The sound of the waves crashing onto the shore were deafening, it must have been a stormy night at sea. The sky was still overcast with fog on the horizon, and a fine mist was still in the air, but that was all okay, because it fit Buddy’s mood this morning.

Sitting on the rocks by the seashore, drinking his coffee, he reflected on life. Buddy was in a dismal mood this morning, he had just read the papers, and discovered that his son, his grandson, whom he hadn’t even known about, and his ex-wife and her husband, had been killed in a plane crash. No one had bothered to notify him because he had no connection with them. He and his son had fought the last time they saw each other, and he hadn’t seen him in years, didn’t even know that he had gotten married. Everyone he knew was gone, his family, and now even his ex-wife. He was utterly alone in the world, and he was feeling his age. At sixty, he should be looking forward to a quiet life of leisure in his remaining time on earth, but he found that he was anxious and tense.

Taking his coffee and starting back toward his house he reflected on something he had read in Shakespeare, “Death, where is thy sting? Love, where is thy glory?” Well, deaths sting could wait. As for loves glory, it had eluded Buddy. For years now he had been alone, growing bitterer by the year, hating his life, and people in general. He had pushed everyone away after his wife took their son and left him for another man, and he had grown accustom to live in solitude.

Against his better judgment, Buddy went to his son’s funeral, but sat on the last row. He saw the four caskets at the front of the chapel, lids closed, awaiting their ride to the cemetery where his son would peacefully sleep. After the service, the ride to the cemetery for the graveside service was a short one, and then everyone gathered around for final words from the preacher. Only half listening, Buddy watched the mourners standing close to the caskets, particularly a nice looking woman who appeared to be about thirty two or three, and a young girl of about thirteen or fourteen. The preacher finished, and everyone was lining up to offer their condolences to the woman, who was apparently his son’s wife, and the younger girl who must be his daughter. The woman looked up, and their eyes locked, and then Buddy turned his back and walked away.

Three weeks later, Buddy was again standing on the beach in the early morning, drinking his coffee, when he noticed someone walking toward him from the direction of his house. As she got closer, he realized that it was the woman, his son’s wife, whom he had seen at the funeral.

“Buddy Hollings?”

“Yes, I’m Buddy Hollings, what do you want?”

“I’m Cindy Hollings, Jim was my husband.”


“So, I have nowhere else to go, no one I can turn to and I need help. My mother-in-law left our family in financial ruin. She squandered every cent of her money on travel and having a good time, and then took what was ours too. We’re broke, I have no job, and we have no living family to turn to, just you.”

“What makes you think you have me?”

“Look, we need help and you’re the only family Jim has left living. He always said you were a bitter old man, but I have no one, and my daughter, your granddaughter, has got to have a home. So are you going to help us or not?”

Buddy found himself liking this young woman in spite of himself, at least she had spirit, and the anger he saw in her flashing green eyes told him she was willing to fight for herself and her daughter. Boldly looking her over from head to foot didn’t change the look in her eyes, or cause her to be intimidated either. She was a very attractive woman with auburn shoulder length hair, and she had a great body, about thirty four C breasts, which were heaving with angers short breaths now, and she had a nice round ass too. She looked to be about 5’4”, and had nice shapely legs.

“The first floor is the kitchen, dining room, and living room, as well as the den. The second floor is mine, and I like my privacy. You can have the third floor.”

He handed her his spare key, and watched her as she turned without a word, and walk back up the beach.
After a quiet first night, Buddy came down stairs and was surprised to find Cindy and her daughter already up and having breakfast. As he sat down at the table, Cindy placed a cup of coffee in front of him. He tasted it and decided that the woman could at least make good coffee.

“I like my coffee stronger.”

“Then Make it yourself.”

He smiled to himself and looked at the girl sitting across from him. She hadn’t said anything to him, but she was looking him over pretty good. Then, without warning she said,

“What do you do for a living?”

“Work, what do you do?”

“Go to school.”

“Then go.”

“It’s summer time, there is no school now.”

He looked her over and noticed that except for the small, girl tits, she was a replica of her mother. Her direct bold stair was something he liked, and she seemed to have a perpetual smile on her full lips.
“What’s your name?”

“Catherine, Cathy.”

“I’m sorry about your daddy Cathy.”

Her eyes filled with tears and she said,

“No you’re not, you hated him.”

“He may have told you that, and he may have believed it himself, but I . . .”

Buddy broke off what he was about to say and got up, leaving the house, he went to stand on the beach in his usual morning spot, and stair out to sea.

“She loved her daddy very much Buddy; you will just have to give her time.”

Buddy looked around to see that Cindy had walked up behind him. Turning to look out to sea again, he said,

“Didn’t I tell you that I like my privacy?”

Flushing with anger, she stepped around in front of him.

“Look asshole, we are trying to get along with you. The least you could do is try and get along.”

Then she stomped off up the beach with him watching her go, her back stiff with anger and her fists clenched. She didn’t see his eyes soften and the slight smile on his lips.

Days later, as Cathy explored the house; she went to the second floor. Buddy was gone to town and she didn’t think it would hurt for her to just look at his rooms. The first one she looked in was a bathroom, and then she went in to a room that appeared to be a photo studio, then there was a library, all four walls filled with books from floor to ceiling. There were books about almost everything, a section of classics, reference, science, there was even a section labeled “Erotica.” She then moved to what appeared to be Buddy’s bedroom, and looked around, liking the warmth, and natural comfort of the room. Eventually she went back to the library and, selecting a book form the Erotica section, she sat down and opened the book.
Cathy was shocked by what she saw in the book, but at the same time she felt herself becoming aroused. There were pictures of naked women doing some really nasty stuff with naked men. She looked at all the pictures, and then selected another book. When she opened this one, she was stunned. It was a book of photographs of her grandmother, naked and much younger; doing some of the stuff she had seen the women doing in the other book. Looking closer, she realized that the man with the rather large cock in the photos was Buddy. Flipping the page, she saw another picture of her grandmother, in this one she was holding Buddy’s cock in her mouth, and her cheeks were sucked in. Turning the page again, she saw her grandmother on her hands and knees, with Buddy behind her, and his cock was in her pussy. Her grandmother’s head was thrown back and she had a look on her face that indicated that she liked it. Turning to the last page, Cathy was again shocked. The last picture in the book was of her grandmother lying back with her legs spread, and another mans cock was inside her pussy; it was her daddys cock and he was fucking is mother. Cathy suddenly realized that her panties were wet, and it was caused from looking at naked pictures of Buddy, and her daddy. They were very handsome men, and their cocks were just beautiful she thought. She took the book, and went back to Buddy’s bedroom where she placed the open book on his bed. She then slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties and began fingering her almost bald pussy while she looked at the picture of buddy, fucking her grandmother. She rapidly moved her finger back and forth on her clit, then slipped a finger inside her pussy and began to moan as she slid it in and out. After a bit, her pace quickened and she started thrusting her hips.

“Ohh yeah, yeah, Ohh it feels so good, Ohhhhh.”

She began to convulse as she climaxed, with her finger further inside her pussy than it had ever been before. She had also unbuttoned her blouse, and was rubbing her nipples, which had become rock hard over the swollen areola, with the other hand. Then she heard the car door slam. She quickly put the book back where it had been, and went to her room.

That evening, Buddy had finished dinner, and had gone to the living room with a book of Shakespeare. Cindy had finished the dishes, and was also in the living room reading when Cathy came in. Both Buddy and Cindy were shocked when, without hesitation, Cathy went to Buddy and plopped down in his lap. Her arms encircled his neck, and she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you grandfather for letting us live here.”

She subtly wiggled her ass in his lap, grinding it into his groin, and then she jumped up and went upstairs. Buddy looked over at Cindy, who shrugged.

“She needs someone, even if it’s you.”

Over the next few weeks, Buddy and Cathy slowly became friends, she would take walks with him on the beach, and he taught her how to surf fish, and they even went to a movie together. One day she was walking on the beach with him and they were on a deserted section of beach when she reached over and took his hand. He didn’t pull away, so she intertwined her fingers with his and they walked on down the beach.

“Can I ask you something Grandfather?”

“I suppose I don’t have a choice, what is it?”

“Well, I went into your library, and looked at some of the books.”

Buddy’s teeth tightened, but he held his anger in while he waited for the girl’s question. She stopped and faced him.

“I saw the pictures of you and grandma. Did you miss her when she left?”

“No! And you shouldn’t have been in my library.”

“I know, but I really did like looking at the pictures.”

Then it dawned on him which pictures she was talking about, and he blushed.

“You shouldn’t have seen the pictures in that book.”

“But Grandfather, you were really sexy back then, you still are.”

She stood on her tip toes, and kissed him on the cheek and then, when she saw him smile down at her; she rose up on her tip toes again and kissed him on the lips. Then she turned and continued their walk down the beach, holding his hand. This man was the only family she had left, and she was determined to make him like her. They saw her mother standing on the porch of the house as they approached and Cathy dropped his hand and ran to her mother, gave her a hug, and said something to her that he couldn’t hear, and then she went inside.

Cindy walked down to Buddy and said,

“If you’re not too tired, let’s take another walk. We need to talk.”

Turning, he started back down the beach with Cindy beside him. After a while, they came to the same section of deserted beach where Cathy had kissed her grandfather, and Cathy stopped. She turned to face Buddy, and said,

“Look you son-of-a-bitch, we need you and we do appreciate you taking us in, but you had better know that if you hurt my daughter, I’ll, I’ll . . . . .”

Quoting Shakespeare again, Buddy said,

“Teach not thy lips such scorn, for they were made for kissing, lady, not for such contempt.”

Then he took her in his arms, and his lips closed on hers. She tried to pull away, and began to struggle against him, pounding her fist against his chest. Then she stopped and with open eyes, she watched as he kissed her. Slowly her eyes began to close, and then her arms went around him and she crushed her body to him as her lips parted and she accepted his tongue into her mouth and let it begin a dance of lust with her own. His hand slid inside her blouse, and went to her breast, and he began to knead it as she began to moan and thrust her pelvis against his crotch. Breathlessly she pushed away from him and stared, with her eyes flashing.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m trying to show you that you’re still alive and that you’re a beautiful, desirable woman. I’m trying to show you that you don’t need to lose yourself in grief or anger. I know; I did that to myself for years. It cost me my sons love, but now I have found that love again with my granddaughter.”

She looked at him for a long time, and then said,

“Well, welcome back to the world Buddy, but you’ve got it wrong. Jim loved you Buddy, more than you know. He always told me that you were a bitter man because of what his mother did to you, and that you let that bitterness push your capacity for love aside. He said you needed someone to love, to push the bitterness away. Buddy, is that someone Cathy?”

He turned and walked away from her without speaking, going to the house and to his rooms. He spent the remainder of the evening thinking about his son.

It was quiet in the house that night, Cathy and Cindy ate alone, while Buddy stayed in his rooms, and then the girls went out on the porch and watched the lightning show as a storm moved in from the sea. It hit with a sudden blast of cold wind, and then the rain came in sheets as the lightning flashed and thunder boomed. Cathy shivered and then gave her mother a hug.

“I’m going to bed mom. See you in the morning.”

“Okay baby, I’m going to stay out here for a while before I go to bed. I have some thinking to do.”

Thunder boomed loudly, and Buddy awoke with a start. Someone was standing over his bed, and as he watched, she loosened her robe and let it fall to the floor. Lightning flashed and he could see the curve of her breasts, and the dark circles of her areola surrounding her nipples. She was standing with her hands to her sides, and with the next flash of lightning, he saw her slim, shapely, legs right up to where the dark mass of her pubic hair covered her womanhood. She slid the covers back and slipped into the bed beside him, and then her hand slid down his chest, across the muscles of his abdomen, and finally closed gently around his stiffening cock. As her legs spread, he rolled over between them, and allowed her to guide his cock to her moist pubic area. She rubbed the tip along the outer labia and across her clit, and then she felt a thrill go through her as the head of his cock began to, very slowly, slip past the inner labia. Gently he slid into her, letting her feel every inch as her womb was eventually filled. When he had fully entered into her tight pussy, he looked down at her in the dim light and she said,

“I hope you’re this gentle if you fuck Cathy too.”

Buddy’s lips then closed with Cindy’s, and her legs rose and encircled his hips as he slowly began to fuck his son’s widow. Cindy began to thrust her hips at the cock that had impaled her, needing it, and finally realizing that she had wanted it. Her husband had loved his father, and she was going to love him too, and she intended to show him, in this way, tonight, and every night that he wanted to make love to her. She knew that Cathy wanted to give herself to him, but that was a bridge to cross later. He raised up on his arms, watching her boobs bounce as he began to thrust deeper into her hot, slippery, cunt.

“Ohhhhh yesssss fuck me hard, fuck me really hard.”

He fucked her harder and deeper, and she could hear his balls slapping against her ass as he went deep into her, then, almost simultaneously, they both lunged at one another and held on tight, as his cock, deep inside her, began throbbing and filling her womb with his seed, and her pussy walls began contracting, squeezing every drop from him she could get. They both groaned with pleasure at the feeling they were giving to each other, and then they collapsed together on the bed.

Later, while they lay facing one another in his bed, and his cock still inside her, he said,

“I don’t know if I could ever fuck Cathy, but you need to know that, even if I did, you’ve made me feel love again and I would like for you to sleep in my bed every night.”

Cindy smiled an exhausted smile, and pulled herself close to him, her breasts pressing into him. She kissed him on the chest, and then turned her head to the side and placed it against his chest.

“Only if I can close my eyes each night and feel you against me as I go to sleep.”

Then she began to breathe deeply and evenly and he knew she had drifted off to sleep. A little while later, Buddy started drifting off, and the last thing he remembered before sleep claimed him was the image of his granddaughter’s naked body in his arms too.

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