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Back when i was 16 and a high school junior, i had risen to a formidable social position among my friends. I'll describe myself first - I was varsity tennis singles starter, had good grades, and had a athletic build - all attractive traits to the girls at my school (i know i sound cocky here but its true, i had worked on my build ever since middle school). I looked up to the team captain, a senior who had a tough face but somehow got all the girls. Being co-captain, he'd relate to me all his "experiences" with women. Up until then i had had my share of girls: i had went through a few sensual relationships, but never really getting past i guess what i would call "sexual foreplay".
The captain, who's name was Charles, would always be checking out the track girls while we conditioned, talking about their boobs and asses. I looked on with him, but stayed silent, as i felt his talking was enough. Charles never had any relationships, but he had many one night stands with many girls. He sort of became my mentor for that year, and i just wanted to mention him just to give him credit, as he sparked my interest in sex to be honest.
There was one girl that i could never stop staring at during all my school day,her name was brittany. She had the best body in the world, paired with a cute face and a happy countenance. She was in my math and english class that year, and i was sure happy she wasnt that good at math. So here's my story on how i got to fuck one of the hottest girls in out class.

Man, brittany had the best breasts in out class for sure. They were so round and perked out alot because she was an athlete too. Well, brittany was really bright in english, however, she wasn't to good at math. I had known her from previous years, so i figured id love to "help" her. And so i did, and i gradually started flirting with her. Since we sat next to each other, our legs would bump often and she'd always smile, and sometimes i went on, playing around with her, teasing her, and she would hit me on my toned arms. I liked it and as class moved on, we became emotionally attached. Brittany often wore tank tops (its hot in our area) and i loved it (as all the other guys did) when she did because her it defined her perfect tits so much. And when she bent over, i could see the whole top of her tits (call me horny) and i often wound up with a boner. She would often pair that off with her track shorts, as she said she was too lazy to change anyway. And boy, her ass fit perfectly. After a few weeks in, i could not stop thinking about fucking her, i wanted to suck those boobs and take my 7 inch cock and rub it in her pussy. Im pretty sure she had caught me staring at her boobs multiple times, but i think we both knew that we had some feelings for each other. It all came to a climax when i randomly (stupidly) asked her to come over and study with me before a test. She gave me a smile and said "okayyy" in the cutest way possible. That day, i sheepishly bought condoms in the hope that we would....yeah....
She arrived around five, after track practice. i was already home from tennis. She was wearing her tight track uniform, with her tight track shorts and i couldnt help myself as i gazed at her juicy ass. She said she had to change, and i directed her to the restroom. She came back out wearing her tank top and some short shorts, her figure no less defined than in her track clothes. She asked for some water, and i hurriedly got her some as we both went to my room. At that point i noticed that i didnt have a second chair but she said that we should just share one. I agreed almost happily and she settled down on my thigh (i loved how her round ass felt) and i put my left arm on her left leg. And so we started reviewing: i taught her how limits and derivatives worked again and worked out a few problems. I couldnt help glancing down her tank top as she was focused on the problems to admire those perfect tits. I did that for a few problems, turning to glance back at her cute face when she smiled after solving the problems. We came to this particularly hard question and i had to show her step by step. During it all i remember putting my left hand on hers just for flirting, but she held on to it as i showed her the math with my right. My heart was pounding now, and i didnt want to do math. Neither did she apparently, but i kept going on explaining. I noticed she kept looking at my eyes with an almost smug look on her face as i finished but once i did, i turned to her, my face less than an inch away from hers, asking "do you get it"? She replied yes and then grasped my left hand even harder and we made out. We kissed very passionately and i lifted her off the chair and onto my bed where we continued. I felt our tongues collide as we kept on kissing. I couldnt believe it. I was in heaven. We kept on kissing as i reached to take her tank top off. We parted as i lifted it over her arms and i slowly slid down to her tits, looking up coyly at her. She gave me that cute smile again as she undid her bra and i found myself face to face with those round tits, and her soft nipples, which i sucked on hard. She purred in delight and as i kept going i slid my left hand down her short shorts and undid those, and they slipped down her perfect legs. I resumed kissing her as her breasts collided with my chest. My cock was rock solid now, ready to fuck her but i think she wanted to make it last so she pulled me away and said "i need to take a shower. Wanna join?" I smiled back at her and we walked to my restroom where she instantly pulled my shirt over my head and my pecs touched her boobs. She gave me the dirty look and smile and proceeded to pull of my shorts and suck my cock. I gasped in pleasure as she was using her tongue to rub back and forth on the bottom of my cock. I grabbed her hair and forced her head back and forth as i didnt want her to stop. Her face coiled in a little bit of pain but she kept going and i kept breathing harder. She eventually stopped, sucking a little of my pre cum. I then pulled down her panties and we laid on the bathroom mat and i worked on her pussy with my mouth and tongue, trying to match her blowjob. She moaned and purred in pleasure, saying "dont stop baby, keep going" Her body began to buck back and forth as i tasted her sweet pussy. I promptly finished up, as we stood up and went into the shower. I turned the shower head on and i began sucking her round tits again as water poured over our heads. With my hands i caressed and rubbed her round ass and fingered her pussy. She started moaning much louder, almost to the point of yelling as she went "Oh, oh baby keep going. soo good " I could not get enough of her boobs but i decided to stop for a while, as i reached for the soap and then rubbed every inch of her perfect body. She preceded to do the same with me, rubbing my cock a few times over. We made out again as i felt my hard cock rest on her leg, and i knew i had to fuck her now. I washed off the soap, rubbing her pussy again and then carried her out of the shower. She looked at me and the whispered, "fuck me brian. Fuck me, i love you baby," and then she gave me another cute yet dirty smile. I placed her wet body on the bed and got my condom, happy that i did buy it. Then i went on top of her missionary style, placed my cock in her sweet pussy and started to fuck her slowly. She whimpered in pain a bit but i calmly told her its ok baby i love you. She purred once again and i started to speed up. Our bodies bounced rhythmically as my cock slid in and out of her perfect pussy. I started sucking her tits and she moaned really loud this time. I kept fucking her as she whimpered louder and louder. I then took my cock out and turned her on her stomach and started fucking her doggy style. And she loved it as she exclaimed "oh yeah baby fuck me fuck me". I obeyed and slid my cock in and out of that perfectly round ass. I grabbed on to each round cheek as i fucked her and heard her whimper in pain. Our bodies were bouncing in harmony, as her vagina squeezed in on my cock as i kept fucking her. My heart was on fire now and im sure that hers was too. But i wasnt done. I took my cock out to giver her a rest, but then i pulled her close and put my cock between her huge tits. I grabbed one in each and and proceeded to fuck her tits. She loved it as well, purring sighs of pleasure every second. We had been fucking for a long time with me on top, so she then pushed me on my back and rode my cock with her pussy. I couldnt take it, and i started moaning too, " oh brittany, fuck yeah, i love you baby fuck..." She rode me up and down, her pussy sliding up and down my thick cock. I watched as her tits bounced up and down. Fuck yeah.....i was fucking brittany so hard. Her pussy started contracting again she slid up and down and i felt that i had to come. She had started screaming more and faster and i pulled her down next to me, as her tits rested on my pecs we made out as i kept sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. i grabbed her tits and started to caress them again as i began licking her neck. Finally, i knew i had to come soon so i whispered in her ear "cum with me baby" and she started screaming faster as i moaned "oh fuck, fuck yeah". Finally i stuck my cock in for one long resounding last time as i came (in the condom) and i felt her pussy's hot fluids slide down my cock. I took my cock out and took the condom off, throwing it away. We were both exhausted. I pulled her up from the bed as we made out again, as she tried to say "thank you for fucking me like never before brian". I replied by slapping her ass and she became her flirty self again, hitting me on the arm and calling me a jerk, but she had that smile on again.
We put our clothes back on and she left soon after, and failed the test the next day. but everytime after that we had a test, she would come to my house again, and we would fuck each other so hard another time. I became her boyfriend after that and i just recently fucked her in my SUV during prom. I love you brittany <3

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g51LdR I`m so grateful that you enlightened me and the most important thing that it happened in time. Just think, I have been using the internet for six years already but it`s the first time I`ve ever heard about it!...

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