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brother n sister find out their lust
Margie came in, shaking the rain off herself and closing the door. Track practice had been cancelled for today due to the unexpected torrent of rain so she had ridden the bus home instead of catching a ride with lisa. Her parents were going to be out of town this weekend so it was just her n her brother, mike. They were closer than most siblings and almost never fought even though the difference in their ages.

Margie was 15, 5'4" just beginning to fill her frame with perky B-cup breasts and a tiny but firm ass that the guys at school loved to stare at.

Mark was now 18, a senior and was a knockout. Any girl that saw him wanted to be the girl for him. He was 6'2" and well filled out. He had a toned muscular body and a nice big dick.

Margie hung up her jacket on the hook and started to head upstairs when she heard something coming from the floor above her. It sounded like grunting or groaning. She ran upstairs, wanting to make sure her brother was ok so she creaked open his door. She saw him sitting on his bed, hunched over, jerking what seemed to be the hugest hard on she'd ever seen. It mustve been 8-9 inches. None of her boyfriends had been that large. Shed been standing there for about a minute and she instantly felt embarassed for watching her brother masturbate. She also realized her pussy was wetter than it had ever been. Shed never understood why her brother got so much attention from her friends but now she saw him in a completely different light. She realized how badly she wanted that monster dick inside her little cunt and that made her face turn red. He was her brother! She couldn't think like that! But it would be cool to have him as her first. She'd given her old
boyfriends head but had never actually had sex with any. It would be nice to have her first time with mike. She didn't feel safer with anyone else and she certainly felt hot for him.

No it's wrong she thought, shaking the thoughts from her head. Easing his door closed, she walked towards her room, panties soaked and pussy ready for some action. Believe it or not, Margie had never masturbated before and had never even had an orgasm. This feeling of overwhelming need was new to her and she didn't know what to do about it. She dicided to try to sleep it off. She was getting warm and thought she might have a fever. That's it, she thought, I'm just a little sick. Undressing, she crawled into her bed and lay down, soon falling into a restless sleep, dreaming of her brother and his large cock.

"Mgh!" grunted Mark as be finally came. Using a towel to clean it off, he got up to go use the toilet. He was going to be at home for the weekend alone with his sister. His friends teased him about it, but he loved spending time with his sister. They had so much fun and he felt she was the one person who he could tell anything to and the one person who didn't just hang out with him for his popularity. He was closer to her than anyone else. She was going to be home in a couple of hours from practice. He decided to make some dinner and pick out a movie to watch afterward. On his way back to his room to put on some clothes, he heard something that sounded like screaming or more like moaning coming from his sisters room. She wasn't supposed to be home yet so it couldn't be her. He pushed open her door and saw her lying on the bed. She was covered in sweat and seemed to be moving around alot. She'd thrown the covers off and was completely naked. He couldn't
stop looking.

She was gorgeous. He had never looked at his sister like that and now, despite the fact that he had just jacked off, he found his cock stirring again. He was imediately shocked at the thought. She trusted him and here he was getting hard at the thought of fucking her magnificent pussy.

He was about to leave the room when he heard her stir and moan. Instantly he got harder. He looked back at her and noticed how hard her nipples were and how he could see her pussy dripping on the bed. She was horny! Now he really needed to leave. "mmm mike" she moaned, grabbing handfulls of the sheets around her. He had to get out of there before he exploded.

He ran out of her room and into his, collapsing on the bed. Fuck, this wasn't happening. He couldn't be attracted to his sister could he? He could and he was. He decided to let it go and just do what they would normally do. He could stop thinking about it. If only she hadn't said his name in her sleep! Now all he could think about was her face, sexy turned on voice moaning his name as he made her cum.

Margie gasped and woke up, panting and sweating. Fuck, shed just had the best dream of her and mike fucking. She moved her hand to her soaking pussy and jerked as she felt how wet it was. Mmm she realized she was liking the feeling. Maybe this would help some of the feelings release from her body. She started slowly moving her fingers around and inside her little cunt, slowly finding the places that made her jump and shudder. Shed never felt anything like this before but still she didn't think it was going right. She knew something was supposed to be happening that wasn't. She desperately needed to cum and needed it fast or she thought she would scream or pass out or both. Shed never been this horny in her life. Fuck she had to do something and quick. She decided to try to get over it. And take a quick shower. Maybe that would help. That and not thinking about that monster dick of her brothers. She got up and wrapping A towel around herself, she went
into the bathroom. She got in the shower and turned it on, filling the room with hot steam. The next thing she knew she was falling, her foot slipping on something and she hit the floor with a thud.

"Mike!" she shouted "Crap! Help me!"

He heard her shout out his name. Pulling on a pair of shorts, he ran towards the bathroom Something was wrong, someone was there, she was hurt. Those were the thoughts going throug his head. The shower was going and he could hear her behind the curtain. He reached in and turned off the shower and pulled away the curtain. Margie was curled up in the tub, tears streaming down her face, her hands clutching her ankle. "Fuck mike, it hurts real bad." he reached down and picked her up pulling her out into the hallway and into his room.

She was suddenly aware of how she had go clothes on and she felt herself flush and her pussy become wet. He sat her down on his bed and looked at her tear streaked face in concern. "Are you ok? What happened? Did something startle you? Where does it hurt?" he hurled questions at her like crazy and she answered each, mumbling slightly.

"I'm fine. I just, I slipped. No nothing startled me. My ankle. But it's not that bad. Really, I'm fine." she said. Her pussy was burning and she was nearly shaking from how horny she was.

"somethings deffinately wrong Marg" mike said, reaching over to cup her knee. "tell me." She jerked, this tiny amount of physical contact making her pussy tingle with what seemed to be electrodes.

He noticed now, his concern dimming a little, how completely naked she was. In his bed and his cock jumped once more, hardening as he noticed her ever aroused body. He remembered her moaning his name earlier and got even more turned on. She decided to tell him the truth as she saw his cock decide to join the conversation through his shorts. "I came home early today and I saw you, uh, masturbating" she stuttered. His face turned beet red but the thought of his hot little sister watching him jack off just mde him harder. "well I just, it turned me on so much mike, and well I just can't get over how horny I am" she kept going "and I've never masturbated so I just, I don't know what to do. Can you, I mean would you..." she trailed off kind of shrugging back onto the covers. God she had screwed up. He really wasn't into her that way. She felt her face turn red from embarassment she shrugged to try to cover herself. She felt sick but she still felt a little horny. But before she could say anything, mark was on her and their lips met. It was like an explosion.

He felt it when she asked him. God, he had held back at first, but then decided what the hell. If they both wanted it then screw what was right. That's what his cock was telling him as he got in top of her one knee on each side around her stomach and kissed her mouth. His arm snaked under her waist.

She arched her back and kissed him with passion she had never before experienced. His hands traveled down her body, tracing every curve. He wanted to study every inch of her. His hand started at her cheek and moved down tickiling her neck an tracing her shoulders. He moved lower and cupped her breast in his hand sliding his thumb across her nipples. She moaned and arched her back more to press her breasts more firmly against his hands. He pinched and rolled his fingers across her nipples making her cry out in sensation. He then broke the kiss and lightly kissed every inch of her breasts and then the nipple. She gasped in pleasure as he suckled it into his mouth, moaning as his tongue explored. He then repeated with the other one, hands all the while massaging her breasts. Lovely was all he could think. He kissed upwards, towards her lips, pausing to lightly suck at her neck. "Youre so beautiful" he said to her and then kissing her again. His hands traveled down her muscular stomach and traced her legs next before moving up toward her pussy. As soon as his fingers struck her tender little honeypot, her whole body spasmed. Oh she was so sensitive and tender. He lightly circled her clit with his thumb and she stuck her head into the crook of his neck, whimpering in feelings she had never felt before. He seemed to know exactly what to do with his fingers to make her scream, moan, and whimper. she was so close to exctasy, her eyes closed, she looked so sexy as she bit her lip, new sensations flying through her body. It was too much, his hands working magic down where no one else had. He was just playing with her clit and used one finger now to plug her tight little virgin hole. She moaned and bucked as she came, her first orgasm wraking through her whole body with a force she could never have imagined. She screamed an moaned his name, just as she had in her dreams.

Once she finally came down, she felt amazing. Looking into his eyes she could see how he lusted. She felt tranquil, her body heavy, as if she were exhausted. "Mike, no ones ever done that to me before" he smiled burrying his head in her neck

"did you like it?" he asked softly, wondering if maybe he'd crossed some boundry. He kissed up and down her jaw and under her chin around her neck to her shoulder. Obviously, he had crossed a line, but he wanted to know what she thought. If she wanted more. She was so beautiful and so amazing. He felt he could stay with her forever. He notced her shiver, still wet from the shower, so reached around and pulled the sheets around them.

"I think that was absolutely wonderful" she whispered, still gasping. "that's never happened to me before, I mean... You know" he chuckled a little, kissing her lightly on the lips.

"Youre so beautiful, Margie, you're the most amazing girl" he said. "I never noticed before today. I came into your room while you were asleep and I just saw you and u were moaning my name and that just did something to me. Were you thinking about me like that? Do you think about me like that?

She stroked her hands through his hair. "I have a confession." she looped some curls in his hair. He rested his cheek on her chest, stoking his thumb on her face, tracing her lips and her eyebrows. He raised his eyes questioningly. "when I came home early from practice, I walked in on you, uh, masturbating and well you made me so hot. I've never felt the way that made me feel. And just, you're so big. Bigger than any of my boyfriends. And I just, I'm so attracted to you." she leaned down and kissed the top of his head. "Can I see it? Ur dick?" he nodded, getting up off the bed. She reached up and tugged down his tented shorts. His dick popped out less than an inch away from her face. She flinched in surprise, seeing how large he was up close. God it was so thick, almost as much as her wrist. She moved her hand towards his hard dick and could barely get her whole hand around it. She started jerking him, moving her hand back and forth over his dick, made slick by the precum. She flicked her tongue out to the head and he moaned, leaning on the bed for support. "God, you have no idea how good that feels Marg!" he groaned as she slowly took the head in his mouth. She sucked a little then let it out with a plop. She then began kissing and licking the underside of his dick, one hand slowly jerking his meat, the other cupping his balls. Then she went back to sucking. She sucked him deep, but could only fit about 3-4 inches because he was so thick. She bobbed her head up and down on his hard rigid dick, loving the feel of it in her mouth.

He stood there, savoring the attentions from his sisters mouth. He could tell he was surely not new to this. He'd been holding back so long before, just wanting to give her pleasure that now he was so close to cumming. An animal lust took over him and he grabbed her head, shoving his dick in deep and fucking her innocent looking face. He had a naked goddess naked sucking him off and he raked his eyes over her glistening body. "mmm I'm so close Marg"

She felt him shove deep and hard and she moaned around his dick. She loved this. Loved being treated like a fucktoy and for her brother! She found herself getting wet again and her body pulsing with heat. He was close to cumming, she could feel it.

He thrust in and out of her mouth, loving the feeling of her tight little throat canal. "Mmm." he thrust harder and faster as he got ready to blow his load. He tightened his grip as he felt his balls tighten. He came, groaning, spurt after spurt of thick white cum spraying down her throat. One, then two, three, then more. He'd never cum like this before. Once he was done, he released her, collasping on the bed, his head on her stomach. She gulped, finishing swallowing his cum. This was going to be a fun weekend.

"Did you like that, big brother?" he nodded, turning his head to kiss her belly and then moving up to play with her tits once again. Sucking in a nipple then the other. "mmm fuck that feels so good" she moaned, her nipples still sensitive and aroused from her first orgasm. She busied her hands by moving them down to her pussy and slowly inserting one finger into her dripping juices. She was suddenly curious and moved her finger to her mouth, tasting her own juices on her tongue. Mmm she liked it. Her brother, who'd been wthing her intently, kissed down her stomach towards her little pussy. He got to the entrance an flicked his tongue at her clit. She cried out in sensation. "mmm fuck!" he licked expertly at her clit, loving her moans of pleasure. After a few minutes she became hotter and hotter, squirming under his tongue. Her body was covered in sweat from the minstirations of his tongue. Her hands moved to his head as she grinded her hips on his face, covering him with her juices. "Yes yes yes! Lick me! Suck me! Fuck me!" he moaned grinding her groin onto his tongue. He instantly got hard, her words turning him on. "ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkk!" she moaned as she came for the second time, squirting juices onto his face. He swallowed her cum tracing the length of her slit with her tongue, making her shudder. She heaved, catching her breath. "Fuck..." she pulled him up and kissed his lips and sucked his tongue, tasting her juices along with his cum, still in her mouth. He moved, crouching protectively over her again. She looked into his eyes, raw emotion in hers. "Will you fuck me please?" she asked him. That was all he needed. He got up, his knees on either side of her.

He looked down at this beautiful girls face. His sister. "are you sure? It's gunna hurt..." she closed her eyes and nodded. She needed it. His dick was as hard as a flagpole now as he placed the head at the entrance to her sopping wet pussy. He put a little prssure and the head easily popped into her lips. She moaned as she felthim push harder. She grasped the headboard and shut her eyes tightly as she felt him break her hymen. Oh, it hurt so bad. He paused, letting her get used to it before slowly pulling out and pushing back in. "mmmmfg!" she groaned, biting her lip.

"Are you ok?" he asked her, brushing hair away from her face so that she could see him. "we don't have to keep going" he was hurting her, he could see, but she shook her head and looked up at him

"I want to." she said. "I want you to be my first and I want to fuck you for real. I love you" he leaned down and their lips met in passion as he thrust his whole length into her tight hole. It felt so good, so tight. For her, it hurt, but she loved it, never wanting him to pull out. Her walls squeezed his dick and she arched her back and moaned his name. "Fuck me now mike! Fuck your little slut sister. Fuck me so hard I scream. Make my little cunt squirt!" hearing her say those words erased any inhibitions he had. He held her hips and really started to fuck her tender tight cunt. He pulled almost all the way out and then thrust back in as hard as he could. She screamed, bouncing on the bed as he repeated the motion over and over again, slowly gaining speed. He leaned down and bit her nipple, causing her to shriek in both pain and pleasure. She never knew she could feel this good. He was lost in animal lust, going fast as a steam engine. She was groaning and moaning in exctasy.

Then suddenly he stopped. "get up!" he said. "on all fours like the little bitch you are" she instantly got hotter, loving him talking to her like this. She got up in the position he said and he thrust into her pussy from behind. She groaned and moaned like a bitch in heat as he grabbed her tits to keep steady while he fucked her from behind. He tensed, his body ready to cum and he let out an animal grunt as he squirted his seed inside her virgin pussy. The sensation too much for her, she came along with him, her pussy squeezing every last drop from his dick. They both fell forward, exhausted and spent. He pulled her into his arms and she rested her head on his chest. She was so exhausted she fell asleep. He watched her breathe and slowly fondled her breasts, making her moan in her sleep. He realized then he had fallen in love with her.

A few hours later, she found herself wake up in his arms as he too was finally waking. Her stomach rumbled in hunger and his responded in the same way. They slowly and reluctantly got up off the bed. A shower would hve to be first, they decided. Both had dried cum and juices on their bodies and they made their was to the shower in their parents bathroom. It was big enough for two. They lathered each other up with soap and rinsed each other off. She spent extra time making sure his dick was completely clean and he rubbed her little breasts and pussy, making her cum again as she fell, whimpering against him. He then toweled her dry, quickly drying himself as well before they headed downstairs for dinner. There wasn't much risk of anyone catching them so they just went down naked. She sat at the table whke he boiled some spaghetti and meat sause. "I have the perfect idea foe desert" she said when they were done eating. "go upstairs to your room and I'll be there with desert." she winked as he walked up the stairs.

He collapsed on the bed, thinking over the days events. He was so lucky. It was so wrong, but it felt so right. His cock started to stir as he played over todays events in his mind. He lightly started to stroke it as he felt himself get turned on. He heard a knock at the door and turned to looks up and his jaw dropped open. Damn! He liked desert. Margie stood there naked but not. She had chocolate syrup all over her and a can of whipped cream in one hand and a bowl of cherries in another.

This was going to be a great weekend!

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