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I haven’t really made it a passion of mine to mess with men, but lately I’ve started exploring more and more into the possibility of a male submissive, to be quite honest men usually don’t listen quite as well as women in my opinion. Last night however, I got a taste for it, and now I wanted more.
I met a guy a long time ago, in a club none the less, and he gave me his number saying that if I did decide to give a man a shot again he wanted to be the one. It had been a little under a year ago when he gave me the number, yet I had kept it and decided yesterday would be the day I gave him a ring. It took him no time at all to remember me, the night we met I was wearing solid latex head to toe, and standing at 5’7 almost 6 feet with heels I’m sure I didn’t look like someone you want to fuck around with. I looked delicious that night, my 34C tits held tight against my chest and my ass tight and round, I got quite a few numbers and quite a few pets. I digress; I called him up and asked if he’d like to get together. He seemed more than willing so I got my place ready for his arrival.
He arrived, and I met him at the door, quickly I explained to him that once he stepped foot inside my house he was mine, and mine alone, he would do as I say, when I said it, and he had better do it quickly or he would be punished. He would address me only as mistress or ma’am and if he didn’t he would be punished. He quickly agreed, and I could see his dick standing erect in response to how I spoke to him, from where I was standing it appeared to be a good 9 inches in length, perfect for me to toy with. I let him in the house, then told him to strip completely wearing nothing but a blindfold I put in his hands and that I would be back to collect him in two minutes and then left the room.
I came back into the room after two minutes, he was standing there naked, he had a relatively nice body, a six pack, and as I stated before at least a 9 inch cock, he stood at about 6ft 2in making him taller than me even in heels, which I loved. It’s always more fun to dominate someone who is bigger than you. I stated in a hard tone “Get down on your knees bitch”, he quickly did so, yet it wasn’t fast enough for my liking so I slapped him hard across the face, fastened a collar and lead around his neck and started pulling him toward my room.
Once inside my room I looked around, I wasn’t quite ready to tie him to the bed yet so I figured making him stand suspended to my ceiling beam would do for now, I fastened his wrists in the cuffs I had suspended from the ceiling then put a spreader between his knees to keep his legs apart and fastened them to the cuffs I had fastened to the floor. I took off his blind fold; I enjoy seeing the pain and lust in my pet’s eyes when I play with them. I kissed him softly, and asked how my pet was enjoying his evening so far, he replied with “I’m enjoying myself well enough”, he caught himself just as I did and added a mistress to the end, but it didn’t go unnoticed. “Now, I told you not to speak unless you planned on speaking to me like a good little bitch should”, I walked across the room and picked up my whip, “I think that should deserve a good spanking to remind you just whose bitch you are.” The crack of my whip filled the room, and his ass cheeks turned red underneath the ten lashes I gave him, but he didn’t scream, yet. His cock stood erect after the lashing and I made the comment “Well now, my little bitch likes to be punished doesn’t he?” And I received a low, “Yes mistress, he does” in response. I pinched his ass where the red welts had formed from my whip and he twitched a little in response.
“I think it’s time to move this to the bed, don’t you?” I whispered softly into his ear before biting his neck, hard. I un cuffed him and led him to the bed, then re cuffed him to the bed. “Now the real fun begins, my little pet is going to be begging in minutes, but I swear if you cum before I say you can, you’re going to regret it greatly. Do you understand me?” He replied with a soft “Yes mistress.” I leaned down and kissed along his neck and stomach, biting his stomach and then down to his thighs. I reached up and stroked his cock slowly up and down with my hand, biting his thighs hard, making him gasp for air. I leaned up and licked up the length of his cock with the tip of my tongue, swirling the tip of my tongue around his cock. “I think its mine turn for a little excitement since you’re getting so much fucking attention around here.” I got up and straddled his face, moving the crotch of my panties aside. “Now pet, once you’ve made me cum on that pretty face of yours I might consider letting you cum inside of my tight wet cunt, until then you’d better hold it.” He darted his tongue in and out of me, swirling his tongue around my clit and sucking on it while I slowly jerked off his nice big cock calling him my bitch and directing him on where his tongue needed to be. Every time he got me close to cumming I lifted up off of his face just out of reach of his tongue long enough to calm down so that I wouldn’t cum just yet. Finally after about four times of this I was grinding his face getting myself closer and closer to cumming on his tongue, until finally I screamed in ecstasy and cam all over his tongue and face. I leaned up and licked his face clean, biting his lip and sucking on his tongue. “Now, does my bitch want his cock deep in my cunt?” He moaned “Yes mistress, please, I want to feel your tight little cunt around my cock.” I licked up and down his cock a few times, taking him down my throat and then back up until I was sure he was about to explode. I slowly lowered myself onto his cock, telling him not to cum until I said he could. As soon as I was on top of his cock he started begging me to cum. “Please mistress I can’t hold it much longer, I need to cum, let me cum inside of you.” I rode him, slowly, gaining pace until I was moaning myself and getting close to cumming, the whole time he was moaning and begging me to cum. Finally as I was getting close I told him to cum, hard, deep inside of me, and we both released at the same time.
Yeah, last night was pretty damn amazing, but I know it’ll only get better from there. He satisfied me, and I decided to keep him around for a little while. Actually, he’s got a permanent collar, and he’s a nice new pet. Last night opened quite a few doors.

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2013-01-23 04:50:26
"I wanted him to kiss her, see where it could go ... I'm not going to cpialomn about these added temptations."Isn't it lovely when vanilla girls HELP you torture a guy unknowingly? Tee hee!

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2012-05-04 06:35:18
I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don't know who you are but cetnrialy you are going to a famous blogger if you aren't already Cheers!


2009-07-10 12:31:01
This is female domination :-(
It's a good story nonetheless but it says male Dom and it's femmedom. I liked it alright though. Good work


2009-03-25 20:24:22

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