More Lusty Passion Between Maggie, Tammy, and Jeff
Maggie smiled as she sat down on the sofa and opened the bag containing her favorite sex toys. Tammy asked Maggie what she as smiling about with Maggie saying,

"Oh nothing....I'm just looking forward to sharing some of these with you."

Maggie thought it better not to tell Tammy that their daughters were watching them from to top of the stair....she might not be ready for that just yet. Tammy leaned back, running her fingers over her pussy watching Maggie as pulled a large dildo from her bag. She was amazed at how much it looked like a real cock.

"Mmmmm, that does looks real."

"Wait till you feel it inside your pussy," Maggie told her.

"It feels like a nice big cock, and it vibrates as well."

Spreading some KY over the head, Maggie placed the life like cock against Tammy's pussy saying,

"Here...see how good this feels."

Maggie began moving the dildo over Tammy's pussy as Tammy gasped saying,

"Oh ya Maggie....that feels wonderful."

Maggie continued pleasuring Tammy's pussy, sliding the dildo over her lips, working it back and forth as Tammy cupped her breasts in her hands and started tugging at her nipples and rolling them between her fingers. The more Maggie teased Tammy's pussy, the hotter Tammy got. Tammy started moaning and undulating her hips, practically begging Maggie to slide the dildo into her pussy.

"Oh shit Maggie....stick it in me....fuck me....fuck my pussy."

"My pussy is on fire....please Maggie...don't make me wait any longer."

Maggie eased the thick head of the dildo into Tammy's pussy as Tammy gasped, raising her hips upward trying to drive the dildo in deeper.

"Oh....oh fuck Maggie....Oh feels so damn real."

Maggie started working the dildo around in Tammy's pussy, as she leaned forward, kissing Tammy and working her way down her neck to her breasts. Maggie took Tammy's nipples between her lips, and began sucking them as she fucked her new best friend harder and harder with the dildo. Erin and Viki watched in amazement as Maggie worked Tammy into a sexual frenzy. They sat next to one another, fingering each others pussies as they watched the sex show going on right before their eyes.

As their passion started to grow, Viki and Erin decided to go into Viki's room not wanting to make any noise and interrupt. Once inside Viki's room, Viki and Erin moved onto the bed kissing and caressing one another, with Erin taking the lead and going down on Viki. Back downstairs, Tammy was cumming over and over as Maggie slipped a finger between her own legs and began pleasuring herself. Maggie was about to grab another smaller dildo when she happened to look up and see Jeff standing naked, watching her servicing Tammy.

Jeff and Maggie's eye met when Jeff said,

"You know ladies, why settle for a dildo, when you can have the real thing?"

Tammy's eyes flew open when she heard Jeff.

"Oh shit, what are you doing here?"

"Relax Tammy," Maggie told her.

"I know this is a bit much to digest all at once, but I can tell you that Jeff has a wonderful cock as you can see, and he certainly knows how to use it."

"Oh my....this is all too crazy, I don't understand?"

"It's all bit complicated, but what Jeff and I have is something that happened quite by accident, but I'm not sorry for it, and I'm more than willing to share him with you."

"You mean to tell me that you and Jeff have....well...had sex?"

"Yes, his Father is too busy to take care of my needs, and he's gone most of the time....sound familiar?"

Tammy thought for a moment as she looked at Jeff's rock hard cock staring her in the face. Tammy realized that there was no reason that she shouldn't enjoy his cock in her pussy, especially since Maggie is more than willing to share. Tammy sighed saying,

"Oh what the hell, I've gone this far, come on Jeff....bring that cock over here."

Maggie laughed and went back to work, fucking Tammy with the dildo, only this time she watched as Tammy grabbed Jeff's cock, and pulled him to her face where she stared running her tongue over the head of his cock as Jeff smiled and gave Maggie a wink. As Tammy's arousal began to grow again, Maggie lowered her head and began teasing Tammy's clit with her tongue as Tammy pulled Jeff closer, taking as much of his cock down her throat as she could. Tammy began moaning as she deep throated Jeff, her moans vibrating against his cock, making Jeff all the more aroused.

Jeff leaned forward, bracing himself with his hand on the top of the soft, while with his other hand he began caressing Tammy's breasts. He began to slowly undulate his hips, sliding his cock in and out of Tammy's mouth, face fucking Tammy while Maggie continued sucking Tammy's clit, all the while driving the dildo in and out of Tammy's pussy. Tammy was screaming, only her screams were muffled by Jeff cock in her mouth. Tammy was cumming, her body shuddering as Maggie brought her off again and again. Maggie removed the dildo from Tammy's pussy, suggesting that Jeff replace the dildo with his cock.

Jeff laid back on the sofa, proping his head up with a pillow, while Tammy lowered her pussy onto his cock. Tammy looked at Maggie who was watching saying,

"Oh shit I undestand why you want Jeff's cock in your pussy."

"My husband isn't half this big I don't think, I've never had my pussy filled with a cock like this."

Maggie just smiled and nodded as she watched Jeff and Tammy begin fucking. As Maggie watched, it hit her that Tammy had a beautiful ass. Reaching into her back of toys, she pulled out a smaller dildo. Maggie leaned over and started kissing and caressing Tammy's ass, working her tongue up and down the length of Tammy ass. Tammy loved the feeling, moaning louder as Maggie parted her cheeks and started running her tongue up and down her ass again, only this time she paused and teased her asshole with her tongue, penetrating Tammy's ass, and tongue fucking her.

Maggie removed her tongue from Tammy's ass and inserted the smaller dildo in it's place, making Tammy squeal with pleasure. Maggie continued, fucking Tammy's ass with the dildo, while reaching down with her free hand and tugging at Jeff's balls. Tammy was experiencing more orgasms from the sexual onslaught of Jeff's cock in her pussy and Maggie fucking her ass. As the orgasms washed over Tammy, Maggie slid her finger into Jeff's ass causing him to groan, and near the edge himself. Jeff started to thrust his hips upward, lifting Tammy as he started cumming, spewing his load into Tammy's pussy.

Once Jeff had finish cumming, Maggie helped Tammy up and the two of them licked and sucked Jeff's cock clean. Jeff was ready for more, but Tammy had to leave, and take care of some personal business, but not before she thanked Jeff and Maggie for helping her get her head around the idea of Erin and Viki experimenting and so on. Maggie told her she was glad she could help, especially with helping her understand, Erin and Viki's and their sexual diversity.

"Oh, and just so you know...the girls know about you and I."

"They were watching us make love, but they went to their room, mainly because they were so turned on watching us, they had to do something about it."

"This is definitely going to take some getting used to, but I can handle it."

"Good, and don't forget to come see me, or Jeff when you need some special attention."

"Tammy can count on it."

The next few days were quiet, Tammy was pretty much used to the idea of Viki and Erin experimenting, and she knew she was going to enjoy taking a walk on the wild side with Maggie and Jeff on occasion, but it was Jeff and his large cock that she couldn't really get out of her mind. Plus, she couldn't help wondering what it would be like with a young woman like Viki. She felt so wicked, but she couldn't help wondering. Her opportunity came sooner than she had expected, when Maggie and her husband left together on one of his business trips to Hawaii. Maggie had never been to Hawaii, and she couldn't pass the opportunity to go.

Maggie had asked before she left if Tammy wouldn't mind checking up and Jeff and Viki, just to make sure all is well and that they locked the house up when they weren't there. Tammy agreed saying she'd enjoy the company since her husband was going to be on another business trip to the orient for the month, and Erin was flying back East to spend the month with her aging Grandparents.

"Sounds like you guys can keep one another company....behave yourselves,"
Maggie joked with a playful wink.

Maggie and her husband left the following day, and Erin left shortly thereafter to go visit her Grandparents. Tammy kept thinking about that day, and Jeff's cock pounding her pussy on the sofa. The more she thought about it the more aroused Tammy became. Since she was alone, Tammy decided to take care of her burning pussy. She pulled up her skirt and slid her panties off. Her pussy was so wet, just from thinking about fucking Jeff. She moved her fingers down over her pussy, and started teasing her clit.

Soon Tammy had two fingers deep in her pussy, moaning softly and working herself into a real frenzy. She was so into her masturbation, that she must not have heard the door. Tammy began to feel like someone was watching her. She opened her eyes and there was Viki staring at her....visibly turned on as well.

"Oh Viki....I'm so sorry....I didn't even hear you knock."

"You did knock, right?"

"Yes...yes I did."

"I'm sorry....I shouldn't have watched, but you looked so beautiful, and well...I just couldn't stop watching."

"It's OK on and join me."


Tammy laughed, "What I meant was come on in, and relax."

"Oh, I was hoping you were asking me to join you on the sofa."

"Do you want to?"

"I don't mind if you do."

Viki smiled and...........................................................

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