop fucking my cock with your hands mom, there's a lot more left."

I was so amazed at the erotic sight of my son's enormous cock shooting blast after blast of cum that I actually came too, just by watching and stroking him! It was the most cum I have ever seen including the young black rap stars! My own son came as much as 10 horny men combined.

I couldn't believe the sight in my sons' room. Cum was splattered against the wall and was dripping on the floor. It looked like a vanilla milk shake was splattered against the wall! Along the ground was a stream of cum that lead back to my son's still engorged cock! I then instinctively began licking and tasting the drops of cum that trickled out from the end of his beautiful, massive cock. I noted the wonderful taste and made a note to myself that I was going to drink more than a few hot loads of my son's cum before this weekend was over.

I continued kissing and slow stroking Kyle's monstrous cock which disbelievingly remained huge. "So fucking big; so fucking beautiful baby. So much fucking cum," I moaned over and over as I lovingly worshiped my son's massive cock for another 15 minutes.

Kyle then pulled me to him and we kissed passionately for almost half an hour before we got dressed to leave for the dinner. In the car he drove and we couldn't keep our hands off one another. My son's right hand was all over my long crossed legs. He said, "Keep crossing those sexy long legs mom. That makes my big cock wild."

His touch was turning me on like crazy, as Kyle ran his fingers up my calf to the elastic tops of my sheer thigh high stockings. At every stoplight we would dart our tongues out and kiss crazily until we were prompted by the car horn behind us. I ran my manicured fingernails along the length of his tremendous shaft which stirred angrily in his pants.

I moaned in his ear saying, "Oh baby, I can't wait to get back to your apartment so that we can really fuck and get into becoming lovers." I still could not believe how enormous it felt after just shooting such a staggering load of cum!

When we arrived at the sports dinner it was clear to see just how popular my son was. He did not introduce me as his mother but rather as his date, using my name Vivian. When we entered the room I noticed every women looking at my son with lust in their eyes. He told me afterwards that he had noticed all his friends and all the men checking me out, and in the bathroom four of his teammates commented on how "hot" I was.

Kyle received six awards for different types of achievement. Throughout the ceremony all I could think of was my son's giant cock and how bad I wanted to get back to his apartment so that we could begin fucking. When the awards concluded we started dancing. My son held me so close that I could easily feel his mammoth, pendulous cock brush up against my thigh. I whispered teasingly in his ear that there should have been an award for the biggest cock. After a few songs we were on fire to get back to his apartment and begin our taboo fucking.

As soon as we were in the car my son started running his skilled hands up and down my long stocking covered legs as I eagerly massaged his huge throbbing cock. As he played with my long legs he continued commenting on how sexy they were and how hot my stockings looked. Although the drive was only a few miles to Kyle's apartment it seemed as if we would never get there! I was lost in lust as I thought about actually fucking my own son and that he had such an enormous, oversized cock.

I began moaning and had a wonderful soft orgasm. As I came we pulled into the parking lot. As soon as my son turned the key our tongues went wild kissing and exploring each others mouths. I was so fucking hot!

I said," Oh baby my fucking ass is on fire. You've got me so fucking worked up. Let's go inside and play all night baby."

He then added, "With what I have in mind for your hot body mom it's going to take the whole weekend to play with you baby."

Once inside we went hand in hand into the living room and began a very sexy kiss with our mouths wide open and our tongues darting wickedly across each others. This heated kiss lasted nearly an hour as my son's hands ran up and down my stockings and over my turned on ass. Kyle would slowly spread my ass cheeks causing me to moan.

He said, "You've got an amazing ass mom. I've pumped my big cock off so many times thinking about eating it," he said.

His hands would run up my sides over my stockings as he remarked, "Your legs are so fucking hot mom, and these stockings are driving my big cock insane."

This was such torture and he knew it. My son was so in touch with turning women on, and not just any woman, but his own mother! He brought me over the edge when he said, "Do you like the way I'm playing with your hot ass and those sexy long legs baby?" At this point our mouths closed on each other and I moaned through an intense orgasm as I continued kissing my sexy son.

After I came we began kissing madly. My son then untied my choker and slid my dress down. My nipples were so long and hard that my son had to pull the material away because they were caught against the thin fabric. Once my big nipples were freed they stood out over an inch long and were throbbing with lust.

My son said approvingly, "Fuck mom you've go the biggest pair of nipples I've ever seen. I've wanted to play with them for years."

He then began kissing them and flicking his tongue over each one. As he continued this treatment he began running his hands over my stocking covered legs and back to my ass. He would then kiss me saying how much he loved my huge nipples. This went on for over an hour while he sucked my aching nipples and eventually rubbed one while he sucked the other.

I began moaning again and my son asked knowingly, "Do you like the way I'm working your big nipples mom?"

"Oh baby your driving me so fucking wild. I'm so fucking hot," I responded.

My son continued kissing me and sucking my engorged nipples until I couldn't take it any longer. Sensing my need to cum he said, "Go ahead mom, get off again so that I can start sucking your fucking snatch." I finally released a shuddering orgasm as my son continued pinching my overly sensitive nipples while we kissed franticly.

After I came we continued a very passionate kiss as or tongues explored each others mouths. My son then began pulling down my dress. As he exposed my thigh high stockings my son moaned approvingly. Once the dress was down I stepped out of it remaining in my tan thigh high stockings and high heel pumps.

Kyle looked at me lustfully and said, "Oh yeah, fuck baby you are one sexy bitch."

My son then removed his cloths and I nearly came from the sight of his beautiful sculpted body and the overwhelming size of his mammoth cock. I couldn't believe the way it hung down an inch above his knee. The girth so massive it resembled the width of a soda can.

My son then told me what he wanted and said, "I want to watch you walk around the room mom while I play with my big cock for you mom."

My son sat on the sofa with the most massive hard on I had ever seen. As he slowly pumped his giant 14 inch cock before my disbelieving eyes I walked seductively around the room. My son's eyes were riveted to my body and I was enjoying every second of this. As I seductively walked on the hard wood flooring my high heels clicked adding to this wanton scene.

After a while I would approach my son with lust in my eyes as I watched him stroke that monster cock. I would bend at the waist and take it in my hands and pump it slowly, then kiss and lick the enormous head. My son's hands would run up and down alongside my nylons thrilling me with his touch.

As my hands pumped slowly I said in a deep throaty voice, "Such a huge fucking cock, its soooo fucking big baby."

I would then kiss my son for a few minutes then back off and resume the slow teasing walk again. The next hour turned into the most erotic scene imaginable. This play went on and on, and the more turned on my son became from watching me the more excited I became at seeing him pump that glorious mammoth cock.

It was as if time was standing still. Here I was dressed in my thigh high stockings and high heels, teasing my son as he watched me while he stroked his massive cock before me. I then began encouraging him to shoot off for me. I told him I needed to see the big load he had stored up for me.

I bent at the waist and kissed him and said, "Cum for me baby, let me watch you pump a real big load."

I walked away and listened to my son groan saying, "You're such a hot bitch mom, that fucking body was made to be fucked."

Suddenly spurt after spurt of long tremendous ropes of cum began flying out of his wide opening, spanning over 10 feet away! As I uttered disbelievingly, "Oh my god", my son continued to shoot wildly causing a stream of cum to form.

After what had to be 30 or 40 blast of cum my son stood and walked to me. There was almost a rage of lust in his eyes that suggested how turned on to me he was and I am quite sure he saw the same depraved look on my face. We immediately embraced and began kissing wildly like to animals in heat. My son then took me to the sofa and had me lean over the back exposing my ass to him.

He said, "Now I'm gonna get a real taste of that sexy ass and hot snatch I've been dreaming about all these years mom. I'm gonna eat you until you fucking cum all over my mouth baby."

For the next hour my son fucked me into oblivion with his skilled mouth and tongue. As his tongue explored my ass his fingers would play with my "fuck lips" as my son called them. The feeling was so exquisite. His skilled hands worked me into a frenzy again and again. As his mouth would kiss my ass his hands would go up my stocking covered legs to my turned on nipples. Kyle's hands were everywhere. It was as if he couldn't get enough of my body.

At one point his tongue was exploring the depths of my ass while his right hand was toying with my large distended clit and his left hand was playing with my nipples. I could not hold back and when my son demanded that I cum, I exploded, causing my ass to press up hard into his face as I came for over a minute.

He then took the fingers of one hand and inserted two into my asshole and two from the other hand and inserted them into my pussy. He fucked me very slowly while he leaned over me and kissed passionately for a half hour. He would then remove his fingers and have me suck each one as he had me taste myself, then insert them again. I was in ecstasy and was so turned on by this that I came two more times. I could not believe that I was being controlled by a 19 year old boy this way. My 19 year old son knew more about fucking than any man I have ever been with including that black Rap Star!

As my son continued to fuck me this way I would reach back and touch his cock. As my long fingers would caress it, I was in absolute shock that my son's huge cock was still so hard and turned on after having just shot such an enormous load. When I stood I put one hand behind his neck and began kissing very passionately, more like lovers instead of mother and son. I then took his giant cock and stroked it along my side, up and down the endless 14 inch shaft while we kissed.

I said, "Oh baby lets go to your bed; I want to blow your huge cock so fucking bad. I need to suck your huge cock again baby."

Inside the bedroom my son laid down on the bed and I crawled up next to him. I remained in my stockings and heels and we kissed while I stroked that monstrous cock. I then went down on him and for the next hour, kissing and licking along every glorious inch of his amazing cock with a lust that I can't possibly describe. At one point Kyle's answering machine went off and I heard my husband's voice come on and ask how we were doing and how things were tonight.

As I continued working my son's freakish cock I mockingly said, "Were doing just fine honey, but I can't get to the phone right now because my mouth and hands are so full from blowing your son's 14 inch cock."

After awhile my son began a low groan and I looked up at him and said slyly, "Ohhhh baby, you must like the way I'm playing with your great big cock." I continued, "Is this too much for you baby, are you going to drop another big load?"

He then said rather smugly, "Yeah bitch, but don't stop sucking me 'till I'm finished blowing my big load."

In a few more minutes added by my encouragement a strong burst of cum flew up over my head onto the floor. I wanted to taste my son's cum so badly that I put the huge head of his giant cock against my wide open mouth and proceeded to taste the most amazing cum I have ever experienced. Blast after blast filled my mouth until I had to swallow repeatedly four times. When I could not swallow another drop I continued pumping him aggressively watching him shot the few remaining powerful blasts of cum in the air, onto his taught muscular stomach.

I then lay on my side with my left leg curved. As my son looked at me in the mirror I continued to pump his still rock hard shaft. As he looked at me staring at my long stocking covered leg and high heel he said, "Don't stop pumping my big cock mom, I've got another cum for you baby."

This was truly amazing to watch. Not only did my son posses a tremendous sized cock, but one blessed with a tireless appetite to fuck! As my hands eagerly pumped his enormous cock my eyes stayed glued to it, worshiping it, still disbelieving of how absolutely gigantic it was, as he watched me in the mirror.

Kyle said, "Yeah bitch you know how to work a big cock."

In a few minutes my son exploded again, this time covering my nipples and tits in a bucket of hot cum. It was so exquisite feeling his huge load over my skin. When the cum hit my nipples I actually came myself! Throughout his amazing orgasm my son said boldly, "Oh yeah your such a nasty fucking bitch baby."

After the final drop was drained from his huge cock it finally began to soften. Even soft it still remained huge in length, at nearly 11 inches and the same width. I continued lovingly kissing my son's huge imposing cock saying, "Oh baby I love your huge cock, it's so fucking beautiful, so fucking big- soooooooo fucking big!!"

We kissed passionately for over an hour as my son's hands ran up and down every inch of my excited body, while my hands gently stroked his giant shaft. Kyle said, "Now it's my turn to eat that fucking snatch mom".

He began kissing his way up each of my thigh high stockings, over the elastic tops to the sides of my long distended fuck lips. He continued teasing me with his mouth and tongue for over an hour as he remarked about my sexy long legs and how much my look turned him on. Eventually he began kissing my pussy telling me how much he's wanted to eat me. His kissing and talking to me were driving me insane. My son then started using his tongue all around the sides of my long pussy lips until he teased his way to my rock hard clit. He began licking my clit while he reached up and worked my swollen nipples.

I was moaning, "Oh baby I can't believe how much your turning me on. No one has gotten me this fucking hot ever!"

He would put his fingers in my mouth and I would eagerly lick and suck them as he continued flicking his skilled tongue over my clit and fuck lips. He finally sent me into orbit when he took my big clit into his mouth and began sucking on it while his fingers worked my nipples and another finger worked my asshole. I reached that point of no return and exploded causing my body to convulse repeatedly. Kyle's mouth was like a vacuum as he continued sucking my clit until I explode in an earth shattering orgasm.

This was only the beginning. It was obvious that we were just getting started. We were two very turned on people with a desire to tease and turn on the other. We weren't mother and son, we were two lust crazed lovers gifted with beautiful bodies designed for fucking and each with an insatiable desire to fuck and please each other all night. In fact that is exactly what we did.

We continued pleasing each other this way alternating between my son eating and sucking me, to me blowing or jerking him off. In his bed and out of his bed: in every room of his apartment we would raise the bar as each one would come. This went on until the sun had long come up. It finally ended with my son and I standing and kissing feverishly, while I pumped his colossal cock and he fingered fucked me. We both exploded simultaneously ending an astonishingly erotic night.

I then stepped out of my high heels and stockings quite deliberately as my son watched intently. As he gently stroked his still imposing cock he said, "Your so fucking hot mom, I can't wait till we fuck later."

I then lay down next to him and we kissed passionately as we talked about how we were going to fuck all day and night. It was almost 8am. Kyle and I had been fucking and playing with each other since 11pm, over nine hours straight! I then fell asleep in my son's strong arms.

I awoke before my son and when I got out of bed I couldn't help but notice his huge cock pulsating as it lay draped way over his muscular thigh. Even at rest his cock was enormous in size. I knew today would be the day my son and I would finally fuck each other. It was what we talked about while we kissed, before falling asleep.

I went into the shower and could only think about what had happened between Kyle and me last night. His huge cock and the amazing way he knew how to turn a woman on. How we played with each other orally all night, and couldn't get enough of each other. How I came over thirty times while my son's giant cock shot off an amazing ten times! I was getting so worked up thinking about how I was about to fuck such an enormous cock especially my son's.

When I went back into the bedroom I looked in disbelief as my son's cock was now throbbing, running up his muscular chest to his pectoral muscles. "Oh my god, he's so fucking huge," I said to myself disbelieving.

My body's desires took over and the need to fuck my son's 14 inch cock would not subside. I began getting dressed for fucking; a look I knew made me look and feel so hot and sexy and a look I knew turned my son on.

I did my hair up and applied my red shade of lipstick. I then rolled up a pair of very sexy sheer thigh high stockings. I stepped into the pair of black high heels I wore to his apartment, and then put on some expensive perfume. As I stood in the mirror I couldn't help thinking how sexy I looked. The sight of me with my long legs in those sexy thigh high stockings and black high heels with my long nipples sticking straight up was a very arousing sight.

Kyle woke up when he smelled the perfume. As he looked at me he got out of bed and took me in his strong arms and we began kissing and moaning passionately. He told me how sexy I looked and said he was going to love fucking my hot body. As I stroked his ragging 14 inch hard on I expressed my thoughts about how I couldn't wait to fuck his huge cock, and that it was all I've been thinking about.

As we kissed I jerked his huge cock then went down on my high heels and blew my son's monster cock. I licked and played with it then looked up at him and snarled, "Such a big fucking cock, so fucking huge, I can't wait to fuck this fucking monster cock baby."

After an hour of this teasing he finally shot a massive load all the way on the opposite side of the room. As he came so did I from the pure erotic spectacle of watching such an amazing sight. After my son came we kissed and then he went down on me for over an hour teasing me to the point of orgasm nearly ten times before he would let me cum. Finally on his terms he made me shoot off into a wild orgasm as I shuddered uncontrollably. My son, a 19 year old boy, owned my body and possessed it like no man ever has, including the black Rap Star!

It was finally time to fuck. My son leaned me over his dresser. My high heels caused my ass to stick out perfectly. My son then took the head of his enormous cock and playfully began spreading my wet fuck lips apart. He continued this sexy teasing for over an hour as he leaned forward and we kissed madly. Ever so slowly he began inserting the huge cock head into me. This alone made me cum again and again.

He put both hands on the cheeks of my ass and helped spread them apart. While his enormous shaft inched into me we continued kissing and my son began pinching my extended inch long nipples. I have never experienced such an amazing feeling. I kept cumming over each inch of my son's massive cock as he slow fucked his way into me with such an amazing confidence.

My son continued talking to me raising my level of excitement even more. He would say, "Oh mom your hot snatch feels so fucking good wrapped around my big cock. I've wanted to fuck you for a long time baby."

For nearly two hours my son worked his monster 14 inch cock into me as he kissed and played with my body until he finally bottomed out. He was so amazed that I took his entire cock claiming that no women has ever done that. I must have cum fifty times experiencing things that I have never experienced before. My son's huge cock reached places inside of me that I never felt before.

We began getting into an incredible rhythm as we met each others stroke. As my son bent back I bent slightly to meet his long strokes. I moaned, "Oh baby your cock feels so fucking good inside me, its soooo fucking big, I can't believe how fucking big you are baby."

I turned my head to the side and we began kissing each other while he fucked into me. Another hour went by and I continued to cum over my son's giant cock again and again. After a while he told me to look at my self in the mirror. I looked on in shock as my son's huge cock went so deep into me, then came out so far that it looked like I was connected to ten long, fat cocks! I could not believe this freakish sight. It seemed so unbelievable that a cock could possibly be so long and thick and that I could actually take so much of it.

He made me come when he said, "Look how fucking hot you look mom, taking my huge cock baby."

My son then changed our fuck positions. He took me effortlessly, and lifted me against his chest and took my long legs in his strong arms as if he was carrying me. I could not believe the amazing sensation I was getting from my son's giant cock as it continued fucking way up into me and as I hung suspended from his huge cock.

I put my arms around Kyle's neck and we continued kissing while he slow fucked into my quivering pussy. As my son fucked me in front of the mirror this way I marveled at how sexy I looked in my thigh high stockings and black high heels with my long legs crossed over each other and how they looked even longer than they actually are in this position.

My son fucked me this way for over an hour watching me in the mirror with depraved lust in his eyes and grunted sexual obscenities about my long sexy stocking covered legs and my sexy high heels, and calling me a nasty bitch. He snarled at me, telling me to roll my sexy ass over his big cock so that he could cum. I immediately obeyed my son's request and began rolling my turned on ass over his mammoth cock which caused him to groan louder and louder until he began shooting massive amounts of cum into my explosive pussy. Feeling his enormous cock swell to unimaginable proportions I came with him in a volcano-like eruption.

Our orgasm seemed to last for minutes, as we kissed wildly and his huge cock continued to send burst after burst of hot cum way up into me. In all my years of fucking I have never experienced such an explosive orgasm. My son even exploded harder then the black rap star did! As Kyle drowned my insides with the most amazing bursts of cum I began to tremble and explode with him. After we came I squatted down on my high heels and went crazy licking every inch of my son's still furious 14 inch cock until it was thoroughly clean.

Our lust to fuck was still raging. I then had my son sit on the edge of the bed and I reached for his angry shaft and inserted it once again into my insatiable pussy. I was still in awe of my son's giant cock and when I inserted the head into my hungry pussy I came all over it again. As my son ran his hands over my stocking covered legs he began pinching my swollen nipples slowly turning me on more and more.

I began the task of taking his monstrous cock deep inside of me. It took an hour to finally accommodate my son's huge cock. As we got into a fantastic rhythm we fucked each other, pleasing each other in a way only two highly sexual and beautiful people could. Not just the heat that comes from a mother fucking her own son, but rather a sexy, very stunning older women with a great body fucking a young man with an enormous cock and a very high sex drive.

After I came my son and I stood with him remaining behind me fucking that turned on 14 inch cock into me. My son and I were kissing and fucking for over an hour this way when the phone rang and it was my husband. I decided to pick up the phone and talk to him because he would wonder why we didn't call him since I arrived yesterday. As I talked to my husband my son continued to satisfy my burning pussy with long endless fuck strokes. My husband continued to ask me all types of questions about the awards my son received. He then asked me if any girls were interested in him. As my son fucked into me I told my husband that our son could have his choice of any girl at school he wanted.

At this my son leaned into my ear and said brazenly, "Why don't you tell dad about the hot girl that's fucking with my big fat cock right now mom?" I then turned my head and gave my son a sly smirk and our tongues began flicking wildly across each others.

When my husband asked to talk to our son I used this opportunity to suck on that magnificent cock again. As my son talked to my husband about all of the awards he had won I bent at the waist and began licking his giant shaft with my eager tongue. As my son leaned against the dresser I flicked my hot tongue wildly across his huge silky smooth shaft.

It was so nasty licking my son's huge extended cock while he talked to my husband on the phone. I was going crazy licking along his endless shaft. I would lick along one side then flick my tongue wildly across his enormous cock head as I looked up at my son slyly while he listed to my husband. I could tell this was driving him crazy in the same way it did for me. After a few minutes I went down the other side of his long shaft then spent a few minutes lingering on his beautiful silky balls.

My son then handed me back the phone and as I stood he hit the mute button. We kissed hotly, steeling a few precious seconds before hitting the mute button. My son then said annoyingly, "My big cock needs more of that hot pussy of yours mom, get rid of him so we can get back to fucking."

Before hitting the button I kissed him and moaned, "Oh yesssssssss baby. Anything you want baby, anything you want."

As I spoke to my husband my son stood behind me and began rubbing my ass with his wonderful hands. He then took his giant cock and brought it back to my aching pussy. When my husband asked if we were having a good time I answered that it was the most amazing time I have ever had.

I said to myself, "Even more fun than I had with the young black rap star."

As my sons huge cock began splitting me apart I told my husband that I was planning to come a lot to see my son play and to make sure he didn't get into trouble with all of these sexy young girls around the campus. My husband thought that that was a great idea.

When I disconnected my son and I went back to our hot mother and son fuck. We fucked and played with each other all day and night. During short breaks we would order food and while waiting would shower together. In the shower we would kiss passionately while washing and stroking one another. I remember thinking how much of an impression a man could have on me when I saw there cock soft. Most men, including my husband were average in size 5 to 7 inches, and when you saw them soft (two or three inches) it made them look almost embarrassingly funny and made there strong personality shrink in size too.

I remember thinking how the young black rap star looked when his big black cock was flaccid and how turned on I got at the startling sight that gave him a look of power. My son looked huge as his cock banged off his muscular thigh hanging down 12 inches soft! When anyone, male or female looked at my son's staggering cock hanging down and banging from side to side along his muscular thighs you sensed his power and supremacy.

After the shower I dressed in my stockings and high heels for that extra sexy fucking. Before I left the following morning I blew my son for two hours until he sprayed my entire body in hot cum. On the ride home I was so sore and drained sexually, but could only think about coming to his apartment the next week to continue our burning hot mother son fuck.

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