A young girl's curiosity discovers the mysteries of male anatomy..
(This story is written by an adult male, as he imagines it might happen for a young girl discovering the mysteries of male anatomy, as she approaches young womanhood.)

I'm 12 years old and don't know very much about sex. My friend’s older sister talks to us sometimes, and tells us how it works, but obviously I have no experience. I live with just my dad, since my mom went away a year ago. My dad works hard and takes good care of me. He never does anything sexy with me. But every so often he goes out with his buddies and comes home and passes out, from drinking too much I guess.

Like this last weekend he did it again after playing poker. I had a nightmare and went to his room in the middle of the night. He was laying on top of the covers in just his boxer shorts, passed out and snoring away. I had never seen a man's penis, even though I had seen my friend's little brother's little penis in the bath tub. So I decided to take a look at my dad's, without waking him up. It easily just rolled out of the large opening in his boxers. Wow, it was a lot bigger than I expected. I turned the bed lamp on so I could examine it very carefully. He didn't move at all and seemed dead to the world. His penis felt like nothing I had felt before, like a warm hose. As part of my study, I managed to get his balls out too. His balls just rolled around in my hand and felt real neat. To my surprise, as I examined his private things, his penis started to get harder and bigger, right before my eyes. I kept playing with his penis and balls, and his penis just kept growing and growing. When it finally stopped growing it was huge, and hard as a rock - wow! It was sticking straight up and as big around as my wrist, no kidding. It was as long as one of my school books, I bet. I couldn't get my hand all the way around it. I could just barely get around it with two hands.

My friend’s sister had told me that men like to rub their penises up and down, so I did that for a long while, and his penis stayed big and hard for a long time. Just about the time my hands were getting tired, and I was getting sleepy, you won’t believe what happened! Some white gooey stuff suddenly squirted out of his penis and went way up in the air, and then even more of it oozed out of his penis onto my hands and his balls. I quickly ran to the bathroom and got a washrag to clean it all off of him and me and the bed. Then I went to sleep beside him.

When I woke up I noticed his penis was big and hard again, but I was scared to try anything with it again. So I went back to my room. At breakfast he didn't say anything, so I'm sure he didn't know what I had done. I know its naughty, but I plan to do it again the next time he passes out. This doesn't hurt my dad does it? I may write here again when it happens.

The Next Time...

Hi, it’s me again. Well, I finally got to do it again to my dad. I sure hope he doesn’t catch me, because I know he would ground me for life. But it’s the only way I’m going to learn about sex, and boys, right?

Well, I have to tell you that this is so exciting that I just had to tell my best friend, Julie, OK? She promised to not tell anyone if I told her my biggest secret ever – so I did. Wow! It blew her mind! But she said she didn’t believe me, so I had to tell her every little detail. She still wasn’t sure she believed me, but she sure had a lot of questions about my dad’s penis. By the way, her big sister says it’s called a dick, but my biology teacher calls it a penis and so does our book, so I’ll call it a penis, OK? Oh yeah, Julie is like me and has had absolutely no experience with boys or sex.

Well, Julie made me promise to try to show her my dad’s penis sometime, and I said I would try. So finally last weekend when my dad’s friends were coming over for poker, I asked him if I could have Julie over to spend the night with me. He said ok, if we would stay in my room and not bother them playing poker.

Well, they all came over and started drinking and playing cards right away. My dad was nice, as usual, and ordered enough pizza for Julie and me too. When he brought it up to us I could tell he was a little high already. So Julie and I watched movies to kill time, and were so excited, we thought dad’s friends would never leave. After about the 10th late movie, we heard them breaking up and finally driving off. We heard my dad come slowly up the stairs and go into his room.

We waited about an hour and then tiptoed into his room. Well there was my dad, spread-eagled on the
bed – naked. The problem was he was lying on his stomach, and we couldn’t even see his penis, much less touch it. So Julie and I patted and rubbed his butt. It was smooth and firm, I guess since my dad stays in shape by playing tennis and working out. Julie thought this was great and couldn’t take her hands off dad’s cute butt. We shook him and called his name to see if he would wake up, but he was knocked out. We then pulled his legs apart and we could see his balls at least. I showed Julie how I could roll them around in my fingers and pull them around and down. They really feel neat. Naturally, she wanted to feel them too, so I let her play with my dad’s balls, since she is my best friend. Julie had one ball in her hand and I had dad’s other ball in my hand. We were having a ball – that’s funny right?

All of a sudden, my dad rolled over onto his back. It scared us because we thought he was waking up, so we ran out of the room. But we heard him start snoring from the hallway, so we knew he was still sound asleep, and we tiptoed back into his room. Well, there was my dad’s big old penis in all its glory, for me and Julie to see.

My dad’s penis is really covered with lots of curly brown hair. It’s thick all over his balls and all around his penis and on his stomach. But we noticed no hair grows right on his penis.

Dad’s penis was really soft and limber, and didn’t look near as big as it had the other time I saw it. Course, Julie thought it was big, since she’s like me and this was the first man’s penis she had ever seen. We both got up on the bed and got real close to my dad’s penis, so we could really examine it. I showed her how the skin was really loose and could be moved around. She took my dad’s dick, as she called it, in her hand and squeezed it and moved it all around. She squealed when she said she felt it move in her hand, and let it go. Sure enough, it was starting to grow and get harder. She was very excited and giggling, and I was giggling too, and very proud of my dad’s penis showing off for us.

As it continued to grow, we took turns playing with it. I showed Julie how I had learned to stroke his penis up and down with my hand the other night, and make it get even bigger and harder. My dad’s penis got real big and straight and hard as a rock, and it was standing straight up in the air. Julie grabbed it and stroked it and happily declared, “It is the biggest dick ever!” Julie said the top of dad’s dick looks like a mushroom, and was fascinated by it. We took turns stroking it and I told her to watch for “the surprise.” Sure enough in no time at all, the white gooey stuff shot out the end of dad’s penis and way up in the air. And more of it was oozing out the end of his penis and onto both our hands. I told Julie to hold his penis while I went to get a washrag to clean up the mess. She kept on stroking it even after I cleaned it off. I told her it would get soft and small soon…but it didn’t. She kept on stroking it fast and gripping it tightly and it stayed hard. She wanted to see it “erupt again”, she said. So we took turns stroking and squeezing to see if we could get it to do it again. It took much longer this time and our arms were getting a little tired, but it did do it again. But there wasn’t quite as much white stuff this time. And dad’s penis did go soft pretty quick after this time. Still, we got dad’s penis to get hard and “shoot off” five different times that night. There was less white stuff each time, but it always got big and hard and was a lot of fun for us.

Now here’s the scary part. When Julie and I went down to get some cereal for breakfast the next morning (after doing dad one last time), guess what we found? Mr. Blake, one of dad’s poker friends, was sound asleep in our recliner in the den. You guessed it; Julie wanted to immediately “check him out.” I said no, but she insisted, since he was snoring away. She carefully unzipped his fly and reached in his pants and pulled his dick out for us to see. It was soft and just wobbled around, but Julie played with it and his balls and quickly got it growing. I helped, and we had it real hard in no time. It was curved a little and not quite as big as my dad’s (yea dad). But, Mr. Blake’s dick almost seemed alive, the way it throbbed in our hands and jumped all around by itself when we let it go. And he moaned some while we played with his dick. Well, in no time at all, it exploded and spurted a ton of white gooey stuff. And man, he spurted several times close together, like a machine gun, and it went way up in the air and all over the place. Then, Julie kept right on stroking to see if she could make it erupt again. She let me take a turn too, and in not very much time at all, he let loose more spurts of the stuff, and almost as much as last time. We were afraid he might wake up since it was daylight now, so we figured we better stop. It was difficult for us to get Mr. Blake’s dick back in his pants, since it was still big and hard and we were both giggling so much, but we finally did and zipped him up. We got the stuff cleaned off the chair and rug, but it was all over his pants. Later, while we were watching TV, we heard my dad and Mr. Blake talking and heard my dad laughing and kidding him about a “wet dream” or something? We also noticed they were very hungry at breakfast.

Julie and I have decided this is the best fun ever, and can’t wait till next time to learn more. See ya…

(Writer's Note: Remember. I'm an adult, but this is my imagination of how a young teen girl might think and act)

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