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It was a Friday night in the suburbs and usually nothing really happened in Oakcrest. Alexa was hoping that would not be the case. She was craving excitement. Alexa was sixteen and in her opinion she was very grown up. She tried hard to look older. She had shoulder length, naturally blond hair, but dyed it a bright strawberry color. She was about average height and weight and had 34Cs and loved to show off cleavage subtly.

Tonight there was going to be a party at Kristin's house. Alexa was best friends with Kristin and since they had both just broken up with their boyfriends, they both needed to let off some steam. At around 7 people started showing up. Kristin's parents were gone for the weekend so it was going to be a blowout. Kristin had gotten all the older guys to get booze for everyone and it was going to be crazy.

Alexa was especially excited to see her new friends Cali and Rory. Cali and Rory were a year younger than Alexa. Cali was little with medium length brownish red hair and a face full of freckles. Rory, on the other hand, was completely opposite, she had long blond straight hair and she was tall and well developed for their age. Cali was little all over, little ass, little tits, little waist. Rory was slender, she had a nice ass and large yet perky breasts. Cali was wild, she loved to party, and from Alexa had heard she was experienced. Rory was shy and unaware of her amazing beauty.

Alexa had just broken up with her varsity wrestler boyfriend on Monday. She was on the rebound. Alexa loved cock. She loved sucking cock. She felt so proud that she could fit an 8 inch dick down her throat and she would barely even gag. Her boyfriend loved that about her. But Alexa got bored. She wanted something different. Alexa and her boyfriend used to fuck all the time, but it was never that good.

A few weeks ago Alexa had a dream. She dreamed that her and Rory were on a bike ride together. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the warm air brushed against their legs as they raced to the nearby pond. The water look refreshing. They hadn't brought any swim suits. In the dream, without saying a word both girls look at each other and silently agree. They both begin undressing. They rip off the hot and confining clothes. They are so focused on getting their clothes off and getting in the water they don't care if anyone sees them. Then they are naked. Alexa looks at Rory's body. Rory's nipples were hard from the cool breeze. Alexa notes the slender waist and then she sees that her pussy is completely shaven. The lips are pink and innocent. Rory at the same time is looking at Alexa. They take each other's hands and jump into the water together. When the two teenage girls surface, they look into each others joyful eyes and they cannot resist anymore. Their lips touch. At first it is a gentle exploration of each other. Alexa realizes how delicious Rory's mouth is. And Alexa moves her hand to touch Rory's glorious tits.... And then she woke up from the dream.

Alexa couldn't get this dream out of her head. She was friends with Rory, but she could help looking at her and wondering what she would really look like naked.

The party started. Alexa, Cali, Rory and Kristin poured themselves a shot.
"To a fun, crazy, unforgettable night!" Alexa toasted. and they all drank. Rory cringed at the strong alcohol. Alexa and Cali giggled at that. The night went on and they drank more. They played beer pong with some senior guys and lost. But it didn't matter because they were wasted.

It was around 11. Everyone was dancing and someone had even brought a strobe light to set the mood. The techno music made people need to dance. Alexa, Cali and Rory hopped onto the dance floor and started all dancing together. Cali pressed her body against Alexa. They held hands and touched each other's bodies as the music played. Rory was around both of them. She threw her arms up and dipped low and then came up slow. Alexa drew closer to Rory. Soon all three girls were grinding together they didn't even pay attention to all the guys looking at them, turned on. The girls were too involved with each other. They felt each others bodies and they felt the music.

Rory sat down in a chair. Alexa straddled her and began giving her a lap dance. Cali stood closely near and watched. Alexa leaned in close to Rory's face, they lips nearly touched. Alexa pulled away trying to tease Rory. Then Rory pulled Alexa to her. Their lips met. And they just exploded with lust. Alexa started rubbing herself against Rory and she loved it. At the same time, Alexa jammed her tounge deep down Rory's throat. Cali tapped them on the shoulder and motioned for them to go upstairs with her.

The three girls stumbled into a bedroom containing a large king size bed. And they all jumped in. Cali and Rory started kissing. Alexa was watching them as she took off their dresses. Then Cali and Alexa started kissing as Rory removed Alexa's dress. Now all the girls were just in their undies. Alexa felt Rory’s tits while they kissed and she felt Cali’s tongue on her navel.

Alexa could resist no longer and she kissed all the way down to Rory’s pink nipples. Rory had unhooked her own bra and her breath began to quicken as both Cali and Alexa focus their attention on her tits. Alexa continued down. She kissed down Rory’s young body and as Alexa took off Rory’s panties she kissed her inner thighs.
Rory was wet. She was moaning as Alexa gently rubbed her hard clit which was easy to find. Rory began sucking on Cali’s tits as she felt Alexa put one of her skinny fingers into her pussy. It slid in easy and Rory felt like she was going to explode. Alexa easily could find Rory’s G spot. She finger fucked Rory’s pussy as she licked her clit. Rory’s pussy tasted tangy and just right.

At this point Rory was beginning to rub Cali’s clit. And Cali almost came immediately. Rory tasted Cali’s pussy juice off her own finger, it was delicious and sweet. Cali couldn’t get enough, as Alexa continued finger fucking Rory, Cali positioned herself right on top of Rory’s mouth so her tongue could easily get into her. Alexa could fit two fingers into Rory’s pussy, but she wanted to stretch out her tight pussy.

Alexa crammed one more finger in and Rory moaned loudly into Cali’s pussy which made Cali giggle. Rory was going to cum. Alexa wanted to try and get her pinky into that whole. With a big thrust she had all of her tiny fingers in Rory’s pussy. Rory gasped for air, she was cumming the hardest she had in her whole life, she her whole body tingle and at the same time she felt of pain of four whole fingers in her pussy.
As soon as she finished cumming Rory moved herself under Alexa. She began kissing Alexa’s whole body all the way down to her pussy. She suck her little tounge right into Alexa’s wet pussy. And she was grabbing at Alexa’s lovely as the whole time. Cali was kissing Alexa. She wanted to taste Rory’s pussy juice out of Alexa’s mouth. Rory put two fingers into Alexa’s pussy. Alexa cried out in ecstasy, without thinking about what she was saying she cried “Fuck my little ass hole!“.

As Rory had two fingers in Alexa’s pussy, Cali stuck her middle finger in her mouth to get it wet. She started messaging Alexa’s ass hole with her wet finger. Alexa went wild and kept saying “Do it! I want you both in me.” Cali’s finger plunged into Alexa’s ass, Rory was licking and fingering her pussy. This was too much to handle for a little girl, she always wanted to feel grown up and she did. Alexa came. Rory felt Alexa’s pussy tighten around her fingers and her whole body tense up. They all had cum and they were beginning to feel sleepy.

The three naked girls got under the covers and touched each other and kissed each other’s bodies gently until they all fell asleep. This was not just any other night in the suburbs, this was one to remember.

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