The Results Of A Bet Turn Out To Be More Than She Barganed For...
Dana lay naked on the bed blindfolded, and unable to speak, those were the rules of the consequence. Dana could kick herself for accepting a bet with her best friend Marjorie. She should have have known that Marjorie would never have made a bet without there being consequences, and knowing full well she'd win. Now here she was, her hands and feet tied to the bed posts while she awaited her consequence.

As Dana laid their on the bed; she quietly called to Marjorie to see if she was still there after tying her up, or had she gone. Dana strained to hear anything, but there was nothing. She began to think of possible scenarios as she laid there...waiting...anticipating. The cool evening air wafted over her body causing her aureoles to stiffen, and little goose bumps to appear. She felt her nipples stiffen and harden as well. She remembered hearing the sliding glass door opening, the last thing she heard before Marjorie left.

Dana suddenly sensed someone was near. The crickets were chirping before, but now they'd stopped. Listening intently she thought she heard foot steps. Dana's body tensed and her heart rate increased dramatically when she heard the floor boards squeak. Now she knew someone was definitely in the room with her. They were drawing closer to the bed....she could barely detect the smell of aftershave. Dana laid perfectly still like that would make her invisible or something. Dana gasped when she felt a man's fingers brush against her cheek. Her fear lessened a little, because his touch seemed gentle...non-threatening. He placed the palm of his hand on her right cheek now as if to reassure her.

Dana felt his fingers glide down over her chin, down her throat...slowly moving down toward her breasts. Dana's arousal was starting to intensifying. Now his fingers slid between her breasts, as if he was teasing her. Dana was really starting to get turned on now. His other hand slowly moved up her body, as his fingers circled around her aureole. Now he was teasing her left nipple... running the tip of his finger over the top of it. Damn his touch was making her hot. Her nipples felt like jolts of sexual energy were shooting from this stranger's finger tips, through her nipples and right down to her sex.

Dana's juices were really beginning to flow, as she felt the dampness between her legs. Next he started caressing both of her breasts and was running his thumbs over her nipples sending more erotic jolts through her body. Dana began to moan softly...she was really starting to get into the moment, when he suddenly stopped. She almost asked him why, but she remembered she wasn't supposed to utter a sound, that was part of the consequence. Frustrated, Dana listened intently when she heard a metal against metal sound. It sounded like a...a belt buckle or something. Was he was undoing his belt? Then there was the sound of a zipper being pulled down. Dana wondered what he was doing, when she felt his warm breath on her face. His lips grazed hers as he kissed her ever so gently.

"Mmmm," she moaned softly.

Dana felt the bed sink down as he sat down on the edge of the bed next to her. He kissed her more passionately now, his tongue slipping between her lips, his fingers touch her cheek. Dana kissed him back, her lust was really stating to take over. She went to put her arms around him, forgetting for a moment that her wrist were tied. That only added to he arousal. He started kissing his way down her neck toward her heaving breasts. Dana aroused, wanted him to mount her, but the stranger was only warming up.

Cupping her breasts in his hands again he circled Dana's nipples with his tongue, teasing her even more. Finally he took a nipple into his mouth and started sucking it; flicking his tongue over her nipple. Dana moaned and felt her first orgasm wash over her body. Dana wondered what was coming next. She soon found out, as her unknown lover continued running his hands over her body, kissing and caressing her breasts, her face, her neck, his very touch bringing her to an even higher sexual awareness.

Suddenly he stopped. Dana wondered why he stopped...was that it? She got her answer when she felt his cock graze her cheek. He was running the head of his cock along her cheek, inching closer and closer to her lips, till finally she felt the head of his cock gently glide over her lips. Feeling his cock wandering over her lips, the warmth of his organ caused her to part her lips allowing him access to her mouth. She stuck her tongue out waiting to see what he'd do. As she'd hoped, he ran the head of his cock over her tongue, then his shaft. She could feel his balls against her cheek as she did a little bit of teasing of her own.

Dana listened to him moan softly as he continued to run his cock over her lips, he seemed to like her teasing his cock with her tongue. Next Dana felt his balls on her lips...they were warm, and had somewhat of a musky aroma. But she liked the smell; it was the scent of a man....something Dana had always enjoyed. Dana took one of his balls into her mouth, sucking and running her tongue over it realizing that his balls were clean shaven. That turned her on even more, she liked the idea of a man grooming himself, why should the woman always be the one to trim themselves, why not the men.

As she sucked his balls, she felt his hand ease down over her bare pussy, moving down over her lips, sending an erotic tingle up her spine. Dana's juices were staring to flow even more as his fingers danced around her sex, teasing, exploring, making Dana moan as her passion started to rise to a new level of intensity. She wanted to suck her lovers cock, and was thinking of asking him to stick it in her mouth...he must have been reading her mind. He pushed his cock into Dana's mouth as he slipped a finger into her drenched pussy followed by another finger. Dana was moaning and writhing on the bed straining at her bindings. When his thumb started rubbing her clit Dana exploded with a powerful orgasm as her lover exploded, pumping his cum down Dana's throat.

As she swallowed his load and basked in the afterglow of her passion, she felt some of his cum trickle down the side of her face toward her chin. She also realized that he wasn't close to her anymore. She listened intently, when she thought she heard foot steps again...but these were lighter. Was there someone else in the room now? Had he gone, and someone else replaced him? Or were there two people in the room now? The lighter footsteps drew closer, and now there was the distinct odor of perfume in the room. A woman? Dana had fantasized about a woman once, but she had never told anyone, not even Marjorie. Speaking of Marjorie, she had never mentioned anything about a woman.

Should she be angry? She should be...yet she wasn't. She actually found herself curious. Curious as to what it would be like to be touched by a woman, to taste a woman and have a woman taste her, but was she jumping to conclusions? Dana suddenly found herself becoming excited again, but for another reason, a reason that if you had told her about she would have either slapped you, or laughed in your face or both. The odor of perfume was drawing even closer now. It even seemed familiar, but she couldn't place it. Dana jumped when she felt hair brush her shoulder.

"Relax," a woman's voice whispered.

Then Dana felt the warmth of the woman's breath on her cheek. Dana's heart started beating quickly. Her arousal was intensifying again, only for a different reason. Dana found herself anxious, looking forward to what might happen next. Dana jumped again when she felt the woman's tongue lick away the cum that had run down the side of her face. With light, butterfly like kisses the mystery woman kissed her way up Dana's face till she reached her lips. Then she felt the woman's tongue ever so lightly glide along her lips, tasting the residual cum that was still there.. Dana was moaning now, the thought of a woman kissing and hopefully caressing her was really making her aroused.

Forgetting she wasn't supposed to speak, Dana whispered,

"Kiss me....touch me."

"Shhhhhh," was all she heard for a reply.

Dana waited for a few seconds and then she got her wish. Dana felt the woman's lips on hers, as she kissed her...her tongue moving past Dana's as she explored Dana's mouth, the two tongues dancing a sexual dance of erotic arousal.

"Oooohhh, this was so damn erotic," she thought as she savored every moment.

As they kissed, Dana felt the woman's warm hands begin to caress her breasts. Dana was on fire again, but for another reason, a new totally erotic experience. Dana kissed her lover back with all the passion she could muster as the woman caressed her breasts and tugged at her nipples. Then she began kissing her way down Dana's soft neck, down toward her breasts. Dana started cumming again when she felt the warmth of the woman's lips on her nipples, as she squeezed and kissed Dana's breasts. Dana was tugging at her bindings, wanting to be free to touch her as well and caress and kiss her body. Dana was beside herself as her mystery lover continued her way down Dana's body toward her pussy.

"Wait...Dana called out....wait."

"I know I'm not supposed to speak, but this is too much!"

"I want to touch you, and caress you too...this is now becoming torture!"

"Please....please let me touch you as well!"

"I'll leave the blind fold're anonymity will be protected, but this is more torture than I can take.....please?"

There was silence for what seemed like an eternity, then there was the sound of voices whispering in the background. That meant the man was still there, watching.. How erotic. She head the footsteps coming back over. Then she felt the bindings at her feet being untied, then her wrists. Then in a whisper she heard the woman say,

"Remember your promise."

"I will," Dana replied.

Then she felt the woman pushing her back down onto the bed again, and spreading her legs. Dana could feel the warmth of her lover's lips kissing her inner thighs, working their way up to her pussy. Dana was loving every second of it. Dana nearly exploded when her mystery lover's lips first touched her sex. Dana felt her lips part the folds of her pussy and begin tasting her love juices and lapping them up. It was truly different than the way the man had orally satisfied her, yet they were both wonderful.

She sucked Dana's clit into her mouth and eased her fingers into Dana's pussy. Dana was again overcome with passion, lifting her hips off the bed, pushing her pussy against her face. As her orgasm started to subside, Dana reached down and pulled her lover up to her face where she began kissing and hugging her. Dana rolled her over onto her back where Dana started kissing her way down to her lover's tits. Her nipples were erect and taut. As Dana sucked and teased her lover's nipples, she was surprised at how adept she was at loving another woman..

Dana sucked, and caressed her lover's tits till her lover was moaning and cumming. Dana didn't wait for the woman's orgasm to pass. She kissed her way down to her pussy where she tasted another woman's pussy for the first time. With a little instruction, Dana found that she was very good at pleasuring another woman orally. She had her lover cumming and moaning her approval. Then Dana remembered something she had seen a long time ago in the one and only porn movie she'd ever seen where two women were making love.

Dana positioned herself so that their legs were intertwined. Then Dana took her hands and scooted up till their pussies were touching. Then as if she'd been doing it all her life, Dana started gyrating her hips and soon the two women were grinding their pussies together in wild passion. As their pussies ground together Dana, her lover moaned and squealed as wave after wave of orgasms swept over their bodies. Finally both women came in one huge orgasm and then they basked in the afterglow of their love making.

Dana thought they were done, but far from it. She heard her lover snap her fingers. She heard a rustling sound and then another sound. She was doing something but Dana wasn't sure what, but she bet it was something sexy. Maybe an erotic toy or something of that nature. Dana jumped when she felt something cool being applied to her pussy. It was the hand of the man. His fingers felt strong as he applied what must have been baby oil. His fingers were probing her pussy as he joined them on the bed. She could hear the woman moaning with pleasure, so he must be teasing her as well. Dana reached out to where she thought he would be, and sure enough she found him.

She ran her hand up over his muscular leg to his crotch where she bumped into her female counterpart's hand. They giggled as they both searched for his cock. Each of them found it simultaneously, and began stroking his rigid member. He must have been at least eight inches....maybe more. Dana and her lover were moaning louder as he probed their pussies and teased their clits with his strong hands. She heard her lover say,

"Now...put it in now!"

"Put what in," she thought to herself. Then she felt something being eased into her pussy. It felt like a cock, but it wasn't, not exactly. Then she heard her lover moan so he must be doing the same to her. Then as her lover said,

"Give me your hands sweetie," Dana knew what it was.

She had a double-headed dildo in her pussy. She'd seen it once before, but had never tried it. She grabbed her lover's hands and together they began grinding their pussies together again, only this time there was the added pleasure of a thick dildo that felt very muck like a real cock. Oh it felt good. It was like having a cock and fucking her lover and yet getting fucked herself.

The man was back sucking her nipples again, and that sent torrents of sexual energy throughout her body. He must have been doing something to the other female too, because she was moaning louder and louder. Dana reached up and found his cock and started pumping him as she ground her pussy into her lover's pussy. She listened, and she could hear the wet, squishing sounds their pussies were making as they mashed together and humped that double-headed dildo.

The two of them rode the dildo to a mind-shattering orgasm, their bodies quivering and shaking as they held each others hands. Dana felt the dildo being removed and someone getting up. Then she heard the sound of water running in the bathroom. Dana was going to ask something, when the male told her to get onto her knees and grab the headboard. Dana moved up and with a little help she found it. She heard the woman get on the bed next to her. Dana felt the baby oil being applied to her ass and a finger penetrate her. Then the man's cock entered her pussy and he began pumping his cock back and forth slowly. Then his finger was gone but something else replaced it. A dildo was being placed in her ass. Dana had never experienced anything like this before, but then this was definitely a night of firsts.

As he fucked her pussy, the dildo was worked into her ass by her female lover. She caressed her ass and kissed her while the male pumped his cock in and out of her pussy faster and faster. Dana was getting hotter and hotter, as she started moaning. Her lover was caressing her tits now and pinching her nipples, all of which was making Dana crazy with lust. She heard the male groaning and saying he was getting ready to cum. The woman told him to cum all over Dana's ass. Dana felt his cock begin to throb as she started cumming herself. He pulled out and she felt his warm cum covering her ass. Dana felt the woman's hands massaging his cum into her ass, as she licked and kissed the rest of it away.

Finally the payment of the consequence was over. The woman helped Dana dress and took her to a car where she was driven home and left at her front door with her house key in her hand. Dana got a call from Marjorie the next day wanting to hear the details, but Dana told her it would take too long and she'd rather tell her about it in person. Marjorie finally agreed and came by. She knocked on the door and Dana let her in. Dana gave Marjorie a hug. She held her in her arms for a moment and took a whiff of Marjorie's perfume. Marjorie giggled and asked Dana what she was doing.

"Making sure of something."

"What's that."

Dana smiled and said, "Nothing."

"So tell me all about it."

"Why were there...right? The perfume hon.....the perfume."

Marjorie, who was still trying to laugh it off and deny it, stopped talking when Dana walked over and took her in her arms and kissed her...slipping her tongue between her lips and caressing Marjorie's tits through her blouse. Marjorie melted into Dana's arms and the two of them stripped each other and made love most of the morning. Afterward Dana asked Marjorie who the guy was.

"Bill, from the office."


"Yup! He's hot for you babe."

"I guess I'll have to think of a reason to go to the accounting department Monday."

"I take it you like having a woman make love to you."

"Ahhhh ya."

"I was worried about that Marjorie admitted, but I had a feeling."

Dana said she'd fantasized about it once or twice, but never in a million years would have expected it to happen. Dana told her it was all a wonderful experience, and looked forward to a girl-on-girl thing now and again. Not that it would ever replace a good cock. Marjorie and Dana were closer friends now then ever, and as for the consequence......well, Dana was looking forward to the next one.

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Bravo dear author, bravo! I sincerely enjoyed this story, as it was well written in both its plot and the level of detail. First, for the plot, excellent job at creating a story that was kinkier than an average day encounter, but not exceedingly vulgar or lewd. Second, the level of detail was both accurate and concise, but gave the reader enough information to allow them to clearly visualize what was happening. Thank you so much for this story and I hope you continue writing.

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oh fuck that was hot. I'm so turned on right now

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Wow now that was hot and hope you make a part 2 of this story it turn us on that we made love all night long thanks.

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