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She wanted it
Sandy my wife and I who had a mild start to our sex life, as time went on we started to grow on our boldness. As she had thought me the art of getting my cock sucked and how to have her pussy sucked, we then proceeded to anal, where after some attempts failed, but eventually after hiring an expert to teach her and open her up, her ass was no longer an issue to penetrate. As one of my episodes goes , I secretly video taped an oral sex session, when I found out that in actual fact she was a very ardent cock sucker, who could be throat fucked vigorously and not feel a thing, besides enjoyment.
On one of our lovemaking sessions, I suggested that why don't we try a threesome. Looking at me she said "who me and two males or you and two females?". I replied with somewhat of an excitement that as she was not aware of it, I seen her in a throat job, with Anna (her friend) watching. "now how did you do that ?" "easy" I replied, "you are bi, Anna wanted a demonstration of a blowjob and she organised a Stud". To her amazement, she wasn't aware that I had "spied" on her and without much argument she agreed to have for a start a two male, one female (her) as she was curious about double penetration. On second thoughts she exclaimed if is ok with me, why don't we get Peter over as well as while being penetrated double, she was sure that some nice orals on her mouth would do add to the fun.
I got hold of Don and Peter, and with me the scene was set. As this was Sandy and my selves first try at a multiple sex orgy, we had to plan who does what. We gave Sandy the choice, who was all flustered and ready to choose. "First I need to blow all of you to determine the sizes and thereafter I will tell you who will penetrate what”. We all got undressed, set in a row and Sandy slowly but surely got all of us worked up to maximum. "ok Roger, you will take me in the ass" and Don because you have a nice size, will pump my pussy...finally Peter I don't think you would give me much of a gag so while they pumping, my mouth will rhythm penetrate over your cock"

An exciting scene indeed as we prepared a layout. My wife seems to have all the expertise in these types of things and once again got us all ready for the big fuck. Don lay flat on his back and with his 10" cock protruding upwards Sandy lowered herself onto his cock and moved down forward towards his face where she met Peter's cock in line with her gaping mouth. I straddled her from the top and guided my oozing penis into her ass. "let’s fuck" she said and firstly with some slow rhythm Don and myself pushed. With the movement of her body frontwards her mouth slided over Peters cock. "Ok it time to move it up a bit faster" as she stopped the motion for a while, "and try and get me balanced on sensation equally" “Roger Fuck it harder!”she screamed as the penetration is not deep enough. "Oh! My god that’s the way to do it Don, you tearing my cunt apart".

We all carried on as she demanded and soon sensations she had never experienced before overtook her. "Fuck me in all holes" she screamed and "oh Peter, push that cock down my throat...I want the three of you to mess me up . Fuck me and when you guys are ready I want all the semen down my throat"

First it was Peter who exploded, and within a few seconds I withdrew and placed my cock on her lips as my cum splashed her face, and just after that I seen Don withdrawing, and also aiming his jizm onto her face. As we started messing her up she rubbed her whole body with this shining liquid and started licking us to clean of every drop that was still in our insides.

mmm. she moaned, that was some experience, fucking up a woman to the brink of no return and emptying your love juices all over my body. You all taste the same so I guess it's the coffee we had before we started the session. My wife was amazing in the sense that as we were all exhausted because of the way we had pumped her, she actually wanted another session. We promised her a bit later as we untangled, but as a gesture of good will , Don afforded her a Throat Job. Peter and myself watched in amazement as Don went bent of fucking her with such intent that she gave us a show of un imaginable Mouthfuck. His cock penetrated her throat so deep, that we could not resist and then I just thought that seeing her fucked like that, I proceeded to push my now once again erect cock into her cunt. Without further warning, Peter joint in and wriggling ourselves back in position shoved his now erect cock into her ass.

We all screwed her once again but in a different position. This time she was laying backwards on top of Peter who was fucking her ass. I on top on her fucking her cunt, occasionally touching Peters cock. Don was now astride her face, having it hang over the bed edge and pushing his shaft deep into her throat. We all timed it so that explosion was at once The only difference this time was that all her holes were filled with cum with excess dripping out in all directions.

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2009-06-19 12:08:12
Can you spell w-r-i-t-i-n-g ? are you stupid or just obama-mized ?
Learn to , . . .no STOP trying to write

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2009-04-30 14:40:31
This story actually made me go limp. while they pumping, my mouth will rhythm penetrate over your cock. Lmao. learn to write.

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2009-03-22 03:22:25
Dreadful English!

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2009-03-22 00:46:57
This story is about a foursome not a threesome learn to count

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