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The cold coke ran across my tongue and down my throat. After the stifling humidity of Manchester International Airport I gulped down the refreshing drink eagerly. I finished the bottle and screwed the lid back on. I stood up and wandered across to the announcements screen and flicked the bottle into one of the bins scattered around the departures lounge.

Looking up at the screen I saw I had just over fifteen minutes before boarding so I went back to where I was sitting lifted my backpack over my shoulder and set off towards the men’s room.
Setting my backpack on the side I looked into the mirror as I washed my hands. I saw my blue eyes staring back at me. My unruly red hair fell around my ears and I tried to flatten it down but failed miserably. Still I was looking forward to my unplanned holiday.

Since I’d started working for Franco Marc?a film producer in Hollywood, I’d flown all over the world, looking for new places to set his films. A bike trail in Australia had been my last outing and I’d done well. Franco was making a new film and he needed a place to set the ski-chase scene. That’s why I’d been sent to a place in northern Italy, somewhere called Breuil – Cervinia.

Anyway, I wandered back over to departures in time for the call for us to start boarding. Being employed by a Hollywood film director allowed for a few perks. Perks like express boarding, first class seats and on the house champagne meant that the next half hour of the people boarding the rest of the plane past like minutes.

Normally I doze off for the first few hours of long flights and ignore the pointless safety warning at the beginning but something made me stop.

Surprised, I turned my head towards the air-hostess who was currently showing the emergency exits. The girl at the front of the plane had curly brown hair that fell behind her shoulders. Her pretty face centred around her bright green eyes and small nose.

Excitedly I watched her as she went about pointing out the toggle, whistle and light of the life jacket. During her demonstration her wonderfully wavy hair fell across her face and she brushed it away lightly.
The rest of the safety demonstration past quickly, and I was almost disappointed for it to have finished, but I comforted myself knowing I had two hours with this beauty.

Lying back against the expansive seats I waited for a while, listening to Iron Maiden with my Iphone, another perk of working for a movie director = ).

Then, as I watched the snacks trolley push up between the aisles, desperately hoping to see the beautiful girl from earlier, when suddenly an air hostess uniform blocked my view.

“Hi,” said the air-hostess uniform, before I realised to look up and saw the bright green eyes. “I’m sorry,” she smiled, “Is anyone sitting there? Only I've got ten minutes before I have to go serve in the economy class and I could with a break.” I cried inwardly with joy before moving across a seat and looking up.
“Yeah, sure.” I smiled.

“Thanks,” she said, smiling.
I couldn’t think of anything else to say so I just pushed my headphones back in. Moments later the girl next to me, god I didn't even get her name, had a book in her lap.

I must have dozed off because I woke up a bit later, probably no more than five minutes. I'm like that sometimes just dozing off for a few minutes at a time. Anyway, when I opened my eyes it took me a few moments to realise what had woken me. I looked across at the girl next to me. For a second I thought she was asleep but then I heard her shallow breathing and I noticed her flushed cheeks.

I looked down and saw her book upturned covering her lap. Underneath the book her hand moved slowly backwards and forwards and I realised what was going on. Just to confirm my suspicions I leaned forward quietly as if reached for the bag at my feet but as I leaned over I saw her plain white panties just below her uniform’s skirt.

I grinned quietly and then a plan began forming in my mind. I pulled out one of the covers that they give you for night flights and unravelled it so it lay across my legs. Then, slowly, building up my confidence I leant next to the girl and whispered in her ear.

“Having fun?” she jumped at the sound of my voice and her flushed faced turned bright red as she realised I’d caught her masturbating. To my surprise she reacted incredibly well, turning to me and smiling.
“Not too bad,” she smiled her red cheeks slowly losing the embarrassed hue. “But,” she added, “There’s this really annoying itch between my legs and I just can’t get to it.”

I laughed at her nerve and passed her the cover and whispered in her ear.
“I’m sure I can help you with that itch, but first take this, you look kinda’ cold.”

The girl, I still hadn’t gotten her name, smiled as I helped her spread the cover across her lap.
“Thanks, my name’s Rachel by the way,” she smiled and leaned forward as I kissed her gently on the lips, while also allowing my hand to slip under the cover. Pulling her skirt up and felt her heavenly cunt with my fingers.

Her shaven pussy was wet with excitement already from her toying earlier just minutes before. I traced my index finger around her shaven cunt. Not going inside the haven but running my finger around and across it.

Then, without warning I plunged two of my fingers into her moist cunt. I felt her cunt walls tense around my fingers as I penetrated her cunt and I felt her pulse in rhythm with her heartbeat. I pulled my fingers in and out feeling the delicious quivering in her cunt as I fingered her. When I pushed back in I added a third finger and her mouth formed an O shape as she gasped.

I took this opportunity to kiss her again, pushing my tongue inside her mouth before she could protest, but even if she could I doubt she would. My suspicions were confirmed when she met my tongue with her own. Our tongues writhed within each of our mouths, my fingers still wriggling inside her cunt.

I could feel her tense as she orgasmed and felt her juices running over my fingers. I felt her cunt tighten and clench against my fingers. But with all the extra fluids running over my fingers I pulled out easily and broke off our kiss.

I smiled as I placed a finger in my mouth and sucked her juices off. It tasted sweet, but not overpowering. I smiled and offered her my other finger and she took in her mouth. She smiled as she sucked her own juices of my fingers.

We pulled away as she finished swallowing her juices and I placed a firm hand over hers as it moved down to my trousers.

“Not here,” I whispered, “Go to the toilets, follow me up and knock twice.” She grinned and squeezed my ass as I stepped past her.

I walked quickly up to the first class toilets and stepped inside. Unlike the economy class toilets, the first class ones had a clean, bright, white plastic sink and enough room for two people if they squeezed together. Perfect.

I heard two knocks a minute later and I opened the door as Rachel slipped inside.
“Hello agai . . .” I started before she clamped her mouth to mine. Unlike in the chairs she was a lot more aggressive. Pushing me against the toilet wall and quickly pulling my shirt over my shoulders.

She got on her knees and violently pulled my trousers down to my ankles. My pants followed soon after.
My 7’’ cock sprang up and narrowly missed Rachel’s face. She grinned as it flew past her nose and without saying a word she locked her mouth around my fully erect cock.

I felt her tongue swill around my shaft as she sucked gently on my rod. I moaned softly as she ran her tongue across the tip of my cock, she moaned back in reply and the vibrations in her mouth were like electric shocks running down my shaft.

Pulled off my cock and let it slap against her cheeks as she took one of my balls in her mouth. I felt my cock stiffen as came closer to cumming but I held it in a little longer. She nibbled one ball then the other. All the time her free hand frigging her dripping cunt relentlessly.

Then she went back to sucking my rod, after the teasing with my balls I was more than ready to come and as the tension in my cock became too much I shot my load into her mouth. I felt my cock harden as I came and every swill of her tongue over my cock felt like a whole new wave of pleasure. Finally the incredible feelings subsided and I felt my seed launch itself into the roof of her mouth. Rach took it all in her stride and swallowed it all leaving a little strand running down her chin as she looked up at me and grinned.
“Good, eh?” she asked, smiling.

“Fucking amazing!” I grinned, motioning for her to take her clothes off.

I sat on the toilet after putting the lid down. And, after I’d recovered from my experience Rachel began teasing me as she removed each item of clothing excruciatingly slowly.

First she took off her top and skirt, waving her body from side to side like a belly-dancer. Then she reached behind herself and unclipped her bra. Then, after an eternity she let the bra fall to the floor, revealing smallish, B cup breasts, with very erect, light pink nipples and smaller, darker areola.

Then, still waving her hips to get my attention. She stuck her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly, so, so slowly she began to pull them down. Finally, her naked, shaven cunt was revealed in all its glory. I watched intently as she teased me, slowly spinning round to face away from me then bending forward to give me an eyeful of her luscious ass.

Slowly she sat on my lap, leaving my only semi-erect cock lying between her legs. I brought my hands up and cupped her boobs as she turned her head towards me and I ran my tongue up her chin, scooping up the rogue strand of cum, and kissing her passionately.

I cupped her boobs with my hands and squeezed them gently, then after about a minute fondling her boobs I began teasing her nipples. Twisting them and pulling them gently.

Soon after I felt my cock rise up once more. Seeing my hardened state, Rachel spun around on my lap so she was facing me. She stood slightly and I guided my now very erect cock towards her cunt. I moaned as she slid over me. She slid all the way down my shaft until she was literally sat on top of me.

Then, she began sliding up and down. She started bouncing up and down on my cock and as she did I felt those waves of pleasure roll across me again. Somehow, through the waves of pleasure I noticed Rach’s boobs bouncing up and down as she fucked me. I sat, watching her boobs as the bounced up and down in little circles, mesmerized. All the while Rach’s tight cunt bounced up and down my rod.

When I felt the very beginnings of the end I slowed Rach down and slowly stood up with my cock still buried deep inside her.

I lay her on the sink and she lifted her legs over my shoulders to give me a better angle. No sooner was she comfy did I begin pumping into her warm, tight cunt. I felt her cunt walls quiver in anticipation and I let myself relax.

“Rach, I'm gonna cum,” I groaned between thrusts.

“Me too,” Rach panted. “Let's cum together,” she suggested, and I nodded in agreement.

I began thrusting with a renewed vigour, her tight cunt clamping against my cock. I groaned as I felt me cock and I felt Rach’s moist cunt get even tighter.

“OH GOD!” she screamed as she came, my cock pulsing in time with her cries, my seed squirting deep inside her.

“GOD YES!” I moaned as her body continued to rock on the sink. Milking my cock for every drop.
“Oh Oooh Ooooooh,” sighed Rach as I stopped pumping her gorgeous cunt and pulled my limp cock out from within her.

We got dressed together. Kissing each other when we got the chance. Unfortunately her panties were a mess so we flushed them away.

I left before Rachel and went back to my seat. I didn't see her until the plane touched down in Turin and a smiled at her as she thanked the passengers and wished them a good holiday.

Well, my holiday hadn’t even started yet and already I was having the time of my life!

All comments welcome hope you like it = )

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2009-04-09 23:27:14
The standard of story on this site has dropped to almost zero in the last few weeks. This piece of crap isn't worth a 40% rating.

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2009-04-05 10:38:16
This is the pits.. One of the worst that I have ever TRIED TO READ.

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2009-03-23 17:44:28
ok not great

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2009-03-23 17:10:27
it was ok i wish something like that will actually happen to me

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