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How we did it
As I was the one who is fascinated but the sight of a womans ass, I approched my wife on a day asking ner what she would say to anal pentration. As she was not used to this type of sex, she was reluctant to say yes, but after a few days persuation, she finally agreed. As both of us did not know exactly how to start, we made a mistake , by me forcing her on all fours and than pushing my cock which she guided to her anus area. It was a painful experience as she would not relax and the anus area is quite dry, so penetration is not as easy possible as with vaginal or oral sex.
Next we proceeded to apply some lub (baby oil) and a small difference it did make. However penetration was limited to the head of my cock and sensations created because of the tightness, caused me to explode almost immediately into her anus. Still a frustrating job as she said she felt nothing but pain.
Next, a few days later we started again, but this time she used during the day self practice methods, like learning to relax her ass muscles in a hout bath, inserting a vibrator and fingering herself. However when it came for time to penetrate my cock, inserting the head was easy, but beyond that, my cock would just not go in and explosions was almost instant.
She than suggested that we get someone who knows how to open up a womans ass and we found a suitable person who guided her, first telephonically and then after I agreed he would come around and give her a few lessons.
On his first visit, I was to sit one side as he prepared her ass-hole with a butt plug , some anal ease applicaton and fingering. This was just the beginning as he said he would come back the next day and continue the "treatment". He did for a week and finally she knew that it was a job well done as her hole had expanded considerably. The last phase of the treatment entailed of him have to prove that his method worked, and that meant that, he would have to do the physical act himself on her. We agreed and when the stage was set, it was something for me to watch in anticipation, that when he got my wife on all fours, he explained that an ass neeeds a little protrusion up so the woman can also control the movement if she desire deeper penetration. He dropped in pant and there was this huge, possibly 9" cock, hard and erect sticking out. He unwrapped a condom and firstly rolled it over his shaft, thereafter he used a cock ring and slided it halfway onto his penis, so he could just get her level of penetraton right. Without further ado he appoached her from the top and firstly, gently inserted his cock into her anus. she shuddered, made a moaning noise, but subsided as if something is sliding with great pleasure into her ass-hole. Pumping her first slowly and than more vigourously she went into a total fenzy. Deeper! she screamed and he instantly knew that he has cracked her ass open. He pulled out his cock, removed the ring and then...inserted with one thrust just about the 9" of his cock into her ass. She screamed, moaned, and swore, and I could see that she was enjoying every moment of it.
Pumping vigourously, and she pushing at the same time in backwards in they just now waited and a tremendous scream, my wife erupted into a orgasm, at the same tme she felt him sweling and erupting like thunder and ejaculating semen, but into the front for the condom hold. Wehen he finally finished, I could see that he had exploded so much juice that the condom actually bulged from the overflow.
As he removed the condom, he moved on and said that it's up to us if we need to use a condom. However he recommended that if it does happen that I release a load into her ass, it's a bit of a messy affair, and suggested that rather do and ass to's more exciting. He departed and suggested that my wife who was and excellent sport, will be very suitable as a double penetraton partner. If we need him , he'll be willing to oblige.He also said that there are other anal postions to experiment, but that's for us to decde. always have plenty of lube, a hot bath and to ld my wife to have a good bowel movement about an hour before she indulges in this act.
The next night It was my turn and without even thinking, she opened up her ass for the act. Penetration was easy, i was surprised at the way he had expanded her ass-hole, and not wearing a condom, i literally fucked her ass out of action. when I was about to expload, I used the ass to mouth method and had my wife handjob me and creamed on her tongue, lips and face. A new hole was opened and it was worth the while to get someone else fuck my wife. Everytime we have an ass fuck we signal our intentions and we get ready to what awaiting us. My wife loves it and occationally, if she so desire's a longer cock we call in the same "trainer" to satify her lust. Actually on some occations, she asked him to do a condom free penetration and an ass to mouth ejaculation. He obliged and it was nice to see my wife have the pleasure of another load of semen.

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2014-06-07 10:43:08
i remember doing my ex wife's asshole for the first time, when we went to the Maldive islands on holiday, i used plenty of lube, and slid in easily, reaming her asshole for about three hours, she could not walk properly the next day, but that was okay as she spent the day on the sun lounger outside our

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2013-07-04 16:06:32
While reading this all i could think of was the mistakes in it. But it was a great story.

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